Joy Harjo on America’s Disappeared People

 A little touch of Joy Harjo on the “disappearing” of First Nations People in America along with  some clearly not disappeared poetry and  music of her own. I have actually encountered people who think that there are no Native Americans. It’s an odd notion to hear from the mouths of educated, intelligent people. But it’s not really that surprising considering how seldom anyone references American Indians in the media. 

So who wants to talk about the poorest county in the United States according to the recent census data?  

Love drama? Catch L.A. Theatre Works’ “Atomic Bombers” Online!

If the idiot box offers nothing for your viewing pleasure tonight, then try tuning into L. A. Theatre Works on streaming online and pleasure your ears with Atomic Bombers a play by Russell Vandenbroucke.  Atomic Bombers will explode online Wednesday, January 26 at 7 pm CST.  KKFI offers L.A. Theatre works every Wednesday immediately after the Radio Redux. Afterwards there’s Chamber Music with Dr. Mike.  

So pop your favorite corn, pour your libation of choice, get warm and cozy with your treasured blankie and turn up the volume on your radio (90.1 fm KKFI in Kansas City) or computer (via

Catch some truly MAD Scientists in their quest to create the means of ultimate destruction.  Oh yes, truths are always stranger than fictions.

click Atomic Bombers to visit L. A. Theatre Works

Imagine your life without water.


California streaming @evawojcik

What  would your daily life be like if you had to constantly search for clean water for drinking and bathing? What would life be like without water that came out of a tap every time you turned it on? What would life be like if there was no bottled water? What would your life be like if you had to pay for every ounce of water you used every day? What if there was no more water for taking showers or baths every day? 

What would life be like if you could not swim at any beaches? What if every lake, river, pond, stream was so polluted that it was dangerous to put your bare hands into them? What if there were no more whales, turtles, dolphins swimming in the oceans? Can you imagine such a world?   

I can. It’s easy because that’s the world we are creating for ourselves every day.  We’re  all responsible for the quality of life on Earth–every man, woman and child from the richest corporate executive down to the unconcerned naive child.  Oh yeah, we’re all on this boat called Earth together. No one owns it. Everyone is obligated to keeping it viable because we’re all part of the web of life.  If you don’t think so, then go right ahead and just try living out in deep space.

Chapman chants, Sue sings Joe, Neil needs blood

Would someone turn off the lights already? It’s 3 am!!!

Oh yeah, it’s  the “I’m never gonna sleep again blues time” –again.  So, hey, some tunes are in order. Or maybe not? Aww what the heck, here’s a little trio that have been just been crying for connection like some rowdy kids wanting a sleep over in the back yard in the summer just so they can play with water balloons.  Ah, yeah, well so that’s a feeble comparison–but there it is. Summer and water balloons sound good about now. To me anyway. I know there are some snow worshippers out there–some where.  In Iceland?   So gathered here they be.   Tracy Chapman’s rich chant to the “Mother of us all” in “The Rape of the World”. Sue Jeffers strums through a rendition of Joe Jencks’ “Gasoline”.  First heard Jencks voice his ode to our “petroleum addiction” on KKFI. AS IF  any other radio station would ever give this song air time. Not happening. Just not happening in this universe of corporate personhood. Before I detour down the road of the joke of corporations being ‘persons’ –STOP!  Jeffers gives Jencks’ song an admirable go round in this video.  And then there’s the eternal “Vampire Blues” of a man with incredible musical staying power, Neil Young.  Eat your hearts out American Idol wanna be-s! Here’s the real deal–singer songwriters with more on their minds than scoring tv ratings.  Now here’s a thought–let’s have THESE songs sung on American Idol. Why not? Eh? Why not indeed???  Some real blood, sweat and tears for the enthralled ‘voters’.   

I wonder if insomnia was the reason Phillip K. Dick penned Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  I rather doubt it, but . . . . Hey, what do you suppose ‘corporate persons’ dream about??? Serfs increasing their profit margins with cheap labor? Huh. Now there’s a rant in vitro….the serfs come marching one by one. Hurrah! Hurrah!

