Reach out and “Touch” a blogcasa.

Peace all.
For no particular reason I have not “done” blog awards in a long time.  I know  they’re useful for connecting folks to new blogcasas that they might not otherwise discover. They can be an interesting form of networking in blogland.  I have appreciated each one that has come my way while blogging.  I just often get caught up in using my blog time tossing out posts about other things that have caught my attention. So this is an effort to not forget about two recent awards from Jingle and eva626.  Thanks to both of you for your kind  words and thoughtfulness.  In return I thought I’d create my own award visual using one of my energyscapes, “Touch,” for whomever decides to accept and post an award visual at their blogcasa.  Hey, an artist is always on the prowl for exposure! LOL. So, if you see “Touch” making its way around blogland beyond here to new blogcasas that would be a way of tracing how far our connections have traveled.  I hope others will reach out and touch others with “Touch.”

"Touch" by Eva Wojcik


Jingle–offers a playground for poets.

eva626–I think this “eva” has food on her brainpan about as much as I do.

I ought to share 7 things about moi:

I adore sweet potatoes fried in olive oil then drizzled with honey and dashed with sea salt.

I enjoy driving old state and county roads rather than interstate highways.

I wish my car was a horse.

Wisteria is one of my favorite flowering plants.

I do not like wearing shoes.

Watching “wire in the blood” starring Robson Green on hulu is one of my vices.

I covet a large loom for weaving.

Okay–now  here are  some blogcasas I offer for your explorations–I’ve come across 7 and 15 blogs to be awarded. Does it really matter? Hopefully everyone will discover something new. 

Clegyr Boia–mAgdA’s wild land art in Wales! O yeah.

roxie–She’s got publishing opportunities of all sorts if you’re a writer searching for ink.

artist at exit O–Al’s artistic wanderings along the Ohio River to create ART from styrofoam and water borne “trash”.

flandrumhill–Need a nature walk? Information and beauty in one blogcasa.

penpusherpen-Pen’s Poems ‘n Stuff–lovely poetic darkness–and she’s got great gifs too. Life slants in mysterious ways.

Dennis’ Diary of Destruction—O MUCH fun and trouble with dogs –and cats.

Living a Whole Life–Meg’s writing, photography and visual art as she moves through life’s search for pearls–and  real love.

One Cool Site–great blog development information and more! Check it out for the wordpress doctor deluxe.

Posky’s blog–for some modern wicked written humor and comics–be forewarned.

Yi-Ching—Careful, her photographic tours of New York City include plenty of food porn to torture your taste buds. Poetry “to fu.”

Matthew Ashton–For a political perspective of a certain sort that includes reviews of movies, books and games.

slpmartin’s Read Between the Minds–poetry with a sharpening edge.

Barbara Rodgers’ By the Sea–Art, quotes, inspiration and insights.

The Arts Web Show–Oh for some just plain silly fun at times.  Never know what Richard will serve up next. Really.

Leslie Paints—If you’re looking for some art instruction online, Leslie offers it with each post of her own creative process.

Lynn Wiles–Check out her lovely abstract photography and relax.

Dustus–Adam does it all poetic! Poetry challenges and more.

LazFreedman’s fun micro poems “Moving right along with you”

Echostains & Bookstains for a mix of art and poetry–including Lynda’s  poetic challenges with art prompts fun.

YesBut’s Images –color and black & white photography.

Ryder’s weblog of ramblings galore–and your Tanka Bar connection. Yes, you want Tanka Bars!

Gabrielle Bryden’s life in the land down under with children and frogs.

Samanthamj  –poetry in motion

Designldg by Laurent G –photographs and words from India’s universe.

My apologies to any blog awards I’ve not returned in a timely fashion. No slights intended.

Do you know “Someplace with a Mountain”?

