Clean Water Alliance Meeting on July 13. Everyone is welcome. Rapid City, South Dakota. Fight Uranium Mining.

Public Service Post for the Black Hills South Dakota Clean Water Alliance:
Greetings —
Please plan on attending the Regional uranium opposition meeting on Saturday, July 13.  This will start at 9:00 am at the Rapid City Public Library.  We expect people to attend from CO, WY, SD, and NE.  This is not just for people who are already active on this issue (although we expect to see those folks).This meeting is for everyone and would be an excellent meeting for you to attend if you have not been deeply involved in this issue, but want to learn more.  There will be people who are opposing existing mines, who want to stop new mines, and who have successfully stopped a mine.
We will share information about what the many organizations who are working against uranium mining are doing.  We will have an educational segment from Debra White Plume of Manderson, SD.  She always has interesting things to say about water, activism, and moving forward.  And we will have a potluck lunch.  If you know what you’ll be bringing, let me know, and we’ll try to be sure all bases are covered.  Then we will spend part of the afternoon strategizing and figuring out how we can continue to work together.
We should be done by about 3:00, but we have the room until 4:00, if people want to hang around and visit.
Coffee and juice will be available.  If you need gas money, let me know.  Clean Water Alliance is always ready to support those who have to come from a distance, but I need to know ahead of time, so I come prepared.
Let me know if you have any questions.  See you there!
South Dakota
 Clean Water Alliance

Breakfast Special, #1

Enjoying crunching the snow beneath his boots Sarge ventured along the street of small bars filling the west side of Schmall’s Falls lack of eating establishments catering to the needs of early risers, night owls, and swing shifters until Big Bob’s window sign on bright yellow paper touting “Sunrise Special: 2 eggs, toast & coffee for a buck” caught his stomach’s attention.

Entering the tavern currently conducting its own version of fast food service for the dawn dwellers. he stood to the side and held the door open for an exiting trio of grumpy construction workers. Toe kicking the rock salt from his boots he scouted for an empty stool at the bar crammed with white plates featuring steaming eggs, butter brushed toast and a constantly flowing, heady stream of coffee into squat thick cups vying for countertop space with slippery side dishes flashing crisp thick bacon and fat spitting sausages. After some careful navigation between the hands passing plates from the bar to the fully occupied booths, he managed to slide onto a still warm shiny red stool where the bar snuggled flush up against the far wall. Upon opening his paint speckled wool army coat, he generously contributed his share of body heat to that already creating streaking condensation on the bar’s large front window. He commenced pounding the alternate ends of an unlighted cigarette on the counter while patiently waiting for the barkeeper to take his order.

After setting down four full plates for the customers seated at the curve in the bar near the entrance, the lanky, middle-aged barkeeper smoothed a few slack grey hairs back into place with the rest of a backcombed wave and turned to make eye contact with him. “What it be today?” he demanded while wiping his hands with his waist apron.

Imitating the barkeep’s thick Polish accent Sarge replied, “Ve vant da special. Overeasy, if you please, Stanley.”

Smirking, Stanley nodded. “You gonna be a smartass today, eh? Forget it, Sarge. No mood for funny business.” Stanley scratched the order on a small pad of white paper, clipped it to the wire across the top of the serving window, then picked up the waiting filled order. Plate in hand, Stanley strode to stand across from the customer sitting beside Sarge, before setting down the plate, Stanley growled, “No mood for your funny business, either. F’n poached eggs. Not again. Messes up cook’s grill timing. Got it?”

A hoarse female voice croaked out, “You asked how I wanted ’em and I told you. You didn’t say “no poached eggs.” Now you gonna give me my order or you wanting to eat them dead chickies yourself, Stan?”

