Red Wolf emerges from the woods

Something Poetic & Positive which I discovered via The Poetic Rabbit
at  Shiteki Na Usagi. The art in the header art is the work of Leslie White who blogs at Leslie Paints  ~~~ Red Wolf emerges caught my eye because of the ongoing attack on Wolves in America. This is just one example of exploring the interconnectedness of all things. Namaste.

We Write Poems

red wolf eyes
We’re excited to present you the Red Wolf collection, the first We Write Poems prompted-poem anthology.
This first anthology is the culmination of roughly three years of work – people writing poems in response to prompts presented at this site. So prompts and the Internet were the great enablers of the creative process by which these poems were written and shared.
The title of the anthology, “Red Wolf”, reflects the art banner of our site. We think it helps define who we are, who we want to be – poets who look to play a little dangerously, realizing the hungry teeth also of our natures, and with willingness in allowing risk. Real writing calls for nothing less. But then again, we’ve nothing against also having fun.
And because prompts played such an integral part in triggering the poems we write, we decided to feature the prompts…

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Fun with a Watercolor Landscape

My friend Leslie White plays with watercolor paints a lot.
Between her art and her students, she’s forever connecting beautiful dots.
This is one of her latest better-than-Kodack-clickers-ever-dreamed shots.

Leslie White


I have been feeling like I have been painting rather tight, lately. The above image was taken from a really abstract photo reference I found on wet canvas. I cropped the image to create a panoramic scene. I like how the light fell on the distant hills and the moisture came up from the surface of the ground in steamy looking fog. The whole scene, in the photo, was darker and cooler throughout and I added my own choices of color to this. I wanted the ground to cool in the foreground and the hills and middle ground to be warmed by the light coming through the clouds.

I am working with a new paper called Huile or Arches Oil Paper and I am really liking that I can paint and lift on the surface of this paper. It allows for me to play with the water and my brush…

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Wolves: Musical Theme Selection~~ Complete with a sleigh ride and “bells” ~Only in Poland, of course.

by Leslie White

wolf summer


hot paws clawing

succulent mud digits seeps

moon flower lake lights


Bearspawprint’s music theme selection, Wolves,  can’t quite speak for themselves.  They’re being hunted by “us” for no sane reason. “6,000 permits to kill 625 wolves”? What is that about?  Wolves need our help to survive.   In addition to the music there are links to groups on Facebook for more community alliance information and actions.  I’ve included  two extra films for more information and education.

If you’re on the fence or indifferent, consider this: which predator is wiping out the other species on the planet?

Off the fence yet?

Howling for Justice



Wolves Touch ~ The Mountains Will Remember

arass9 upload

Wolves are VERY intelligent, probably in the top 10 of the World’s most intelligent creatures.
However, they are also in the top 10 most MISUNDERSTOOD animals. Save the wolves before it is too late!



Wolf – Native American  – Sacred Spirit – Yeha Noha


– En Compagnie Des Loups
– Yeha-Noha
– Sacred Spirit



Wolf Song Celtic version I Am the Vocie by Celtic Woman

paxas03 upload



“You Can’t Take Me”  Wolf’s Rain




Anime Wolves “Bring Me To LIfe”

All drawings belong to their rightful owners.
Song:Bring me to Life
Copyright of Evanescence
This video was made for entertainment uses only!!!!!
White Fang music video
JayFoxFire upload
Song: Mummer’s Dance by loreena mckennitt
White Fang by Disney
Running With Wolves in Poland   “Bells” music
A sled ride through the forest with a pack of semi-wild wolves.
These young wolves were part of a re-introduction scheme and have since been released into the wild, the conservation director was familiar to them and they seemed happy to follow the sled through the forest as long as he was present.
A few Wolf Links:
Info from Facebook pages.
We are dedicated to preserving the wolf and its historic range as part of our national heritage. This grassroots effort is supported by ordinary citizens who seek to promote positive attitudes about wolves and to support wolf conservation efforts in all areas included in its historic range.
Good Wolf  
Understanding, appreciating, and saving the majestic wolf. Join us on Causes at and on Twitter at

Our mission is to convey the true nature of the wolf and correct the misconceptions spawned by fairy tales, legends, fear-mongering, semantics, and willful misinformation maligning the wolf by private and political agendas.

