Quiere musica en Espanol? Taste Tejano

Oh yes, join Manny& Viviana for a red pepper hot time at 39th & Main in Kansas City  now  http://www.kkfi.org/program.php?id=31&date=06-22-2010

I don’t know who talks faster, Vivivana or Manny, but it’s always a fast time when the Latin language music is on a roll. And it’s always rolling like hot tamales on a roller coaster on a Taste of Tejano radio.

On this swinging note…I do be done for now.

Watching in the Amazon and beyond

 Think that just plugging that spilling in the Gulf of Mexico is the only problem of big oil companies? Oil companies which by the way want nothing more than for everyone to remain DEPENDENT on the black gold they mine and want to continue mining until THEY have alternatives ready to roll for their profit machines.  Want to know how oil companies deal with local populations then just click  to  http://www.amazonwatch.org/  the site of Amazon Watch where there much to ‘wow’ about regarding Chevron’s tactics for legal evasion of responsibilty for their well informed and deliberate toxic adventures in Ecuador. Or check out what’s spilling in Peru.

Ecuador has an interesting idea–keeping its oil in the ground. No kidding– http://www.democracynow.org/2009/12/11/ecuadorian_activist_heads_to_cop15_with

And there’s always the ongoing long term despair of the people of the Niger Delta to consider when continuing our addiction to that “Texas Tea”…… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conflict_in_the_Niger_Delta

“I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.”

Oh and on A Small Town Dad’s blog is his incredible art regarding the ongoing spilling.  Thanks to Bliss for posting her version and linking.


Blissbait’s version  http://blissbait.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/welcome-this-processing-loon-says/

While the Voodoo Kittens are Trippin down the Blues Road

If you’re bored and looking for something to inspire your creativity–do as they say on Art of the Song  http://www.kkfi.org/program.php?id=91  and plug into some stimulating sound waves.  Art of the Song is one very insightful and inspiring program regarding creativity in all forms. It’s been well worth waking up early and catching every time.

As I write the Blues are bumpin’ on KKFI with those musical kitties Katnip & Stray Cat at Voodoo Kittens Road Trippin Blues.


followed by Tom Klammer’s hard hitting current issues/affairs program appropriately titled,  Tell Somebody http://www.kkfi.org/program.php?id=98

From Ark to Microchip–well one never quite knows exactly where this program might go–everywhere leads to nowhere and beyond.


**Expect the totally unexpected, totally unpredictable, never boring, freely associative from Signal to Noise. Last Sunday I couldn’t not listen because curiousity had the best of me with every wisecrack, every satirical act, every totally weird and off the wall piece of jack a napes comment on Signal to Noise– mixed, twisted & blended free forms by Barry Lee


Yes, there is more than flip flop fungus nonsense on the  airwaves—if you can find it.

Oh and there’s even Chamber Music with Dr Mike on Wednesdays http://www.kkfi.org/program.php?id=114

and that ain’t easy to find on any fm dial anywhere….

It’s a sound wave swimming pool here in the Kansas City radio circus! Enjoy.

Worn Out Horn, Cherry Creek, 1922

Worn Out Horn

Worn Out Horn p.2

This material is from Record Group 75 in the National Archives in Kansas City, Missouri. It and all other posts like it are presented here in order to provide informative and educational access regarding living conditions on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in 1922. All material is in the public domain.

Attack of the plasma screens and flip flop fungi.

Okay, I could pass off this as a vent due to the rising heat index here in the Kansas City metro area but I won’t. I can’t in all honesty just say I’ve got to blow off some real steam one way or another just because it’s way hot and humid and been so for days.  Nope, I won’t blame this rant on Mother Nature’s efforts to broil us off the face of the Earth much the same as a surgeon cauterizes infected puss oozing wounds. I’m going to blame in on all televisions blaring everywhere I venture into–coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants etc. Is no place television free? And why is every single one got CNN on the screen night and day? What is this, can’t Americans survive anywhere without a television screen? Btw, this is coming from someone with absolutely no intention of purchasing a plasma screen idiot box ever.  The antique tv squatting on a shelf has already been unplugged for the duration of its existence due to the inane nature of most of what races across its screen.  Judging from the contents of most news shows it seems Americans are assumed to be thinking with the mental clarity of a sedated five-year old. Perhaps they are if they’re engaged by the boob’s tubes. The only thing worse is the gibberish on many radio stations. I’ve managed to avoid most of this garbage by simply tuning it out. But recently I ventured into a BBQ establishment on a quest for some sweet potato fries and tender pulled pork swimming in a rich sauce. Found the food. Settled down to  feed my growling tum tum and the radio began blasting some list of strange factoids about the unhealthy nature of flip flops as footwear. I’m not kidding, this guy was actually being paid to yap and yap about flip flops on a lizard controlled radio station.  Now with environmental disasters surfacing around the Earth, a few wars running on and on and  on, and the growing anger and desperation of the  unemployed whose jobs have been outsourced to parts unknown, you’d think there was more substantial material for a radio personality to flap his jaws about. But no. Apparently we need to ESCAPE from the realities of our world and float on flip flops out to the wading pools of fantasy land. Yeah, right, like exposing flip flops fungi issues will solve anything ever.

