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Egypt News: Friday, 8-10 am EST, 2hours Democracy Now!

Heads up for all current events information junkies:  On Friday, 11 February, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! will be streaming live for a two hour special broadcast on Egypt. Broadcast commences at 8 am EST.   Democracy Now! has Sharif Kouddous and Anjali Kamat pounding the pavement with the thousands of  people in Tahrir  in Cairo for ongoing coverage via written and audio blogs– and twitter when service is available to them– posted online at After Mubarak’s last speech, who knows what may unfold on Friday. Incredible drama is underway in Egypt. Kamat’s latest audio blog report covered the thousands marching to the Egyptian State TV Building. 

NOTE: Ongoing frequently updated and live coverage is also available online via Al Jazeera English.

Shanti Om

Peace to all

Egypt Takes Center Stage Big Time.

It’s been interesting watching the masks of world leaders slipping during the protests in Egypt.  Usually it’s the “governing bodies”–and the BIG MONEY folks– who push which way the world will flow, how and where. But Egypt’s common people seem to have grabbed the tiger by the tail in order to swing the government beast their way. In America it’s been disturbing to observe how these protests have been reported by the mainstream news media and all the talking heads. I wonder how many of these folks realize the possible implications IF IF IF the demands of the Egyptian protesters are met–or not. Here is change that the US spook teams have not set into motion nor seem to have any control over.  Every time I see Obama, his spokesman, and Hilary Clinton I get a distinct sense of well controlled panic behind their constantly shifting eyes. Oh the corporate run media in America had better keep the public hypnotized by mental junk food or there could be trouble–the sort of trouble that comes from ideas stimulated by the ideas put into action by other people.  While the yet to be manifested IDEALS of America have inspired people everywhere around the world at different points in time, the same ideals don’t seem to have much impact inside America these days.  Is this because the American people suffer from apathy, depression, legal and illegal drug maintainance programs, educational pedagogy that destroys critical thinking skills –and a seriously hollow cultural value framework that encourages them to deny even the reality of climate change and that we in the USA are the biggest polluters in the world? Is anyone else watching the public masks of the political puppets of the military industrial complex cracking under the stress of dealing with the potential for “things” to slip beyond their control? Frankly, when the cracks split apart the illusionary public masks and  result in the blatant display of the true nature of the movers and shakers who will care in America? Who will notice while the masses are wondering if the president dyes his hair? Between Wikkileaks and the huge world-class drama playing out center stage in Egypt there is a great unveiling of the very very dark workings of the political-economic world. It’s all there to be seen by anyone willing to see it–even if the masks have not been broken apart entirely.  To see it and accept it without question is to condone it–and perhaps to condemn ourselves to the fate of being devoured by it.  I’m watching the Egyptian stage intently. However this drama unfolds and whatever “conclusion” it arrives at, there will be consequences for all of us as it sets into motion the next act in the power play for the way the world will “be.”  I have no doubt that every politician and businessperson in the world is paying very close attention to Egypt–much closer attention than any American Idol fans pay to their wanna be super stars. What a great game of misdirection and distraction the corporate media displays day in and day out in America–and around the world.  What could possibly get Americans to wake up? Empty grocery store shelves? Gasoline at ten dollars a gallon? Having to wear gas masks when outside climate controlled buildings?  Being lied to, manipulated, censored, and spied upon has not had much effect on the American masses.  What sort of alarm clock is required? Or does it matter any more at this point?  Well, the doctors and lawyers  have taken to the streets in Egypt.  But, so far the Suez Canal is still operating. IF the people ever get their hands on that then Suleiman’s nasty “bats” will probably be freed.  Oh the drama of it all. Eat your heart out Shakespeare, because the Egyptians are acting out one hell of a grand historical morality play on the world stage for a captive global audience.

What? No “Happy Meals” for Egypt’s children?! Why not?!

Here are some facts worth some serious contemplation separately and together. Though, according to recent PEW Research at least 50% of Americans are entirely clueless about events in Egypt. So if you’re an American who has fallen into that dark hole of the 50% who think what goes on in Egypt is none of your concern–well, you are excused from completing this reading assignment. Heads up though,  a wake up call will come soon enough because of the way money flows around the globe.  

