Wounded Knee ‘views’

Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee Grave
Wounded Knee Grave
Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee

Cemetery Hill

Cemetery Hill


Cemetery Hill

Cemetery Hill


Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee



BIA Historical Site Marker

BIA Historical Site Marker


BIA Historical Site Marker

BIA Historical Site Marker


The Flag Arrives

The Flag Arrives


To the East

To the East





Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee


Most photo ‘views’ were taken the morning of December 28, 2006.  Photos containing snow were taken on December 29, 2006. Some were taken from atop Cemetery Hill and others were taken ‘of’ Cemetery Hill–several from a distance in order to provide a sense of the  overall landscape.  The Historical Marker of Bigfoot’s surrender is not visible from Cemetery Hill.  It denotes a place further northeast along the ‘highway’. 



The Bitter & The Sweet

Eternal She

Eternal She


The Bitter & The Sweet credits

The Bitter & The Sweet credits


Mural en toto of The Bitter & The Sweet

Mural en toto of The Bitter & The Sweet

Anyone got any leads on the folks in the credits for this mural in Kansas City, Missouri on Ceasar Chaevez Blvd?

Yes, I am looking for the folks.  It’s all good.

Some substance at the Plaza Art Fair?

Could it be that the folks who select who will receive a coveted, and very expensive booth, at the Country Club Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, Missouri have discovered that some of us like a little ‘meat’ on our art bones? Or was it just plain dumb luck or the colorfield appeal of the work of several artists that brought them to the land along Brush Creek?

Yes, folks, there was a welcome smattering of more than just home decor art here and there at the Art Fair. Moi gives thanks for the unexpected discovery of the art of Nicario Jimenez, Athlone Clarke, Ronnie Phillips, and Suzy Scarborough. Depending on what you desire from the art in your life, well, you might also appreciate work that goes beyond color coordination with the couch and rug set.

Nicario Jimenez cites himself as “Artist of the Andes” and according to his website he is indeed from a village in Peru. Though he now resides in Naples, Florida.  But–what matters is his art–and it’s something to spend some time visually digging into. Jimenez creates “retablos” –self contained portable boxes of art. They’re like galleries you can carry hither and yon.  And Nicario’s galleries are stuffed full of political, social, and cultural commentary via all the people and words that fill each box. He has a sweet online gallery at:  www.retablosnicario.com .

A real surprise was the work of Jamaican born Athlone Clarke  whose 2 D mixed creations seek and find for display every sore racial-cultural-political nerve that persists in the past and present–from swimming pools to slavery, he’s in touch with the raw nerves and does not hesitate to put them on display.  You can check him out at:

 http://www.myspace.com/athloneclarke .

Ronnie Phillips was a return artist to the Plaza. How ever did he slip in with those babies in the laundry washing machines?  Oh yeah. While his work is more subtle than the two artists cited, it has its edge regarding African American history and issues. I relish his rich use of color and what he can convey with facial expressions.

My lone woman find was an eye intriguing delight even from a distance: Suzy Scarborough, whose large landscape was luminous from afar and not hurt one bit by sunlight.  Scarborough was at the Plaza for the first time and me so does hope she returns just so I can enjoy so much of her work all in one place and at one time in person.  Of her acrylic paintings on wood formats–figurative, abstract and landscape–my favorites are her collage landscapes which incorporate ‘found’ self educating book textual material into the backgrounds with overlaying colors and shapes.  Decide for yourself which of her formats trips your fancy at  www.SuzyScarborough.com .

I also enjoyed the photography of Rick Preston ( Miramonte, CA) who still uses the same 4×5 film camera he’s employed for the last thirty years.  Apparenly Preston enjoys hiking–and photographing–at night. And the results can be intriguing when he plays with his coleman lantern.

Greg Davis’ photography also got me into his booth for a longer look at people and places of lands distant from midland Missouri. Visit  www.gregdavisphotography.com and you can travel too. His mantra is:  “There is no reason to look back. You’re not headed that way.”

