Classical? Will Chopin, a little cello, The Pianist from Warsaw Radio, and maybe a train ride do it for you? ~ Oh yes, of course, this is a Music Theme for December 18, 2013.

Perhaps I should say a few words about how and why we’re here in classical music land. Or maybe not. Johnny picked it. Yes, the R.E.M man selected this Classical Music Theme.  Time for a non sequitur: I’m partial to certain music at certain times. While doing this post I indulged in Chopin, animation and a piece about history which found its way into book and film art via The Pianist.  One could truly go wild with this classical theme. Let’s face it, we could be all over the globe with classic this and classical that. At the moment, about all I can muster is a slow waltz. But the once scandalous waltz is better than nothing, is it not?


Chopin ~ Fantasie Impromtu  A short animated film in black in white in honor of keyboards of all instruments.



Chopin ~ Waltz Op Posth. in A minor  


On The Waltz from Wikipedia

In the 1771 German novel Geschichte des Fräuleins von Sternheim by Sophie von La Roche, a high-minded character complains about the newly introduced waltz among aristocrats thus: “But when he put his arm around her, pressed her to his breast, cavorted with her in the shameless, indecent whirling-dance of the Germans and engaged in a familiarity that broke all the bounds of good breeding—then my silent misery turned into burning rage.”[4]

Vraschta’s Waltz [Improvised] – by Alexy Papazian



Shocking many when it was first introduced,[10] the waltz became fashionable in Vienna around the 1780s, spreading to many other countries in the years to follow. It became fashionable inBritain during the Regency period, having been made respectable by the endorsement of Dorothea Lieven, wife of the Russian ambassador.[11]Almack’s, the most exclusive club in London, permitted the waltz from about 1812 on, though the entry in the Oxford English Dictionary shows that it was considered “riotous and indecent” as late as 1825.

What would they make of Lady Gaga and Madonna and the rest of the sex song singers? Hmm. There might be a lot of bonfires……..


Departures ~ Cello solo ~ Ave Maria Gounod and movie theme.  We’re all born and we all die. It’s good to go out in style.  When his music world goes bust, a cellist has to find another way to put rice and fish on the kitchen table.  A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

How many stars do I give Departures as a film? *****  5 out of 5. IMDb

Ala Braulio

Geese? Geese? Yes, Geese again.


Liszt in (less than) 200 seconds  Yeah, musicians have always been HOT STUFF–even way back then. I just could not resist sharing this creative music history lesson.  It’s fun. It won’t hurt.



Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom: Bach, Fractals and the Art of Fugue —Fractals, math art, oh yeah, music deals with numbers and a lot of them. Huh, who knew? Maybe that’s why children who receive some form of music instruction while in school get stimulated to do things.  Oh I’m not saying what kind of things. Just things. Like thinking and such.

Harlan Brothers :

There is a poetic connection between the music of Bach and the famous fractal known as the Mandelbrot set. Bach’s compositions represented the height of Baroque sensibilities; intricacy, nested levels of adornment, and the suggestion of infinite space were compelling structural properties in the art and architecture of his day.


The Lone Ranger & Tonto versus the Iron Horse Makers aka The Corrupt Military Industrial Complex ~~ Does Disney have any clue what a subversive film The Lone Ranger truly is?  I sincerely doubt it.  Neither do a lot of people who post bs on online about Depp’s makeup and the rest of the basically unimportant shyte. The important shyte is what’s going on–and still going– with the military industrial complex’s death grip on the world.  As for the music and the film, well,  hold onto your hat, because these guys are playing with dynamite! Not to mention that gun inside Red’s leg.

halonah paiss   “Guillermo Tell – Obertura – Gioacchino Rossini” 


I can’t help but return to Chopin and a touch of history portrayed in film with this last piece. Here everything comes together–the actual pianist playing the music of specific historical moment in time. Can you imagine playing anything while under military attack?

The Pianist ~  W. Szpilman  Information on the film and the music ~> The Pianist on Wikipedia


Wladyslaw Szpilman plays F. Chopin: Nocturne C sharp-minor Op.[20] posth. Recorded in Warsaw at home in 1997. Cameraman Jaroslaw Mazur. Copyright 1998 by Andrzej Szpilman
Wladyslaw Szpilman (Wladek) played this music in the last live broadcast for the Polish Radio on 23.9.1939 . An hour later German bombs destroyed its power supply and the Warsaw Radio closed for long 6 years.