The Wolf Army
The Wolf Army aims to save the Wolf from further persecution and extinction by establishing a vast network of people, pooling skills, knowledge, contacts, economic and political power to reach our aim.
Event for Oct. 12 
The Northwoods Wolf Alliance, a grassroots coalition of Anishinaabeg people and their allies working to protect the gray wolf, will hold a rally and march starting at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12. The group wants to stop Minnesota’s wolf season, which opens Nov. 9.- See more at:
Republicans in Wisconsin like writing legislation in secret.  * They had attorneys and Legislative staffers write the most recent redistricting bill in private law firm offices – – earning a tongue-lashing from a US District Court Judge appointed by Ronald Reagan.
* They let an out-of-state coal mining company work behind closed doors to help write the iron ore mining bill.* And you can put the 2012 wolf hunt law on the list of Wisconsin legislative legerdemain, according to comments in minutes of a public, all-day, April 21, 2012 Wisconsin Wolf Stakeholders Committee meeting in Wausau.
Twenty representatives from the DNR, and a wide variety of environmental, Native American, conservation, animal, hunting, and other organizations attended the meeting, along with DNR facilitators and additional staffers.
Read more:
*Washington’s Own Wandering Wolves
Oregon’s OR-7 has garnered national headlines and even his own Twitter handle after making his way from Oregon into the Golden State and now back.But new map shows how radio-collared Washington wolves have been tracked sojourning great distances, as well.
Read more:
Howling for Wolves  –Note Petition to stop Wolf Hunt scheduled for Nov.9 —  Anyone from America and other countries can sign it.
**** Extras
Living With Wolves
Wolf upload
In the Valley of the Wolves –Nature documentary
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For more Wolves music you’re invited to visit:
*** and poetry by slpmartin

What’s simmering in your brainpan?

For Water by Leslie White

When you’re cooking something to compliment an entre of potluck leftover brain stew a few fundamentals are in order.  Water is essential to life–even the life of our brains which require water to function properly.  If you’ve ever been seriously dehydrated you know precisely what I’m yapping about. if you haven’t–well, it’s not a recommended state of being.   So, thanks to Leslie White we have a lovely energetic visual of water in action–or being acted upon.  I’ve tossed in a video that provides some very basic information about water in an attempt to convey who uses how much of the drinkable water on Earth.  It’s got pictures! There’s even  a woman taking a shower. Lots of people in America enjoy taking at least one shower a day. If you’re my brother, Ed, you take at least three–his routine is too long to share at the moment. He may drive fast, but he showers slow and often. Now if you’re cooking a meal some energy is often required.  There’s everything from fire to nuclear power available for energy. I rather like the clear direct way Carl Sagan discusses the power of nuclear energy.  Somewhere in the universe  of my books there is a copy of his shattering explanation of how atomic bombs operate if they explode upon impact versus exploding in the ‘air’.  I think all proponents of nuclear energy should spend time in an area capable of simulating being blown apart–or of dying from radiation poisoning.  That’s just me at this moment though. But considering that it would only be a simulation of an experience, I think I could push the start button on the program.  So, we’ve got our water and our energy –and now we need a place to cook our thoughts.  Hmm, well, how much space do we need? How much space can we have? How much space is there for the having? According to Hubble’s views–there’s as much as you can wrap your mind around and then a WHOLE LOT MORE!  It seems humans can do more than wage war. They are capable of creating ways to explore the STARS. Wow, who knew? 
What’s on the imagination menu?
Are we star-dust?

Oh please do visit Leslie White’s creative kitchen to see what her creative imagination is cooking at

Shanti Om

More Art Energy Flows for Growing Children a la Allen …


More on the power of Art’s energy–this time via BigSurKate’s featured artist post.