 The other night by pure chance  I viewed “Someplace with a Mountain” on my local PBS station KCPT 2.  Lately, as in ever since the GOP attack on funding for PBS the station seems to have found some sort of backbone and has been airing programs dealing with environmental issues. Perhaps this schedule was lined up long ago–but the timing is currently rather interesting from my perspective. Now if they start giving air time to Al Jazeera news as they do for the BBC news late at night, then we’ll know for sure that a revolution is at hand in American media. But, for whatever reason, this wonderful and terribly disturbing independent film aired during prime time. Thank you, KCPT, for presenting “Someplace with a Mountain.” This film is the result of one man’s encounter with some very traditional people living on the Island of Puluwat.  The Islanders have a serious problem caused by US. Yes, US, if you’re living in an industrialized country while reading this then you too have contributed to their problem in one form or another. Why? Because it’s the industrialized countries, USA at the top of the list, that are responsible for the pollution that is affecting the lives of the Island people.  These people don’t pollute the Earth. Their traditional sustainable lifeways have not created any toxic oil spills. They don’t drive cars. They don’t have money. They don’t destroy their environment for profit like we do. Yes, we do, every one of us by virtue of how we  currently LIVE.  Our actions have led to rising sea levels which are responsible for the destruction of the atolls on which the Puluwat have lived for thousands of years. Think about that for a moment—people living in the same place for a few thousand years and it’s not a toxic waste dump. What are they doing right and what are we doing wrong? They live in harmony and balance with nature. We do not. We rape the world for everything we think we “need.” Or we allow the people who run oil corporations to do it for us.  Or we allow the use of nuclear power and suffer the consequences as are the Japanese–who will  share the toxic waste with the entire world in one form or another over time.  All because of what we think we require in order to live what we deem is the “good life.” Well is it the good life when your water can be set on fire? When your soil is full of toxic chemicals? When our children are born with diseases due to the food and water consumed by their parents? If we have such a “good” lifestyle, then why are so many people addicted to legal and illegal drugs? If life is so great then why are we waging war around the globe? People talk about escaping to islands with beaches and no stress. Hmm. Gee, why is that? Well consider that such islands with peaceful beaches will be no more because of our greed and how that plays out in environmental ways.  Heat the planet, melt the ice, raise the sea levels and the islands are the first to feel the pain of going under water. Bye, bye atolls everywhere. So sorry but since you have no oil or diamonds or anything else that feeds our  industrial addictions your islands mean nothing in the Wall Street–World Bank scheme of things. Okay, have I rained on your Earth Day? Well, I’m not apologizing because we’re all past due for accepting responsibility for the way we live and how the way we live affects us, the Earth and other people who don’t live as we do.

See “Someplace with a Mountain” and consider how you’ve helped destroy a people’s home and potentially their culture and them.  Yes, they have the hope of relocation thanks to Yap. But that is not  a reality yet.  The Puluwat have done nothing to you or me. But we have done plenty to them–ignorance is no longer an excuse thanks to Steve Goodall’s film. This is the age of information. We’ve got it at our fingertips. Now how are we going to use it for the future of our survival–and that of the Puluwat Islanders?

Meet The Last Navigators at  

Click the photograph to visit “Someplace with a Mountain” for trailers, photos and information.

Someplace with a Mountain “Like” on Facebook.

No, this is NOT a happy happy, joy joy, Earth Day to everyone–to say so would be a huge LIE.

Not ready to become extinct? Save Earth, Demand Oceans Without Oil and Clean Energy ASAP.

Earth Day approaches. What does that mean in the United States? Nothing as far as I can tell at this point in time. We are doing absolutely nothing to deal with climate change.  We’re doing almost nothing to protect the natural world we live in. Many are still in denial thanks to the misinformation efforts of the likes of the nefarious Koch Brothers—and their more invisible cohorts.  Think confronting climate change is overwhelming? Then consider the extinction of humans as a result of our own actions.

"Holy Water" @ eva wojcik


It’s been one year since BP’s destruction of the Gulf of Mexico environment commenced.  Dolphins, fish, turtles and people continue to sicken and die.  The oil and chemicals used to make it invisible continue to destroy the viability of the water environment. BP continues to do as it pleases and spins its image as best it can. Oil companies posted record PROFITS. Who gave them this profit money? We did. We do every time we purchase gasoline. 

What can each of us do? We can demand clean energy. We can change our own individual lifestyles regarding our energy. Use less oil. Use less gasoline. Conserve, use public transportation, walk, ride bikes instead of buying more SUVs. Oh yes, I see gas guzzlers every time I venture outside. A lot of people clearly don’t give a damn as long as they’ve got the money for gas at the pump. Get informed, get educated about the need for a healthy Earth for every living thing.   

Our government clearly does not give a damn about the Earth. Corporations clearly do not take any responsibility for their polluting actions that destroy the environment.

Do we care? Do we?  

I do not want any offshore drilling here.

"touching" @ eva wojcik

It’s time to think of doing things other than “Drill, baby, drill.” It’s time to CHANGE—and we’ve got to do it. No one else will. Follow Tim DeChristopher’s example and don’t wait for someone else to appear and lead. No one is coming. It’s up to us. Every single one of us, because we all live on the same Earth.  It’s time to take responsibility any and every way we each  can. It’s time to confront the reality of the destruction of our environment no matter how much it “hurts.” Adapt, change, transform or die.  Earth’s day is every day.
For extensive coverage of BP, the Gulf of Mexico, and offshore drilling visit

A quickie post it note. No! Not that sort of “quickie”! Get your minds out of the gutter! Or not.