Oh please feel free to share your personal favorites of like-minded songs.  I’m always game for new musical adventures.  Almost always, but especially in the wee hours when I can hear the snowflakes beckoning….

spring rains haiku

“spring rain”

cloud drops free falling

desiring green leaves playing

rays washing painting


soaking deep soil sigh

co-mingling moist haze flows

water blurs all hours


“endless journey”

see over lands flows

stars gazing oceans blue way

worn weaving foot path



grasses drinking up

flashing poppies splash dancing

embracing rains merge


water charged heat

reaching roots ripple red

sun kiss unfurls leaf


“cloud cover”

kisses cloud cozy

salt sweetly stinging mountain

exciting flushes


“hazy bliss”

hazy lets all go

languid sky flushing rolls over

gasping land smiles


ease be-ing opens

above reigns serenity

careful fire below


“over heated”

blooming sun spreading

boiling alive lobster meets

heating land cracking


@evawojcik  2011

Stone Spirit Lodge offers the Wild Joy of Two Hawks Flute

Here’s a heads up for all lovers of Native American flute music in the Kansas City metro area:  John Two-Hawks will perform at Stone Spirit Lodge on January 29, 2011 (Saturday).  You can hear Two Hawks in concert and  explore the wild joy of Stone Spirit Lodge at 309 Westport Rd. A simple call to Paul and Dawn at               816-561-7900        can score you some incredibly affordable tickets ($15) for a concert by this award winning Oglala Lakota flutist.

Follow the link or click on the photo of John Two Hawks to visit his website for more music, photos and information.

John Two Hawks on Pine Ridge Reservation


click to savor Stone Spirit Lodge’s Wild Joy


"The Hepworth Echo"

Echostains has a poetry challenge connected to the art of Barbara Hepworth over at Bookstains. While my mind continues to create only the most off-color responses to her Dickens challenge, it seems to want to connect this sculpture to several apparently disconnected news events from Arizona to Beacon Hill –and many other places in between. I’m posting this current poem in hopes of putting an end to this ‘echoing’ reactionary imaginative response.  All ripples must play out eventually, right? I certainly hope so.

Click the image of “The Hepworth Echo” to join the challenge and/or join in Echostains’ poem making game.

swift circular motion

same entrance exit

wounds clean inside out

bullets irony

human lives

coyote dies

life cycle echo  



 dark water pooling

cautious dry tongue tips testing

searching coyotes

Would you blog for peace?

Bloggers blog, right? Duh. We write short and long posts about everything from sex and drugs to forest slugs and oil spill slime.  There are over 300,000 bloggers just in WordPress land.  Lots more in the cyber-space beyond.  Blogging goes on around the globe.  In WordPress we find each other via tags and networking. We can connect with people in different time zones all day long.  We work the world-wide web like cyber demons sharing our humor,  poems, paintings, photographs, pains, joys, news, opinions, and everything else under the sun.  I wonder how many bloggers would blog a plea for world peace.  Just one blog post in the manner of one’s choice–poem, art, music, just a simple few words to signify that you desire peace around the world. How many bloggers would blog for peace? I don’t know.  I am  curious.  Shall we find out?

If you blog a plea for peace in the world please leave a link to your peace post.

 Shanti Om                                   Visualize       PEACE

Will We Break Our Silence?

This January 2011 I find it disturbing that Martin Luther King’s speech “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence” is as eerily appropriate for the current state of war making as it was in regard to the Vietnam War. It is terrifyingly easy to insert Afghanistan and Iraq in place of Vietnam. But there is one respect in which the issues of April 1967 are in contrast to January 2011–we do not see images of our war zones every day on the evening news nor in the newspapers. The wars of the last 10 years have become increasingly INVISIBLE. It is easy to go about daily life in America without encountering a single reference to war.  Those who attempt to voice dissent regarding war are silenced by the very media whose job it is to inform the public about issues and events across the nation and around the world.  I’m referring to the corporate media blackout of the Stop These Wars Peace Protest in Washington DC on December 16, 2010 at which 134 people were arrested for refusing to leave the fence outside the Obama White House.  It is very easy to ignore the war-zones we do not experience in any manner.  Ignorance is ‘bliss’ in America. Blissfully ignorant Americans are precisely what our government’s military industrial complex desires as the lack of unified opposition to war allows the war machine to continue even as it rapes the resources of America to the detriment of  the majority of the population. Will “we” ever break our silence?  At the time of this speech King was under fire from many for these views.    

King’s entire speech is in 7 parts:

Shanti Om


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