Hear the Homelessness Marathon Live via KKFI

Click the banner to connect with KKFI streaming online.

Live from Kansas City, Missouri –tune in and catch the people on the streets speaking for themselves.

Love drama? Catch L.A. Theatre Works’ “Atomic Bombers” Online!

If the idiot box offers nothing for your viewing pleasure tonight, then try tuning into L. A. Theatre Works on www.kkfi.org streaming online and pleasure your ears with Atomic Bombers a play by Russell Vandenbroucke.  Atomic Bombers will explode online Wednesday, January 26 at 7 pm CST.  KKFI offers L.A. Theatre works every Wednesday immediately after the Radio Redux. Afterwards there’s Chamber Music with Dr. Mike.  

So pop your favorite corn, pour your libation of choice, get warm and cozy with your treasured blankie and turn up the volume on your radio (90.1 fm KKFI in Kansas City) or computer (via www.kkfi.org).

Catch some truly MAD Scientists in their quest to create the means of ultimate destruction.  Oh yes, truths are always stranger than fictions.

click Atomic Bombers to visit L. A. Theatre Works

If it’s Wednesday, it’s Radio Redux Day!

Click with care if you dare.  This Suicide is an audio collage running on the edge of the search for truth and survival.

Paragon Radio Suicide #141 Awakening

Oh yeah, folks, it’s Wednesday and at www.kkfi.org that means it’s Radio Redux 6-7pm CST.  Sick of Rush, Savage, Hannity, and the rest of the good old boy’s club? Do you like some edge in your talk radio?  Got a wish for a reality check? Think radio is just for old dudes with attention disorders? Think again. The Radio Redux is definitely not a good old boy.  What is a “constitutional anarchist”? Catch the stream online and Ben will speak for himself on that account. No telling who else might venture into KKFI’s audio stream with a phone call. No guarantees. No tickets required. No promises of roses and easy solutions. Just a view of what’s happening from the streets of Kansas City out to the world of oil spills and our need to “awaken”.  We are indeed walking on the dark side in order to get to the light–if we survive.






“Artie Does Woodstock” — Are you down for it?

Get your Woodstock music fix with Artie on Blended–Thursday nights 10pm to the Witching Hour on KKFI 90.1 fm and streaming online at www.kkfi.org.  Oh yeah, Artie is going to devote several upcoming radio shows to featuring the music from that incredible musical event known as Woodstock. For those of you thinking Woodstock  is some little yellow cartoon birdie–THINK again and commence googling this piece of music  history in the USA. Get this straight or there will never be a Krakus Ham or Tanka Bar in your happy meal deal future.

Three days of peace, love and music = August 15 to 18, 1969 made history.

Give that some thought. Nothing is ”perfect” but think about the scope and nature of the concept.  “Imagine all the people…” John Lennon.

During his two hour gig on Blended, Artie spins music across genres and time –and it’s all GOOOOOOD for your ears, heart and mind.  “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic”, “Nile Song” and “My Generation” are just a few of last week’s offerings. Check out what’s in Artie’s musical blender at  http://www.kkfi.org/program.php?id=89

Are you up for some tie-dye and peace signs?

When Woodstock? I do believe this Thursday night–surf into www.kkfi.org to verify this music history announcement.

KKFI's round corner

When’s the last time your morning was buzzed?

Seriously, when’s the last morning you had a buzz? Ever want a different dude for wake-up calls that you don’t want to miss? Crave something besides granola for some zip in your organic yogurt? OOO I feel sooo devilish! Pass my flaming pitchfork pronto ’cause I’m gonna hook you up to five bbq hot dudes in KC just to prove there’s more than sizzling hot jazz  and bashing blues tunes swinging on the sound waves. Oh yeah, Monday thru Friday there’s a different dude spinning the tunes from 6 to 8am and I dare anyone to catch them playing the same song in a week–or month–or year—ever!!!

Stormin’ Norman aims to blow your mind with classic rock and psycho fun stuff every Monday. He knows just how to put the edge in your razor.

On Tuesday it’s Groovy Grant  giving up everything R&B & Jazz from Dextor Gordon to Koko Taylor to Red Halloway anything  anyone could possibly pull out of a musical time capsule.  Beware, Groovy is one happy happy man in the morning and when they figure out how to hook him up to power KKFI he will probably blow out another 100,000 watts without breaking a sweat.

