Some “Real News” about New Brunswick and the people opposed to fracking.

It’s Saturday morning.


I wish all confusion was so amusing.

Lots of folks are confused about a lot of things like climate change and fracking. A great deal of this confusion has been-man made by industries interested in profits by all the usual means and then some. Hmm.  Yes, people who have vested interests in making money are very good at marketing their game plans. They are experts at spin and illusion and delusion all in order to create more confusion which keeps people from doing anything about anything.  They are very happy when people adhere to: Go play nice with your five hundred channels on the plasma screen flat tv taking up half the wall space in your living room.

Living room. Hmm. Just for a moment consider the word living and if that’s what anyone who is captivated by hours and hours of advertising and junk-food for the mind is really doing.  Is that living? Hmm. Sure, I guess as long as you’re eating, breathing, sleeping and watching television in some form, technically you’re alive and living. Oops, getting distracted here. Need to stay on track.

Confused? Okay. No problem. I make no promises to clarify anything. But I am happy to stir the pot.  I’m not a scientist. But I can read, write and surf cyber-space okay.  And without further ado let’s meet some people from New Brunswick compliments of The Real News.

TheRealNews TheRealNews

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2013

New Brunswick Mounted Police deploy rubber bullets and tear gas, arrest 40 protesters for blockading highway.
See more videos:

More from a reporter arrested at the scene:

“An Insider’s View on the RMCP raid on the Mi’ kmaq encampment

By Miles Howe,
October 18th, 2013


Are you wondering what the people in New Brunswick are protesting?


Earthquakes for everyone! Listen closely to the definition of ‘fresh water’.


Safe? Huh? What’s your idea of safe?

Oh, please take note this is from MarathonOilCorp  The industry likes everyone to feel good. 🙂  It’s all safe. It’s all good. It all works perfectly. Smiley faces and jobs for everyone.

Hmm, I’m pretty sure I know why the comments for this video have been disabled. )






Go away Mr. Gasland you’re not welcome.


Discover Democracy Now!

The clip above was  Published on Jul 12, 2013 – Scientists are warning that the controversial practice of natural gas hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, may lead to far more powerful earthquakes than previously thought. Fracking injects millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals deep into the earth in order to break up shale rock and release natural gas. A new study published Thursday in the journal Science by a leading seismology lab warns that pumping water underground can induce dangerous earthquakes, even in regions not otherwise prone to tremors. The new report comes as Academy-Award-nominated director Josh Fox has released the sequel to his highly acclaimed documentary “Gasland,” which sparked a national discussion on fracking. The new film, “Gasland, Part 2” exposes how the gas industry and the government’s portrayal of natural gas as a clean and safe alternative to oil is highly suspect. He also discusses how drilling companies have admitted to having several former military psychological operations, or “psyops” specialists on staff, applying their skills in Pennsylvania to counter opponents of drilling. “What’s really disappointing about this is that this is a moment, when an American president has come forward and spoken about climate change, and exhibited his obvious and earnest desire to take on the problem, however, the emphasis on frack gas makes this plan entirely the wrong plan,” says Fox, noting that methane released from fracking sites is more potent than other greenhouse gases. “Moving from coal to frack gas doesn’t give you any climate benefit at all. So the plan should be about how we’re moving off of fossil fuels and onto alternate energy.”

See more Josh Fox interviews and fracking reports on Democracy Now! at….

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Still confused?

Well, would you drill a hundred foot deep hole into your kitchen floor and pour water, sand and a chemical cocktail down it? Would you?

Idle No More Solidarity Actions:



30 Actions in Solidarity

Contact the New Brunswick Premier to express your concern over the government and RCMP’s actions against the Mi’kmaq.

New Brunswick Premier – David Alward
Phone: (506) 453-2144
Fax : (506) 453-7407

Sign the Lead Now Petition:  Tell the RCMP: Don’t violently intervene in peaceful First Nations protests.  

Learn about some of the background on the Elsipogtog resistance:

–from Yes! Magazine  The need for peaceful coexistence and much more.

From London:

Yes, New Brunswick, London is watching.

“Take us to your fracking leader!”

FYI, be prepared to dial, dial and redial.  You might want to get a head start on this action. There are volunteers waiting to hear your words. I think they ought to be PAID for their time and energy.  Or some UN-employed person searching for work ought to be PAID to answer the White House phones. 

Go forth and frack no more!


