Native American Grammy Music

Here are some of the Native American musical nominees for  the Grammy Award for Native American Music–and New Age ~Dancing Into Silence.   A Spirit’s Dance won in the Native American Album category.   Clicking on the cover art will take you to clips of the music on each album. Canyon Records also has a very interesting audio clip regarding their own history of recording Native American music at

There is a wide variety of wonderful music clips on the Canyon Records site which makes it enjoyable to explore extensively.  

KKFI’s Native Spirit Radio’s host Rhonda LeValdo commented today that she didn’t understand why there was still only one category for Native American music in which pow wow competes against traditional music and other various Native American genres. Yes, every style of Native American music is apparently lumped into one category.

Enjoy whatever you discover.

Click CD image to sample music clips.

Click Cover Art to hear music clips.


Click Cover Art to hear music clips.


Click Cover Art to Listen to Music.

Got ears? You too can hear Native America Calling.

<<Click the banner above to visit Native America Calling.>>

Wondering what Native Americans think of Johnny Depp playing Tonto in a new film? Well, surf to Native America Calling’s online former broadcasts and find out. Heads up, make sure you’re wearing your satire hat for the “win Depp” show.  There’s an online archive list and summary of several years of broadcasts covering everything from healthcare to water rights  to “matchmaking.” Oh yes, there is  more talk radio in America than the usual media attention beasts bellowing on the sound waves. The discussions on Native America Calling are lively, smart, informative and enjoyable. Harlan McKosato is the show’s host and producer. Listeners are invited to call in and participate in the conversations.

Native America Calling broadcasts live Monday through Friday, 1-2pm Eastern time. 10 am PST.  You can listen online too.

On Monday, February 7, 2011 the topic will be the “State of Indian Education.”  Having blogged my thoughts about the general state of education in America, I’m very interested in hearing this particular broadcast.  

You can view the subjects of this upcoming week’s shows here–

They’re serving everything from Casino Jack to Adapting to Climate Change. And it all gets archived for listening at later dates.

In the Kansas City Metro area there’s only ONE hour a week of radio programming featuring Native American music, news, issues, and people.  Native Spirit Radio airs on  hosted by Rhonda LeValdo (Acoma Pueblo),  on Sundays,  5-6pm CST. NSR streams online.

Escape the radio boxes by expanding your listening horizons to Native America Calling.  Sharing your discoveries here is very welcome.

Native American Heritage Month needs some MUSIC.

It’s still November. It’s still Native American Heritage Month. Seems like a sampling of  some music is due.  This tiny post does not even begin to touch  even the surface of the range and depth of Native American music.  There’s everything from Rap to traditional spiritual music being performed by First Peoples across America.  For starters, I’d like to share a love song I first heard on Native Spirit Radio, hosted by Rhonda, on, every Sunday 5-6pm cst air time in Kansas City, Missouri. This is “Southern Man”, not the Neil Young tune, but a song sung by Alex E. Smith, Cheevers Toppah and Nitanis “Kit” Landry. The album is Harmony Nights, Native American Vocal Harmony.

Now for some  SoloCree sweet talk,

Northern Cree’s much less sedate  “Driving Me Crazy” — There’s some  footage of the performers further into the music.

Here are the Black Lodge Singers and a very good selection of black and white photographs. The creator of the video is credited at the end.

Some soft flute, but listen close to the lyrics of Anpanatchy “Little Indian Girl” for the “edge”.

Now for the sharp blade on several levels–words, historical images, and movie images–credits are at end of video.  This includes images of children, men, women, soldiers and warriors. Thanks to Caslucaslu for posting it on YouTube.

We are all related. We are all connected.

John Trudell’s Dark Poetic Reality

More Native American Heritage –the poetry and thoughts of John Trudell.  This is a small presentation of an often ‘invisible’ element of Native American life –the activism, poetry, world view of John Trudell and others like him. Clearly,  based on these few videos there’s more than poverty, suicide and despair on the minds of America’s Indians. They share the same value for the Earth as other Indigenous People around the world.  Listen close because Trudell has paid a high price for speaking his mind.  Agree with him or not, I doubt you’ll accuse him of shoveling any bs for the sake of bs.

Shanti Om  

Please  also visit mAdgA’s “Totem” post  –>

Note: Native Spirit Radio hosted by Rhonda airs at 5  pm cst every Sunday on .  Rhonda presents music, interviews, and news from across Indian Country.