Holding back a laugh in consideration for the barkeeper, Sarge watched Stanley scowl as he set down the platter covered with a double order of milky eggs whites wrapped around gentle hints of yellow yolk and perfectly browned toast drenched with melted butter. Right gray eyebrow arched high, Stanley silently filled the poached egg orderer’s cup with coffee. He started to work his way to the other customers, then, with the nearly full fresh pot of black coffee in his left hand he stopped and looked from Sarge to the customer sitting next to him. Stanley’s pale blue eyes flashed between the two. “You two at same time not good on Stan’s nerves. Don’t get any ideas or eggs go kaput!” Without waiting for a response, Stanley set about filling the coffee cups of the other customers at the bar.

Sarge leaned sideways to set his shoulder against the wall so he could turn and get a better look at the young woman sitting next to him.  The Hudson Bay Blanket coat cut in old French Canadian trapper style drapped around her shoulders immediately culled her from the variety of working girls who frequented the bar during alcohol serving hours.  It also separated her from the nearby telephone company’s swing shift working women. That left college student pulling an all nighter or some variation thereof. But the last wasn’t quite fitting the bill either in Sarge’s mind since there was no need for such creatures to venture off the perpetually buzzing college grounds for a cheap breakfast special in a working class bar.  Hoarse Voice was busy poking the pointed edge of toast into what he considered an obscenely salted egg yolk. “Having a little egg with your salt, huh?”

A mass of long black hair crackling with static electricity was pushed back over a shoulder hunched inside the Hudson Bay Blanket coat, then a white face, made paler from the lack of any real sun during weeks of perpetual snow, with assessing black eyes turned towards him. She sipped coffee to mix with her mouthful of eggs and toast, chewed slowly, then swallowed, all the time staring directly at him. She sniffed a little, then said, “Yep. Three spoons of sugar in my coffee too. You wanna make something of it?” Caught off guard by the effect on him of the unexpectedly sharp lines of her cheeks and bold aggressive eyes, Sarge simply shook his head of brown shaggy hair in reply and Hoarse Voice’s attention immediately turned back to her food.

Sarge watched her small fingers set a fork to work covering a slice of toast with egg, fold it over and stuff nearly all of it into her thin-lipped mouth. More salt was shaken over the remaining eggs, more sugar, along with a very generous amount of cream, mixed with the new coffee that flowed quickly into her cup via the pot wielded by the quick sighted Stanley. Questioning his interest, Sarge continued his surveillance of her liberal saltings, pokings and smearing of eggs until his own plate arrived and distance required him to ask her to pass the Tabasco sauce. She complied readily then made a point of watching him rain red sauce upon his eggs until it pooled along the plate’s upward crease. Deciding to let her know he was aware of her watching him, Sarge twirled his fork in anticipation but turned toward her, clearly waiting for some comment. None came. Unable to resist, Sarge quipped, “What? Want a taste?”

She responded by looking his long broad frame up and down, slowly taking inventory of the well-worn jeans, heavy work boots and dark grey plain sweater. “Nope. Wouldn’t dream of depriving you.”

Sarge thought the better of uttering the sexually suggestive reply that skipped to his lips. He’d had a way too long night of loading freight, hunger for a great deal more than food had been gnawing at him for months, and he already knew his overtired body wasn’t going to settle down for the deep oblivious sleep he mentally craved. Instead of verbally needling the hoarse voiced woman, he commenced slicing and swirling his eggs through the Tabasco sauce and finally satisfying his stomach. Eggs, spices and black coffee worked their usual soothing magic.

After mopping up the remaining streaks of red sauce on his plate, Sarge took note of the departing early morning rush crowd, held up his empty cup for a refill then pulled a half read paperback copy of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency from the inside pocket of his long coat. With the still unlite cigarette now resting between his lips, he pushed his plate away and flipped through the book. As he smoothed out the creased page corner, Stanley cleared Sarge’s plate and laid a cinnamon roll wrapped in a paper napkin on the counter in front of Hoarse Voice. Taking the cigarette between his fingers, Sarge looked up just enough to allow him to see Hoarse Voice’s reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Standing up she shucked her black sweatered arms back into her coat sleeves, hauled a thick orange backpack off the floor and onto her stool, fished out a man’s style wallet from the pocket in its flap, laid out enough to cover the bill and the  sort of tip an appreciative regular customer leaves, then yanked the Hudson Bay Coat belt tight enough to reveal a waist Sarge was frankly surprised to see considering the double breakfast special she’d just slammed down. Black straps went over both shoulders centering the pack. Her eyes slid sideways to the book in his hand just long enough to read the title as she picked up her sweet roll. When she pulled up the coat’s hood she caught him observing her in the mirror. She nodded at his reflection then turned and left.

