Monologue #1

Tonight’s internal monologue.
I find myself overusing two words:
Why do I have the feeling I’m going to run these two words into the ground?
Oh the reality show aka American politics needs a rating boost.
Let’s get an orange to spin the ratings machine.
Too much reality SHOW.
Four wheel drive can not deal with this spin.
Too much for the snow tires with chains to handle.
Orange Julius for everyone!
No, I want an Orange Crush!
–And I want it NOW!
Where’s a tanning machine when you need one?
Easy, easy there’s enough solar energy for all the mainstream news anchors to get a healthy looking tan. You’ll all be a nice even orange tone in no time at all.
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Bread and Puppet Theater + “crisis bread” & “crying cream dreams” = Nourishment

In part to prove I still have a sense of humor, such as it may be, I offer some theatre and refreshments for your enjoyment.  Perhaps some of you will find Amy Goodman’s interview with Peter Schumann, founder of the Bread and Puppet Theater, as delightful as I did. Or not.  Schumann’s references to his own bread baking reminded me of poems I wrote for brulionmann as a result of his complaints about the state of bread–and cream– so it seemed like a great combo read meal deal.


bread poem

Band music for The Shatter

interview in three parts

short puppet clip

long variety show

cream poem

bon appetit!



“crisis bread” 

“no money for a bread, we call that  ”crisis” ~ brulionman


world wide tragedy

is bread

state of bread = bitch fest

gimme some goddamn real pita,

hell, some hemp too

a boatload of naan and a frying pan, please!

 a plate of roti

crisp, crunchy Italian

I’ll even take a loaf of stinky sourdough

anything but this damn white mish mash hash gumshoe shit

cornbread? really? wtf are you trying to pull on me?

bring on the challah,brioche, lavash

toss some tortillas and frybread drill team style

I’ll sell my soul for a true French baguette

a full-bodied Polish rye with some style

German pumpernickel with pump not pap

throw a roll at the wall and watch the plaster fall

a crust you peel

soak soup

bathe in butter love

plate scour

gimme some goddamned real bread

Another corporate crime against humanity



sara Lee

nature’s pride

pepperidge farm


holsom and all the rest of the plastic bag labels

guilty as charged

baking loaves with out heart

soul-less seeds

bakery murder in the first degree


Some bread and butter from Yi-Ching


DeeDee Halleck





Bread and Puppet Theatre ~ Blue Sky Puppet + Mask Dance ~ July 2012


First two acts of a Bread and Puppet Friday night show. Recorded July 2012.

First act is the blue sky puppet with clouds.
Second is the elegant masked dance.


Bread and Puppet Circus and Pageant on Sunday, July 14. 2013


“crying cream dreams”

cream? get real, brulionman

  brulionman get a cow.

 tie it to your bicycle

  hand school teats

seriously, get some finger action going

community uprising cream dream

cow eats sun

din din until day done

treat those teats right

milk, cream, butter, cheese

comes one happy cow

squeeze, squirt, squish

 get a Guernsey with a babe

fill a bucket

set set set

cream rises, oh hell, yeah

no, no, no to piggy fat!

real cream needs none of that!

flour? does not compute

send that shit down the garbage chute

just the cream if you please

sweet talk some butter

tease the thick from the top

sip sip sip, can’t resist

drop it in a jar

get some bike dance mojo goin’

thirty tic tocs butter glowin’

pushing creamy envelopes

cheesecloth action play

guess what you got coming days

 cheese, glorious cheese

get a cow, brulionman, no bull

you want real cream

fingers gonna need some teat pull school

No, I don’t know how to get a cow to ride a bike!

You’re on your own with that, brulionman!



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“Hell-O” or William S. Burroughs’ Prophetic Vision? : “Ah Pook The Destroyer” — Here, There, Everywhere.


I’ve had it

time to exorcise

little demons

churning, burning

time to vacate

braincase crowd

no pretty pictures

recycling old scripture

time to re-in-car-nate


Heads up, potentially unpleasant, disturbing and harsh content in the following incarnations of “Ah Pook”.  If you’re offended by references to the ugly American in a depth beyond the references of Green Day’s “American Idiot,” then this post may not be for you. If you’re turned off by decidedly unattractive visual representations of tiny creatures, then this post may not be for you. If you’re upset by images of the human cost of warfare, then this post may not be for you. There may be other things in this post which may not set well with your cup of coffee or tea or high energy wake up and run fast in the wheel libation. Consider yourself forewarned before viewing. It is your choice to do so — or to cyber surf elsewhere. There are lovely images and music in the Myths and Colors posts which may be more to your liking.  You’re cordially invited to visit those blogcasa post rooms. I will not be offended if you exit this particular blogcasa room now or at any other point during your visit.  This is a housekeeping blog post–I’m sweeping out a few of the creeping critters which consume the warm fuzzy dust bunnies under the mental bed frame.

If you’re a fan of William S. Burroughs, then Enjoy yourself.

If you are not a fan of William S. Burroughs, then Enjoy yourself elsewhere.

Thank you for coming to this mind show.

Your patronage is much appreciated.


Ah Pook The Destroyer

Error Industries

Computer animation of William S Burroughs reading “Ah Pook The Destroyer” from the album “Dead City Radio” © Island Records
Made with Blender 3D
The album:…
Blender 3D:


Ah Pook is Here


AH POOK IS HERE – This 1994 stop-frame interpretation of recordings by the late William S. Burroughs, was crafted around a selection of tracks from the album “Dead City Radio” produced by Hal Willner & Nelson Lyon – and featuring music by John Cale.

AH POOK received Ten international film awards, was archived in the Goethe institute, and was part of the Burroughs retrospective PORTS OF ENTRY. AH POOK was also voted ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ at the 2010 Stuttgart International Trickfilm festival.

