A Power Point Parts Per Million Video Parade For Your Perusal

You may consider this video heavy post laziness on my part, unwillingness to return to previous stomped climate ground, or simply an easy way to engage via visual aides in order to get some traction. Actually it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that whatever your level of understanding of what’s going on with those parts per million comments popping up hither and yon there’s something here or in the links to other information resources for frying in your brain-pan.

Pick your present point of information departure.

Democracy Now! ~ 2016


The Young Turks ~ 2016


PPM = Basic Parts Per Million ~ Explained

Risk Bites

400 Parts Per Million CO2  ~ 2013

Enspire  Click through to watch YouTube for more info links.

Democracy Now! ~ 2013

More information sources:

Inside Climate News

350.org  Concerning the Science of 350 / 400 ppm, resources and more.

Climate Central Antarctica CO2 Hits 400 ppm for first time in 4 Million Years

On October 6, 2016, The PBS News Hour devoted some time to Climate Change via The Paris Accord . … during which Judy Woodruff asked Gavin Schmidt, NASA climatologist, if the rise to 4oo+ ppm was important. Schmidt clearly thought it was. It wasn’t clear if Woodruff agreed or not. ~~~ “baby steps”—ahhhh haaa….

More trees please.



The Real Consequences of Climate Change for Children.

As Dear Kitty often writes —“The video speaks for itself.”

Well, actually Dr. James Hansen and his granddaughter, Sophie, do all the speaking. And they do it quite well.

Keep The Oil In The Ground ~ why #NoDAPL

What can I say when the video says it all. AmazonWatch

This is why oil should stay in the ground.

This is why no one needs another pipeline.

This is why protectors are standing strong at Standing Rock in North Dakota and Iowa to protect water and earth.

This matters to everyone on Earth.


3 million plus zero in on Climate Reality as it confronts denial. Check in if you care.

24 Hours of Reality continues global discussions until 7pm Sept. 15, 2011. 

Check out the ongoing presentation streaming online at www.climaterealityproject.org

This is a global educational informative effort. It’s not perfect, but it is another step in the right direction. Catch any hour for the general information section. The discussion panels that follow offer more views while introducing scientists, activists and teachers.

Oh those tobacco commercials are great examples of how companies manipulate people while knowingly harming them with their products.  Which is precisely what those who have funded the denial agenda have done. 

 “The truth is out there.” Spooky Fox.  

381 Keystone XL Protesters Arrested and Still Counting. NO! to Tar Sands Oil Development!

This is the story NOT being covered by any corporate News station in America: Two weeks of protests in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. of an alliance of environmental, Indigenous, and concerned AMERICANS to  protest the building of the Keystone Pipeline all across America. Native people have been fighting the pipeline in Canada ever since it began.  Now the media ignores the ongoing protests and arrests in order to keep other people from learning about the Keystone Pipeline and joining the fray. So–Spread the News! We can’t all be in DC. But we can all share the responsibility and show solidarity by NOT BEING SILENT.  USE the tools at your fingertips and SPEAK out for the Earth Today! Or there may not be any pleasant tomorrows for our children.

Tar Sands Action site:


350.org’s Petition to Obama


For news information and a map visit Al Jazeera English: 


Democracy Now!’s ongoing coverage:


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She’s Alive…




Do you know “Someplace with a Mountain”?

 The other night by pure chance  I viewed “Someplace with a Mountain” on my local PBS station KCPT 2.  Lately, as in ever since the GOP attack on funding for PBS the station seems to have found some sort of backbone and has been airing programs dealing with environmental issues. Perhaps this schedule was lined up long ago–but the timing is currently rather interesting from my perspective. Now if they start giving air time to Al Jazeera news as they do for the BBC news late at night, then we’ll know for sure that a revolution is at hand in American media. But, for whatever reason, this wonderful and terribly disturbing independent film aired during prime time. Thank you, KCPT, for presenting “Someplace with a Mountain.” This film is the result of one man’s encounter with some very traditional people living on the Island of Puluwat.  The Islanders have a serious problem caused by US. Yes, US, if you’re living in an industrialized country while reading this then you too have contributed to their problem in one form or another. Why? Because it’s the industrialized countries, USA at the top of the list, that are responsible for the pollution that is affecting the lives of the Island people.  These people don’t pollute the Earth. Their traditional sustainable lifeways have not created any toxic oil spills. They don’t drive cars. They don’t have money. They don’t destroy their environment for profit like we do. Yes, we do, every one of us by virtue of how we  currently LIVE.  Our actions have led to rising sea levels which are responsible for the destruction of the atolls on which the Puluwat have lived for thousands of years. Think about that for a moment—people living in the same place for a few thousand years and it’s not a toxic waste dump. What are they doing right and what are we doing wrong? They live in harmony and balance with nature. We do not. We rape the world for everything we think we “need.” Or we allow the people who run oil corporations to do it for us.  Or we allow the use of nuclear power and suffer the consequences as are the Japanese–who will  share the toxic waste with the entire world in one form or another over time.  All because of what we think we require in order to live what we deem is the “good life.” Well is it the good life when your water can be set on fire? When your soil is full of toxic chemicals? When our children are born with diseases due to the food and water consumed by their parents? If we have such a “good” lifestyle, then why are so many people addicted to legal and illegal drugs? If life is so great then why are we waging war around the globe? People talk about escaping to islands with beaches and no stress. Hmm. Gee, why is that? Well consider that such islands with peaceful beaches will be no more because of our greed and how that plays out in environmental ways.  Heat the planet, melt the ice, raise the sea levels and the islands are the first to feel the pain of going under water. Bye, bye atolls everywhere. So sorry but since you have no oil or diamonds or anything else that feeds our  industrial addictions your islands mean nothing in the Wall Street–World Bank scheme of things. Okay, have I rained on your Earth Day? Well, I’m not apologizing because we’re all past due for accepting responsibility for the way we live and how the way we live affects us, the Earth and other people who don’t live as we do.