Dave Allen's "Mirage"

On BigSurKate’s blog is another of Dave Allen’s wonderful paintings inspired by the natural world–The Magnificent Sea–the world so clearly full of creative energy manifesting in all things.  What I found even more intriguing than Dave’s gorgeous art was the story he shares regarding the power of Art, creative expression, to be a positive influence. He tells a true story regarding his interaction with a boy who responds with incredible immediate intensity to the chance to channel his energy into an artistic medium.  You can find the whole story at BigKateSur’s blog casa–along with some very obliging does and news about what’s the haps in Big Sur country —>>>

I’m very conscious of the flow of the energy from the natural world as it influences my own visual art — and often inspires my word art.  It’s clear from the way Leslie White, who also teaches art,  engages her subjects that she too has an influential connection to the flow of energy from nature.  There’s no denying that Dave Allen is  in tune with the world of energy washing his everyday world.  When this manifests in depictions of the natural world the connection seems obvivious. I think that even when the manisfestation is not a representation of nature that the same creative energy is at work and flowing freely in all acts of creation.  Do you go with the energy flow? 

Leslie White’s students seem to —>>

Art’s Energy Flows when Leslie Paints & Eva Writes

For several days I’ve been trying to incorporate into one post  some thoughts connected to several blogs and ideas regarding how creative energy manifests in different arts that in turn  influence and feed the creative process of other artists of all genres/mediums.  This being one example of the power of ART–and why it is so important in our daily lives.  The conceptual jelly has been solidifying into a mass much larger than is manageable in a single container aka post. So in an effort to  at least get the jelly rolling along instead of permanently sticking to the counter, I’ve decided to employ the installment or series method. Hence, this post serves as just one example of how the flow of creative energy can inspire artistic work in different mediums–my written words triggered a response in Leslie White who gave her expression in her visual watercolor.  Certainly this is nothing new–except perhaps in the fact that both Leslie and I are aware of and communicate regarding this intriguing exchange of mutual inspiration and motivation to create.  This is just one example of the creative power of ART energy. And it’s not a one way street–word art does not just feed visual art/painting  but visual art/paintings fuel word art.  Still simmering in another of my brain chamber pots is an “Ode to Wood” inspired by one of Leslie’s watercolors. No, it’s not  “ode” yet–yet. But I’m sure it will be in the future.     

Wolf Paws by Leslie White


wolf summer       by eva wojcik


 hot paws clawing

succulent mud digits seeps

moon flower lake lights


Please visit Leslie at and see her painting process and many other wonderful paintings and drawing.  Leslie has a great way of gently providing helpful instruction in watercolor techniques by sharing her methods, experiences and new explorations. 

In case “wolf paws” doesn’t do it for you, then check out Leslie’s “Five on the Corner” for some certain female energy that’s always on the move:

Yes, this is not a one time happening.  

Yeah, Leslie’s “wood” is cooking on her home page in Indiana.


Can Leslie Paint? You bet she can!

Five on Corner by Leslie White

Ahh now that the Ladies have snagged your full attention, I invite you to catch a cyber cab over to Leslie White’s online artist gallery/studio/instructional blog casa.  There are even works posted by Leslie’s students as proof that she can teach everyone something about ART. Leslie also has created a customized blog banner or two for other bloggers. Her art has accompanied a few poems on other sites also. Yes, everything is connected in the creative flow of energy in a our world where ART may be the only sane human manifestation.

Featured Blog Awared to Leslie of Leslie Paints–and boy does she ever! 


1:37 am sleepless


mourning sight from my upper bunk

DC women working quiet night

long legs criss crossing 11th and K

curving along

yellow cabs catching, departing

hard working

drifting sleep I count them

five corner keeping time

two corners

one smoking hot waves

shifting all night

even when dawn church  covers

last calls 7:30 am

hard heels holding down corner grounds

hurt hard eyes streetward we greet each other passing

sisters surviving

wishing fresh boiling hot coffee for sharing

relief shifts end

Leslie White has been kind enough to provide her painting inspired by my poem. It is much more colorful than the images of my memory yet it portrays a certain essence of the poem as felt by Leslie.

"five on corner" by Leslie White

For more of what Leslie Paints –and her very candid commentary regarding her creative process regarding this particular painting, please visit:

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