December Doorbuster Sale On The Climate! Or Not? Maybe? Sort of? What’s the Going Rate for Clean Air?

If you’re sick and tired of all the climate change denial spin, thank you Koch Bros et al, Bolivia’s statement at the climate talks offers issues to think about–such as accountability and responsibility on the part of those who have created the problems.  When considering the current state of all things climate and environment related keep in mind this recent Truthout op/ed article by Dr. Brian Moench, “Schizophrenics, Psychopaths Holding America Hostage.”

I’m not surprised at the notion that America’s business leaders and politicians have certain unsavory elements in their midst who “lead” the charge into denial.  If you’re unsure where to take a stand on climate change consider this–If all the scientists who support the reality of climate change are wrong then all will be honky dory forever for the doubters. But if all the scientists are correct regarding the reality of climate change and we do nothing–well then, “Good bye, Homo Sapiens, you’ve made your toxic mess now die in it.”


To the tune of, “How about those _______ (insert NFL team of your choice)? How about those Tar Sands Blockaders in Texas plugging those pipes with their bodies? $65,000 bail for them. Wow, someone takes pipeline protestors very seriously.”

Now onto today’s blogcasa main feature:

With much appreciation to Frederico Fuentes who maintains Bolivia Rising — in English– for posting this statement.

Bolivia Rising —>>

Bolivia’s address to UN climate talks: Our climate is not for sale

The following statement was made Wednesday by Jose Antonia Zamora Gutierrez, Minister of Environment and Water for the Plurinational State of Bolivia, at the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP18).  DOHA, Qatar — Mr. President of the COP, distinguished Heads of State of countries of the world, Ministers, Officials, delegates and representatives of social organizations, indigenous peoples and communities and farmers of the world, receive a greeting from the Plurinational State of Bolivia and our President Evo Morales Ayma.
The planet and humanity are in serious danger of extinction. The forests are in danger, biodiversity is in danger, the rivers and the oceans are in danger, the earth is in danger. This beautiful human community inhabiting our Mother Earth is in danger due to the climate crisis.
The causes of the climate crisis are directly related to the accumulation and concentration of wealth in few countries and in small social groups, excessive and wasteful mass consumption, under the belief that having more is living better, polluting production and disposable goods to enrich wealth increasing the ecological footprint, as well as the excessive and unsustainable use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources at a high environmental cost for extractive activities for production.
A wasteful, consumerist, exclusionary, greedy civilization generating wealth in some hands and poverty everywhere, has produced pollution and climate crisis. We did not come here to negotiate climate. We did not come here to turn the climate into a business, or to protect businesses of them who want to continue aggravating the climate crisis, destroying Mother Earth. We have come with concrete solutions. The climate is not for sale, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. President, the withdrawal of some developed countries of the Kyoto protocol and avoiding of their commitments is an attack on the Mother Earth and to life. The problem of climate crisis will not be solved with political declarations, but with specific commitments.
We will not pay the climate debt of developed countries to developing countries. They, developed countries, must fulfill their responsibility. While some developed countries do their best to avoid their commitments to solve the climate crisis, developing countries are making greater efforts to reduce emissions, and paying the price of a climate crisis and that everyday leaves droughts, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, etc.
The climate crisis leaves us poorer, deprives us of food, destroys our economy, creates insecurity, and creates migration. Climate change will make the poor poorer. Poor and developing countries have a great challenge: the eradication of poverty. And we’ll have to face a climate crisis for which we are not guilty.
In addition to adapting to climate change we must ensure security, education, health, energy for the population, provision of water and sanitation services, delivery communication and infrastructure services, job creation, provision of housing, reconstruction due to loss and damage caused by extreme weather events, adaptation actions, among others.
Mr. President, We denounce to the whole world the pressure from some countries
for the approval of new carbon market mechanisms, although these have shown to
be ineffective in the fight against climate change, and that only represent
business opportunities. This is a climate change conference, not a conference
for carbon business. We did not come here to do business with the death of
Mother Earth betting on the power of markets as a solution. We are here to
protect our Mother Earth, we came here to protect the future of

Yesterday forests were turned into carbon markets businesses,
and the same was done with the land, they tried to oceans and, worse, to
agriculture. Agriculture is food security, employment, life, and culture.
Agriculture is along with the land, mountains and forests, the house and the
food of our indigenous and peasant communities.

We will not allow the
replacement of the obligations of developed countries with carbon markets. The
planet is not for sale, nor our life.

