Would you sponsor a carbon sponge? Brainstorms, funds, working legs and hands welcome to Clegyr Boia.

Refresh Mother Earth with the Black Mesa Water Coalition, yá’át’ééh

Video by Paper Rocket Productions LLC

Please meet some of the people who form the Black Mesa Water Coalition. Roberto Nutlouis and others attended the Indigenous Environmental Network Conference on the Rights of Mother Earth in April.  They’re deep into water issues in Navajo and Hopi Country and creating Green businesses to support their traditional communities working to develop sustainable economies. Since they are a part of these communities they have a vested interest in their future.  We are all a part of the community of Earth. So we are all connected. We are all related.

Learn more on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/#!/blackmesawc/info

Have you kissed Mother Earth today?

Link to Navajo language page http://library.thinkquest.org/J002073F/thinkquest/Language.htm

International Indigenous Conference April 4-6, 2012, Indigenous Environmental Network News!



International Indigenous Conference APRIL 4 – 6, 2012 

Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence Kansas

In April 2010, a historical moment occurred.  More than 32,000 people, including Indigenous Peoples, social movements, small farmers and some world governmental leaders, converged in Cochabamba, Bolivia for the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.  Two outcomes of this conference were the Cochabamba Peoples Accord and the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. The Accord and Declaration gave voice to peoples of the world experiencing the effects of climate chaos and its many accompanying issues, including  depletion of freshwater and other natural resources and the problems of food security, poverty and environmental crises, along with the financial meltdown within the United States and globally.

During the Cochabamba world conference, President Evo Morales of Bolivia officially proposed that the United Nations adopt a declaration that recognizes that Nature or “Mother Earth” has certain inherent rights that we humans must respect and defend. The adoption by the United Nations and national and local governments of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth would expand the class of holders of legally rights and would initiate a global process of transformation.

Our prophecies and teachings tell us that life on Mother Earth is in danger and is coming to a time of great transformation. As Indigenous Peoples, we are accepting the responsibility designated by our prophecies to tell the world that we must live in peace with each other and the Earth to ensure harmony within Creation.

Our Indigenous lifeways are the original “green economies.”  This is more than an abstract philosophy. Our Mother Earth is the source of life.  Water is her lifeblood.   The well-being of the natural environment predicts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual longevity of our Peoples.   Mother Earth’s health and that of our Indigenous Peoples are intrinsically intertwined.  When our homelands are in a state of good health our Peoples are truly healthy.  This inseparable relationship must be respected for the sake of our future generations and for the well-being of the Earth herself.

Alliances are being formed, globally of Indigenous and non-indigenous groups and individuals committed to creating a system of jurisprudence that sees and treats nature and Mother Earth as a fundamental, rights bearing entity. A paradigm, that is based on Indigenous thought and philosophy needs to be forwarded which grants equal rights to nature and which honors the interrelation in all life.

This is the greatest challenge facing humanity in the 21st Century. How do we re-orientate the dominant industrialized societies so that they pursue human well-being in a manner that contributes to the health of our Mother Earth instead of undermining it? In other words – how do we live in harmony with Nature?

A 3 day conference has been scheduled at Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas, April 4-6, 2012 with Indigenous Peoples together from the North and Global South to learn more and to have a discourse about this Rights of Mother Earth, Rights of Nature movement.


We invite humanity to come together to improve our collective human behavior so that we may develop a more sustainable world.  We can preserve, protect, and fulfill our sacred duties to live with respect in this wonderful Creation.  We have the power and responsibility for change.

Tom B.K. Goldtooth

Indigenous Environmental Network

Dr. Daniel Wildcat

Haskell Indian Nation University

Click here to Print Invitation Letter (PDF)

Sponsoring Hotel: Holiday Inn, Lawrence, Kansas. Reservations at a discounted rate of $69.99 per night + tax until March 27th – BOOK NOW! Mention the Conf (+1) (785) 749 – 8932
Conference Registration Fee Includes:

Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: April 4, 5, 6, 2012

Banquet, Entertainment, Printed Materials and more 


Community Indigenous Environmental Groups: $ 50.00          

College Faculty & Staff: $ 70.00          

Elected Tribal Officials, Federal, State and Local Governments: $110.00

Professionals (Attorneys, Allied Organizations): $150.00

Payable by Check, Cash or Money Order or Tribal Invoice

For questions and Conference Attendance Reservations contact: 

Shereena Baker 1-785-550-8592 or email: shereena_rose@hotmail.com


Karen Dallett 1-415-561-4522 extension 112 or email: karen@rightsofmotherearth.com

Can’t get to Toto-Land? Exercise your right to write! Take a stand against Dirty Oil from the Tar Sands. Write Now.





