Shout Out! To KCPT and ALL PBS viewers. Share your mind with KCPT about pulling the film “Citizen Koch” from the air.

Hello KCPT,

We, your viewers,  really want to see “Citizen Koch.” It should not have been pulled off the air. The public has a right to see the documentary and the station should not be fearful of upsetting the Koch brothers.

Public television should be used to inform us; that was the purpose of Independent Lens, was it not?

If you watch PBS, please call for the national showing of this important documentary.

That’s why I signed a petition to KCPT Public Television Station, which says:

“I think the public has a right to view the film “Citizen Koch.” We are requesting you to please show this film. Koch money shouldn’t influence what we can or can’t see aired on our PBS station.”

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:

The people of Wisconsin have not given up. Why should the rest of us?


Raise your voice, Tweet, Facebook and reblog at will. Please help fight media control.


Do you know “Someplace with a Mountain”?

 The other night by pure chance  I viewed “Someplace with a Mountain” on my local PBS station KCPT 2.  Lately, as in ever since the GOP attack on funding for PBS the station seems to have found some sort of backbone and has been airing programs dealing with environmental issues. Perhaps this schedule was lined up long ago–but the timing is currently rather interesting from my perspective. Now if they start giving air time to Al Jazeera news as they do for the BBC news late at night, then we’ll know for sure that a revolution is at hand in American media. But, for whatever reason, this wonderful and terribly disturbing independent film aired during prime time. Thank you, KCPT, for presenting “Someplace with a Mountain.” This film is the result of one man’s encounter with some very traditional people living on the Island of Puluwat.  The Islanders have a serious problem caused by US. Yes, US, if you’re living in an industrialized country while reading this then you too have contributed to their problem in one form or another. Why? Because it’s the industrialized countries, USA at the top of the list, that are responsible for the pollution that is affecting the lives of the Island people.  These people don’t pollute the Earth. Their traditional sustainable lifeways have not created any toxic oil spills. They don’t drive cars. They don’t have money. They don’t destroy their environment for profit like we do. Yes, we do, every one of us by virtue of how we  currently LIVE.  Our actions have led to rising sea levels which are responsible for the destruction of the atolls on which the Puluwat have lived for thousands of years. Think about that for a moment—people living in the same place for a few thousand years and it’s not a toxic waste dump. What are they doing right and what are we doing wrong? They live in harmony and balance with nature. We do not. We rape the world for everything we think we “need.” Or we allow the people who run oil corporations to do it for us.  Or we allow the use of nuclear power and suffer the consequences as are the Japanese–who will  share the toxic waste with the entire world in one form or another over time.  All because of what we think we require in order to live what we deem is the “good life.” Well is it the good life when your water can be set on fire? When your soil is full of toxic chemicals? When our children are born with diseases due to the food and water consumed by their parents? If we have such a “good” lifestyle, then why are so many people addicted to legal and illegal drugs? If life is so great then why are we waging war around the globe? People talk about escaping to islands with beaches and no stress. Hmm. Gee, why is that? Well consider that such islands with peaceful beaches will be no more because of our greed and how that plays out in environmental ways.  Heat the planet, melt the ice, raise the sea levels and the islands are the first to feel the pain of going under water. Bye, bye atolls everywhere. So sorry but since you have no oil or diamonds or anything else that feeds our  industrial addictions your islands mean nothing in the Wall Street–World Bank scheme of things. Okay, have I rained on your Earth Day? Well, I’m not apologizing because we’re all past due for accepting responsibility for the way we live and how the way we live affects us, the Earth and other people who don’t live as we do.

See “Someplace with a Mountain” and consider how you’ve helped destroy a people’s home and potentially their culture and them.  Yes, they have the hope of relocation thanks to Yap. But that is not  a reality yet.  The Puluwat have done nothing to you or me. But we have done plenty to them–ignorance is no longer an excuse thanks to Steve Goodall’s film. This is the age of information. We’ve got it at our fingertips. Now how are we going to use it for the future of our survival–and that of the Puluwat Islanders?

Meet The Last Navigators at  

Click the photograph to visit “Someplace with a Mountain” for trailers, photos and information.

Someplace with a Mountain “Like” on Facebook.

No, this is NOT a happy happy, joy joy, Earth Day to everyone–to say so would be a huge LIE.


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