Roads to and from Wounded Knee

Spirit Road From Wounded Knee @evawojcik


“Spirit Road From Wounded Knee”  is only one simple rendition of the possible spiritual paths of those journeying into the spirit realm after the massacre at Wounded Knee on December 29, 1890.

On December 28, 2010 the Big Foot Memorial Riders/Future Generations Riders  will arrive at Cemetery Hill.  Safe passage and all things good to the Riders and all their relations awaiting their arrival at Wounded Knee this day.

Radio coverage of Big Foot Memorial Ride LIVE now on KILI!

Tune into to KiLi online at  to hear the voice of the Lakota people. Kills Straight is being interviewed now about the history of the ride.

Heads up–this coverage ended at 1pm cst on Dec. 27. But you can still discover Kili’s community coverage via the link.

Creating Peace Through Music


won’t be found in a box

can’t buy it on a street corner

is not won with bullets out of  guns

it’s a heart thing

it’s a spirit thing

it’s a mind thing



Here are several PBS videos of music produced by Playing for Change: Connecting the World Through Music.   

To learn more about Playing for Change click the logo to get going.

Free to Dance? NOT!

We Will Dance! @evawojcik

In 1890 a religious concept called the “Ghost Dance” travelled from one Indian reservation to another to another.  I have no intention of discussing the merits of this religious exercise. Rather my focus is on the RIGHT to practice one’s religious beliefs in this place called “America.” In 189o this right was denied, and continued to be denied long thereafter, to Native Americans. First the right to freedom of religion was denied to Native Americans by every representative of  every white european religious doctrine that made its way onto the reservations in order to get a slice of the Native American population pie for conversion to its congregation.  This religious invasion was not about the saving of souls but the procurement of government school contracts–in other words, money.  Oh yes the all-powerful motivating force of money.  This is not to say that there were not some well-meaning compassionate people amidst these religious invaders. The point is the fact that the Indigenous First Peoples already had their own religious beliefs and those were not only not respected but were denied them. Hence, I find it no stretch of the imagination to comprehend why some would engage in a practice of “faith” in order to find some hope of relief from the ongoing destruction of their culture on all fronts.  So, “We Will Dance!” is a small effort at representing the will to defy overwhelming oppression via a view of  the Ghost Dance as defiance on the most fundamental spiritual level.


served rare

my fire roasted heart

bloody tender

glazed sweet potatoes

on the side


News that did not “Break”–Peace Now!

Peace on Earth–do we really desire it?

Did you view news coverage of the arrest of 131 proclaimers for peace on December 16, 2010 in front of the White House? If this is the season of “holy days” extolling “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to men” then why is there so scant news coverage of real people demanding real peace on Earth? About 1% of the American population is actively engaged in daily warfare. Another 1% of the American population economically benefits from the business of conducting warfare.  What are the other 98% of the American population doing? At least 10% are struggling to survive unemployment. That leaves about 88% of us going about the business of everyday life.  During these “holy days”  some of us will  endure physical intrusions upon our persons when we chose to travel by airplane because of the fear doctrine employed by those waging their lucrative war on terror. What do we Americans fear most? Apparently we fear being blown apart. However would we cope with daily life if our homes, hospitals, schools, and streets were indeed being carpet bombed? It’s tough to imagine what daily life in a war zone is really like when there is virtually no substantial media coverage of the reality of war.  But if the 88% of us going about our daily lives in relative safety were paying attention to our wars, what would we be doing? Fleeing to remote wilderness areas? Stocking up on guns and ammo for self-defence survival scenarios? Or??? Seriously what would we do?

Here’s the best news video I’ve discovered so  far regarding the war protestors demanding peace outside our increasingly infamous White House on December 16, 2010.  Links/references to other news coverage is welcomed

Thanks to Dr. Margaret Flowers, Ron Kovic, Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges, Ray McGovern,  Codepink, the old and young veterans, and supporters.  For more information visit  Stop These Wars

