What’s Love Got to Do? Musical Theme for Friday, the 13th of December 2013.

So what’s love got to do with everything? Ask the very incredible Tina Turner, I’m sure she can do more than sing about it. But hear here we’re starting off with a song by an artist well-known for her Celtic treatments, Connie Dover.  Last Night By The River is decidedly not Celtic. It’s based on a Shoshone ‘song’ and it differs decidedly from all the other tracks on The Border of Heaven which offers other love songs, all of which have been sung by others elsewhere–except the song I’ve selected.



Last Night By The River ~ Connie Dover


Everything ~ The Doctor and River ~ artist Lifehouse ~ It’s River Song and The Doctor, do I really need to write anything else? I think not. I won’t. Well, yes, I will. Just a little bit. If you’re out of this romantic couple time loop–then you’re missing out on a fabulous love story across time and space.



Tudno  kochac Polish/English ~  It’s Difficult to Love  ~ Kayah & Bregovic   The why is in the lyrics and the sound.

Ewa Dżi·


The Road Home  ~ This is a story about the first couple that marries for love in a little rural village. It’s a very beautiful film visually, musically and story-wise. It often relies totally on music without lyrics.  A must for all hopeless romantics.

 The Road Home – Chinese Movie by Zhang Yimou – with Zhang Ziyi, Sun Honglei, Zheng Hao, Zhao Yuelin – Soundtrack composed by San Bao


Summer Kisses Winter Tears ~ Julee Cruise  ~ Laura Manuel’s description says a lot. Tears of the Black Tiger is also a love story. It’s different. It’s Thai. I love it. The song sings for itself. Oh there are wonderful waterlily images in this film which make it a must for visual artists. The clip does not do the imagery justice.

Laura Manuel :

Tears of the Black Tiger is a 2000 Thai western film written and directed by Wisit Sasanatieng.
With its loud acting style, exuberant sets and stunning shots in pastel colours, it´s one of my favorites movies. In this video i wanted to make a resume of Tears of Black Tiger’s atmosphere.
I made this! 🙂


The Eternal Vow  ~ Green Destiny, Love Theme, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Yo-Yo Ma ~ Tan Dun  ~ It’s all very green. 🙂  No singing frogs today. 



A Love Before Time ~ Coco Lee with cello by Yo Yo Ma ~ Cello. Cello. Cello. Cello.

Liz M :

A few of my favourite “love scenes” from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The two couples are Li Mu Bai and Shu Lien, the older couple, and Lo (Dark Cloud) and Jen, the younger couple.


 Les Temps de l’ Amour ~Francoise Hardy~Moonrise Kingdom ~ Young love, delightful, defiant and dedicated. Moonrise Kingdom is a treat for those of us who adore such things as Bruce Willis not acting in another die-hard flick. Yes, he can act. Who’d have thunk it. Love as an adventure–get packed, don’t forget the music, the books or the cat.

themusicbug20 :

It’s time to love,
Time for friends and adventure.
When the time comes and goes,
Can not think of anything despite his injuries.
For the love of time
It is a long and short
It lasts forever, it will be remembered.

It is said that twenty years it is the king of the world
And there will be eternally in our eyes
All the blue sky.

It’s time to love,
Time for friends and adventure.
When the time comes and goes,
Can not think of anything despite his injuries.
For the love of time
It puts you in the heart
Much warmth and happiness.

One day it’s love and the heart beats faster,
Because life goes on
And we are quite happy to be in love.

It’s time to love,
Time for friends and adventure.
When the time comes and goes,
Cannot think of anything despite his injuries.
For the love of time
It is a long and short
It lasts forever, it will be remembered.

Oh, no, I’m not done yet. You’ve met Donne in the prompt post for this theme.  I wonder who would have the musical chops to set Donne’s love songs to music? Any suggestions?

fun! fun! fun! on www.kkfi.org Live!

Not kidding. Hurry fast and catch Signal to Noise’s joy–who else would play the Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighborhood Spiderman song?????