Speaking of Warsaw Radio  — There is a new band which takes its name from the musicians who played on the Warsaw Radio Station in 1939. I stumbled upon the band while searching for another info video regarding the historical radio station. You can discover them online —>> . Oh and they’re currently performing in the side bar videos. Their most recent video release is Light Up The Night and it’s headlining the recent post list aka mixed relish. Their music is  not classical, but the connection to the last musical selection above warrants drawing a line to their dot.  

Thanks Johnny.  I might never have discovered Warsaw Radio if not for your Classical Music Theme choice, and my own adherence to Dirk Gently’s holistic detective paradigm.  True story.  Yeah.

*** More Classic Links

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7 Films Worth the Price of Admission

With the exception of A Prophet at the top of my list, the other films are not  in not in any ranking order. But they are all satisfyingly substantial on the levels of story-lines, performances, and visual presentations.  Beat the heat with more of that tattooed girl, a freezing German landscape,  some very serious French humor, stressful Korean mother and son dynamics, the beauty of dealing with death, and what stays the same in families no matter where on earth they are living.  One is just opening (Girl), some are now on DVD (Mother, Still Walking, Departures, North Face) or will be soon (A Prophet), one is still showing in theaters (Micmacs).  Why is A Prophet at the top?  Because it’s a GREAT film with a GREAT actor, Tahar Rahim and a Great script. I advise you to not blink while viewing it or you might miss something crucial. Yes, every frame counts.

A Prophet

North Face



The Girl Who Played With Fire

Still Walking


The Grocer’s Son –and other escapes from reality…

Know when you reach that point where you wish there was a turn off/on switch on the wall for your mind? Some folks reach this point more often and faster than others due in part to how we spend our time and energy.  One of my ways of easing the influx of all the negative input is to watch several films in a row. Yep, just turn off the phone, turn off the lights, pop some corn, open the jar of herring, and pour some grape juice over ice and push the ‘play’ button on the dvd player.  For me, the key is finding some  mental relief from the sadism of the world at large via viewing satisfying films that work visually, textually and with solid performances.  Here’s a few films that I though might be worth sharing and inviting discussion/comments. I enjoyed them all–each for what they offered.  What films have you indulged in viewing lately?

The Grocer’s Son  —

I want his ‘job’–I want that route! I want that stone house in the country…

Film Movement offers some very interesting movies that could be easily overlooked since there’s not huge market press everywhere for such films.

Brazil unlike I ever imagined it  in  The House of Sand  — >

The House of Sand gives new meaning to getting away from it ALL.

The Pope’s Toilet  – in Uruguay no less!–Who needs a car when you’ve got a bike?


Robert Redford, Helen Mirren, and William Dafoe ACT big time  in The Clearing

The Clearing’s cast is the reason for viewing this film.  How would you spend your last hours? I think I enjoyed Redford’s performance in An Unfinished Life, but it was good to see him deal with an entirely different sort of ‘character’ in The Clearing.  Dafoe—well, DAFOE is DAFOE—he never disappoints whether invisible as a vampire, The Man in Boondock Saints, or –or anyone else! Mirren–hmm…let’s have her face off with Judi Dench–or maybe not. LOL.

I Am Guilty—-Who needs trouble? This young man wants it. Parents might take notes.

The Motorcycle Diaries–

Can Che swim? Yes, he can!  And that motorcycle loving dude sure can DANCE!  I do so adore roadtrips–but I think I would have traded that motorcycle for a donkey pretty damn quick!!!

Not yet on  dvd:

Still Walking   *****

Beautifully performed, visually engaging, textually satisfying film delivers on so many levels–like the delightful film, Departures– without resorting to horns and whistles.  Who says ‘pain’ must be expressed  with screaming and yelling? What’s in a song?  Should I let you be my ‘father’? If you’re sick of blood and guts and screeching wheels –see it if you can.

Flicks anyone?

A few flicks:

Departures —What can a cellist do when the symphony goes bust? Even when predictable it satisfies immensely on multiple levels. Some of the images are delicious. Some reminded me of  The Road Home. 

Paris— Love stories? Then catch it. The views of the city are wonderful all by themselves.  The ‘main’ man is a subtle ‘wonder’ of loving life.

A Serious Man–A seriously twisted and scary rendition of Job story via Murphy’s Law pie plate.  Darkly comic yet painful too.

Coco Before Chanel– If you adore Audrey Tautou, then indulge in this pre-liberated woman feature.  Keep the context of historical time period in mind and then Coco’s ‘rise’ takes on certain serious meanings. Otherwise you’ll miss some crucial points about women and men and culture entirely.

The Horse Boy –One family’s dealing with autism. Powerful and moving in perhaps unexpected ways.  The audience seemed to hold its breath throughout the entire movie. Perhaps they were considering their own experiences with autism–which seems to be on the ‘rise’.

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