It is essential that developed
countries take the lead with mitigation actions with concrete results and high
ambitions and that developing countries do their part within their respective
capabilities, and according to financial and technological transfers, solving
problems of poverty.

Mr. President, In Bolivia we have the vision of
Living Well as a new approach for civilization and cultural alternative to
capitalism, and in this context we focus our efforts to create a balance and
harmony between society and nature.
Bolivia, presented here concrete
proposals to strengthen the global climate system. We have proposed the creation
of the Joint Mechanism for Mitigation and Adaptation for integrated and
sustainable management of forests, not based on markets, to strengthen
community, indigenous and peasant management of our forests, which can promote
climate mitigation actions without transferring the responsibilities of
developed countries to developing countries.

Also, we promote
consistently the creation of an international mechanism to address loss and
damage resulting from natural causes and impacts of climate change in developing
countries. Our country will not promote carbon market mechanisms such as REDD,
and will respect and strengthen community management of forests.

Mr. President, We will not allow the people of the world to pay the bill for the irresponsibility and greed. It’s time to give concrete answers to humanity and Mother Earth. Let’s be careful of the intentions of some developed parties to make us feel resigned in front of this terrible reality, and admit the inertia and inaction of those countries that are historically responsible of global warming, sending us a message that is better to have a “pragmatic” attitude, which of course will condemn to cook planet and the extinction of the humanity.
Mr. President, brothers and sisters of the world, take these words as a commitment to life and Mother Earth. With this conviction we will be guided to meet the challenge we have in this conference, the challenge of saving the planet, and not to negotiate our climate. Thank you Mr. President.
Mr. President, brothers and sisters of the world, take these words as a commitment to life and Mother Earth. With this conviction we will be guided to meet the challenge we have in this conference, the challenge of saving the planet, and not to negotiate our climate. Thank you Mr. President.

Mad-City Parent Steams about Walker in the land of Koch aka Wisconsin.

Well I could rant on about whatever the hell happened in Wisconsin yesterday regading the Recall Gov. Scott Walker effort. But I won’t. I think it’s much more appropriate to guest post the thoughts of a friend who resides in the state and worked hard for the effort.  Without further ado:

A Madison Resident steams in Mad-City:

Short answer:  Walker held on by outspending Barrett on tv ads by a margin of between seven and ten to one.  The ads were either a) the indisputable fact–and not campaign hyperbole–is that we saved Wisconsin by balancing the budget or b) Tom Barrett has turned Milwaukee into a hell on earth, as evidenced by this photo of a dead baby that Barrett is responsible for in some vague, non-actionable way.  Walker also got some cushioning from people who don’t personally like him but who are offended by the concept of the recall.  And finally, I think, despite the demonstrably crappy job he’s done as governor, Walker is still powered by an undercurrent of up-state envy, people who hate Madison liberals for being more affluent and educated and therefore more smug than they are.

Honestly, I don’t know who the hell Walker’s supporters are.  I really can’t fathom this.  He is as close to a mustache twirling villain as I’ve ever seen in Wisconsin politics, a demagogic bully who is willing to do anything to further his political aspirations, and who doesn’t care who he stomps on to do it.  As near as I can figure, I guess, is that his supporters are people, suburbanists especially,  who are afraid of losing their stuff and who are willing to let budget cuts fall on everyone else in order for them to maintain the subsidized lifestyle they somehow deserve.  And Walker understands that, and promises he’s the only one standing between them and the special interests, the bogeyman union bosses, who want to make them pay for incompetent, indoctrinating teachers they can’t fire and make them sit next to other people on crowded non-high speed trains, trolleys really, because they want to put the earth’s needs above people’s.

So, shorter answer:  Walker won because we live in uncertain times and he shows no uncertainty.

The worst part now is how smug Walker is going to be as he rolls out his next legislative session using the failed recall as a cudgel.  Of course, before that, we will be treated to Walker lapping up national attention as the new-flavor-of-the-month frontrunner in the VP sweepstakes, coyly declining consideration, finally, in the interests of running the state.  Which is to say that VP consideration for Walker will continue up to the point the Romney team does its background check and discovers just how dirty Walker is.  Walker’s lawyers spent the past six weeks before the election trying to get letters from both the Feds and the Milwaukee County DA’s office declaring that Walker wasn’t the target of an investigation–either when he was Milwaukee County Exec or sitting as governor–and they couldn’t get them.  Thirteen people around Walker have now been given immunity, so something’s coming down the pike.

