‘Native America Calling’ Digs into the Tar Sands! “What’s really important?” 706 Arrested Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline

Native America Calling covered the Tar Sands Protests on Tuesday, August 3o. You can listen to the entire program online at


Features Environmental Activist Clayton Thomas-Muller (Cree) and other callers.
It’s a GREAT radio program! Listen and learn what Indigenous People are saying about the environmental and health costs.

NCA Host Harlan McKosato asks: What’s really important?
More dirty oil or clean water and forests?

What’s YOUR answer?

Make your vote for Obama count for something: call to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline–Nicely, please.

595 people arrested in protest of the Tar Sands/Keystone XL Pipeline.
May Boeve of 350.org has sent out a call to action via the White House phone lines.
Not everyone can be in Washington to protest or be arrested. But most of us have access to a PHONE–and the internet. So, if Earth matters to YOU, then call Obama to voice your concerns. If you voted for Obama because of his supposedly progressive stance on protecting our environment then this is your chance to let him know it.

Be polite. Be nice. Call the White House at 202-456-1111
State your name, city and state.
Kindly inform them about your concern for the environmental impact of the Keystone Pipeline.

350.org has a petition seeking signatures at

Earth thanks you.

Still confused about the Tar Sands Protest? Real News coverage can help.

Oh yeah, yet another Keystone Pipeline Protest Post from yours truly. It’s going to be a long week of such posts as I wade the web for coverage of what’s going in front of the White House. Daryl Hannah got arrested at the protest. Thank you, Ms. Hannah. Where’s that Al Gore and his “truth” crew? Gore has the funds to travel everywhere so that’s not an issue. Holding out for the big finish or just holding out, Mr. Gore?

Oh and somewhere along the way I learned that Obama still has NOT put solar panels on the White House roof. LOL. What does that tell Us? Hmm?

Can you imagine destroying 740,000 acres of forest for a pipeline to carry “crude” from Alberta, Canada to Texas refineries? Is there no end to the insanity? People go to jail for starting forest fires. Why don’t oil company executives go to jail for destroying forests?

The time is NOW, not later. Take a stand–Keep out of the Tar Sands

Currently being in no position to travel to Washington, D.C. for the ongoing protests in front of the White House which faces a park the homeless are NOT allowed to sleep in (a very noticeable thing if you’ve been to the nation’s capital and rubbed elbows with its massive homeless population visible everywhere except within sight of the WHITE HOUSE)–I risk droning on like an insane bee to online friends while conducting my own protest to the Keystone XL Pipeline here in blogland. Well, folks, I make no apologies. This is my tiny space and it’s all I’ve got to work with, so I’ve got to make it count NOW. We have had an incredible, perfect place to live and thrive on Earth–but it’s not that way anymore because of US. Either we face the reality of living in a delicately balanced “closed system” and take responsibility for the messes that humans have made or we sign our own death warrants via execution by pollution. The choice is ours. This pipeline is just one more battle in the war for more than survival on Earth. But it’s an important battle for Americans who are dealing with a government that willingly has put its heads in the sands. We need clean water and air MORE than we need oil. Or have I got that wrong? Test: Just try drinking gasoline when you’re thirsty. Better yet, try watering a garden with gas and see how that grows.
I wish I could adopt a lighter tone but I’m all out of “light” at the moment.

  • Only bird heard today.

    dawning silence empty
    no songs
    wind without wings
    gone all feathers

    522 people arrested at White House for protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

    Yes, you read that right: 522 people, so far, have been arrested at the White House for protesting the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline. 140 were arrested on Monday, August 29, 2011.

    Where is the “hope”? Where is the “change”? In US and only US. How much longer are we going to wallow in our addiction to gasoline?

    To view the PBS video about the Tar Sands please visit the Tar Sands Action site http://www.tarsandsaction.org/

    Why Clean Energy Now? Because Earth is Alive!