See “Someplace with a Mountain” and consider how you’ve helped destroy a people’s home and potentially their culture and them.  Yes, they have the hope of relocation thanks to Yap. But that is not  a reality yet.  The Puluwat have done nothing to you or me. But we have done plenty to them–ignorance is no longer an excuse thanks to Steve Goodall’s film. This is the age of information. We’ve got it at our fingertips. Now how are we going to use it for the future of our survival–and that of the Puluwat Islanders?

Meet The Last Navigators at  http://www.someplacewithamountain.org/Apuur._org/SEA-RISE.html  

Click the photograph to visit “Someplace with a Mountain” for trailers, photos and information.

Someplace with a Mountain “Like” on Facebook.

No, this is NOT a happy happy, joy joy, Earth Day to everyone–to say so would be a huge LIE.

Cancun? Curious?

If you’ve noticed the lack of coverage of the Climate Conference in Cancun by mainstream US media like ABC, NBC and CBS, you’re not alone. If you’re just counting your gift purchases until the Corporate Holy Day arrives, then read no further. If you are wondering what’s going on–or not–in Cancun then you’re in luck because Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! news is broadcasting all week from the conference.  And the lack of attendance by the press corps is noticeable.  Does this mean no one in America gives a hoot? Or does it indicate that certain interests don’t want us to give a damn? Out of sight and out of mind. Yep, just keep folks focused on their toys and all will be well. Or will it? IF anyone is interested in learning what’s afoot in Cancun then surf www.democracynow.org  for online videos and text of Goodman’s coverage of the conference. There’s currently an interview with Bolivia’s Pablo Solon, coverage of a speech by Ireland’s former president, Mary Robinson, and lo and behold there is, of all things, an alternate conference underway—an impressive  gathering of small grassroots farmers conducting their own discussions about Climate Change. Yes, the ‘small folk’ have serious concerns about the issues. Unlike some other invisible people I won’t bother naming.  

If you’re aware of other good ongoing current coverage  of Cancun, please share a link or other tracks/videos etc.

Note:  Amy Goodman received the Right Livelihood Award in 2008. Click on the photograph to visit the Right Livelihood page.

photo by Wolfgang Schmidt

To cross or not to cross, such is the quest.



   Will we cross from the dark side to the light? Will we strive to create sustainable lifeways that are  mutually beneficial to all living beings and Earth? Will we honor this planet for all it offers for life? Will we walk the bridge to another way of thinking, being, seeing or will we stubbornly cling to what does not work, cannot sustain, and will destroy ourselves? Shall we change and dream new worlds or die in our own waste? The choice is ours–yours, mine, and theirs. Don’t wait for leadership from the “powers that be”. It’s not coming. They don’t get “it”. Lead. Now.

Four Years Go—today think of tomorrow

Kirstyfliesfree served up the link to this video inspiring hope for real change that comes from US–you and me–with every choice we make every day.  View, think, change–We are all connected. We are all part of the web of life on Earth. We only have ONE EARTH.

Check out Kirstyfliesfree’s windturbines at  http://kirstyfliesfree.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/listen-to-the-wind/#comment-517

“It’s Hot!”

Mercury rises another degree
Ice melts
Still they drive their SUVs.
Weeee! Look at me!
Bet you wish you had this much disposable money!
The temperature rises another degree
Ice melts
Water level rises
OPEC pumps the earth’s blood and guts
Tuned to gasoline addicts’ shouts
With a beat of automobile touts
Racing madly along asphalt ruts
Four by Fours, Explorers, Voyagers
Nonstop gas station fans
Mercury moves another degree higher
Polar bears sweat
So what?! Gotta drive my red corvette!
Skin cancer ain’t so dire
Whoa! Forests are on fire?
Highways percolate potholes catching a steady stream
Of noxious auto steam
It’s hot
It’s HOT!
Keep your eyes on that mercury dot
Don’t you just love our parking lot?


Eva Wojcik @2009


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