Hats Off to GQ’s “Son, Men Don’t Get Raped” by Nathaniel Penn

I love my local public library’s book and magazine holdings–even if I don’t always love what I learn via all information sources. While browsing the magazine racks this weekend I came across GQ‘s red tagged Special Report on sexual assault in the U.S. military–“Son, Men Don’t Get Raped” by Nathaniel Penn.  There’s a certain irony in this September 2014 issue of GQ as this is its style edition and there are lots of photos of great looking guys wearing wonderful clothing throughout the magazine. So many in fact that I had some trouble navigating my way to the article that had caught my attention. To clarify, not because I was distracted by the images, but because of the sheer amount of fashion pictures.  It’s all about a man’s image. And this article offers a haunting and compelling counterpoint to all those slick photographs of handsome, healthy masculinity.  What happens when a basically healthy man is destroyed by his fellow man via sexual assault?

Penn’s piece offers a shattering look at the ongoing, and increasing, issue of male sexual assault in the military. The number of victims are in the thousands, these men  have no recourse for medical aid of any kind from the VA, they are discharged from all branches of the service if/when they report being sexually assaulted by their comrades and superiors, and the consequences damage them for life.  Penn eschews a straightforward narrative prose approach by letting dozens of quotes from victims speak for themselves to tell their stories, which taken as a whole present a damning portrait of how the American Armed Forces across the board is NOT dealing effectively with sexual assault by men against other men.  The issues of power and control are in full throttle swing here on multiple levels and the picture is appalling. Indeed the military has succeeded in de-humanizing itself from the very top ranking officers down to the lowest ranking private.  There is no compassion, there is no legal redress, there is no medical treatment offered, there is no accountability. There is only abuse and destruction of men by other men on the psychological, physical and emotional levels.  There’s not much to recognize of the noble ideal of officers and gentlemen in this scenario which is destroying the lives of men who joined the military to serve their country.

The bottom line is that–the men who swear to defend the United States of America by doing military service do not defend each other—they enter a system in which rape, a crime of power and control, is rampant–and clearly no one within the system gives enough of a damn to do what needs to be done to address the problem. Other countries have–but not the United States.  Here the victim still pays the price for the behavior of the criminal.

Yes, son, men do get raped all the time in the military — and it’s not by enemy forces, but by their so-called brothers in arms.

Kudos to GQ for publishing this devastatingly candid article about an issue apparently no one in the U.S. government really wants to do anything about. Why is that? Refusal to face reality that the military system is dysfunctional and destructive and therefore counterproductive? Because it’s run by damaged people with power and control issues of their own? Because the public lives in denial of reality? Because it’s hard to accept that the ideal is not real? Or ____ ?

Link to GQ — “Son, Men Don’t Get Raped”






Shout Out! To KCPT and ALL PBS viewers. Share your mind with KCPT about pulling the film “Citizen Koch” from the air.

Hello KCPT,

We, your viewers,  really want to see “Citizen Koch.” It should not have been pulled off the air. The public has a right to see the documentary and the station should not be fearful of upsetting the Koch brothers.

Public television should be used to inform us; that was the purpose of Independent Lens, was it not?

If you watch PBS, please call for the national showing of this important documentary.

That’s why I signed a petition to KCPT Public Television Station, which says:

“I think the public has a right to view the film “Citizen Koch.” We are requesting you to please show this film. Koch money shouldn’t influence what we can or can’t see aired on our PBS station.”

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


The people of Wisconsin have not given up. Why should the rest of us?


Raise your voice, Tweet, Facebook and reblog at will. Please help fight media control.


Download of FREE issue of Jazz Inside Magazine–yeah, really.

I think this will work. We’ll see, won’t we? It’s going to be over 100 degrees HOT in the shade here today. Time to barb-q on the car roof I think. If you’re somewhere cool, enjoy it. If you’re not, be safe.  Time to chill.

 The following is from Jazz Inside Magazine  http://jazzinsidemagazine.com/publications/guide/july-2013
Visit their site for more cool jazz info, subscriptions and festivals.

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July 2013July 2013

The Blues Broads – Angela Strehli, Dorothy Morrison, Annie Sampson, Tracy Nelson – are featured in the July 2013 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine (print and digital). This expanded 80-page issue of Jazz Inside Magazine also features comprehensive interviews with Jimmy Heath, Albert “Tootie” Heath, Phil Woods, saxophonist Brian Landrus, James Carter, Chris Potter, and more. Vocalist/percussionist Eric Frazier talks about the Fort Greene Jazz Festival in Brooklyn. This issue also includes the Jazz Birthday Gallery, an expanded CD Review section, and comprehensive calendar of hundreds of clubs, concert and event listings.