Leaning back on his stool, Sarge watched her stop outside the tavern door while unwrapping a portion or the roll before walking off. He turned to lift his cup and found Stanley staring at him with a serious degree of curiosity as he poured himself a cup of coffee to enjoy in the current lull of customers. He set a side plate with Sarge’s usual sweet roll on it next to the paperback.

Sarge frowned at the barkeeper, shrugged then picked up his book. Sarge glared at the cover for a few moments before pulling a fiver out of his pocket and tossing it on the counter. Book in one hand, he grabbed the roll from the plate then made a fast exit leaving behind Stanley’s amused laughter.

Once outside in the snow hazy bleak excuse for morning sunshine, Sarge surveyed the street. Hoarse Voice was quickly jaywalking diagonally through the empty four way stop designated by red flashing lights.  With his longer legs all that was required was a slightly quicker pace to close the half block distance between them. Setting the necessary pace, Sarge took a big bite of the sweet roll, focused his sights first on the orange back pack then her black leather boots and went in pursuit of quenching more than what overeasy eggs swimming in hot sauce could ever dream of satisfying.


Breakfast Special, second helping, “Railroad Crossing”  –>>


Music Notes:  [Jazz] Poached Eggs And Toast


Allo allo!
Today I’m sharing a New Orleans styled jazz piece – complete with a MrRay electronic keyboard! I really like this song because it sounds really mellow and cool; a really nice background track if I do say so myself!
Also, already reusing backgrounds. :/


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Black Hills Clean Water Alliance, FLOW and Powertech– Does anyone really NEED another uranium mine?

Okay, here are a few information items from the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance of South Dakota regarding their ongoing effort to stop uranium mining in the Black Hills by Powertech. Take note that donations of ANY amount are requested by the Clean Water Alliance in order to enable the hiring of expert witnesses concerning the dangers of uranium mining.  There is a link to an expert example. Take note that Powertech (p.31) wants water for FREE.  Now if anyone else is using water we pay for it. Why should a uranium mining company get water at no charge? Oh and NO accountability or responsibility for any environmental damages either.  What do I know?  Not much. But Lilias Jarding of CWA knows a thing or two:
Black Hills Clean Water Alliance
Greetings —

Last Friday, we had the prehearing on Powertech’s application for two water permits and a ground water discharge permit (to spray waste water on the ground).  The good news is that the actual hearing on the applications before the state Water Management Board will not occur the week of March 18.  It will be postponed, which gives us more time to prepare.

However, hiring the experts we need for the hearings costs money — lots of money.  Our experts will talk specifically about how Powertech’s proposed project would damage groundwater and the land.  We have to have experts to oppose Powertech’s applications effectively.  We know who we want to hire, and it will cost over $15,000.  So we need both small and large donations to help us raise that money.

We also need general operating funds.  Clean Water Alliance is an all-volunteer organization, so your donations go directly to work against uranium mining in the Black Hills region.  Every bit helps.  Please give what you can.

Please  CLICK HERE TO DONATE and pass this message along to others who might be willing to help.

Your support is gratefully received.

For anyone who hasn’t seen them, here is the link to the comments by Dr. Robert Moran on the draft Supplemental Impact Statement prepared by Powertech.  These are the type of comments we would like our experts to do for the water permits hearing.  And this is why we are raising money —


The next Heartland Film Society screening will be “Flow” on Monday February 25, 2013. It will be at the Elks Theatre in Rapid City at 7 pm. Admission is $7.00. The screening is co-sponsored by the Black Hills Chapter of Dakota Rural Action. The film is about water and how important it is to protect it from corporations, both in the U.S. and internationally. It documents how local grassroots organizing can be effective. There will be a panel discussion afterwards with Debra White Plume, Bruce Ellison, and Becky Leas. They will be discussing the proposed uranium mining by Powertech in the Southern Black Hills.