"leaves and stones" @ eva wojcik

Wow, it’s been busy here–traffic in one door and out the other from the looks of the tracks left by visitors to blogcasa. Welcome folks, newcomers and regulars. Yes, Al, that includes you too,  river blog artist.  Quick by the way, yes, I do have the best of intentions to return the favors of visitors who have left tracks and to do something about a couple of networking blog awards–which always seem to present when moi is most distracted by things outside of blogland. No slights intended to Jingle or eva626.  Hopefully I do all things by rights and create some webby connections for you both.  Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy “leaves and stones” from my falling in love with my Minolta x 700 collection.  If you’re stateside, all the best hoped for with all things taxed, taxing and taxable–unless you’re GE of course. Why should any corporation pay federal taxes, right? Oh I don’t know, maybe to contribute THEIR fair share to the collective potluck? Then again, corporate personhoods are more special than that rest of us persons. Afterall, they’re not really persons at all except in legalese.  Hey, maybe that’s the tax-free ticket for the rest of us–declare ourselves “corporate persons” so that we too will be tax-free. Wonder how long any government will continue functioning or even be-ing once that happens. Hmm?
Okay, well, must run off elsewhere besides aqui para uno tiempo. Everyone play nice. Oh and all the best to the ongoing recall efforts in Wisconsin. Four down and four to go.  Recalls to keep everyone busy and focused until they can beam Scotty up and out.  Ain’t he lucky those Wisconsinites aren’t inclined towards French historical activities?
                                                                                              “I’ll be back.”  LOL


Cloud Man’s “White Clay”

@ Guest Poet, Cloud Man

            White Clay

This is a border place. Like all borders.

There is a feel that defies interpretation.


How does one define nostalgia for pain,

I miss my father beating my mother Or

When my mother drank she cursed my father.

I used to eat bologna sandwiches, potato chips for dinner

Dinner? Or was it a snack it was what I had for lunch?


If I went north towards home

If I went south into tomorrow


Some have made this border place a cause

I spent hours of my childhood here


How does one know of borders

When one becomes the border


I am still in between places

I still have the last potato chip bag

And that bologna skin ring

From the last night at White Clay



                                        White Clay II

There used to be an ice cream shop,

Across from Howard’s Store

One Sunday I counted all the families

Coming for floats

Chocolate and vanilla cones.

On Howard’s Store wall

Were Lakota words.

If you could read Lakota

These were items he sold

A grocery list

I used to sit in the shade by that store

Swallows Wing

Swallows Wing @ eva wojcik

Sakura & “other”  pen on 130 lb  watercolor paper 17″ x 13″

Some uplifting bird color and high-flying energy seems to be in order. Can you imagine a world without birds? What would it be like without their varied songs and kaws? I suppose squirrels would be thrilled to be the feeder guests of choice if they did not have to compete with avians for seed meals.  While I’ve been seeing and hearing a number of my favorite sparrows and geese with tough attitudes–I have noticed a decline in variety and volume these recent mornings.  I attribute this to the loss of about half the nearby local trees.  Fewer places to nest and roost means fewer birds.  Hence there is consderably less joy in the dawn time.  What have you noticed about the resident  birds in your neck of the urban woods?

From Japan, with sincere regrets…

We live in a closed system on Earth. We are all connected. Everything is connected via the natural world which is the home of everyone and everything. We require an unpolluted environment in order to live. We all are responsible for keeping our home clean–and this includes all the people in the dirty energy industries. We’re overdue for a change to sustainable lifeways. We may not make the transition in time to save ourselves if the status quo continues to be maintained. 

 Ongoing events in Japan offer a view of our possible future.  

click for greenpeace archives


From Japan to Oregon, with regrets.

Japan radiation killing sea life, warning for Oregon coast fishing industry

 Chaotic Fate by qew

We share the world. We share our waste. We share the air. We share the water. We share the soil. We will share the same fate no matter where we live or our social-economic-political status–because that’s how the “science” of the Earth operates.  What are we waiting for?

storm coming


Storm coming



gathered sparrows,


Storm coming.



Fireplace. Fire

Storm coming.

                                                                                            @Cloud Man

"coming" @ eva Wojcik 2011

Come too!

"gathering" @ eva wojcik

Another view from the Painted Hills in Oregon.

It’s Friday. Why am I not thankful that it is? 

Here’s random question–well, perhaps not so random considering I’ve got a taste of the wanderlust Al aka artist at exit O mentoined in a recent comment–what’s the rising price of gasoline in your location? Here it jumps up and down at will.  No wonder Big Oil keeps posting Record Profits. Those extra dimes and nickels per gallon add up fast.  Well, I’d love to hit the road to parts known and as yet unmet, but the constantly increasing price of gas deters me very effectively.  I have no desire to donate to the corporate coffers. 

What’s the going rate for GAS for you?

A Poem of Isabel

We were looking back at the path we walked

Hours. Late night. Talking our talk.

When I went down We were scared


When we looked into the night

Our only hope were the stars


We sniffed the breeze together.

I with my laughter

You with your bark yawn

                                     Laying in the dark


I hear you still as you curiously wonder

Why should I sleep?

                                                                                                              @Cloud Man   2011

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