The Blues Broads – Angela Strehli, Dorothy  Morrison, Annie Sampson, Tracy Nelson – are  featured in the July 2013 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine (print and digital). In  a detailed interview with Jerry Gordon (who is himself the former owner of Evidence Records, where he produced and released more than 350 blues and jazz  albums) Angela Strehli talks about both The Blues Broads, as well as her  experiences with iconic figures from B.B. King to Otis Rush, her recordings,  club business experiences and more. The Blues Broads will  be performing at The Iridium in New York, July 16-17.
This expanded 80-page issue of Jazz Inside Magazine  also features comprehensive interviews with The Heath Brothers – Jimmy Heath & Albert  “Tootie” Heath, Phil Woods by Ken Weiss, saxophonist Brian Landrus, James  Carter, Chris Potter, trumpeter and Five Towns College educator Greg Bobulinski and vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles.
In the interview with drummer “Tootie” Heath, he discusses his early experiences playing with Thelonious Monk in Philadelphia.
“What I learned about Thelonious was that you needed to have a baroness as a friend, who owned a Rolls Royce, and who would bring you to work every night. And, then, when you got there, you could sit out in the car until it was time to hit … The Baroness would drive him to Philadelphia from New York. They would sit out in front of the club smoking cigarettes, doing whatever they did until it was time to hit. Then he would come in with his hat and coat on. He never would take his hat or coat off. He just sat down started playing. Jimmy Bond and I had to figure out what it was he was playing – and Jimmy had to figure out what key he was in, and try to play along with him.” In the interview by Ken Weiss, saxophonist Phil Woods shares an array of his many experiences during his 60 year career – which includes performances and recordings with a who’s who of jazz including Quincy Jones, Benny Goodman, Eric Dolphy, Charlie Parker, Clark Terry and Many others.
Woods confirms his aptitude to get right to the core: “One writer said, ‘Woods has two stories he always tells about Charlie Parker.’ And I said to myself – ‘I wonder if this guy had hung out with Shakespeare, wouldn’t he want to share that? Isn’t that a big deal?’ The stories demonstrate the generosity of Bird…”
Woods also reveals his confidence as well as his humility. He commented: “I wasn’t sure that I was equipped to be a good jazz artist until that session with Charlie Parker, when he leaned over and said, ‘Sounds real good, Phil.’”
Vocalist Nora McCarthy contributed a feature entitled “Remembering Joshua Wolff.” Wollf was a New York-based pianist who accompanied numerous jazz vocalists over the past decade. Eric Frazier talks about producing the fourth annual Fort Greene Jazz Festival in Brooklyn, which will be presented in two parts – the first edition on July 27 and the second part in September.
Jazz Inside’s new Jazz Birthday Gallery for July features cool photos and backgrounders on numerous artists with July birthdays. The newly expanded CD Review section features Antonio Adolfo; J.D. Allen; Andy Bey; George Benson; Terence Blanchard; The Blues Broads; Dewa Budjana; Marc Cary; Johnny Conga; The Fat Babies; Paolo Fresu; Bob James & David Sanborn; Roger Kellaway & Eddie Daniels; Frank Lacy; Brian Landrus; Joe Lovano; Rob Mazurek; Bob Mover; Odean Pope; Frank Rosaly; Akira Tana; Chucho Valdés; Ben Wendel & Dan Tepfer; Mike Wofford; The Wrong Object. As New York’s only monthly jazz and improvisational music magazine, and impressively printed in color, on premium glossy paper, each issue is jam-packed with features, signature in-depth interviews, comprehensive reviews, compelling photos and a calendar of hundreds of New York area jazz concert, club and event listings. Jazz Inside Magazine, published monthly is available in print at numerous locations throughout the New York metro area, by paid subscription, and as a digital download. DOWNLOAD your copy of Jazz Inside Magazine, July issue at: http://jazzinsidemagazine.com/publications/guide/july-2013 SAVE the file to your hard drive. Then double click on the file to open and read. [NOTE opening the file without first saving to your hard drive may slow down your browser or computer.] Jazz Inside Magazine is published monthly and is also available in print, and is available complimentary at scores of locations around the New York metro area, at growing numbers of locations around the USA, and by paid subscription.

Overweight Wolves? Where? Come on, where are these obese predators?

Come on, show me some wolves too fat to run because they’re overstuffed with so many meals of beef cattle.  I really want to see these monsters of the food chain. Apparently wolves are such a threat to the human food supply that they need to be hunted to the point of extinction yet again–according to cattle ranchers.  Wolves of all ages are under attack from us not so delightfully egocentric humans in Wyoming, Michigan, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  According to Predator Defense, the War on Wolves has commenced with a vengeance since they were removed from the Endangered Species List. Approximately half the wolves in Idaho have been killed–of about 1,000.

So which species is relentlessly destroying the habitat of all living things, including its own, on the planet? Grizzly Bears? Wolverines? Wolves? Nawwww.  Homo sapiens gets the out of balance, eat till you bloat and then some more, selfish, greedy Top Predator Prize. Hey, we’ve even got airplanes and helicopters to fire away at animals from the safety of our  friendly skies. We usually don’t take on other predators face to face if we can avoid it. We’re working on drone warfare so that we don’t even have to look our human targets in the eye ever again. Just send in the Drones. They don’t discriminate at all. They aim to destroy anything programmed into their target range.

Science Insider on wolves killed in Yellowstone  http://news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider/2012/11/yellowstone-park-research-wolves.html

Causes “Good Wolf” petitions online  http://www.causes.com/causes/610445-good-wolf

The “Good Wolf” community is also on Facebook with some harsh photographs of hunters with their wolf kills. Beautiful images of wolves are also posted on the timeline. (I would post a direct link, but for some unknown reason that is not currently possible.)

Predator Defense site http://www.predatordefense.org/wolves.htm

Defenders of Wildlife online http://www.defenders.org/

If there was a Dangerous Species List we humans would be at the very top. Why do we refuse to share the Earth with other living creatures? Is Homo Sapiens in essence an out of control cancer destroying every other living cell on this planet? What are we going to do about “us”?

Update :  slpmartin’s poem,  “There is No Cause for Alarm”  –>> http://slpmartin.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/there-is-no-cause-for-alarm/#comment-19811

Creating Peace Through Music


won’t be found in a box

can’t buy it on a street corner

is not won with bullets out of  guns

it’s a heart thing

it’s a spirit thing

it’s a mind thing



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