Where have all the oysters gone? Ask the Maine Worms. Oh, and apparently Ireland exports more than great beer.

Love those little beasties on the half shell? How about shrimp on the barbie? –No, not that Barbie–though that’s an interesting thought. Could plastic Barbie be used to fuel a grill? Not unless you love the smell of plastic melting with your seafood.  Yeah, so much for the free association word play and back to some of the fundamental life forms formerly flourishing in the Gulf of Mexico prior to the BP Oil Spill.  While wandering through Al Jazeera News I dipped into the features section to find, to my great dismay, a piece posted today by Dahr Jamail titled “No end in sight for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Fresh oil seepages raise questions about further problems with BP’s damaged oil well.” I’ll be right up front–reading this piece will NOT make your day brighter or cheer you up. But–it does provide a certain look at how ecosystems operate and how complex and interconnected Earth’s entire environment system is. Think about worms from Maine and sponges from Ireland destroying oyster populations in the gulf.  Invasive species knocking off the oysters is no small matter for the ecosystem or the oystermen/women who depended on the oysters being fruitful and multiplying for their livelihoods.   And the local oyster extinction issue is just the tip of this article’s oil spill iceberg.  Oil sheens are manifesting and whence are they coming from is another big question–Deep Horizon? The Mancondo well site? Or the seafloor itself due to the disruption of the natural order of things? Wherever it’s coming from it’s way too much for  anyone’s comfort. Even BP is out there doing “research.”

Now about that Tar Sands Keystone XL Pipeline …..




PS–It’s National Gasland No Fracking Call Obama Day—  202-456-1111  or 202-456-1413    Very nice Volunteers staff the phones so be nice, polite–and brief so that more people can get through the system. Numbers count because by now they know the information drill.  Let them know who you are, where you’re from and that you oppose Fracking.   Go for it. Make it an Earth Day.


Not ready to become extinct? Save Earth, Demand Oceans Without Oil and Clean Energy ASAP.

Earth Day approaches. What does that mean in the United States? Nothing as far as I can tell at this point in time. We are doing absolutely nothing to deal with climate change.  We’re doing almost nothing to protect the natural world we live in. Many are still in denial thanks to the misinformation efforts of the likes of the nefarious Koch Brothers—and their more invisible cohorts.  Think confronting climate change is overwhelming? Then consider the extinction of humans as a result of our own actions.

"Holy Water" @ eva wojcik


It’s been one year since BP’s destruction of the Gulf of Mexico environment commenced.  Dolphins, fish, turtles and people continue to sicken and die.  The oil and chemicals used to make it invisible continue to destroy the viability of the water environment. BP continues to do as it pleases and spins its image as best it can. Oil companies posted record PROFITS. Who gave them this profit money? We did. We do every time we purchase gasoline. 

What can each of us do? We can demand clean energy. We can change our own individual lifestyles regarding our energy. Use less oil. Use less gasoline. Conserve, use public transportation, walk, ride bikes instead of buying more SUVs. Oh yes, I see gas guzzlers every time I venture outside. A lot of people clearly don’t give a damn as long as they’ve got the money for gas at the pump. Get informed, get educated about the need for a healthy Earth for every living thing.   

Our government clearly does not give a damn about the Earth. Corporations clearly do not take any responsibility for their polluting actions that destroy the environment.

Do we care? Do we?  

I do not want any offshore drilling here.

"touching" @ eva wojcik

It’s time to think of doing things other than “Drill, baby, drill.” It’s time to CHANGE—and we’ve got to do it. No one else will. Follow Tim DeChristopher’s example and don’t wait for someone else to appear and lead. No one is coming. It’s up to us. Every single one of us, because we all live on the same Earth.  It’s time to take responsibility any and every way we each  can. It’s time to confront the reality of the destruction of our environment no matter how much it “hurts.” Adapt, change, transform or die.  Earth’s day is every day.
For extensive coverage of BP, the Gulf of Mexico, and offshore drilling visit

