up we go


shedding husks unfurl

shoots curling staff seedlings gasp

silk sheath sun sight spreads


Below Above

Below Above



emergence @evawojcik

Here’s some color to add to the snow some of us are viewing as it piles up.  If anyone is  expert in dealing with lunatic Toshiba laptops that insist on doing just as they please, do be so kind as to speak up. You might save my sanity.  Oh yes, my dear Tosh has established itself as a lemon deluxe that delights in evading all efforts of human dominance. Absolutely refuses to create new folders. Insists everything scanned  become an album. I suspect a new puter is in order.

Or a new moi.

energy-scape emergence:  9″ x 4.5″   

 Sakura, Faber-Castell, Staedtler pen/ink on 100% cotton,  140 lb watercolor paper.

What’s moving in the earth beneath our feet?

Land Flows


After all our focus on water it seems appropriate to give earth, as in soil, some attention. This energy-scape, Land Flows, is a depiction about how landscapes flow, how the energy forces move through soil, and the universal creative life force that never stops flowing through all things–including those down deep under our feet. We are connected in spite of what some mental constructs have asserted for quite some time.  Take a moment to imagine the energy flowing up through the soles of your feet. Imagine it flowing throughout you and then into everything within sight–and beyond. Beyond to those stars brought close by Hubble’s images.  Peace

Who wants a Green Christmas?

Oh wonder of wonders, mAdgA, the land artist of Clegyr Boia, http://clegyrboia.wordpress.com/  has inspired this post with her writing and photos about trees. Yes, TREES. As I read the information she shares on her blog, I thought about all the trees that will be cut down and trussed up for the forthcoming Christmas holy day–or not so holy day, but more accurately,  corporate profit day. Then I wondered what if everyone gave gifts of trees to PLANT instead? What if, instead of tons of overly packaged plastic junk people exchanged living plants and trees? What if we gave each other gifts of seeds, trees, flowers and other plants that could be used to literally green our individual living spaces? As mAgdA shares on her blog, one does not need a lot of space for creating a garden of earthly delights—pots can support all sorts of plants and trees.  Instead of cutting down evergreen trees en masse for decorating why not decorate a living tree with its roots still in the earth?  What better gifts could we give each other on this Earth that is rapidly being deforested?

Tree of the World


  Tree of the World

“The Man In the Land”

The Man In the Land


Yes, there is a man’s face in this energy-scape.  His expression is not the happiest, but then, he is in and part of the land. All things considered he’s probably got a few issues.  One hint for locating him, he’s looking up. I’m wondering what else you all might find in the landscape. Please share your discoveries.  

Mountain Sweets

Mountain Sweets


Imagine, Dream, Create ~ She Creates

She Creates

 @wojcik  energy-scape

Everything man-made was once in someone’s imagination, a dream that was the basis of creation. Look around at every thing you have and know that it all came from some one’s mind. This is proof of our power to create. We create all sorts of ‘things’ from art to nuclear weapons. We can create a sustainable way of living on Earth — we can live in ways that are benefical and positive for everyone. We can if we want to. If we have the will. No one else can do it for us. We must do it for ourselves. We must recognize that we are living organisms on a planet where everything is interconnected with such complexity that is more than the mapping of DNA. We can make life better for every living creature–human and non-human on Earth. Why don’t we? What’s stopping us? We can imagine. We can dream. We can create.

  Do we want more than war, self-destruction, pollution and extinction? The choice is ours.

So do we create to serve our egos? Do we create to serve the abstract concept of ART? Do we create to satisfy the abyss of the appetite of the marketplace? Why do we create ART in all its strange and wonderful styles and forms? Why do we compose music? Why are poems written to lovers far away? Why are songs sent out across time and place to woe women—and men? What end is served by the creative process? Is this an indulgence in the fantasy of being ‘god-like’? Are we conveying the creative energy of the infinite universe? Why do we create?

Is it all Art for Art’s sake when all is said and done? Or is it just another way to go insane while  trying to survive in a world that simultaneously touts great art while telling emerging artists they’re quite mad for thinking of living for creating art because there’s no profit in it? 

If art has no real place or power  or worth in mainstream cultures then why have artists of all genres been imprisoned and executed around the world and throughout history? How terrifying can a poet like Osip Mandelstam possibly be? What is the threat embodied in the Russian masterpiece of social and political satire, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakow? What is the power of Picasso’s La Gurenica?  And what does the audience learn from Timberlake Wertenbaker’s play, “Our Country’s Good”? Many people read the diary of a young girl, a girl who probably gave not a fig for who might read her words in regard to ‘art’ or anything else. Yet, Anne Frank’s ‘words’ –written without intention of informing or influencing anyone–express a need to create as evidenced by their existence.

Why do we write?

Why do we blog?

Why do we paint, draw, photograph?

Why do we create?

Calling all energy-workers


Calling all energy-workers for all the positive force possible to muster for the protection of our planet. Please focus our efforts today and every day forward on healing our Earth.  The time is now, not later.  It’s time to give back something in return for all we have taken while living on this world.

Shanti Om

Some Radiance amidst the dark…


If you’re venturing in or through the Kansas City area via this heat wave time tainted with gushing oil here are a few places to find some relief from all the insanity that is our world.

At 4309 Jefferson St., right next to the Temple Slug, you’ll find the delights of the teahouse & coffeepot–complete with Drunken Rum Scones (yes, your tongue will tango with real rum).  The teahouse offers lovely green, white and black teas in a comfortable setting that includes futons in the attice, wifi and salads/sandwiches–and some very engaging art by local artists.

Hours are at www.teahousekc.com.

If you’re looking for an outdoor oasis for picinics or play,  Loose Park offers vast spaces of shade from old trees scented by the rose garden. There’s a ‘spray pool’ for some relief from the heat, a pond (please don’t feed the waterfowl),  tennis courts, a playground for children.  Location: 55th St & Wornall Road–the eastern border of one of The BEST urban park areas I’ve ever enjoyed.

 Wanting some insight into yourself via astrology that goes beyond those idiotic blurbs in the newspapers? If so, then seek out John Sandbach for some gentle soul searching planetary interpertations.


Okay, this is my attempt to get a little positive juice on the daily  menu of current events.

“waiting” and “space-bar A PROPOSAL”



eva’s energy-scape   @eva wojcik

Poem by Tenzin Tsundue from his book, Kora, a story and eleven poems

 (printed via persmission statement in Kora)



pull your ceiling half-way down

and you can create a mezzanine for me

your walls open into cupboards

is there an empty shelf for me

let me grow in your garden

with your roses and  prickly pears

i’ll sleep under your bed

and watch TV in the mirror

do you have an ear on your balcony

i am singing from your window

open your door

let me in

i am resting at your doorstep

call me when you are awake


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