Please come out and support this very important event. Bring a      friend or three. Thank you very much.       Clay and Mary Ellen Uptain and your Heartland Film Society      Committee.


Greetings —

The next Clean Water Alliance meeting will be held on Saturday, March 2, at 10:00 a.m.  We’ll be meeting at Seattle’s Best coffeeshop’s meeting room again, as the library is not available.  The coffeeshop is located at the corner of 6th Street and St. Joseph Street — on the first floor of the Alex Johnson Hotel in downtown Rapid City.

See you there!



Another reprieve for Powertech —

Powertech to raise $1.5 million from secret “strategic” investors

Posted February 18, 2013

Once again, Powertech CEO Dick Clement has saved the Canadian penny stock company from bankruptcy by convincing “strategic” investors to buy up to 15 million shares for $0.10 each, according to a February 12 news release.

The unidentified strategic investors would purchase units consisting of one common share of Powertech and one share purchase warrant. One warrant entitles the investor to purchase one additional share for $0.20 for a period of three years.

The gross proceeds of the proposed private placement are only $1.5 million, but would allow Powertech to survive for another four months, assuming a cash burn rate of $400,000 per month.

Unlike financial investors who invest solely to realize a return on their investment, strategic investors are typically operating companies in the same or similar industries that seek to create synergies with their investments.

Strategic investors often expect to assume a degree of control over the investee company, and in many cases intend to acquire the company.

Since Powertech is in the midst of seeking multiple federal and state permits for the proposed Dewey-Burdock uranium mine, one would think that the disclosure of the potential future management of the company would be of interest to affected landowners, regulators, and investors.

But in typical fashion, Powertech has chosen to conceal the identities of the strategic investors.

Interestingly, Powertech has changed the description of the company that appears at the end of its news releases. After repeated challenges on this website to provide supporting evidence, Powertech has removed the following statement from its news releases:

“The Company’s key personnel have over 200 years of experience in the uranium industry throughout the United States, and have permitted more than a dozen in-situ operations for production.”

The February 12 news release includes the new language:

‘The Company’s key personnel have in-situ uranium experience throughout the United States and worldwide.”


News release – “Powertech Announces Private Placement” – Powertech Uranium Corp. – February 12, 2013 (P

Dewey-Burdock Uranium Mining in the Black Hills — Just Say No! ~ Community Meeting: 10 January 2013, Hot Springs, South Dakota, American Legion, 6:30 pm.

photo @ Karla LaRive 2012

The letter following my comments  is from the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary pages on Facebook.  Please help spread the news.  I think they could use some major support. They’re fighting uranium mining. This post is my tiny effort to raise awareness. Thanks to Earth Tribe for its support.

Powertech Exposed –and the difficulty of commenting via a malfunctioning website:  The uranium mining industry is not playing “fair”–because they know their mining is not wanted in the Black Hills -or anywhere else where the population is informed about the dangers of uranium mining and the environmental dangers it produces.  Clearly some people learned nothing from the Fukushima disaster.

Please consider the dangers and consequences of the Dewey-Burdock project – From the desk of IRAM Program Director, Susan Watt

by Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 4:05pm ·

From the desk of IRAM Program Director, Susan Watt

January 1, 2013


Please, I would ask all of you to read and understand what is going on in the arena of the Uranium Mining.



This proposed project affects all of us.  Please support our efforts by joining us and the community on Thursday Night, January 10, 2013 at the American Legion in Hot Springs, So Dakota for a Community Meeting at 6:30 pm. 