A never-ending horror story

So how silent is the mainstream media regarding substantive coverage of  environmental issues? Deadly silent is my assessment.  Respect is earned in any profession. Mainstream media talking heads earn no respect as journalists because they’re just faux reporters reading teleprompters.  Several of these pretty faces revealed the shallow depths of their knowledge and understanding last week right at the end of prime time news hour which I witnessed as I went in search of other viewing fare.  Ah yes, the local channel 5 news team was laughing about the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes as a critical protest and then wound up JAILED.  Yeah, that clean-cut bunch of smiling bright perfect faces will never wind up in any jail–unless a law is passed prohibiting willful ignorance of other cultures and issues. I don’t see that happening any time soon–so they’re all on the loose to buy all the teeth whitening and hairspray they can consume.  For real reporting and journalism one of the sources I turn to is Democracy Now! and Amy Goodman.  This is seldom a pleasant listening experience because DN! goes where the channel 5 news team will never go—in search of what is often very scary truth.  One truth it’s not letting disappear is the never-ending horror story of the BP oil spill which continues to spread its deadly legacy through the waters, over the sands, and to the humans.  Thursday’s show featured Terry Tempest Williams’ and her article for Orion magazine–“The Gulf Between Us.”  Those gulf beaches may look as pretty as the faces of the channel 5 news team ladies–but it’s all surface level beauty–for the moment. It’s like the term ‘blue sky’ for nuclear radioactive testing—it’s all picture perfect image but deadly nonetheless.  If you’ve been wondering about the state of that supposedly magically disappeared BP oil then surf the cyber waves to Orion Magazine  for Williams’ heartbreaking article  http://www.orionmagazine.org/index.php/articles/article/5931

and “Where is our outrage?” asks Terry Williams on Democracy Now! 


I wonder what that pod of dolphins who watched the water BURN thought of us.  Yes, they watched–as do all the other living, sentient, intelligent entities that we humans often disparaging refer to as  “dumb animals.”  It’s very clear to me which species is either “dumb” or is just totally ignorant that it is nature too. Yep, we humans are indeed part of the web of life we so callously exploit, destroy, devalue, denigrate and despoil.  We’re hanging ourselves with our own ropes. Cutting off our noses to spite our own faces.  Yep. Where’s that coyote going???  I bet she knows where there’s some water that’s safe to drink.  But wait, as coyote she could be a trickster too. What would a trickster want with a human? Do you think those dolphins took out a contract on the humans? Why not?

Columbus’ Heirs = Oil Companies

Yes, the modern natural heirs to the value, cultural and psychological legacy of Christopher Columbus are clearly represented by Oil companies like Chevron, Shell, and BP. If the people of the Gulf Coast really want to see their future after coverage of the BP disaster fades from mainstream news media they can look at the ongoing legal battle between the Indigenous people of Ecuador and  Chevron Oil.  Or they can consider the terrifying decades long running conflict between Indigenous people and Oil companies in the Niger Delta . Recently corporations which were granted ‘personhood’ rights for political contributions have been granted immunity from legal actions for the kidnapping, torture and murder  of anti-Oil activists. Yes, Oil companies get to have their cake and eat it too. Well, I guess that would be they get to pump oil without responsibility. This is just one environmental issue on which Indigenous Peoples are on the front lines facing down corporations that ‘develop’ the natural resources to the detriment of all living things, including themselves.  Heads up, corporations are composed of people, human beings, and guess what –all human beings are vulnerable to toxic  pollutants.


Where are the instruments of our own destruction? In our gas tanks. In our minds. In our values. In our lifestyles.  In our hearts? In our DNA?

Art, Oil, and Blood

Here are three things I discovered by listening to KKFI. Last night on the Heartland Labor Forum I learned about an incredible Art book via an interview with the authors. Click on the cover to see seven other examples of American Labor Poster Art–and to read review quotes. Copies of Cushing & Drescher’s work were given as thank you gifts for donations to KKFI’s fall fund drive.


Lincoln Cushing & Timothy W. Drescher


I had heard of Fatima Bhutto prior to Democracy Now!’s interview with her this morning regarding the state of affairs in Pakistan. She also answered questions regarding her memoir, Songs of Blood and Sword which apparently presents a very dark portrait of the ruling ‘elite’ and, by association, its supporters–“US”.  I don’t often read memoirs, but this one has piqued my interest.

