Solidarity #NoDAPL ~ Wherever You Are ~Stand With Standing Rock Protectors of Earth ~ Sky ~ Water

Our Native American brothers, sisters, relations & settler supporters have assembled at the Sacred Stone Camp and are converging with hundreds of Indigenous Tribal Nations and thousands of Water Protectors at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. They are holding the line against construction of a pipeline that would carry highly flammable, fracked […]

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About that water issue underway ~~~ Scatter Their Own ~~ “Taste The Time” . . . .

I think the video says it all.  It just hit the tubesofyou today.  What have you been tasting today?


Scatter Their Own

Water is life! We as Lakota people, believe that we are only as clean as our water, and as healthy as our Mother… Grandmother Earth.” – Scatter Their Own.

Scatter Their Own’s video for ‘Taste The Time’ from the forthcoming album, Don’t Fear To Tread – available January 2014 / Scatter Their Own Music. Download the EP now on iTunes here:


Directed by Willi White
Concept by Juliana Brown Eyes Clifford

© 2013 Scatter Their Own Music


December Doorbuster Sale On The Climate! Or Not? Maybe? Sort of? What’s the Going Rate for Clean Air?

If you’re sick and tired of all the climate change denial spin, thank you Koch Bros et al, Bolivia’s statement at the climate talks offers issues to think about–such as accountability and responsibility on the part of those who have created the problems.  When considering the current state of all things climate and environment related keep in mind this recent Truthout op/ed article by Dr. Brian Moench, “Schizophrenics, Psychopaths Holding America Hostage.”

I’m not surprised at the notion that America’s business leaders and politicians have certain unsavory elements in their midst who “lead” the charge into denial.  If you’re unsure where to take a stand on climate change consider this–If all the scientists who support the reality of climate change are wrong then all will be honky dory forever for the doubters. But if all the scientists are correct regarding the reality of climate change and we do nothing–well then, “Good bye, Homo Sapiens, you’ve made your toxic mess now die in it.”


To the tune of, “How about those _______ (insert NFL team of your choice)? How about those Tar Sands Blockaders in Texas plugging those pipes with their bodies? $65,000 bail for them. Wow, someone takes pipeline protestors very seriously.”

Now onto today’s blogcasa main feature:

With much appreciation to Frederico Fuentes who maintains Bolivia Rising — in English– for posting this statement.

Bolivia Rising —>>

Bolivia’s address to UN climate talks: Our climate is not for sale

The following statement was made Wednesday by Jose Antonia Zamora Gutierrez, Minister of Environment and Water for the Plurinational State of Bolivia, at the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP18).  DOHA, Qatar — Mr. President of the COP, distinguished Heads of State of countries of the world, Ministers, Officials, delegates and representatives of social organizations, indigenous peoples and communities and farmers of the world, receive a greeting from the Plurinational State of Bolivia and our President Evo Morales Ayma.
The planet and humanity are in serious danger of extinction. The forests are in danger, biodiversity is in danger, the rivers and the oceans are in danger, the earth is in danger. This beautiful human community inhabiting our Mother Earth is in danger due to the climate crisis.
The causes of the climate crisis are directly related to the accumulation and concentration of wealth in few countries and in small social groups, excessive and wasteful mass consumption, under the belief that having more is living better, polluting production and disposable goods to enrich wealth increasing the ecological footprint, as well as the excessive and unsustainable use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources at a high environmental cost for extractive activities for production.
A wasteful, consumerist, exclusionary, greedy civilization generating wealth in some hands and poverty everywhere, has produced pollution and climate crisis. We did not come here to negotiate climate. We did not come here to turn the climate into a business, or to protect businesses of them who want to continue aggravating the climate crisis, destroying Mother Earth. We have come with concrete solutions. The climate is not for sale, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. President, the withdrawal of some developed countries of the Kyoto protocol and avoiding of their commitments is an attack on the Mother Earth and to life. The problem of climate crisis will not be solved with political declarations, but with specific commitments.
We will not pay the climate debt of developed countries to developing countries. They, developed countries, must fulfill their responsibility. While some developed countries do their best to avoid their commitments to solve the climate crisis, developing countries are making greater efforts to reduce emissions, and paying the price of a climate crisis and that everyday leaves droughts, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, etc.
The climate crisis leaves us poorer, deprives us of food, destroys our economy, creates insecurity, and creates migration. Climate change will make the poor poorer. Poor and developing countries have a great challenge: the eradication of poverty. And we’ll have to face a climate crisis for which we are not guilty.
In addition to adapting to climate change we must ensure security, education, health, energy for the population, provision of water and sanitation services, delivery communication and infrastructure services, job creation, provision of housing, reconstruction due to loss and damage caused by extreme weather events, adaptation actions, among others.
Mr. President, We denounce to the whole world the pressure from some countries
for the approval of new carbon market mechanisms, although these have shown to
be ineffective in the fight against climate change, and that only represent
business opportunities. This is a climate change conference, not a conference
for carbon business. We did not come here to do business with the death of
Mother Earth betting on the power of markets as a solution. We are here to
protect our Mother Earth, we came here to protect the future of