– SW


# # #


REPOST – December 30, 2012


Cindy Bladey, Chief, Rules, Announcements and Directives Branch

Division of Administrative Services

Office of Administration, Mailstop TWB-05-B01M

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Washington, D.C.  20555-0001


Docket NRC-2012-0277, the proposed Dewey-Burdock project, comments on the SEIS


Dear Ms. Bladey,


Twenty five years ago I founded the Institute of Range and American Mustang (IRAM) a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation. IRAM’s Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is home to more than 600 wild horses on 13,000 acres of private range in South Dakota.


On this location one can find; 60 million year old remains from the Pleistocene era of plants and animals, Ancient Petroglyphs that date back hundreds of years, Native American Ceremonial Sites, Historic Pioneer homesteads, and hundreds of native species of plants and animals. IRAM is supported by the thousands of visitors that come to South Dakota each year to see the natural history of the local area. Besides a Wild Horse Sanctuary the historic significance of this region brings people and scientists from all over the world.


For hundreds of years, the Cheyenne River that runs through the Sanctuary was the first source of water for the wildlife that lived on the grassy prairies. Ancient man and the dinosaurs of the past traveled this waterway. Native Americans hunted the buffalo and then held their sacred ceremonies on this land.


Along with IRAM’s Board of Directors, I am greatly concerned over the proposed Powertech Dewey-Burdock project that is located within twenty miles of the Sanctuary. We feel that the SEIS was issued before all the relevant information was available.


The Cultural and Historic impact that will result from this proposed project have not been considered properly. The relevant information is still not available.  The SEIS should not have been issued until a thorough study of the cultural and historical sites on the proposed project area was completed.


The SEIS “dilutes” impacts by saying that the impacts are “small” because only part of the project area is involved.  The impacts are large to the affected areas, and that is what should be considered. The Cheyenne River and its water shed are within a few miles from the proposed mining area. Our house wells and livestock wells all share the same aquifer that is to be used to inject the waste water from the project.


The SEIS only includes the impacts of a 100-year flood, and some facilities are allowed within the 100-year flood boundaries.  A 500-year flood should be considered.  No facilities should be allowed within the 100-year flood boundaries.  Vigorous, overland and stream flooding is common in the Black Hills.


The SEIS says that impacts are “small” in a number of instances because Powertech Uranium has said it will do certain things if problems develop.  The SEIS should not consider only the “best case” impacts, but should consider impacts if the problems found at other ISL projects develop.  The public and the environment should be protected from worst case impacts.


Besides over 600 wild horses, IRAM also has a herd of Red Angus Cattle and over 100 domestic horses, chickens, turkeys, and peacocks. We are greatly concerned over the potential exposure to radiation for all of these animals.


The SEIS lists a number of things that Powertech should do before it starts its operation, such as air dispersion modeling, livestock radiation sampling, pump testing, creating well field operational plans, and setting up emergency procedures for truck accidents.  These activities should be completed before a SEIS is issued, so that the public can have full information on which to base its comments, and so that the NRC can have full information on which to base its ratings of various impacts.


Due to the high desert environment, this area is very susceptible to lightning strikes and wild fires. This summer alone there were months of fires in the local area of the proposed mining.


The environmental impacts of wildfires, which are common in the immediate area of the proposed project, should be considered, including potential impacts if a fire strikes mining, pipelines, overhead power lines, and processing buildings.


The SEIS does not acknowledge environmental justice, cultural, and historical concerns that include Lakota treaty rights to the proposed project area and the fact that a number of Native American tribes consider the Black Hills to be sacred.


Bald eagles, sage-grouse, whooping cranes, and black-footed ferrets are all threatened or endangered wildlife species that could be negatively impacted by the proposed project.  Wildlife is simply expected to disperse and go elsewhere.  This creates undue hardship on sensitive species.


All ponds, including radium settling ponds, and areas where wastewater is applied to the land are threats to wildlife, particularly birds.


Public hearings should be held after full information is available on the proposed project.  Hearings held elsewhere during the writing of the NRC’s Generic Environmental Impact Statement are not adequate to this specific project.


Because the state no longer has regulatory authority over ISL mining, the federal government’s plans for monitoring the project should be clearly explained in detail, so that the public can determine whether monitoring will be adequate.


