MIA content regarding Rape epidemic within Military, etc.

Okay, I surrender to the ghost in this machine and refuse to fight the edit blog post battle any further today.  While I’ve narrowed down the search for causes of earlier frustrations in blogland to this specific computer at my end, the reasons for such remain elusive. So instead of trying to force the program to do its editing duty properly,  I’m just going to yap in this post instead.

Yes, it’s been very quiet in my blogcasa since round one of “Breakfast Special.”  I confess that I’ve been wondering if further courses of “Breakfast Special” might be of interest to anyone wandering by.  Would anyone care to put in an order?

Frankly I think I’ve ranted, vented and held forth over time on most items broiling in my brainpan. Yet when Dirk Kirby’s documentary “The Invisible War” aired on my local PBS station via Independent Lens last night it supplied some motivational electro-shock therapy which prompted my earlier attempt at a blog post regarding the rape epidemic in the U.S. Military. I’d been aware of this issue for several years, but had no idea of the current ongoing scope and depth of the issue until viewing Kirby’s film.  While I’m aware that the violent crime of rape is widespread, under-reported and under prosecuted in America, I’d had not any idea just how callous the entire U.S. Military’s attitude is towards the crime in its own ranks.  Is this a logical consequence of the innate nature of the military itself as a vehicle for training people for combat that requires the death and destruction of other humans? Perhaps it is.

If so, why would any parent who puts forth the effort to raise children to be decent, caring, intelligent adults ever encourage their children to enlist in any military force? Why would parents want to have their children destroyed by a system which does not value human life?

I am at a loss for any rational answers to those questions and the host of others I have in regard to the specific issue of rape in the military and the institution in general.  It appears that being an “officer and a gentleman” is nothing more than illusion created by smart uniformed propaganda images.

Rape outrages many people when news of it surfaces in the media. The rapes of women in India have garnered world-wide attention.  People are appalled by rapes of children. Rape is recognized as a war crime.  No one seems to condone rape.  Yet it is a widespread violent crime which knows no social, political, economic nor religious boundaries.

Does the U.S. Military view the victims of rape within its ranks as simple collateral damage that is an acceptable byproduct of their own culture of acceptable violence?

Is this just a military problem or is it a human nature problem? If it’s human nature working out its dark side then what does it say about US?

Considering the recent issues regarding the Violence Against Women Act I wonder if we live in a culture which somehow deviously nurtures the act of rape.

Such is the current state of my brainpan stew. This is more or less the gist of the content which inexplicably vanished from my earlier post when I hit the “Publish” earlier today.

Anyone have any answers?



  1. Meg said,

    May 27, 2013 at 12:40 am

    I saw this program as well. It is clearly a power and control thing, not a woman thing, since the statistics are that it is damn close to fifty fifty on the unreported rape of men vs. women. It seemed the entire culture is geared towards power dynamics, secrecy, obedience, and absence of consequences for the criminal in question. The military themselves say, if it is a decorated individual its a lot easier to overlook bad behavior… (Hollywood is good at this too, if they are a star its easy to overlook their bad behavior too right?) The ability for uneducated people to make legal decisions based on their rank is also foolish. Uneducated individuals think rape is on the victim. My cousin is newly on a Naval ship, less than a year and his comment was, there is lots of training to prevent rape and sexual harassment, so if you get raped its because you didn’t follow the protocol, or whatever. People actually believe that because they are ignorant about it. I was so upset by this film. Glad to see you post about it.

  2. May 19, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    I enjoyed reading the Breakfast Special short story and wouldn’t mind seeing more of this. You also used to post more images of your drawings which I thought were good as well. I do think one can get to a place where the sheer enormity, complexity, and irrationality of the world is enough to short-circuit any caring person and drive them into isolation as a reprieve from all the senselessness. Concerning the military rape problem…if freedom isn’t free…is rape part of the price that we have decided is worth paying? How about the chronic suicide issue in the military as well? You raise a valid point about why would any self-respecting parent want to send their child into all this harm’s way….especially since we know who will profit from it all at day’s end.

  3. penpusherpen said,

    May 15, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    I truly believe in the Ghosts, Eva, ‘cos they’ve stolen my comment, and now I’ve had to re-think what I thunk in the first place… xx
    Rape, horrendous, violent and nothing to do with the sexual act of gratification, ’tis a way to subdue and to frighten your victim, using superior strength and once subjected the victim will never feel safe again. IN this way, doubly raped. … If the Military will not seriously prosecute they are actually condoning the violent act and the mind-set that the women were ‘ up for it ‘, therefore what could they expect?… Even in this supposedly equality of times, it’s still possible to find males who think women are there for simply one thing alone, so, to their minds, why not?… The answer?… Same sex platoons/Units?… I have no idea how you could work it, but something must be done… You have a habit of making my thought process work overtime.. 😉 .. mayhap that’s a good thing… ‘cos it needs the workout.. and
    might I say another serving of . Breakfast Special would hit the spot… Two eggs, on fried bread would be Awww inspiring ,,, thankee kindly…and hugs aplenty to you… xxPenxx..

  4. May 15, 2013 at 10:47 am

    rape is one of the bricks in the pyramid of power

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