OOps! According to Navajo Times the Recall Shelly Effort Not Quite Underway–Yet.

Yes, there’s been a delay in the Recall Shelly effort according to the Navajo Times. My bad for missing this news piece at the time of prior blog post. Apparently some of the members of the Recall Committee were “disqualified.”  But the Recall group is regrouping for another effort in two weeks.  Full story online at Navajo Times.

Navajo Times: Recall leaders vow to expand signature effort –>> http://navajotimes.com/politics/2012/0712/071912rec.php

Hey, I do the best I can with the information in my cyberswamp!


Navajo Recall Ben Shelly Effort Underway.



Click link above to hear audio information in Navajo regarding the Recall Ben Shelly effort.

Visit the Facebook page for Recall Ben Shelly —>> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=442546102442841&set=a.100999623264159.2274.100000623652639&type=1&comment_id=1289109#!/RecallBenShelly

Read the Dine’ Recall Ben Shelly statement here –>> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=442546102442841&set=a.100999623264159.2274.100000623652639&type=1&comment_id=1289109#!/RecallBenShelly/info

Reasons Why Recall Is Underway Revealed–on Native News Network –>> http://www.nativenewsnetwork.com/reasons-why-recall-is-underway-revealed.html

    Sorry for all the links folks, but I think it’s best that people looking for information regarding this Recall effort see/hear/read it at places where it can be found online so that they have those sources for the future.

     I’ve been following Dine’ water issue and watching to see how this all plays out with much interest in how the Navajo people are working together.  There’s only one thing I can contribute to this story. It’s been over 30 years since I spent some time at what was then Ganado Community College in Arizona.  While there I learned that many Navajo and Hopi people had to haul water from wells, from natural potholes in the ground that caught rainwater, from 55 gallon drums, and anything else that would serve, set out to catch rainwater or that were filled from natural sources and hauled back home.  At that time they’d been doing all this water hauling forever. Thirty years later they’re still doing it in many communities.  In a video for SB 2109 Sen. John McCain used a photograph of Navajo people drawing water from a well and he made a comment that they have no infrastructure to deliver water to their homes.  McCain did not go on to say that this should not be happening in 2012. He did not say, “These people need infrastructure to get water to their homes.” What he did say is that water can be used effectively by OTHERS and should be!

    Here I sit where with the twist of a wrist I can turn on a flow of water into a kitchen sink and fill a glass with clean drinking water at will. Another twist and I can send water through a hose at a drip to the local heat exhausted birds foraging in the front yard. I can flush an indoor toilet all day long. Hot and cold showers are available on demand.  The laundry machine is just a few steps away for washing clothes. The only water I haul is in a plastic two gallon pail to the little bird beach in the backyard under the trees beyond the reach of the hose. Can you imagine having to haul ALL your drinking, cooking, bathing, gardening water all the time? Think about it. I suggest Shelly, McCain and Kyl think about it too.  Furthermore, I suggest they DO it themselves. Yes, I suggest those fellows all get dropped off at the Navajo community furthest from any water whatsoever and be left to their own devices to get their water supply in order to survive. All on their own with no one to help them carry a single drop.

Some general information about the Navajo Nation http://www.everyculture.com/multi/Le-Pa/Navajos.html

Paragon Radio’s Suicide 160

POST UPDATE–the link seems to be no longer viable as a direct route to the intended material. I’m not sure if this is something at my end or if it is universal. It’s been a long time since this was posted and things may have changed at the other end of the code line. Sorry for this inconvient truth.
Connect to the Suicide by clicking on the “cover” above. Good luck.

No, this is not “MY” plan. Nope, this Suicide/audio collage is online in its entirity at Infowarts.  This is #160 Suicide – CLX Cousins Promise.  Nearly one hour of issue rasing spoken word, news clips, music, archived material. It’s a hell of a potent brew that aired on Paragon Radio in the wee hours this Monday–as in approximatly at 3 am.  Paragon Radio streams online at www.kkfi.org.  Whether he’s of a mind to ‘talk’  or not and  just runs the audio radio board  your host is Benjamin.  If you’re curious, you can listen while you blog.  Get some news, some ‘commentary’, some ideas, some issues, and who knows what might follow in your mind.

On Wednesdays at 6pm CST you can catch the Radio Redux with your “humble host Benjamin” for some talk radio that doesn’t go with the mainstream media status quo flow. Your location on the globe matters not because it streams live online at www.kkfi.org.

Be forewarned, there are NO sacred cows here.

It’s time for “Constitutional Anarchy”!

Oh yeah, despite the brutalizing heat broiling all of the Kansas City Metro area. In spite of a close encounter with  poison ivy. In spite of our impending DOOM via the rule of CORPORATIONs–Ben is in the KKFI studio at 39th & Main Street running his jaws and taking phone calls.

 Care for some ATTitude?   —>>> www.kkfi.org   streaming online…..

If it’s Wednesday, it’s Radio Redux Day!

Click with care if you dare.  This Suicide is an audio collage running on the edge of the search for truth and survival.

Paragon Radio Suicide #141 Awakening

Oh yeah, folks, it’s Wednesday and at www.kkfi.org that means it’s Radio Redux 6-7pm CST.  Sick of Rush, Savage, Hannity, and the rest of the good old boy’s club? Do you like some edge in your talk radio?  Got a wish for a reality check? Think radio is just for old dudes with attention disorders? Think again. The Radio Redux is definitely not a good old boy.  What is a “constitutional anarchist”? Catch the stream online and Ben will speak for himself on that account. No telling who else might venture into KKFI’s audio stream with a phone call. No guarantees. No tickets required. No promises of roses and easy solutions. Just a view of what’s happening from the streets of Kansas City out to the world of oil spills and our need to “awaken”.  We are indeed walking on the dark side in order to get to the light–if we survive.






The reptiles’ creed?

Oh would that be ‘murder, rape and greed’? According to Ben, it surely is.


Oh yeah, the Radio Redux is in full swing dishing the New World Order. Ben sounds hot tonight! On www.kkfi.org from 6 to 7 pm–RIGHT NOW! Tune in if you’ve been seeing Orwell everywhere and wondering, wondering, wondering.   Free speech radio in action.

Canned at  http://www.infowarts.com/2010/03/radio-redux-03-03-2010.html

Paragon Radio –>http://paragonradio.blogspot.com/

We may not all agree all the time about everything, but it’s good to think about why we ‘think’ what we think  and how we act accordingly.

PS–Paragon’s  infamous pigeonhole defying  ‘suicides’ —> http://drop.io/infowarts

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