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What is there left to say after Eartha steals the entire stage? meoooowwwwwww!


Not ready to become extinct? Save Earth, Demand Oceans Without Oil and Clean Energy ASAP.

Earth Day approaches. What does that mean in the United States? Nothing as far as I can tell at this point in time. We are doing absolutely nothing to deal with climate change.  We’re doing almost nothing to protect the natural world we live in. Many are still in denial thanks to the misinformation efforts of the likes of the nefarious Koch Brothers—and their more invisible cohorts.  Think confronting climate change is overwhelming? Then consider the extinction of humans as a result of our own actions.

"Holy Water" @ eva wojcik


It’s been one year since BP’s destruction of the Gulf of Mexico environment commenced.  Dolphins, fish, turtles and people continue to sicken and die.  The oil and chemicals used to make it invisible continue to destroy the viability of the water environment. BP continues to do as it pleases and spins its image as best it can. Oil companies posted record PROFITS. Who gave them this profit money? We did. We do every time we purchase gasoline. 

What can each of us do? We can demand clean energy. We can change our own individual lifestyles regarding our energy. Use less oil. Use less gasoline. Conserve, use public transportation, walk, ride bikes instead of buying more SUVs. Oh yes, I see gas guzzlers every time I venture outside. A lot of people clearly don’t give a damn as long as they’ve got the money for gas at the pump. Get informed, get educated about the need for a healthy Earth for every living thing.   

Our government clearly does not give a damn about the Earth. Corporations clearly do not take any responsibility for their polluting actions that destroy the environment.

Do we care? Do we?  

I do not want any offshore drilling here.

"touching" @ eva wojcik

It’s time to think of doing things other than “Drill, baby, drill.” It’s time to CHANGE—and we’ve got to do it. No one else will. Follow Tim DeChristopher’s example and don’t wait for someone else to appear and lead. No one is coming. It’s up to us. Every single one of us, because we all live on the same Earth.  It’s time to take responsibility any and every way we each  can. It’s time to confront the reality of the destruction of our environment no matter how much it “hurts.” Adapt, change, transform or die.  Earth’s day is every day.
For extensive coverage of BP, the Gulf of Mexico, and offshore drilling visit

A quickie post it note. No! Not that sort of “quickie”! Get your minds out of the gutter! Or not.

"leaves and stones" @ eva wojcik

Wow, it’s been busy here–traffic in one door and out the other from the looks of the tracks left by visitors to blogcasa. Welcome folks, newcomers and regulars. Yes, Al, that includes you too,  river blog artist.  Quick by the way, yes, I do have the best of intentions to return the favors of visitors who have left tracks and to do something about a couple of networking blog awards–which always seem to present when moi is most distracted by things outside of blogland. No slights intended to Jingle or eva626.  Hopefully I do all things by rights and create some webby connections for you both.  Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy “leaves and stones” from my falling in love with my Minolta x 700 collection.  If you’re stateside, all the best hoped for with all things taxed, taxing and taxable–unless you’re GE of course. Why should any corporation pay federal taxes, right? Oh I don’t know, maybe to contribute THEIR fair share to the collective potluck? Then again, corporate personhoods are more special than that rest of us persons. Afterall, they’re not really persons at all except in legalese.  Hey, maybe that’s the tax-free ticket for the rest of us–declare ourselves “corporate persons” so that we too will be tax-free. Wonder how long any government will continue functioning or even be-ing once that happens. Hmm?
Okay, well, must run off elsewhere besides aqui para uno tiempo. Everyone play nice. Oh and all the best to the ongoing recall efforts in Wisconsin. Four down and four to go.  Recalls to keep everyone busy and focused until they can beam Scotty up and out.  Ain’t he lucky those Wisconsinites aren’t inclined towards French historical activities?
                                                                                              “I’ll be back.”  LOL


Charles Red Dog Family, Eagle Butte, 1922

Charles Red Dog

West Bottoms Alleyway


Okay, I am dying of curiosity. Would someone please drop a line as to what is the ongoing appeal of this photograph? Is it the location in the West Bottoms of Kansas City? The building? The black and white film? Stats have my attention, hence the question.  Some enlightment would be appreciated.  

Shot with a Minolta x 700.


we see you



We, as in we humans, constantly perceive our world only from our egocentric perspective–as if we’re the only observers in town. We’re not. Ever get the feeling you’re being watched in the most unlikely places? By unlikely I mean places lacking other humans.  Just because there aren’t others of our own kind in our company does not mean that we don’t have ‘company.’  The entire natural world is watching us. These days I suspect it’s watching done on HIGH ALERT due to all our inconsiderate  actions over the long-term.  Seriously, the next time you are out clicking away with your camera at everything that stays long enough in the viewfinder–take a deep breath, relax and take a good look at the trees, butterflies, birds and bugs in front of you.  Consider what they see as we stare at them for a moment before clicking and running off to the next attraction like manic visual addicts scrambling for another fix.  All living things breath in their own manners. Why wouldn’t they observe us as part of their world? We are biological organisms roaming around a biological habitat.  Yes, we have a LOT of company on this earth. Other living things may not ‘see’ us as we see them–and that’s been good for our survival. We haven’t been so good for the lives of other creatures though. We tend to spread like parasites, perpetually voracious ones consuming every thing in our reach.  Some times I think that all the other living things will turn the tables on us and treat us in kind until we are extinct. Other times I suspect that they’re just waiting for us to finish ourselves off–which we do seem to be doing quite nicely–if not fast enough for the comfort of the likes of the trees in my photograph. Ever wonder if they’re thinking, “Hurry up and be done with your own destruction so the rest of us can have some peace from the likes of you?”  I certainly wouldn’t blame them one whit for such wishes.  Everywhere I venture I take note of the continuing urban sprawling into the habitats of other living creatures.  We destroy the homes of geese, ducks, snakes, deer, foxes, shrews, fish and everyone else while leaving behind our discarded spaces of crumbling concrete and asphalt. Will we not stop until nothing else  has a place to live? Face it, we humans are the most awful invasive species/neighbors ever.  Perhaps our superiority complex will be the death of us. I suspect the trees are hoping it’s sooner rather than later.  Seriously–put yourself in their bark and check  out the view.

Tall & Short or Near and Far


More breathing space for everyone feeling boxed in by their cubicles, cars, and crazed companions.  Breathe deep, feel the breeze around your knees, and relax.

Patience, patience

Well it’s easy to be patient while wondering which and how much of delicious yums can your tum tumble.  It’s early morning at Cafe Milano and the humans are hungry. Perhaps a tad more polite than feeding time at a zoo, but just as intent on quieting growling stomachs.

Now you see it….

Point Reyes


…..after an oil drill spills you won’t.

Limantour Beach, Point Reyes, California

I want Oceans without Oil

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