    And it’s up to US to clean up OUR mess. Yes, it’s our responsibility to live as lightly upon Earth as we possibly can. We’ve got to do better than we have so far. 350 carbon emissions is a memory. We’re at 393 and rising. If we don’t stop ourselves from killing Earth no one else will. I’m not counting on aliens from outer space arriving in time to save us from ourselves. I’m not counting on some divine power intervening to spank us and put us on the right path. We’ve got to count on ourselves. WE’ve got to do the right thing or perish. And perish we will when the air, water and soil no longer support life on Earth. None of us can do everything, but we each can do all we can as soon as possible. Demand clean energy not more dirty oil. Germany is leading the world with shutting down nuclear power plants after learning from the ongoing disaster in Japan. Germany is going solar and wind. Why can’t the United States learn too? What are we waiting for? Extinction?

    “Cut” by Vivek Chauhan with Sanctuary Asia network (www.sanctuaryasia.com).

    Main source for the footage was Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s film HOME. Music by Armand Amar.

    Uploaded to Youtube by bittusahgal

    Much thanks to Diane Smiling Wolf Beaty for sharing this video on facebook—oh yeah, fb is good for more than silly chatter.

    381 Keystone XL Protesters Arrested and Still Counting. NO! to Tar Sands Oil Development!

    This is the story NOT being covered by any corporate News station in America: Two weeks of protests in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. of an alliance of environmental, Indigenous, and concerned AMERICANS to  protest the building of the Keystone Pipeline all across America. Native people have been fighting the pipeline in Canada ever since it began.  Now the media ignores the ongoing protests and arrests in order to keep other people from learning about the Keystone Pipeline and joining the fray. So–Spread the News! We can’t all be in DC. But we can all share the responsibility and show solidarity by NOT BEING SILENT.  USE the tools at your fingertips and SPEAK out for the Earth Today! Or there may not be any pleasant tomorrows for our children.

    Tar Sands Action site:


    350.org’s Petition to Obama


    For news information and a map visit Al Jazeera English: 


    Democracy Now!’s ongoing coverage:


    Don’t WAIT! Share today! Tweet away!

    She’s Alive…




    It’s Tar Sands time, folks. Seriously: Demand NO KEYSTONE PIPELINE and I do mean DEMAND the “NO” from Obama.

    Oh, yes, I’m “back” motivated by the ongoing protests in front of the White House to protest the insane Keystone Pipeline. Obama has the power to put an END to this oil greed driven piece of environmental disaster. Will the man of “hope and change” pay any attention from his vacation spot on Martha’s Vineyard? Cynically I have BIG DOUBTS that he’ll do the right thing and just say NO to Big Oil. BUT–in solidarity with all the people willing to get arrested to make a point about this very very very BAD pipeline to devour the Tar Sands oil and ship it to—TEXAS from Canada–I’m speaking out and spreading the word as best I can. No wonder some friends are NOT responding to my emails. LOL. Hey, I understand, who wants to wrap their heads around yet ANOTHER Oil Disaster? Considering the ongoing mess of BP killing the Gulf of Mexico I expect intelligent, caring people to be a tad shell-shocked by what Big Oil does in the name of GREED.  Exxon posted the largest profits in the history of our sort of profits in history. THEY don’t need more money. WE all NEED a clean EARTH.  Okay, no photos. No links. No pretty pictures. Just words. I can’t be in DC to join the protests. If I could, I would. Why? Because this is IMPORTANT! Really, really important. Amy Goodman and Keith Olbermann interviewed Bill Mckibben of 350.org (Btw, we’ve gotten to 390 and that’s NOT a good thing.) finally putting some  media focus on the protests that will continue for two weeks. Oh and there was an important piece in some important newspaper…AFTER coverage on Democracy Now! by Amy Goodman. If you haven’t figured out by now that we must transition to clean energy and save the Earth, I don’t know what I or anyone else can say to get your mind around the notion.  Frankly, considering the evolving mess on this planet, I sure wish I did NOT have children who will have to deal with the consequences of our actions–and inactions in the near future. Curious? Wondering what I’m whining about? Then get busy and google the hell out of  the Tar Sands, Keystone Pipeline, Canada, Oil Spill in Montana, Democracy Now! and whatever else gets your mental motors running. Knowledge is a powerful thing. Pay it forward.



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