It’s Marvelous Mike Murphy dealing the discs on Wednesday’s Morning Buzz–and oh what a dealer he be! Miles Davis, Connie Dover, Sun Ra, Black 47, the Bonzo Dog Band, and even the Beach Boys. Ha—Hot Fun In The Summertime –indeed!! “Love in Outer Space”–who knew??? Mikey do!

Ahhhh now be very very careful on Thursday’s Morning Buzz or Bill O’Connor will steal, break or make your heart with bliss. Oh yeah, there have been mornings when all I could do was stare at the radio and whisper “O don’t stop now or ever.” Oh Derek and the Dominoes, the Subdudes, Herbie Mann, the Iguanas and that’s just last week’s offerings…oh and that’s just that Thursday. It’s impossible to predict whatever Bill is going to plug in from his vast musical genre vaults. It could be classical, rock, jazz, hip hop, —it could be anything and everything–and he mixes all the sound herbs like some Wizard from Music Heaven.

The airways belong to arjay on Fridays–and oh does he ever own them so totally with “while my guitar gently weeps” by Danny Cox, brother bagman, and mojo lotus. If you’ve never heard of Shooting Star and the Moonshakers- then maybe you need to listen in and hear what the “last dj” arjay is pluggin from progressive to classic rock originals. 

And of course, they’re all only on KKFI–www.kkfi.org– Check out the Your Morning Buzz program guide for each  week day at  http://www.kkfi.org/programschedule.php

Radio Like You’ve Never Heard It Before—and if you have, then I want you  to post/link all about it!

Coffeehouse Contemporary Counting Codas

Sunday mornings you can get your coffeehouse music fix on Jeanne Jasperse’s Coffeehouse Radio Show on KKFI no matter where you are as long as you’re swinging in the world wide web.  I’m sending this up the flagpole at this time because Jeanne is a contemporary songwriter/singer and long long time host of the Coffeehouse AND she’s got deep roots in the independent  songwriter/singer community.  She’s been connecting codas at the Kerrville Folk Festival for 20 years. And she brings it ALL back to KKFI listeners every year for nada. And she’s back from another round at Kerrville with all the musical goodies she can carry!  Jeanne puts it all out for FREE. She’s one of KKFI’s long time volunteer jewels of the musical treasury found nowhere else on any fm or am dial in the USA. No corporate executive tells Jasperse what to put on the sound waves. No budget accountant  clears her travel expenses. No program director censors her choices for songs and interviews with contemporary songwriters/performers. It’s ALL her every Sunday on 90.1 fm. Jeanne Jasperse’s ongoing contributions to KKFI’s sound waves are some  of the many reasons KKFI is RADIO LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE.  Every week Jasperse’s program is as unique as the sound of her voice, the musical artists who visit her show, and her memories of her late canine companion.  Be careful, there are times when her music choices can break your heart.

Explore the world of contemporay folk music every Sunday from 9 to 11 am with Jeanne via www.kkfi.org   streaming live online 24/7  365.  Hear for yourself what a volunteer staffed 100,000 watt radio station GIVES to our community.  Listen and dream of what radio could be in your community.


Got a party? Need a Band? Want a gig?

Community Radio Holy Grail

Okay folks here is another reason why KKFI 90.1 fm www.kkfi.org  is definitely “Radio like you’ve NEVER heard it before”:  the Annual Band Auction is up and coming! Oh yes, you too can listen to bands perform live in the KKFI studio  and nab one for an upcoming birthday, holiday, graduation, or just plain good time backyard bash.  If you’re a ‘local’ musical artist you definitely want to be catching some of KKFI’s live marketing vibes if you’re looking for gigs and sound wave exposure via 100,000 watts of community radio. Yes, folkies and rockabillies and jazzy longhairs and all other independent music giggers–you read that right–100,000 watts broadcasting beyond the limits of 39th &  Main in Kansas City, Missouri AND streaming LIVE 24/7 –365  on the world wide web.  My favorite thing about the band auction is hearing music live that I wouldn’t catch anywhere else or would even know existed. So even if you’re not in the market for booking a band gig, tune in to hear live “radio like you’ve never heard it  before.”