CNN Money report: “About 40% of Egypt’s citizens live on less than $2 a day….” 

I don’t think you can purchase a fast food “Happy Meal” in the states for less than $2.50 without tax. That’s one junk food meal, complete with a toy, for one tiny tot being conditioned to explode into obesity with continued long term consumption of happy meal upgrades. You might be able to buy some cheap eggs and a very poor quality loaf of bread for approximately two dollars–before tax.

Politicol News Update 9 February 2011:  Mubarak family worth estimated at $90 Billion.

Egypt has a population of over 80 million.

Question: So who has has been experiencing the real economic crisis?

Enough said? Care to add something to the fact bowl?

Pink Floyd: Money

Women who want to change a lot more than their underwear.

Is it me or does anyone else find it intellectually and ethically offensive that a man responsible for a part of the Egyptian government that carries out spying, torture, imprisonment and other such “nice” things essential to destroying any show of political dissent or opposition is offered as a ”concession” to the demand for regime change for the dictator who gave him the job as head spooker? When Egyptian people are demanding CHANGE from the old corrupt status quo, who are they offered but Omar Suleiman. What a terribly sick joke this must be to those people in Tahrir, Alexandria and Suez who have sent certain economic wheels into quiet desperation. Actually it is a HUGE insult from my perspective. People wanting a change in a system they don’t want are offered the same system with an equally offensive face.  Huh. I gather the powers that be figure the rest of us minions are flat-out morons because we are not part of “their” network.  The Ivy college educated elites figure we’re so stupid that we don’t see what’s going on.  Oh yes, let’s not kid ourselves by thinking that the governing bodies around the globe actually “care” about the well-being of people. The truth is that  those running the political dog and pony shows care only about their own acquisition of power, control, influence and wealth. The rest of us serfs be damned–we’re just cannon fodder, cheap labor and media spin pawns for their entertainment of playing the games of RISK and Monopoly. Pop quiz: Who trained Omar Suleiman to be all that any oppressive government needs him to be? One guess. Yes. just ONE. Hint: Superpower. Oh yeah, made in the U.S.A. 

Strangely enough I began this blog post with Egyptian women on my mind. When I didn’t see their faces in the American broadcasts I went searching for them elsewhere. Found them. Yes, they are there in Tahrir Square, Alexandria, Suez and elsewhere protesting in support of their people.  I wonder what goes on behind Hilary Clinton’s mask when she sees women like these.  Perhaps it’s a good time to buy stock in tums? 

Mona El Seif

Fox finds “fun” facts with McCain. Amanpour seeks gold. Sharif Kouddous = Priceless

Someone explain to me how ABC’s Christiane Amanpour gets access to the Egyptian presidential Palace when other journalists are threatened with beheading, beaten, arrested and robbed of their equipment. Why did Mubarak talk with Amanpour while Egypt’s state television was claiming that foreign journalists  were instigating the protests? How does ABC get access to Mubarak in the midst of all this?

In extreme contrast to Amanpour, who cautiously retreated from the streets after a confrontation with a group of  pro-Mubarak men, Democracy Now!’s Sharif Kouddous takes viewers from the barricades, to the rooftops to the makeshift hospitals in Tahrir.  Amanpour gives us a glimpse of the golden furniture of the Palace while Kouddous brings us the voices of the people in the square.   

And Fox News Scores BIG with John McCain’s revealing “virus” comment. What other statement could possibly provide insight into what’s got the political wheels whirling at insane speeds behind the public masks of Obama, H. Clinton and every other American politician. Are there some things  happening that are not in their control, not part of their manipulative agendas?

If the governments of the world actually operated in the best interests of all people instead of engaging in dangerous games of elites pursuing power, domination and exploitation wouldn’t the world be a very different place?

Democracy Now! will offer two hours of coverage on Saturday with Sharif Kouddous at  You can catch it online.

Now brace yourself for John McCain’s truth telling. Is this the voice of America?

 Dictators for everyone???? Poverty for the majority? War games for the military industrial complex for eternity? What is the current agenda of G 20 totalitarianism?

