Who’s afraid of Emma Goldman?

 How scary can one woman be? Hmm? Apparently Emma Goldman (1896-1940) was more than the U.S. government could stand because “we” deported her to Russia because of her anarchistic political ideology.  Goldman seems to have had quite a knack for hitting all sorts of hot topics from advocating for workers’ rights to birth control to free love and political violence.  I do believe she’d outright terrify Tea Party women even more than anti-Walker protestors in Mad-city. She’d eat Sarah Palin alive.  I’d bet money on Goldman soundly walloping Her Majesty Clinton one on one in the intellectual toughness ring.  At the moment I can’t think of a single modern-day woman who could hold her own with the likes of Emma Goldman. Anyone care to make some suggestions?  Vandana Shiva perhaps?

For more text on Emma Goldman –>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Goldman

Attention FOX News! Gov. Walker killed 800 million dollars for Wisconsin light rail for Koch oil??? Dig FOX! Dig! The information gold is everywhere for your finding.

Is this a communist public workers’ plot? Sorry FOX News, it’s not. Wisconsin Rep. Gov. Scott Walker killed  800 million dollars in federal funding for high speed light rail in order to focus on “roads.”  Yes, the Governor of Wisconsin declined $ 800 MILLION for a public transportation project in Wisconsin for “roads.” What uses roads? Cars. What do cars use for fuel? Gasoline. Who is heavily invested in oil? Koch Industries.  Mystery solved! Republican Governor Scott Walker declined $800 MILLION of federal funds in order to provide his Koch backers with more “oil” and other energy opportunities.  What a way to connect the dots.

Oh and there was a SURPLUS in the Wisconsin budget UNTIL Walker arrived and pushed through $140 Million in NEW spending for special interest groups. This wiped out the 2009-2011 surplus.  Huh, I wonder where Koch Industries lands in that package.

Here’s another “dot”–the Budget Repair Bill allows for UNcontested bids for purchase of WI public energy works. Who want this juicy energy cash hog? Koch Industries of course. Why else open a brand spanking new office for an army of Koch Lobbyists in Madison?

So did the public workers’ unions create a budget issue in Wisconsin? No–REPUBLICAN Gov. Scott Walker created it all by himself–and apparently he did it for the right wing tea party playing Koch brothers–David and Charles. Still looking forward to a fun time in California with David Koch, Dictator Walker?

Who will save the serfs? Not Walker and certainly not Koch Industries. Hey, Citgo, you amigos down in Venezeuala got some heating fuel for Cheeseheads? Cause I think they’re gonna need it if Wisconsin becomes WisKochLand. Hola Chavez, want to trade some heating oil for cheese?  Go for the Munster…….

Oh folks this is OLD news, it’s everywhere to be found on the web. Connect the dots yourself.

Concerned Madison Parent SNAPS at Saturday Protest

 Now that Wisconsin Rep. Gov. Scott Walker has publicly stated that he will not take any “calls” from Wisconsin residents,  ONLY from David Koch–and impersonators thereof–it is clear what he represents and that is The Corporate Big Brotherhood–and its energy investment interests.  In case you’ve missed it in the mainstream news–the Budget Repair Bill would allow UNCONSTESTED bids for selling off public energy works.  What do the Koch Brothers invest in? Oh yeah, ENERGY–for example, oil.  Yeah, I don’t think FOX News is going to be chatting about those connecting dots any time soon–unless that falls under FOX’s idea of a “communist plot”.

All these photographs were shot Saturday 26 February 2011 by that “Concerned Madison Parent” whose vent I recently posted.   

The Serfs are  Marching!

Mad-City Serfs

and they’re tripod armed!

Don't Rush Home

and it’s hard-working out-of-state but 14 Democratic Senators are doing just that.

Wild Rumpus & GOP SALE

and KOCH sales anyone?

International Brotherhood

and this ain’t local anymore.

Orwell's New Animal Farm

and what happened to George’s “piggies”?


and how the DEAD outshine the living. Hey, folks in Wisconsin know their state’s political history! Who taught them that?

She Jokes

and jests–or not–and very seriously too!

Just say NO to KOCH

and NO!

Hold Fast

and –yeah, follow Walker’s lead?

For Sale

and what else can we say?

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

and despite what Dictator Walker believes.


and but not today.


and Wisconsin knows snow and cold and now Walker’s true colors.

Standing Room Only

and ain’t not tea at this party. Huh? Yep, no sightings reported. 
Much thanks to “Concerned Madison Parent” for sharing your Cheesehead views!

Stellar Remnants~~Alien News Reports on Humans Gone Wild

Wow, Charles, very cool satire bakes in your brain-oven! This  is rockin’ poetic Alien news coverage of planet Earth’s residents.  If you venture to slpmartin’s Read Between the Minds: Poetry, Photography and Random Thoughts of Life–you can catch his very alluring audio renditions of his poetry.  I so hope there’s more from where Stellar Remnants emerged. Thank you, slpmartin, for sharing this delightful entertainment.

                                              Read Between the Minds


Now for our delicious main course, Stellar Remnants:

Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath @ eva wojcik

 Original 18″ x 6″ , 140 lb cold press watercolor

Yasutomo Sumi-E watercolors

serpent dances

sings heat

trembles all

cool embraces

Shameless, Unabashed Corruption in Mad-City

Heads up all  future Serfs in America! Though if you are employed by Wal-Mart and its ilk, you already know something about being 21st century Serfs to your Corporate Feudal Lords:

According to nbc15.com the Wisconsin Assembly has passed the much protested REPUBLICAN  “Budget Repair Bill” under very questionable circumstances. REPUBLICAN Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer grabbed the spotlight when he denied the 15 remaining Democrats a chance to speak, opened the roll for all of 17 seconds for a vote and then quickly exited with a HEAVY Police escort.  Is there no end to Koch bank-rolled Republican arrogance? Seems not! Republicans have clearly demonstrated that they are prepared to do the Koch bidding at any cost. Or did REPUBLICAN Bill Kramer just want some media attention all on him for a change? After all, why should Dictator Scott Walker get all the juicy television spots he so obviously relishes for displaying his uncompromising heavy-handed mentality while the rest of his merry band lurks in his shadows? Out front and center now stands  Kramer.  