Yesterday forests were turned into carbon markets businesses,
and the same was done with the land, they tried to oceans and, worse, to
agriculture. Agriculture is food security, employment, life, and culture.
Agriculture is along with the land, mountains and forests, the house and the
food of our indigenous and peasant communities.

We will not allow the
replacement of the obligations of developed countries with carbon markets. The
planet is not for sale, nor our life.

It is essential that developed
countries take the lead with mitigation actions with concrete results and high
ambitions and that developing countries do their part within their respective
capabilities, and according to financial and technological transfers, solving
problems of poverty.

Mr. President, In Bolivia we have the vision of
Living Well as a new approach for civilization and cultural alternative to
capitalism, and in this context we focus our efforts to create a balance and
harmony between society and nature.
Bolivia, presented here concrete
proposals to strengthen the global climate system. We have proposed the creation
of the Joint Mechanism for Mitigation and Adaptation for integrated and
sustainable management of forests, not based on markets, to strengthen
community, indigenous and peasant management of our forests, which can promote
climate mitigation actions without transferring the responsibilities of
developed countries to developing countries.

Also, we promote
consistently the creation of an international mechanism to address loss and
damage resulting from natural causes and impacts of climate change in developing
countries. Our country will not promote carbon market mechanisms such as REDD,
and will respect and strengthen community management of forests.

Mr. President, We will not allow the people of the world to pay the bill for the irresponsibility and greed. It’s time to give concrete answers to humanity and Mother Earth. Let’s be careful of the intentions of some developed parties to make us feel resigned in front of this terrible reality, and admit the inertia and inaction of those countries that are historically responsible of global warming, sending us a message that is better to have a “pragmatic” attitude, which of course will condemn to cook planet and the extinction of the humanity.
Mr. President, brothers and sisters of the world, take these words as a commitment to life and Mother Earth. With this conviction we will be guided to meet the challenge we have in this conference, the challenge of saving the planet, and not to negotiate our climate. Thank you Mr. President.
Mr. President, brothers and sisters of the world, take these words as a commitment to life and Mother Earth. With this conviction we will be guided to meet the challenge we have in this conference, the challenge of saving the planet, and not to negotiate our climate. Thank you Mr. President.

Refresh Mother Earth with the Black Mesa Water Coalition, yá’át’ééh

Video by Paper Rocket Productions LLC

Please meet some of the people who form the Black Mesa Water Coalition. Roberto Nutlouis and others attended the Indigenous Environmental Network Conference on the Rights of Mother Earth in April.  They’re deep into water issues in Navajo and Hopi Country and creating Green businesses to support their traditional communities working to develop sustainable economies. Since they are a part of these communities they have a vested interest in their future.  We are all a part of the community of Earth. So we are all connected. We are all related.

Learn more on Facebook!/blackmesawc/info

Have you kissed Mother Earth today?

Link to Navajo language page

Bolivia Takes the Lead!!!

Heads up! Bolivia is taking the lead on seriously dealing with the enviromental issues that concern ALL living things. Oh yes, Evo Morales is trying to do what failed so miserably in Copenhagen—create working relationships for truly addressing the pressing ecological realities of our time.  Amy Goodman has taken the broadcast of Democracy Now! straight to Tiquipaya, Bolivia  for coverage of the World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth.  Evo Morales continues to do more than talk the talk–he seems to be walking the walk along with Bolivia’s UN Ambassador Pablo Solon.  Check out Goodman’s coverage of this Summit and Bolivia’s other historical changes their people can believe in at   —>

Agitate, Educate, and Organize ~OO~


Adaptation. Mitigation. Justice.

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