It’s time to cough it up for KKFI, Kansas City

Most of the regular visitors to my blogcasa, commentors and silent folks alike, already know about KKFI–my–yes “my” community radio station because I am one of the many many listeners who support Radio Like It’s Seldom Heard with our own  $$$.  Yep, KKFI is totally listener  funded.  Wrap your head around that concept the next time you want something besides audio advertising galore.   

What is heard at KKFI? Local arts and music showcases, live talk radio shows like the Radio Redux, Labor Radio, the All Souls Unitarian Forum, the Tenth Voice, and EcoRadio. All this and more.  Music: Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Native American, World, techno,  Latin, Persian, Chamber…. There are even “guest djs” on KKFI–and they usually heat things up real sweet and spicy. 

The program schedule is stuffed 24/7  365–and staffed by volunteers. Yes, those local voices you hear are indeed LOCAL Kansas City People–not some high dollar corporate primed personality divas. 


Democracy Now!

Counter Spin

Bioneers-Revolution from the Heart of Nature

Grit Radio

Alternative Radio

For days and times check out the program schedule at

Some KKFI via YoTtube–Val interviews the Gift and beyond.  This is Community Radio–not corporate cuteness.

Just a small taste of  “Radio Like You’ve Never Heard It Before” -IF you haven’t streamed it yet.

IF everyone just  in Kansas City who listens to KKFI would  cough up  one buck for the station’s operating bills asap–this fundraiser would be DONE NOW!  Yes, Kansas City–and beyond–it is time to COUGH for the delight of your ears.  Call in your pledge, stamp and toss it in one of those blue metal postal boxes,  walk it in to the corner of 39th and Main, or just cyber-space it online at  No amount is too small nor too grande.

Native Spirit Music Now at

It’s  5 pm on another hot and humid day in the broiling pan of the midwest aka Kansas City Metro. Time for Native American Music via the KKFI 100,000 watt radio waves.

Surf in and ignore our heat as best you can.

PS–Looking for air time for your Native American music? Ship it to Rhonda at KKFI for Native Spirit Radio.

Is anyone learning anything from the disaster in the Gulf?

Apparently NOT much as is evident by the recent destruction of a beaver dam in the Haskell wetlands.

When  did asphalt become so important to the survival of living things?

Caught this story on Native Spirit Radio on  this afternoon. Thanks to Rhonda for giving it radio time.  It’s one of the reasons to discover what KKFI has to offer via their live streaming on the world wide web. 

Geradine, you are not alone in your struggles with irresponsible treatment of all the other living creatures with whom we need to SHARE the planet. This EARTH does NOT belong only to the humans.

Geradine’s disaster  area :

Native Spirit Radio & Bill Miller

Since Native Spirit Radio’s host Rhonda LeValdo is sooo responsible for introducing my ears to songs  like  “Indians and Aliens” (complete with commodity cheese)  and Keith Secola’s “NDN kars”.  (Both songs employ comic packages to present serious themes)–and I suspect somewhere along the sound waves on one of those Sunday afternoons in the 5 to 6pm radio programing schedule of, she tossed up some Bill Miller music too–it seemed only fitting to chat about Native Spirit Radio–like the ONLY show of its kind in my radio listening locale –and Bill Miller’s Spirit Rain in the same blogspot. 

During Native Spirit’s hour Rhonda spins out the waves of Sharon Burch, Indigenous, Bear Creek and Thunderhill. Then there’s also some Stomp dance music, news across Indian country,  and every so often the “Birthday Song.”  It’s a great mix of contemporary, pow-wow, and traditional music with occassional interviews and commentary.

You can check out her great smile and find more information about Native Spirit Radio at


As for Bill Miller, he just picked up a grammy for Spirit North Wind.  I’ve been listening to his Spirit Rain since my venture to Chi-town.   It’s easy on the ears with some fine songwriting across the board.  His “Face the Blues” is quietly unsentimental yet packs a punch. “Prayers for the Truth” is so on target for so many issues in this country –and other places–the need to face the truth in order to deal with it and heal–that it can be an eerie listening experience. Perhaps my favorite song on this album is “I believe” –the opening lyrics say it all: “I believe in the things I cannot see/ I believe that the truth will come to me/And it will flow like a river to the sea/I believe.”

Catch a touch of  Spirit North Wind —>>

For the lyrics to Secola’s “NDN Kars” —->>>>

If this is all music news to you, then what are you waiting for? Expand your audio universe asap!

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