Oh and at the UN-Plaza Art Fair on the grounds of the All Souls Universalist Church on Warwick there was the stone craft of Marty Bolyard–Netsuke Carver, Stone Sculptor –Wood, Tagua and Stone Turner. Bolyard’s exquistely detailed small creations are marvels of intricate craftsmanship.  If you desire something truly unique  in stone or wood, Marty is the Man for making it.  Inquiries can be made via MUSEVISIONS1127@aol.com

Exploring we shall go….

Golightly Serenade

Stephen Forest Golightly Serenades City Market

Stephen Forrest Golightly Serenades City Market


more photographs at    http://shutterbugjunkie.wordpress.com/


KKFI Community Radio 90.1 fm  24/7  365

KKFI Community Radio 90.1 fm 24/7 365

Get some music to blog by streaming live at www.kkfi.org  “Radio like you’ve never heard it before.” So THEY say.

Cool Dawning

Cool Dawning

Cool Dawning

       open path knowing 

                                                          no boundaries  between

                                                                reaching touching


Carmody regarding The Only Good Indian

Considering Tom Carmody is probably the BEST source of  information I’m going to get for the status of the  The Only Good Indian starring Wes Studi and Winter Fox Frank,  his recent ‘comment’ merits its own post for all parties interested in indie films.  Since this film concerns an area of American history that my own writing  deals with (see White Wolves,  ‘about Eva’, and poetry posted such as “Comes Home Crawling”, “devottees” and “Cemetery Hill”), I am following its marketing and distribution with much self interest. 

Much appreciation to Carmody for visiting my blog and providing the following information:  

I’m the writer/producer of the film. We have a foreign distribution deal (so the film will be in theaters in other countries) but we are still working on US and Canadian distribution (as you know, it’s difficult for any indie film right now). If we don’t get US/Canadian distribution we will distribute the film ourselves. We are getting a great response from the Native American community who have seen the film at festivals. We also greatly appreciate your kind words and support of the film – it really helps. We hope to have it out soon on dvd, on demand, download and perhaps limited theatrical runs.

Thank you.

Tom Carmody

Pentacle Apprehension

Five senses,

five fingers,

hear:  something haunting lingers~~~


Spill menses,

strike star lines;

witch a pentagram defines~


Dim the sun,

rim the moon,

catch messages from a loon~


In the center

sits Dementer

ciphering who may enter~


Fertile dung;

hearts flutter,

thin skins baring souls shutter~


Crush the rose,

stuff the nose,

waste not blood nor grapes ere ripe~


Clinging lfe

forgets the strife;

follows blissfully the pipes~



NARA’s Cheyenne River Indian Agency Records

I’m amazed at the unexpected interest everyone has expressed in the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation black and white photographs and historical documents. Thank you all so much for your comments and links.  All of these materials are from the National Archives in Kansas City, Missouri.  They are from Record Group 75, regarding the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation  Agency. This is just a small sample of all the material that is available for researchers and the public at large.  All records are available for anyone to access directly in person at the National Archives Central Plains Region Branch. The staff is a very knowledgeable and helpful group of people. The textual research room is a tad chilly–sweaters and long sleeves recommended but it’s all ‘good’.

 There is a link on the sidebar to the National Archives and its research databases online for your exploring pleasure.


Cheyenne River & Susan Fears Nothing

Cheyenne River view

Cheyenne River view

Susan Fears Nothing Whitehorse District 1922
Susan Fears Nothing Whitehorse District 1922
Susan Fears Nothing narrative 1922

Susan Fears Nothing narrative 1922

Cheyenne River View

Cheyenne River View

William Carter, Agency District 1922

William Carter family 1922 Agency District Cheyenne River Indian Reservation

William Carter family 1922 Agency District Cheyenne River Indian Reservation

William Carter narrative survey 1922

William Carter narrative survey 1922

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