All data provided by Powertech Uranium should be independently verified.  It is not in the public interest to have the proposed project’s benefits and problems judged based almost entirely on data provided by the company seeking a permit.


The applicant has never mined uranium.  They do not have anything close to the resources necessary to create a mine.  The inexperience of the company and its lack of funding are important variables in the company’s ability to manage the environmental aspects of the proposed project and should be discussed in the SEIS.


The SEIS indicates that 30% of the water treated through the reverse osmosis process will become waste.  The impacts of the removal of this water from local aquifers should be discussed much more clearly.


All of the above facts about the Dewey Burdock project and the SEIS clearly affect the Institute of Range and American Mustang Programs and Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. The Uranium Mining would endanger the wildlife, the mustangs, the water supplies, the land and all the people that are on the land.


This matter of allowing Uranium Mining and using the water from an already delicate ecosystem must be considered and analyzed from all dangers and risks. Science tells us what a situation is but it is up to the humans involved to make the decisions. Once this area is exposed the Uranium Mining there is no turning back the clock to undo the mistakes.


Our policy at IRAM is that man is the caregiver of the Earth and all of its beings and no one has the right to contaminate or pollute the environment. There are no second chances at life if the water, land, wildlife, people and history of an area are destroyed by Corporate Greed.


There is something very great at stake here in the Black Hills of South Dakota and we ask you please to consider the dangers and consequences of the Dewey-Burdock project of what it can and might to do to the very water we drink and the land we live on.

Sometimes in life the risk is just not worth taking. Please help us keep our land and water safe.



Dayton O. Hyde

IRAM President / Founder

January 1 2013




Fort Defiance, AZ — What elected officials fear = opposition to SB 2109. Gee, I wonder why. Not.

Click image designed by Donovan Pete to use as cover on facebook.
Regarding Fort Defiance meeting to discuss SB 2109:
Posted on Navajo Truth SB 2109 facebook page along with the photos, links, observations and thoughts of many other people.!/navajotruth

via Bonnie Jean Canyon:
The police presence at the Fort Defiance meeting was intense and intimidating. This was mentioned by more than one person when the public was allowed to address the NNVP and other officials. I feel it was uncalled for and excessive. Im still trying to figure out why they also needed 2 or 3 fire trucks and also 3-4 ambulances? They must know already just how strongly the people are opposed to this? All the emergency response vehicals took up so much space it was very difficult to find parking. There was a pretty good turn out but it was after 5 that people started showing up even though the meeting started at 4 and Im assuming its because most work until 5. They ran out of chairs and many remained standing for most of the meeting. I feel the power point slide show they presented was meant to sell the bill more than it was to educate and inform. The people present strongly opposed the bill and many who wished to voice their concerns and ask questions were not allowed to speak. I was very happy to see young people in attendence including 2 that came all the way from Phoenix to speak and also a student from Dine College. At least 3 people spoke up towards the end and called out to the NNVP that they had not been allowed to speak. Once again proof that more forums are needed and also that more time should have been given to the public to speak and ask questions. It seems that most feel, that despite the claims of all the uncertainties of letigation, most would rather continue the fight for water claims in court than to waive them and settle.


Photo from Renaldo Chapman–on Navajo Truth SB 2109 facebook–Security at Fort Defiance meeting.


For some insight into the land, people, history and political economics involved in this issue consider this article at — Izilwane –Connecting the human animal to theglobal ecosystem

“Belonging to the Land,  Part One: The Elders of Black Mesa” by Zoe Kransey

“Part Two: Big Mountain”

“Part Three: We’re Still Here.”


Our Water Rights has a hard copy letter writing campaign underway. For information on SB 2109 and HR 4067,  and the addresses for snail mail visit petition to Stop SB 2109



note: This  information, quotes, photos, etc has been posted with prior permission-agreement with Navajo Truth in order to share information.

Agitate, Educate, and Organize ~OO~


For the Earth. And All Her Families.

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