Sharif tweets while Amanpour snags big time.

Democracy Now!’s  senior producer Sharif Kouddous is in Tahrir Square. Literally.  He has been twittering about everything from arrests of Amnesty International’s people to warning signals calling people to protect the entrances to Tahrir.  John Muir is in a hotel room with the blinds drawn. PBS’s Maureen Wagner informs viewers that she’s been informed it’s not safe in Cairo.  ABC’s Christiane Amanpour found her way to the presidential palace and snagged an exclusive with Mubarack–a sure fire ratings coup for American television.  How’d she get that front row face to face while Al Jazeera’s journalists are hunted in Cairo? That must have been a real string puller if there ever was one.  In America the BBC News gets 30 minutes on PBS. Diane Swayer literally stands on a map of the Middle East. Talking heads are soaking up American television limelights from soft safe seats.  If you’re wanting in depth substantial news coverage of significant events beyond Democracy Now!’s intense one hour daily newscast–then Al Jazeera English online offers great coverage. Hands down, you can’t  beat the breadth, range, depth and high quality of Al Jazeera English across the board.  Yet, here in America–if you want to access their outstanding journalism you’ve got to do it ONLINE.  Well, I’ve been, am and will continue to get it online as it sets the pace  for any other news media service in the world.  Sorry, BBC–they beat the reporting pants off you every time I compare and contrast coverage of world events.  Still, the BBC crew could back slap mainstream American journalists right through a Dr. Who wormhole with ease.  There’s no “think thin while you eat junk food” malarky eating up broadcast time from the BBC.  Though I wouldn’t be surprised if there haven’t been tea time features.

Well Sharif has just tweeted that men are jogging around the square yelling “Leave!”–If you’re curious about what else he’s tweeting from ground zero in Tahrir–

What’s your favorite news source? Why?

OOPS! What the *&^! ??? OOPS Our Way

OOPS! Another example of inaccurate information from the news source famous for misinformation, misrepresentation and–now-mis-location. OOPS! Who needs social studies classes? Where in the world IS Egypt???? Not “here”…..OOOPS!

Where in the world?

These are serious times, deadly serious times and yet–yet there are moments of sublime humor. Though the degree of sublimity depends upon your own individual subjective  sense of humor. Btw, if anyone is interested, there is a little town called Sublimity in Oregon. Really, I’ve been there. Sublimity has a beautiful park of OLD trees, a post office built in 1890 and a few cemeteries for your touring pleasure. Now back to the main menu:  

 Oh lordy, lordy, lordy! I first heard about Fox’s inability to find Egypt via KKFI radio–but I thought they were being sarcastic and facetious–until a friend shared the image. I just could not keep it all to myself. Have to share it with everyone else who missed this priceless piece of world news coverage.  

Where’s a geography teacher when Fox News desperately needs one? Mapquest anyone? Got a 3D globe? Rand McNally wall map? Hey, they only report “news”, right? What do we expect from journalists? Who needs geographic accuracy? Might be useful for a “smart bomb” programmer—or not. Just send out the drones.

Oh hey, ABC is on the ball–or the “CAN” as in this case.  Yes, if you haven’t had the dubious pleasure of tear gas in person, this is its package. complete with Made in the USA.   Click the can to read more news coverage–American style. OOPS! WE make this stuff? Export it? Our economy needs some  serious greening from the looks of things.

ABC: Made in America

OOPS! And a major OOOOUCH! to everyone enjoying unemployment in America.  What can one billion American dollars buy? Depends on where you’re spending it. It could house a few people made homeless by the ongoing foreclosure crisis.  It  would buy A LOT of propane for folks on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota –which, btw,  contains  THE POOREST county in the USA–Ziebach. What would you spend a BILLION dollars on? According to Democracy Now! the American government has been “donating” at least a billion dollars a year to the Egyptian government for the last 30 years.  Click on the bundled buckeroos to learn more about this artwork–and view other visual aids.  You can visit Democracy Now! for more about what H. Clinton did and didn’t say about Egypt at

Visual Aid: One Billion American Dollars

Come on, don’t be shy–what would you do with a BILLION dollars every year?


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