"we see you" @ eva


Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline!


Save 740,000 Acres of Boreal Forest!


Say NO! to Dirty Oil from the Canadian TAR SANDS!


Public Hearing Sept. 26, 2011:


Kansas Expo Center, I Expocenter Drive, Topeka, Kansas


Noon – 3:30, 4- 8 pm.


Written comments due by Midnight of October 9, 2011.


Email: keystonexl-nid @ cardno.com

FAX: 206-269-0098

Snail Mail:

Alex Yuan, Keystone XL EIS Project, P.O. Box 96503-98500, Washington, D.C. 20090-6503

This pipeline will destroy 740,000 acres of irreplaceable Boreal Forest.


This dirty oil is intended for Export not domestic use in America.

This dirty oil will not create long term job opportunities.

This dirty oil has damaged the health, water, soil and air of Indigenous communities downstream of the Tar Sands.

The Keystone 1 Pipeline has already leaked 12 times.

Imagine the BP Oil Disaster in the Middle of America.



For more information visit online The Indigenous Environmental Network, Tar Sands Action, 350.org, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Peaceful Uprising


Kick our oil addiction!



The Urban Farming Guys Video Update! Information seed power for everyone–except Monsanto.

Sharing information feels like planting seeds–seeds of knowledge and power. And we need all the knowledge and power we can get. Knowledge is a currency–and can be a weapon–in its own right. So, without further ado, here is the latest Urban Farming Guy’s video update straight from the Urban Guy, Jason Fields.

Nada to lose. Todo to gain. Dig in and get some inspiration, folks.

Do fish like duckweed? “Farmin’ in the Hood!” Knows and shows.

Searching for sustainable urban living solutions? Farmin’ in the Hood! is a video about exactly what its title proclaims: small-scale urban farming complete with worms, compost, duckweed, fish, chickens and more.  Video content by the Urban Farming Guys and ROCK SOLID Urban Impact. Much thanks to TransitionKC for helping Jason Fields’ efforts for getting the word/video out for widespread consumption.  Watch, learn, get inspired by these creative and innovative people of Kansas City. Have fun–the bullets are long gone. 

When WI Gov. Walker Cracks the Whip Everyone Jumps! Or not.

Click for news updates straight from Mad-City

According to a statement posted on nbc15.com this Saturday online by Democratic State Senator Jon Erpenbach the workers as willing to concede everything BUT are NOT willing to give up their COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Rights.

Now the “ball” is in Rep. Gov. Scott Walker’s court. Previously he has absolutely and publicly REFUSED to negotiate at all with anyone. Erpenbach won’t call Walker a “dictator” but I sure will. What kind of democracy is this when one man cracks the whip and everyone else is supposed to jump his way? Well 40,000 protestors in Wisconsin aren’t jumping. They closed down the Milwaukee school district on Friday. Oh yes, children are getting an education–a lesson in politics and government and news coverage and civil disobedience.  Despite all the “child care” problems this causes the fact remains that this is EDUCATION in American state government that can’t be gotten from any corporate created TEXTBOOK.

Oh if you’re so inclined you too can email Gov. Scott Walker at  govgeneral@wisconsin.gov   According to Scott Walker, 19,000 emails supporting his Bill are more important than 40,000 people protesting in Madison.  This is an example of Walker’s deliberate inability to recognize which number is larger than another. (See “A Concerned Madison Parent Vents” to learn a tad more about Scott Walker.) 

The best Scott Walker has been able to do is send out state troopers and demand that the Democratic State Senators “come home” to work HIS way. For Gov. Scott Walker “HIS” way has been the “ONLY” way so far.