 IF you know of another radio station sending out such LIVE broadcasts, then PLEASE post a link so that we can all discover more  new music that is invisible on the corporate radio radars. Networking the  sounds of music via the invisible internet webs. Oh yeah!

fun! fun! fun! on www.kkfi.org Live!

Not kidding. Hurry fast and catch Signal to Noise’s joy–who else would play the Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighborhood Spiderman song?????

Hurry, it’s on NOW! www.kkfi.org currently streaming live online!

*****And now, several hours later, it’s late night talk radio with that fun guy Ben on Paragon Radio–and yes, you too can call in from anywhere– a ‘Suicide’/collage is up and coming–LIKE now–wow! Kicking off with a spoken word/slam piece…

5:01 am and Ben has just said good night to the lizards and reptiles listening in fear………actually that would be good morning…until he opens the airwaves again on radio redux on Wednesday evening…… 

will update as am entertained, informed or amused at will…you can too….

***********Groovy Grant filling in for Luscious Lynn, and he’s smoken’ the airwaves as I type………

*****!!! eegads, now, 12:14,  it’s all about “The Wizard of OZ” –and I have never cottoned to the Oz–except for the flying monkeys…soooo –well, nothing is perfect, is it?

**** whew, those theatre folks have had their encores and outreach and free publicity for that Oz addiction of ‘theirs’ and now it’s COOL jazz. Oh yeah, me likey likey jazz  playin’ no matter who is spinning the discs… 2:24 pm. .

***tiempo para la musica de espanol ahora…and they sure do know how to speed talk! “Fiesta Musica” energy drive….zoooming..si usted gusta ese que mas en “Taste of Tejano ” y ” Breaking thru Darkness” con Lily y Jorge…

***7:31 am Jim Hightower going at it until Groovy gets his Tuesday Morning Buzz zub zub zubbing again…a little Ray Parker, Jr with After Dark….ummm with expresso and soft rain…and smooth music…morning everyone in blogland….

***Amy is doing what Amy does best, raising issues and news….8:08 am via Democracy Now….

****Jazz fushion and FUNK! cranking by Barry  Jackson on the Tuesday Mid-day Melody —10:10 am…get ready to dance!!! “Totally Close” by Cobb coming on….

********John Curman’s eco-time is done and now it’s ALL about WATER–and you migh want to catch it while you can..12:43 pm. Catch the rainwater is what I mean, ’cause the lizards are working their tails off to get it ALL for their profit margins. We’ve been warned. …Bioneers tells it all–Water for Life and Nancy Price.

****1: 14 on an afternoon reaching for hot and muggy and it’s  JAZZ time again…oh yeah…full circle…

**Until Wednesday, and it’s 6:33 am with Mike Murphy’s magic music…oh the man’s got it all at his fingertips and he knows how to tune your strings…presents every Wednesday morning mellow to merry…who else would play a request for Connie Dover’s “Last Night By the River”? No one, I tell you true. No one’s gonna put that on the airwaves no matter how lovely a love song it is. We do thank Mike for being Mike. (oh you can find the song on “The  Border of Heaven” cd.–can’t toss that song out and not tell you where to taste it -),,,,

***7:48 am Thursday morn and “Zoot Walked In”–! oh yeah….O Mr. Bill always fills the bill of fare every time he takes the dj chair…sweet stuff!

***Fried-day…7:04 a.m. and arjay is puttin’ out everything from Progressive to Psychedelic–“I don’t want to die in Georgia” just moved into–well,  hell, I won’t know what’s tapping along here until he sums up. He’s also got some upcoming show working in the future in ‘honor’ of Woodstock. Oh My! “Let it rain and bring on the sun.” bring it on.

***KKFI has blues cookin’ in the Blues Kitchen every Saturday sleep in day…Junebug and Pisano and whoever else wants to do a short order cook stint…10:25 am and rockin’…. 

***5:57 am Sunday and Dr. Mike’s Medicine Show is delievering all sorts of goodies to anyone caring to step up…”one or two hard feelings….”  Coffeehouse–Jeanne Jaspere,  and Foolkiller Folk and the delightful World Sound of Tom Crane are all on the day’s menu–ah and “Saba: the Wind of Love” too–though I have NO idea what’s being sung or said during Saba, sometimes it just sounds ‘good’…


Working toward a planet that doesn’t burn, a future that doesn’t suck


Agitate, Educate, and Organize ~OO~


Adaptation. Mitigation. Justice.

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