Yosuke Yamahata’s Nagasaki Journey

Yosuke Yamahata


Click on the link to view Yamahata’s photographs which were all taken in a single day. http://www.exploratorium.edu/nagasaki/mainn.html


                                                 what a camera captures it keeps

                                          such power


                                          what truth might be spoken

                                          what lie might be sold

                                         what secret can a camera’s heart hold


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RANT! The Biggest Lie = Life is Sacred.

Okay, folks, is it me or is it BP that’s completely whacked? Or is it just the incongruity of juxtaposing BP spin with the YouTube platform? (Though YouTube isn’t getting any kudos from moi for its collection of information–at this point-regarding whoever wants to view “Collateral Murder”. I suspect it’s easier to view porn online than that video–which I did view elsewhere without any registration or gathering of “who me be.” I thank that source very very much for that disturbing piece of video enlightenment. Yes, that military video was worse than I expected from news reports.) Back to the point at hand,  was wandering around YouTube checking out a few taped tidbits and observed a blurb for BP YouTube Channel splashed across those noisy sparrows. Now considering how so many people use YouTube to share so many things from songs to protests this probably makes good image spin sense, right? It is a logical step. Still, seeing  BP using the YouTube format to clean up its increasingly despicable image of indifferent, callous, greed driven corporate power spilling first oil, then the muck of a toxic dispersant seems like an insult deluxe.  “Let’s fight  video with video!”  must have been the motivation behind this effort to infiltrate the YouTube universe.  It’s logical and yet, yet, so dammingly insulting and offensive that BP wants such a public relations campaign to work in their favor. Big Oil is Big Oil which translates to corporations created and run by individuals  with an extreme disregard for the  environment, human/animal/plant life because all they care about is profit and money at all costs.   

Top 7  US Oil Importers:


There is a long running WAR in the Niger Delta between the native population and the oil companies like Shell. It’s been going on for DECADES. The local population has NOT benefited from oil development. They’ve been decimated by pollution and murder for opposing the oil and gas developments.


Oh–and neither has Iraq’s civilian  population so far as I can gather. O, yeah, that’s one of the wars no one wants us to discuss here in the USA. Land of the free (?) and home of the brave (?) ? 

Yes, this is a RANT–keep RANT in mind. RANT!!!!!!!!

Visit, if you dare, Al Jazeera English’s coverage of the PB oil muck up http://english.aljazeera.net/focus/oildisaster/

I wrote “if you dare” because Al Jazeera News is one of THE most maligned and hated of news media organizations. They do great journalism. Go figure why their journalists  are in everyone’s gunsights. 

Chevron SHAMELESSLY works to EVADE all responsibility for its actions in Ecuador where the company KNOWINGLY dumped toxic wastes and KNOWINGLY put the local population at fatal risk. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE67448K20100805

Wake up folks! OIL and the people who run the businesses that bring it to our cars and trucks are toxic entities. The only way to change this is to change how we live day to day.  We the people need to make the changes that will put them out of business. No demand means no supply means no business.

The BIG LIE  = Life is Sacred.  Really?  Who says so? Certainly NOT BP, Shell, Chevron etc.  The only lives the people who run these corporations care about are their OWN lives. Everyone and everything else is expendable–unless they put profit in the executives’ and their shareholders’ pockets.   

 FYI –>>>  http://www.youtube.com/BPplc

I wonder what the fishermen and their families think of this image clean up?

Posting links in comments to informative  blogs, websites, news sources about oil spills everywhere etc are earnestly  invited.

Oh and what is tomorrow? BIG BOMB DAY. Oh yeah, more proof of the BIG LIE.

Elizabeth Eagle Feather, Cherry Creek, 1922

Elizabeth Eagle Feather


Elizabeth Eagle Feather p.2


These documents, and others like them posted here, are in the public domain. They are available from the National Archives, Kansas City, MO branch.  All can be found in Record Group 75. This material is posted here to make it available to those who might not otherwise have access to it. It is also posted to inform and educate about living conditions on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in 1922.  If there is a family name on the index that is of interest, please post a comment requesting a posting.

devotees ~ dancing defiance

We Will Dance!

Defiance, desperation and the quest for survival in 1890.

 Posted per Nancy at Leslie’s http://lesliepaints.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/wolf-paws-for-eva/



slowly he disappears among the penned ponies

knowing and yet wishing not

the tents, uniforms, guns

wary of even his own now

aware their life fabric has been brutally sliced

soft mouths nuzzle his hands

he inhales ever reliable horse scents

cares not for calico, coffee or coins

long tails twitch and flick as he moves among them

keen to his warrior man smell

as willing to push their all beyond the limits

as he

wind racing

foreign tongue streams nearby

ripping good hearts into rancid meat

furthest away surrounded by hooves, manes, hot breath

blows against his neck

stars safe above

spring grass under feet

he drinks their peace

they eat his pain


we are one

crazy horse



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