And my rant continues:

Why do Republicans apparently have no regard for the working classes?  Hey, for that matter neither do many Democrats in Washington either it seems. Actually it appears most polticians abhor the working class people. Does anyone care about people freezing to death–literally–by having fuel assistance cut off? apparently NOT as this is “shared suffering” according to Washington D.C. Oh yeah? Let’s turn off the heat in EVERY government building in our nation’s capitals and see how much money that saves everyone. Don’t like that notion? Consider this–cease waging war everywhere. Close down the Green Zone in Iraq where THE LARGEST Embassy in the entire world has been built by the USA. How much will that save  the budget? Cease all covert operations and let’s see how much that balances the budget. Quit sending billions of dollars in military funds to everywhere in the world in order to assist in killing people. No more tanks. No more guns. No more drones. No more tear gas. No more exporting or importing any of these items. Alternative—green our economy, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, create a public education system that provides quality learning environments for EVERYONE–and I do mean EVERYONE. Clean up all our toxic waste dumps and waterways. Oh I’m sure there’s work for everyone to deal with America’s needs. It just requires a redirecting of focus, will power and funding.

Gee–what would Headstart do with all that money spent just on tanks?  

Oh yesterday I received an invitation from Nancy Pelosi in my email box–an invitation to CONTRIBUTE $5 for a chance  to “win” an evening dinner with our President and revel in his vision for a grassroots revitalization of America.  Why would I give any politician any money at this point in time? Would you?

Bioneers–streaming now!

Bioneers–Revolution From the Heart of Nature.

Streaming online now at www.kkfi.org  around the world. KKFI airs Bioneers every Friday at 9:30 am CST. 


Bioneers is a wonderful informative program about our world’s state of being and the interaction of people and Earth. Discover it if you care about Nature.  It’s about the interconnectedness of everything–people, planet, economics, et al,  for example, green collar justice.

Clicking on the logo will take you to Bioneers’ site. I encourage you to take the journey if you haven’t yet.

Who wants a Green Christmas?

Oh wonder of wonders, mAdgA, the land artist of Clegyr Boia, http://clegyrboia.wordpress.com/  has inspired this post with her writing and photos about trees. Yes, TREES. As I read the information she shares on her blog, I thought about all the trees that will be cut down and trussed up for the forthcoming Christmas holy day–or not so holy day, but more accurately,  corporate profit day. Then I wondered what if everyone gave gifts of trees to PLANT instead? What if, instead of tons of overly packaged plastic junk people exchanged living plants and trees? What if we gave each other gifts of seeds, trees, flowers and other plants that could be used to literally green our individual living spaces? As mAgdA shares on her blog, one does not need a lot of space for creating a garden of earthly delights—pots can support all sorts of plants and trees.  Instead of cutting down evergreen trees en masse for decorating why not decorate a living tree with its roots still in the earth?  What better gifts could we give each other on this Earth that is rapidly being deforested?

Tree of the World


  Tree of the World

Books and Babes–Your chicks bored with board bookies?

A woman who works with pre-school children at an Early Head-Start location on the Pine Ridge Reservation recently shared information about a literacy event.  An item in short supply were those sturdy board books for young children. The few books that Head Start has lead very rough lives–hence the desire for this board book variety.  So–if you have forlorn outgrown gently used board books suitable for young children on your bookshelves at home or if you’re willing to donate a new children’s book to the Oglala Lakota College run Early Head-Start Program in Oglala, South Dakota, please consider sending one to my friend’s young charges.

  Please note that there is NO public library on the Pine Ridge Reservation–nor many other reservations. So parents do not have the option of checking out “free” books for their children. And it follows that neither do school age children have the luxury of selecting  reading materials that a public library offers anyone willing to venture among library shelves.

So if you’ve been wondering what to do with some bright colorful “baby” book that your children have moved beyond or if you’re inclined to select a new book, Anne will be thrilled to share them with 13 other children who don’t see very many books ever.

Media Mail is still affordable for sending books through the U.S. Mail.  Tiny tomes can  be sent to:

Anne Fields

P.O. Box 362

Oglala, SD  57764


Clicking on the books will take you to enviro-mom’s  “Reuse: Spiffing up used board books for kids in need”–which offers an informative article about the ratio of books to children in different economic settings.


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