Best New Artist~~Esperanza Spalding is on FIRE!

Ahh time to express my delight at Esperanza Spalding’s Grammy win for Best New Artist. OH YEAH!!! IF you’ve been wandering into my blogcasa for a while, then you might recall that I’ve posted another live video of Spalding igniting jazz heat onstage.  I hope this delightful young woman continues firing smoking hot jazz for decades and decades to come! If you haven’t met the incredible Ms. Spalding yet, then here’s your chance. If you have–then just relax and bask in the “steam”.  

Concerned Madison Parent Vents

Sounds like all out Political Warfare has broken out in Mad-City! More protestors,  more State Trooper search missions, more national news coverage and more outright defiance from Democrats. Huzzzah!  

Here’s some steam from a Parent in Mad-City, Wisconsin regarding all things Rep. Gov. Scott Walker’s nefarious political dealings:

Yes, pretty soon they will be writing books entitled “What’s the matter with Wisconsin?”.
 It’s crazy around here.  My son is home from school today because at least 40% of the teachers in the Madison School District have taken a sick day in order to stage a rally at the Capitol.  There hasn’t been any kind of teacher’s strike in Wisconsin since the late 70s, and Governor Walker wants to roll back collective bargaining rights and pretty much assure that they will start happening again.  What a disaster this guy has been.  He turned away 800 million dollars in high speed rail money even before he took office.  Then in January he ramrodded through half a dozen bills to create 140 million in new spending to reward special interest groups, which wiped out the actual surplus in the 2009-2011 budget biennium.  So now he is bellowing from the mountaintops (or what passes as mountains in Wisconsin) that the state is in a budget crisis, and using that crisis to sharpen his knives for use against any and all non-Republican organizations.  He’s asking all of the public employees (who Walker calls “The Haves”) to contribute more towards pension and health care, while vilifying them at every turn.  Oh, he’s carved out exceptions for Police, fire, and National Guardsmen, since they, apparently, are good public employees.  And incidentally have unions that supported Walker for Governor last fall.  And as you know, has threatened to have the National Guard ready if there is any labor violence.  I feel like I’m being transplanted into Bakersfield 1937, during that annus horribilus.  Oh, and did I mention the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, in the majority in both houses and emboldened by years in the wilderness, are fast-tracking voter ID laws to keep us safe from voter fraud, specifically the crime of voting while being big D Democratic. 
 At least the teachers are fighting back.  And here’s a good quote from Madison’s mayor, in his blog:  “Here’s one reliable test of good public policy:  you don’t have to call out the National Guard when you propose it.” 

Well, thanks for letting me vent.

 A Concerned Madison Parent

   Updates: Wisconsin State Troopers have not located any of the State Senate Democrats at their homes.  I gather that 540,000 signatures are required for a RECALL of Gov. Scott Walker so the pen pounding had better get busy busy to toss the Dictator out of office. Oh and while he might have to be endured for a full year–8 GOP State Senators could be RECALLED now. LOL. The last news entry I read on in Madison stated that the MIA Senators could stay out of the state and the reach of the Wisconsin State Troopers for days or even weeks.  


Effort to RECALL WI Gov. Scott Walker Underway on Facebook


By golly,  Ms. Molly! Looks like the cheesehead public working class in Wisconsin has already had enough of their Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to sell them out to private business interests, his outright false reporting of a non-existent budget crisis in Wisconsin and his effort to push through a bill while refusing to hear from the people he is supposed to represent.  Want in-depth details? Visit for a complete breakdown of Walker and his fellow Republicans’ misrepresentation of dollar facts to suit their own purposes and to utterly destroy the collective bargaining rights of the working class.  Plus, there’s  information about some very shady dealings with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The photos are not to be missed-especially the “goats” sign and the guy wearing only candy necklaces and signs.

Also–Democracy Now! had extensive coverage of what’s afoot in Madison on this morning’s show– 

 You can also catch up on Egypt, Bahrin, the intense crackdown on university  students protesting in Puerto Rico, and the ironic arrest of Ray McGovern while silently protesting as Her Majesty Clinton publically yapped about freedom of expression on the internet. She didn’t even bat an eye as the old man was physically assaulted by security without cause during her speech in the aisle in front of her. Is that oil or iron in her veins? 

Sew? Sew what? Sew for Kids!

If you’re a pro or a novice, Sew for Kids wants you! Sew for Kids  is a charity group providing clothing and other items for the children  of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  So–if needles, threads and cloth are your creative medium, please surf the link to Sew for Kids to join some seams asap!

14 WI State Senators On the Lam! Democrats Show Some Creative Backbone? Who knew?!

Whenever has American politics ever been so much deadly serious FUN?  The most recent news out of Madison, Wisconsin is that the 14 Democratic State Senators have split up and are now in 14 different locations out of the state in order to put some brakes on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s Repair the Budget Bill. Finally someone in the Democratic Party is showing some backbone and in the most creative way. The Republican majority is one warm body shy of a quorum and the Democratic minority is forcing them to a standstill by not offering a human sacrifice that would enable them to do exactly what Dictator Walker desires. With at least 25,000 working people protesting at the Capital the Democratic State Senators have taken the only avenue available to slow down the Walker regime–they’ve gone on the lam! Now even the Mayor of Madison is working with unions to extend their contracts in order to protect public workers from Walker’s “Repair Bill”–a bill to fix what was not broken and to serve “private sector business interests”–read as rich corporate profit agendas.

I hope someone gives a heads up to  Mr. Hope and Change aka President Obama to find out exactly what’s going on in Wisconsin prior to his next chat with the press about the protests.  He did not come off as well informed this afternoon.  Wakey, wakey, it’s time to think about DOMESTIC issues and the working class instead of all the military industrial complex’s shady dealings around the globe going haywire because of what the CIA can’t control: People who have had enough despair, domination and war.  Unless of course, the working class in America is really none of his presidential concern despite all his fancy lip speak about sharing the pain. What a joke coming from any politician in DC.  Politicians share no pain with the working people except in advertising schemes.  Perhaps our president will just keep right on playing the world domination imperialistic war-mongering gig until working class America decides it has had enough austerity imposed upon it by the elite rich who so love the word “austerity” as it means nothing to them but profit.


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