Inside Job–>>Fraud with Impunity destroys America

While I admit routing hard for the documentary film “Gasland” for the Oscar–by no means am I disappointed in the win by the incredible “Inside Job”.  It gives new, hard, and extremely painful meaning to “Follow the Money.” Yes, follow the money, the profits, to realize the full extent of the fraud committed upon the American people at large–excluding all the elite corporate personhoods with political agendas they know they ought to keep secret in order to keep working class people ignorant and manipulated by their corporate owned media. Heads up, the elite rich do NOT share the same values, dreams, needs and outlook as working class Americans.  The elite rich have only one agenda –Massive PROFITs at any cost. And the rest of “us” be damned.

Just in case you haven’t heard of Fracking…

Why is China working on solar and wind energy development but America is NOT???? Frankly, I’ve got to admire any film that rouses the oil industry to try to get it disqualified from Oscar consideration. There’s a reason for that sort of effort–and it’s not “nice.”

Gee, do you detect a common thread to recent political events in Wisconsin and industrial invests? Follow, follow the money brick road around the globe.

Slp’s “no fracking way” and “Plant for the Planet”

“no fracking way” by Charles aka slpmartin at Read Between the Minds

This is for those of you who don’t venture over to slpmartin’s poetry casa due to the crowds–or because poetry is not your usual dish of choice. If you click on the image you can wander in and listen to Charles’ audio version–and explore more of his poem craft.  A while back I posted about fracking and the film Gasland. Just recently BigSurKate also posted about fracking.  Then Charles served up this wonderful image and poem and I just had to share it with folks. Fracking is another absolutely insane thing being done to Earth–and many people do not even associate the word with an operation that destroys water supplies. Yes, it does result in water that you can light on fire.  I wonder if a close encounter with some fracked water would clear some profit minded brainpans? Hm…a little late to share at Cancun–another miserable failure to seriously address environmental issues from the looks of it. There’s some interesting coverage of Cancun at  and Al Jazeera English.  Like what? Like the children from around the world striving to plant a million trees in every country in order to reduce Carbon emmission content. Yep, it’s the brainchild of a 10 year old German boy. Don’t laugh. He’s accomplished the goal in Germany. The project is “Plant  for the Planet.”  Someone has their priorities in the proper order–and it’s not the leaders of the so called “Free” world. No, it’s the children and the Indigenous people as far as I can tell. They’re the folks invested in saving the Earth.  And they’re not crippled by addictions to profit motives. When the islands you live on are disappearing as you watch, things besides making money become very important.

What are we going to do????

note: Much thanks to Charles aka slpmartin for permission to re-post his poetry and image.


Global Children’s Campaign coverage:

Drink water? See GASLAND

What a way to start the day with a new Tuesday Morning Buzzer at KKFI–welcome to Diana Linn Ennis–and a sobering shot of Democracy Now! Ever have a day when you wish you did not learn something new.  Today was one such day for me. Fracking was my new learned thing today. After BP’s  water killing spilling I was hoping for some relief for water in general. But no such thing. If I had HBO I probably would already know about flammable tap water. But I don’t have HBO or cable and Elsa the lioness is gracing my un-upgraded fat screen television antique. Hence, I learned via Democracy Now! on KKFI–radio like you’re probably not hearing unless you’re tuning in at 90.1 fm or  Is there any place on the globe free of Halliburton?  Apparently not.  

Can you light your tap water on fire? If so, then you probably know all about the contents of Josh Fox’s film GASLAND. If you don’t know about GASLAND  and you drink water–then you need to see this film because this is not a self-contained issue. This is coming to a water supply near you–or maybe it already has.  The first video contains a map of the USA with locations of Fracking for natural gas.  Now, is there something wrong with  my logic or–if one disaster caused by deep drilling into the Earth shows the dangers of such drilling–then doesn’t it follow that more such drilling may not be very wise for the planet and all the living creatures upon it? No, I don’t see any rich corporate executives doing double time as Superman trying to save the Earth.  Wake up, America, Ironman is not a real person–nor is he based on a human prototype hiding in New York City. There’s just US–that’s right, each and every one of ‘us’ on Earth needs to take part in saving this Earth because there is no spaceship to a colony on Mars as much as we may wish it so.  As for political leadership–Reality Check–$$$$$ Talks. The White House wouldn’t even accept FREE solar panels from even though solar panels would save a lot of money at the White House. It’s not what is ‘said’ but what is ‘done’ that is so revealing. Yeah, new nice suits, nice new carpets, nice newly painted walls, but the same environmental callousness as the previous occupants.  

Well, if you are like I was at 8:30 am knowing nothing of Fracking, here’s some video and links for expanding your universe. Please accept my sincere apologies if you’re now not so calm about taking a soothing bath by candlelight.  


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