Hence I offer up Democracy Now! which airs on over 800 radio and television stations much to the chagrin of media outlets who ‘follow’ their lead when they’re not too afraid of the content.  I remember reading the Chicago newspapers as a kid. Newspapers with all sorts of independent reporters and serious columnists  like the late great Mike Royko who raised serious issues and debates. That sort of journalism and thoughtful writing is getting harder and harder to find. But it’s there at Democracy Now! and other independent news reporters.  Haven’t seen anything like on those plasmas sprouting everywhere. I wonder if they do double time as Orwellian spy machines?


Democracy Now! airs at 8 am Monday thru Friday on KKFI. Other news programs like Counterspin, GRIT Radio, Alternative Radio, The Heartland Labor Forum and War News Radio among others can also be discovered at     www.kkfi.org which streams online .

So if you’re sick of listening to grown men yap about flip flop fungus surf into  RADIO LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE while you’re blogging about more than summer toe fun.

To discover more about Mike Royko- here’s a start  http://www.essortment.com/all/mikeroyko_rert.htm

Eugene Red Fox, Cherry Creek, 1922

Eugene Red Fox

Eugene Red Fox p.2

“Ask” and if it’s in my hands, it will be received/posted.  Heads up, Diana, this is the Red Fox I have that corresponds to p. 74.   I Have no idea if it’s the Red Fox folks are looking for, but here is what I’ve got.
This document and all others like it are are from the National Archives in Kansas City, Missouri. All records posted from Record Group 75 are in the public domain.  Documents are posted in order to provide access to people who might not otherwise be able view the material in person. This material is also posted in order to provide educational information about the living conditions on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in 1922. 

Coffeehouse Contemporary Counting Codas

Sunday mornings you can get your coffeehouse music fix on Jeanne Jasperse’s Coffeehouse Radio Show on KKFI no matter where you are as long as you’re swinging in the world wide web.  I’m sending this up the flagpole at this time because Jeanne is a contemporary songwriter/singer and long long time host of the Coffeehouse AND she’s got deep roots in the independent  songwriter/singer community.  She’s been connecting codas at the Kerrville Folk Festival for 20 years. And she brings it ALL back to KKFI listeners every year for nada. And she’s back from another round at Kerrville with all the musical goodies she can carry!  Jeanne puts it all out for FREE. She’s one of KKFI’s long time volunteer jewels of the musical treasury found nowhere else on any fm or am dial in the USA. No corporate executive tells Jasperse what to put on the sound waves. No budget accountant  clears her travel expenses. No program director censors her choices for songs and interviews with contemporary songwriters/performers. It’s ALL her every Sunday on 90.1 fm. Jeanne Jasperse’s ongoing contributions to KKFI’s sound waves are some  of the many reasons KKFI is RADIO LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE.  Every week Jasperse’s program is as unique as the sound of her voice, the musical artists who visit her show, and her memories of her late canine companion.  Be careful, there are times when her music choices can break your heart.

Explore the world of contemporay folk music every Sunday from 9 to 11 am with Jeanne via www.kkfi.org   streaming live online 24/7  365.  Hear for yourself what a volunteer staffed 100,000 watt radio station GIVES to our community.  Listen and dream of what radio could be in your community.


Calling all energy-workers


Calling all energy-workers for all the positive force possible to muster for the protection of our planet. Please focus our efforts today and every day forward on healing our Earth.  The time is now, not later.  It’s time to give back something in return for all we have taken while living on this world.

Shanti Om

James Bear Stops, Cherry Creek, 1922

James Bear Stops

James Bear Stops

These documents are in the public domain via the National Archives Central Plains Branch in Kansas City, Missouri.  This and all others posted on this blog are from the 1922 Survey of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation and can be found in Record Group 75.  They are posted here in an effort to make them available to those who might not otherwise have access to them and to inform and educate everyone about living conditions on  the reservation in 1922.

Some Radiance amidst the dark…


If you’re venturing in or through the Kansas City area via this heat wave time tainted with gushing oil here are a few places to find some relief from all the insanity that is our world.

At 4309 Jefferson St., right next to the Temple Slug, you’ll find the delights of the teahouse & coffeepot–complete with Drunken Rum Scones (yes, your tongue will tango with real rum).  The teahouse offers lovely green, white and black teas in a comfortable setting that includes futons in the attice, wifi and salads/sandwiches–and some very engaging art by local artists.

Hours are at www.teahousekc.com.

If you’re looking for an outdoor oasis for picinics or play,  Loose Park offers vast spaces of shade from old trees scented by the rose garden. There’s a ‘spray pool’ for some relief from the heat, a pond (please don’t feed the waterfowl),  tennis courts, a playground for children.  Location: 55th St & Wornall Road–the eastern border of one of The BEST urban park areas I’ve ever enjoyed.

 Wanting some insight into yourself via astrology that goes beyond those idiotic blurbs in the newspapers? If so, then seek out John Sandbach for some gentle soul searching planetary interpertations.


Okay, this is my attempt to get a little positive juice on the daily  menu of current events.

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