Hurry, it’s on NOW! www.kkfi.org currently streaming live online!

*****And now, several hours later, it’s late night talk radio with that fun guy Ben on Paragon Radio–and yes, you too can call in from anywhere– a ‘Suicide’/collage is up and coming–LIKE now–wow! Kicking off with a spoken word/slam piece…

5:01 am and Ben has just said good night to the lizards and reptiles listening in fear………actually that would be good morning…until he opens the airwaves again on radio redux on Wednesday evening…… 

will update as am entertained, informed or amused at will…you can too….

***********Groovy Grant filling in for Luscious Lynn, and he’s smoken’ the airwaves as I type………

*****!!! eegads, now, 12:14,  it’s all about “The Wizard of OZ” –and I have never cottoned to the Oz–except for the flying monkeys…soooo –well, nothing is perfect, is it?

**** whew, those theatre folks have had their encores and outreach and free publicity for that Oz addiction of ‘theirs’ and now it’s COOL jazz. Oh yeah, me likey likey jazz  playin’ no matter who is spinning the discs… 2:24 pm. .

***tiempo para la musica de espanol ahora…and they sure do know how to speed talk! “Fiesta Musica” energy drive….zoooming..si usted gusta ese que mas en “Taste of Tejano ” y ” Breaking thru Darkness” con Lily y Jorge…

***7:31 am Jim Hightower going at it until Groovy gets his Tuesday Morning Buzz zub zub zubbing again…a little Ray Parker, Jr with After Dark….ummm with expresso and soft rain…and smooth music…morning everyone in blogland….

***Amy is doing what Amy does best, raising issues and news….8:08 am via Democracy Now….

****Jazz fushion and FUNK! cranking by Barry  Jackson on the Tuesday Mid-day Melody —10:10 am…get ready to dance!!! “Totally Close” by Cobb coming on….

********John Curman’s eco-time is done and now it’s ALL about WATER–and you migh want to catch it while you can..12:43 pm. Catch the rainwater is what I mean, ’cause the lizards are working their tails off to get it ALL for their profit margins. We’ve been warned. …Bioneers tells it all–Water for Life and Nancy Price.

****1: 14 on an afternoon reaching for hot and muggy and it’s  JAZZ time again…oh yeah…full circle…

**Until Wednesday, and it’s 6:33 am with Mike Murphy’s magic music…oh the man’s got it all at his fingertips and he knows how to tune your strings…presents every Wednesday morning mellow to merry…who else would play a request for Connie Dover’s “Last Night By the River”? No one, I tell you true. No one’s gonna put that on the airwaves no matter how lovely a love song it is. We do thank Mike for being Mike. (oh you can find the song on “The  Border of Heaven” cd.–can’t toss that song out and not tell you where to taste it -),,,,

***7:48 am Thursday morn and “Zoot Walked In”–! oh yeah….O Mr. Bill always fills the bill of fare every time he takes the dj chair…sweet stuff!

***Fried-day…7:04 a.m. and arjay is puttin’ out everything from Progressive to Psychedelic–“I don’t want to die in Georgia” just moved into–well,  hell, I won’t know what’s tapping along here until he sums up. He’s also got some upcoming show working in the future in ‘honor’ of Woodstock. Oh My! “Let it rain and bring on the sun.” bring it on.

***KKFI has blues cookin’ in the Blues Kitchen every Saturday sleep in day…Junebug and Pisano and whoever else wants to do a short order cook stint…10:25 am and rockin’…. 

***5:57 am Sunday and Dr. Mike’s Medicine Show is delievering all sorts of goodies to anyone caring to step up…”one or two hard feelings….”  Coffeehouse–Jeanne Jaspere,  and Foolkiller Folk and the delightful World Sound of Tom Crane are all on the day’s menu–ah and “Saba: the Wind of Love” too–though I have NO idea what’s being sung or said during Saba, sometimes it just sounds ‘good’…


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