Shanti Om   —  Peace

The Dove copyright Ed Braverman

Jazz Violin Blues a la Christian Howes & Robben Ford

I’ve been saving this musical gift for a gloomy winter day and this is it–buckets of gloom looming. Ahhhh. Okay, many of you are probably tired of my beating the drum for KKFI 90.1 fm Community Radio’s “Liberated Airwaves” as one volunteer DJ says.  But I’m going to beat the drum again for the all the great jazz it offers. Hear! Hear! One very cool thing about KKFI is that you  can “win” free music. Yes, even I who has dark star bad luck with all games of chance—can win a cd by being the 4th caller into Jazz in the Afternoon featuring a live in studio interview with jazz violinist Christian Howes. Yes, you read that right–Jazz Violinist.  I have no idea why I even decided to dial spin the opportunity.  I suspect Howes’ tunes worked some sort of magic on my mind. But I did–and to my surprise I landed in the right phone spot.  Out of the Blue arrived in my mailbox a few days later. Thank you! I’ve been enjoying its clear rich soundwave energy ever since. If you’re a jazz/blues fan  you can too.   This cd also offers guitarist Robben Ford’s magic fingers & Sharon Hendrix’s pipes on “Seek and Ye Shall Find.”   

Click on the cover  to visit “the Urban Flux’s” review of the music.

 A Non-Profit Jazz Label with a Mission. Devoted to Preserving Jazz and Discovering the Rising Stars of Tomorrow.  Click on the logo to travel to Resonance online. Listen. Order. Download. If you dig what they’re spinning.

Oh and yes, KKFI  streams 24/7 at It’s FREE in so many ways down there at 39th & Main in Midtown Kansas City.  Except for the transmitter……

Got Paper? Think about Trees.

97% of America’s Old Growth Forests have been destroyed. Think about that the next time you flip through a catalog, magazine, or telephone book.  Consider the children at Cancun who promote “Plant for the Planet” and their efforts to plant a million trees in every country.  In this time of Christmas Trees think about the gift of life that trees make possible for humans. How does that measure up to the latest electronic toy wrapped in paper from a tree, in a box from a tree, waiting under a tree?  In the midst of my historical research digging into the documents of Record Group 75 of the National Archives for reservations in the Dakotas I discovered that there was a constant quest for building lumber and the need for wood for heat and cooking fuel. The result was a virtual deforestation of the landscape.  When there are no more trees to support life, there will be no more of us either.


Everything is connected. We are all of the community of Earth.

An interesting collection of spliced videos by MadRazorRay in 2007 that combine Elders speaking with a wide variety of images.  This is group of a video collages sharing an important part of Native American heritage. I’ve attempted to highlight the concepts of each talk so that if you’re pressed for time you can select what might be of most interest.  Enjoy.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman on “time”, human lack of connection to Earth, Columbus, genocide, everything has a spirit, reality of the “spirit world,” corruption of the Earth, evolution.

Looking after and caring for ALL LIFE. “All my relations.” Balance. Human nature in regard to taking without giving back.

Oren R.  Lyons’ thoughts on leaders, community, common sense and thinking for yourself.

More on Natural Law, the end of us, the regeneration of the Earth without us.

Elders on purpose, peace, fierce men, not dying natural deaths but killing each other, the peacemaker, council of the good minds, the fundamental importance of women as carriers of life. 

More of MadRazorRay’s videos at

Big Foot Memorial Ride -> Future Generations Ride

This year the Big Foot Memorial Ride transitions to the Future Generations Ride.  This is a passing of the ‘torch’ from the older generations to the young people.  The ride commenced in 1986  in order to help heal the long-term grief of the Lakota people regarding the Massacre at Wounded Knee of Big Foot’s band on  December 29, 1890. Since 1986 men, women and children have ridden on horseback  through all sorts of winter weather conditions across several hundred miles of rough terrain in honor of the dead. Freezing winds,  blizzards, ice storms, deep snow have never stopped the riders or their support system. The ride ends on December 28 when the  riders reach Cemetery Hill at Wounded Knee. Unlike some survivors of the 1890 massacre like Comes-Home-Crawling, no one rides alone. 

For in depth information regarding this ‘transition’ and the people involved –> for the article written by Randall Howell @ Native Sun News.

The images are linked to their sources.

Video uploaded by darknkreepy who admits his pronunciation of Lakota names could use some work. It’s not a capital offence, at least not in my opinion.

Cemetery Hill, Wounded Knee, 2006 @wojcik

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