 Will protestor HEAT melt the snow in Wisconsin?

Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman will be broadcasting from Madison today.  You can watch online at www.democracynow.org .  

And you can garner updates straight from nbc15.com regarding  the Koch owned Republican party in Wisconsin online at


So much for the political “process” in America. First corporations become “persons” for political money funding purposes –and now we are harvesting the fruits of the right-wing corporate world  and Supreme Court’s labors.

Is this the beginning or the end of a rumble in America?

Billionaires = “Budget” Busting Buds with Benefits: Beast Bait Banter Beams: Walker Is Koch Cozy

For those of us following developments in Mad-city the Beast Prank is “old” news.  But if you’re trying to catch up on all the fuss, I’m doing my tiny part to help out.  I think we’ve all got Dictator Scott Walker under our belts by now. Walker’s  Koch connection might need a little of that transparency which is the current media byword that seems to have replaced truth, honesty and integrity.  Every time I hear the word all I can think of are see-through dresses–huh? Yeah, go figure how my brainpan spills regarding word associations. Enough of my egocentric language allusions. 

Let’s start with getting some visuals on the Koch Bros courtesy of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! headline:

If you’re wandering around capitol square in Mad-city, be sure to pay a visit to the Kochs’ lobbyists’ office there. I’m sure it’s clearly marked for tea party tourists and progressives liberals alike.  Shh! Don’t let on if you support Greenpeace environmental actions.

Still scratching your scalp and thinking hard to  place these fellows? Koch who? Wanting more info? No problem, Greenpeace has the goods on the environmental blues billionaire brothers.

Desiring something less esoteric than Greenpeace satire? Perhaps the Turks are more to your brainpan’s liking. The Young Turks clarify the Koch agenda via the Kochs’ own letters:

Oh my, where are the teabaggers when Kochs need them? These folks sure are NOT buying what the Kochs are selling. Some coverage of a recent rally to protest secret meeting of Kochs with other big wig movers and shakers, including Clarence Thomas and Antoine Scalia. Yes, those supreme court justices are Koch cozies.  OMG–is this what corporate personhood is all about???  

Audio Beast: 

 In case the Beast link FAILS, you can read a transcript of WI Rep. Gov. Scott Walker’s  fun and games with faux Koch at –>


Ian Murphy of Buffalo Beast poses as David Koch and gets more ear respect  from Gov. Walker than he gives to the people camped in the capital building. Being a Billionaire has benefits, right? The Beast site is back up and running. You can read and hear yourself  Ian Murphy’s prank foreplay and Walker’s shamelessness:


Craving some floor sight human interest news? Views of the occupying force camping at the capital charm:


Another quick kick at the Kochs and their billionaire cronies:

So, now is everyone “good” on the elusive Koch Bros? If you’re not a conservative billionaire Republican or a Supreme Court Justice willing to play corporate personhood ball, they could be a tough click capture for your camera safari on the mean streets of Wichita, Kansas. 

BIG picture parting shot.  Does your child have a dark side? Mine sure do. I don’t wonder why. I think they’re in cahoots with this kid. –>

Don’t you dare get wet in Louisiana!

While listening to the Homelessness Marathon live on KKFI during the 5 am to 6 am hour Joannie Hughes, a representative of the all volunteer Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana called in to raise awareness of the increasing homelessness situation in Louisiana due to the BP oil spill’s devastating consequences on the environment upon which the people depend for making a living. Guess what folks–the rainwater is so toxic that gardens die.  And guess what else–NO one from the USA government EPA is willing to even test the water samples collected by the Coastal Heritage Society. Nor is  any mainstream corporate run news agency willing to report extensively on any of the BP spill issues ranging from the water quality to the lack of medical assistance and nonpayment of claims.  Joannie also raised the issue that there is no relief money is coming forth to the people.  The Coastal Society  is even conducting a Food Drive to help people survive. 

Click the Trees to visit the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana

There are several more informative videos posted online at the Coastal Heritage Society’s site. 

What little power the EPA has is about to be stripped away. BP continues to run its damage control advertising campaign. Mainstream News Media has declined to report the issues presented on the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana’s excellent site.  So take the time to get informed because this spill is not done spreading its toxic consequences. Water flows and flows and flows…….

Hear the Homelessness Marathon Live via KKFI

Click the banner to connect with KKFI streaming online.

Live from Kansas City, Missouri –tune in and catch the people on the streets speaking for themselves.

Blue Truth

As I was trolling the net for visuals, I came across this lovely composition in blue that was posted at The Blarg.  After coming across some disturbing media coverage (see Mother Jones regarding Jeff Cox, an Indiana official, advocating using live ammunition on Wisconsin protestors. Excuse me, is this Libya or America? Oops, my bad, sorry Kent State) , this man’s expression and signage just hit the nail so hard that I figure it deserves a post all its own. Unlike other group organized protests with manufactured signs, there are all sorts of protest signs visible in Madison.  Some are hilarious, others obnoxious, but all are well-aimed individualized expressions of free speech and asserting a statement.  You’re invited to share any photographic or video gems you’ve discovered while following Mad-city’s  showdown with Koch Tool Walker. 

Click Anne Marie's photo to visit The Blarg

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