The Guardian review:
“Phillip Hunt’s gorgeous, grisly animation mates William Burroughs’s gravelly narration of Ah Pook The Destroyer’s death-dealing parable with music by John Cale at his creepiest. Hunt’s deliberate and disgusting illustrations of Burrough’s monsters of the mind are a revelation; delicately articulated puppets riddled with revolting detail. Turn down the lights, get out the headphones, and give yourself over to The Master’s ghastly visions and sonorous warnings (“The world cannot be controlled, except by accident”) for six gut-churning minutes.”
-Kate Stables / The Guardian

Director Philip Hunt
Producer Eddel Beck
Music Hal Wilner & John Cale
Produced at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg
Distributor BFI & The British Council


Ah Pook The Destroyer


This is a tribute to both William Burroughs and Hiroshima. It’s a video I have been wanting to put together for some time now and release on the day of concern.
61 Years ago to-day Hiroshima felt the atom split in anger. Today lets remember both Hiroshima Nagasaki which followed on the 9th August 1945.
Lets hope the lion never rages again.


 Ever notice the difference a good broom makes when sweeping under the bed ?

Paragon Radio’s Suicide 160

POST UPDATE–the link seems to be no longer viable as a direct route to the intended material. I’m not sure if this is something at my end or if it is universal. It’s been a long time since this was posted and things may have changed at the other end of the code line. Sorry for this inconvient truth.
Connect to the Suicide by clicking on the “cover” above. Good luck.

No, this is not “MY” plan. Nope, this Suicide/audio collage is online in its entirity at Infowarts.  This is #160 Suicide – CLX Cousins Promise.  Nearly one hour of issue rasing spoken word, news clips, music, archived material. It’s a hell of a potent brew that aired on Paragon Radio in the wee hours this Monday–as in approximatly at 3 am.  Paragon Radio streams online at  Whether he’s of a mind to ‘talk’  or not and  just runs the audio radio board  your host is Benjamin.  If you’re curious, you can listen while you blog.  Get some news, some ‘commentary’, some ideas, some issues, and who knows what might follow in your mind.

On Wednesdays at 6pm CST you can catch the Radio Redux with your “humble host Benjamin” for some talk radio that doesn’t go with the mainstream media status quo flow. Your location on the globe matters not because it streams live online at

Be forewarned, there are NO sacred cows here.

Care to mosey a little to Mose’s music?

Some times a little irony, or more than a little, is in order in order to get through the seemingly endless stream of insane inanity swirling around us.  So, for some ironic comic relief here’s a healthy helping of Mose Allison for inclined ears’ tickling.

Yeah, there are some things I just can’t resist sharing –  like “Big Brother.”  Apparently Orwell was a prophet. Huh. Go figure. Now  I’m on the lookout for all those “rats” that got my attention long ago on the small screen.

Clicking on Mose’s mug will take you to his very informative website. It’s worth a visit just to learn of all the songs he’s written over his career of 50 years. Not many people survive and thrive creatively so long in  any profession.  We should all look so alive at 80.  Nice photo portrait too–in my opinion.

For your amusement, bemusement, entertainment–and perhaps a tad of inspiration,  more of Mose Allison’s music and mentality:

And just in case you missed it the first  posting round, “Ever Since the World Ended.”

Again, much thanks to KKFI’s Radio Redux for reminding moi of Mose’s existence. Yes, we all need our memory pages  refreshed–and that’s a good thing.  Now about those “breeze” and “knees”  lyrics . . . .

PS. If your fear of the dark needs replenishing there’s always  1984 to oblige. Don’t click to view if you’re in a happy happy, joy joy place.

Now I’m wondering if this post is an example of tragic ironic comedy.  Might be. Hmm. What do you think?

The reptiles’ creed?

Oh would that be ‘murder, rape and greed’? According to Ben, it surely is.

Oh yeah, the Radio Redux is in full swing dishing the New World Order. Ben sounds hot tonight! On from 6 to 7 pm–RIGHT NOW! Tune in if you’ve been seeing Orwell everywhere and wondering, wondering, wondering.   Free speech radio in action.

Canned at

Paragon Radio –>

We may not all agree all the time about everything, but it’s good to think about why we ‘think’ what we think  and how we act accordingly.

PS–Paragon’s  infamous pigeonhole defying  ‘suicides’ —>

Something different for everyone…oh yeah. Exercises in different perspectives.

“Broadway Cafe” piece de resistance

They stuck a Starbucks next to it.

The owners said, “Oh shit!”

Their customers said, “Ah, f&!8 it!”

One year later

Still the expresso sipping chain store haters

crowd the sidewalk, carefully maintaining distance from the invader

which offers a safe haven for nonchain debators.


Walking past,

turning the corner

we offer the cut direct

it’s still here–we’d love to wreck it.

If its patrons are aware of this ongoing coffee brewing war

in no way do they show it.

Bet they don’t even know our bit.

We easily resist

No allure, no character exists.

It’s a cut out cookie chain commerical painer.

Our fellow addicts are pure imbibers not mainliners.


A trip behind enemy lines:

no chipped primary colored tables

no corners to hide in

no tunes for jiven’

no mix of classes

just dark suited corporate hard a&&es

the sort that squished out the bookstore

but not where we get relief for caffine binds

there’s not a single thing to pine for.


No more ground will we give

This tacky cafe is where defiant eccentrics live

Where the potted plants are alive

~~even got moist soil for misguided scavanging ants.

Conformists can go next door to shine the seats of their pants

If they can’t stand the vibes of this sweet little coffeehouse dive.


(@1999  first issue of the “I 70 Review”)

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