Washington D.C. ~ 9 July 2013~ Rally for Tibet. Bring your very best Karma. “This is a public service annoucement.”

120 Tibetans have self-immolated as a means of protest.  http://www.savetibet.org/  The International Campaign for Tibet.


This is a public service announcement.




Yes, it is.


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Because I’m too damn far away to do anything else. This is my half cent.


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Nawwww. I’m not hearing enough singing for that except via youtube, 90.1 fm  www.kkfi.org , and the cd player in the tired car.


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Egypt News: Friday, 8-10 am EST, 2hours Democracy Now!

Heads up for all current events information junkies:  On Friday, 11 February, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! will be streaming live for a two hour special broadcast on Egypt. Broadcast commences at 8 am EST.   Democracy Now! has Sharif Kouddous and Anjali Kamat pounding the pavement with the thousands of  people in Tahrir  in Cairo for ongoing coverage via written and audio blogs– and twitter when service is available to them– posted online at www.democracynow.org. After Mubarak’s last speech, who knows what may unfold on Friday. Incredible drama is underway in Egypt. Kamat’s latest audio blog report covered the thousands marching to the Egyptian State TV Building. 

NOTE: Ongoing frequently updated and live coverage is also available online via Al Jazeera English.

Shanti Om

Peace to all

Self Determination for Indigenous Peoples

Does everyone really have the right to self-determination? Does everyone in these times have equal rights under that human construct called “the Law”? Why hasn’t the United States ratified the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? I suspect it has something to do with Buffy Sainte-Marie’s references to water rights and uranium rights and all those gas and oil leases on Native American Lands that are at the heart of the Cobell vs Salazar case–and that apparently some folks in the US government consider too expensive to PAY to the Indian people they’re hoping will just die off and vanish according to the photographs of Edward S. Curtis. Oh yeah, we have money to wage war but not money to pay people for what we’ve already taken from them. It’s GOOD to be a member of the rich elite class in the United States. Being rich allows you to hire the best lawyers possible to suit your profit-making agendas.  Yes, Virginia, there are “classes” in the United States. These “classes” are defined by economics. Money gives one power and social identity in mainstream American culture. Poverty will get you nowhere in regard to the American Dream–yes–that dream that is still being foreclosed upon for millions of middle class Americans. See, being in the economic ‘middle’ is still a long way off from being part of the fiscally elite.  We’ve all seen the difference between what happens when the folks of BP destroy the environment–they run public relations campaigns everywhere to downplay their negative image as careless exploiters of everything and everyone.  Now considering that the rate of unemployment on the Pine Ridge Reservation is about 85%–give or take five or even ten percent–just how much political power do those Lakota–or other Indigenous tribes wield? Where’s their public relations campaign? A very tiny tiny piece of it is here. I hope.

Blackfeet Nation Woman versus United States:



Read the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:


Oh this darling document even covers the right to NOT have children forcibly removed from their own families and cultures.



Edward S. Curtis–Vanishing Race, Navaho

Yes, I am positive it was an elderly Navajo woman and her young female relative I encountered at Arlington Cemetery a couple years ago.  They were definitely NOT vanished.

If you can, please take a few moments to educate yourself about the reality of life for others who are often ‘invisible’ in the corporate media.

Yes, this is a rant–but only partly so. As always, comments, questions and funny stories are welcome.

“The End of the Internet as We Know it” ???

Oh yes, there are things in motion, again (anyone else recall that long ago government brainstorming for fundraising for their agendas effort to get us to pay a nickel for EVERY email we send? That idea  reminded me of those women who “sell” the toilet paper to people outside of restrooms in some European countries. What a way to make a living.), to put an end to the freedom of the internet waves. From what I’ve heard so far via Democracy Now!’s coverage, Verizon and Google have been cooking up their own menu for world domination via control of information and communication access with what amounts to a violation of Net Neutrality.  Curious about this very very serious issue? Then tune into Tell Somebody hosted by award-winning Tom Klammer on Tuesday at 6pm CST via www.kkfi.org streaming online.

Yes, if the world-wide web is an integral part of your lifestyle then you really ought to hear what Klammer’s guest is clamoring about this Tuesday evening.  This is serious. Be-Aware–you might start clamoring too–real fast! 

Democracy Now!’s recent coverage: http://www.democracynow.org/2010/8/6/verizon_google_enter_reported_deal_for

Google and Verizon

 Say it ain’t so, Google! Say it ain’t so!

Awww—-yeah, the truth hurts.

So, what does the internet ‘mean’ to you?

Pablo Solon and the Global Movement to Defend Mother Earth

No matter what your politics, if you seriously love Mother Earth then you probably ought to meet Pablo Solon, Bolivia’s Ambassador to the UN.  No one is perfect, but Solon  & Bolivia appear to be seriously intent on doing more than talking  the talk–as in walking the walk regarding the need for a global movement to defend Mother Earth. This is about survival and the need to create positive change for sustaining human life on this planet. As far as I can reason we must change our ways or go the way of other extinct species.   Just talking about it and not taking serious action is just denying reality.  Btw, keep your ears and eyes open for the corporate desire to OWN the planet’s WATER. Oh yeah, next we know we’ll be paying for the right to  breathe clean air.  We think we “own” the Earth. We think we own water. We think we have the right to life.  Do we really? Just claiming it’s so doesn’t make it so in the universe.  Ownership is an illusion, a construct of particular humans to serve their own personal agendas.  No one owns the Earth, the Sky or the Universe.


UN Speech on “The Human Right to Water and Sanitation”:


UN Climate Change Conference August 2010 video of Pablo Solon:


Bolivia’s Pablo Solon: We need a global movement to defend Mother Earth:




Paragon Radio live for five hours now–yes, NOW


Blogging in the wee hours in silence? Doesn’t have to be. Surf in to KKFI’s five hour long talk radio show hosted by the one and only Ben Johnson–no, he’s not that Ben Johnson of Shakey Will’s time. But he could be a reincarnation…right there’s some weird tunes  aplaying–an early suicide? Dunno, just tunned in meself…Care to join us later nighters in Kansas City? Ohhh here’s Neil Young and the vampire song….join in…

www.kkfi.org   streaming live

community radio like you’ve never heard it before–definitely without a plan…

At Monday at 5 am in the middle of muddled america this program will conclude until next week. But there are others for your listening pleasure –and amazement–and displeasure– always streaming online 24/7   365 for FREE—yes, FREE.


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