Songs of Blood and Sword  by Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto on Democracy Now!



Thanks to Bioneers’ connection to Mother Jones’ continuing work on the BP oil disaster–well–here’s more reasons to condemn BP. Like we need more after learning about the 90 + MILLIONS they’re spending on image spin, commercials, public relations efforts to brighten up public perception of their oil drilling mania.  Here’s my FREE advice to BP—Shut up! Clean it up RIGHT! Pay up! Doing the RIGHT things will do more than all the ads on YouTube, television and everywhere else.  I still will not purchase BP gas–but I do see others doing so, so just quit the spin effort and do what’s right by every living thing. By the way, BP, your operation in Sugar Creek, Missouri surrounded by fences topped with barbed wire and with the new Police Department as an immediate neighbor looks safe, secure and very very unfriendly.

Click on Tim O’Brien’s art to venture into Mother Jones’ latest reporting on BP.  Thanks Bioneers!


RANT! The Biggest Lie = Life is Sacred.

Okay, folks, is it me or is it BP that’s completely whacked? Or is it just the incongruity of juxtaposing BP spin with the YouTube platform? (Though YouTube isn’t getting any kudos from moi for its collection of information–at this point-regarding whoever wants to view “Collateral Murder”. I suspect it’s easier to view porn online than that video–which I did view elsewhere without any registration or gathering of “who me be.” I thank that source very very much for that disturbing piece of video enlightenment. Yes, that military video was worse than I expected from news reports.) Back to the point at hand,  was wandering around YouTube checking out a few taped tidbits and observed a blurb for BP YouTube Channel splashed across those noisy sparrows. Now considering how so many people use YouTube to share so many things from songs to protests this probably makes good image spin sense, right? It is a logical step. Still, seeing  BP using the YouTube format to clean up its increasingly despicable image of indifferent, callous, greed driven corporate power spilling first oil, then the muck of a toxic dispersant seems like an insult deluxe.  “Let’s fight  video with video!”  must have been the motivation behind this effort to infiltrate the YouTube universe.  It’s logical and yet, yet, so dammingly insulting and offensive that BP wants such a public relations campaign to work in their favor. Big Oil is Big Oil which translates to corporations created and run by individuals  with an extreme disregard for the  environment, human/animal/plant life because all they care about is profit and money at all costs.   

Top 7  US Oil Importers:


There is a long running WAR in the Niger Delta between the native population and the oil companies like Shell. It’s been going on for DECADES. The local population has NOT benefited from oil development. They’ve been decimated by pollution and murder for opposing the oil and gas developments.


Oh–and neither has Iraq’s civilian  population so far as I can gather. O, yeah, that’s one of the wars no one wants us to discuss here in the USA. Land of the free (?) and home of the brave (?) ? 

Yes, this is a RANT–keep RANT in mind. RANT!!!!!!!!

Visit, if you dare, Al Jazeera English’s coverage of the PB oil muck up http://english.aljazeera.net/focus/oildisaster/

I wrote “if you dare” because Al Jazeera News is one of THE most maligned and hated of news media organizations. They do great journalism. Go figure why their journalists  are in everyone’s gunsights. 

Chevron SHAMELESSLY works to EVADE all responsibility for its actions in Ecuador where the company KNOWINGLY dumped toxic wastes and KNOWINGLY put the local population at fatal risk. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE67448K20100805

Wake up folks! OIL and the people who run the businesses that bring it to our cars and trucks are toxic entities. The only way to change this is to change how we live day to day.  We the people need to make the changes that will put them out of business. No demand means no supply means no business.

The BIG LIE  = Life is Sacred.  Really?  Who says so? Certainly NOT BP, Shell, Chevron etc.  The only lives the people who run these corporations care about are their OWN lives. Everyone and everything else is expendable–unless they put profit in the executives’ and their shareholders’ pockets.   

 FYI –>>>  http://www.youtube.com/BPplc

I wonder what the fishermen and their families think of this image clean up?

Posting links in comments to informative  blogs, websites, news sources about oil spills everywhere etc are earnestly  invited.

Oh and what is tomorrow? BIG BOMB DAY. Oh yeah, more proof of the BIG LIE.

Indigenous Peoples Know the Stakes for Survival. Do you?

Latin American Herald: Brazilian Indians Release Five Remaining Hostages At Damn Site.    http://laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=361190&CategoryId=14090

The Achuar have been fighthing big oil in Peru for 14 years –now that’s an ATTENTION span to envy–http://www.amazonwatch.org/amazon/PE/

Navajos Protest Uranium Mines  http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2010/05/navajos-protest-uranium-mining-plans.html

Amazon Indian Leaders meet Houma Nation in Louisiana    http://news.mongabay.com/2010/0727-kozloff_oil_indigenous.html

What’s happening? It’s the struggle to survive. And it’s coming to your home whether you believe it or not. This isn’t an “if”, it’s a “when”. Think the issues in Avatar were just a figment of a scriptwriter’s active imagination? LOL.  Indigenous people are not big and blue. They’re red, black, and brown people and they’ve got more than a few clues based on direct experience.  

Indian Country Today’s Headline: Venezuelan Indigenous Newspaper Wins Journalism Award http://www.indiancountrytoday.com/home/content/Venezuelan-history-first-99100324.html

Yes, there’s more news in the world than CNN, Fox, ABC and the BBC might lead one to think. Discover our world.

If it’s Wednesday, it’s Radio Redux Day!

Click with care if you dare.  This Suicide is an audio collage running on the edge of the search for truth and survival.

Paragon Radio Suicide #141 Awakening

Oh yeah, folks, it’s Wednesday and at www.kkfi.org that means it’s Radio Redux 6-7pm CST.  Sick of Rush, Savage, Hannity, and the rest of the good old boy’s club? Do you like some edge in your talk radio?  Got a wish for a reality check? Think radio is just for old dudes with attention disorders? Think again. The Radio Redux is definitely not a good old boy.  What is a “constitutional anarchist”? Catch the stream online and Ben will speak for himself on that account. No telling who else might venture into KKFI’s audio stream with a phone call. No guarantees. No tickets required. No promises of roses and easy solutions. Just a view of what’s happening from the streets of Kansas City out to the world of oil spills and our need to “awaken”.  We are indeed walking on the dark side in order to get to the light–if we survive.






Ode to the Oil Gods

Which circle of Dante’s Hell are we living in?

Will the Tea Party make a Citizen’s Arrest?

Can  the  “Drill Baby Drill Lady” do a Mr. Clean job in the Gulf?

Al Gore will surely help her with the chore.

Hey Hollywood—got an oil flow disaster script on the fast track yet?

Oh and all the stories/image the Coast Guard is preventing from being shown.

No journalists allowed within 65 feet.

Where is that First Amendment hiding?

Perhaps in George Orwell’s grave.

Got kicked off the Deep Horizon.

 BP brings oil to you and me.

BP drills holes in the seas.

All for money.

Everything  is expendable.

Ode to the Oil Gods.

Enquiring Minds want to know how oil rain will make their grass grow.

BP Knew About Problems & Did Not Comply With Fed Regulations–Ode to Oil


Investigation reveals that BP knew of problems on Deepwater Horizon rig and did not comply with Federal Regulations to shut down operations.

Democracy Now


Which circle of Dante’s Hell are we living in?

Will the Tea Party make a Citizen’s Arrest?

Can  the  “Drill Baby Drill Lady” do a Mr. Clean job in the Gulf?

Al Gore will surely help her with the chore.

Hey Hollywood—got an oil flow disaster script on the fast track yet?

Oh and all the stories/image the Coast Guard is preventing from being shown.

No journalists allowed within 65 feet.

Where is that First Amendment hiding?

Perhaps in George Orwell’s grave.

Got kicked off the Deep Horizon.

 BP brings oil to you and me.

BP drills holes in the seas.

All for money.

Everything  is expendable.

Ode to the Oil Gods.

Enquiring Minds want to know how oil rain will make their grass grow.

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