Which points to what I hate most about Walker:  this may sound quaint but what I really can’t stomach is that he has no sense of fair play.  The whole John Doe investigation centers around his using his office for campaigning, for using the levers of power to help himself.  Ever since he got elected he has been working tirelessly to tilt the playing field for his own benefit.  He’s called special sessions to get around legislative rules and when that wasn’t enough he broke laws to muscle his bill through.  His legislators on redistricting met in secret and then passed a bill so gerrymandered that the courts struck parts of it down.  he passed a voter ID law to disenfranchise as many Democrats as possible.  And, of course, his whole emergency budget bill was less about a budget crisis and more about cutting off political opponents at the knees.  And all the while he crows hypocritically and piously (I can’t count the number of times he’s mentioned that he’s the son of a minister) about how hard he is working for Wisconsin, again, standing up against the special interests.  Every time he parrots that line I want to throw something at him, because how much more special an interest can you get than the Koch Brothers.

In other words, this one really hurt.  I put in a lot of get out the vote work, and I started letting myself get hopeful.  And now I don’t know anything anymore.

But thanks for letting me vent.  That actually made me feel better.

A Mad-City Parent

Higher Education Quebec Style = 400,000 Defy Bill 78 to Denounce Tuition Hike. Oh and about Education…

       Now one hundred days of protest is some serious field trip out of classroom mental work– and this exercise in the freedom to speak one’s mind with one’s feet apparently will not end with the conclusion of the course term. in Quebec.  Apparently Canadian students enjoy their affordable education so much they’re willing to fight for it with zeal and determination.  Bill 78 is an effort to shut down the student strike protests against the 75 % hikes in tuition. Bill 78 in effect demands that people submit to the dictates of the state and refrain from protesting en mass or face serious fines (1,000 to 25,000 dollars) and arrest. Wearing a mask could get you 10 years in prison.  OOOOO what do the elected official fear from the mask wearers?  Damn that film V for Vendetta for its mask wearing protestors for popularizing those masks which scares the hell out of totalitarians. Every effort to ban and il-legalize the masks serves as a red flag marker as to who is who on the battlefield for mind control. Some Canadians I’ve chatted with recently declare Bill 78 is the death knoll for Premier Jean Charest and his ‘liberal’ party.  Take note–these days the world ‘liberal’ has vastly different meanings depending on where, who, when–it’s all about context.

If you’re wondering what’s with the red square — little red felt squares are worn by the students and their supporters in Quebec.  Yes, I am in solidarity with anyone who believes quality education should be available to everyone. I would like ALL education to be ‘free of charge’ because the mind is the most vital frontier and no one should be denied the opportunity to learn–ever.  Can you imagine a world in which our monetary and other ‘resources’ are focused on education that enables humans to actualize their imaginative creative intellectual potential –instead of focused on making war, engaging in genocide and destruction of anyone some folks consider a threat to their bastions of power and control? I suspect if we’d been enabling the flourishing of the mind we might not have sown the seeds of our destruction via the pollution of our own habitat.  Or at least I hope we would not have done so.  One never knows what course intellectual freedom might embark upon. Hell, some of the great scientific minds created the atom bomb–and enabled it to be ‘used.’  So, yes, I admit there are such dilemmas.  Yet, if there’d not been a military industrial complex running rampant then the course of human history would be —-???? We don’t quite know do we? Plenty of Science Fiction authors have explored alternative realities. I suspect this is one reason the genre threatens mainstream fiction writers — because it explores more than the status quo of possibilities and pushes the imagination into uncharted waters.

A few fundamental basics regarding quality education to consider. Oh yes, all of this comes from experiencing what ‘works’ in a teaching environment. This is NOT speculation:

Optimum student class size–14 students.  This is not a secret number. It’s been shown that a student teacher ratio of 14 to 1 produces major benefits.

No standardized tests. They’re just money makers for the corporate testing business and serve no other purpose than to generate profits. They’re useless for gauging real mastery of material. Ability to properly employ and discuss material in useful and creative ways reveals having learned a subject.

No corporate produced textbooks. The textbook industry is another huge money-maker that enables mass indoctrination and manipulation of information. Guess why Americans don’t know much about HISTORY beyond what someone decided they ought to know to stay malleable.

No useless grades. Grades do little more than serve as carrots on sticks. Children have been paid to get good grades in research studies.  The little student research rats behave just as one might expect–they produce only as long as they’re PAID. No more funding and they cease putting forth effort for grades.  That reveals nothing good about carrots or the educational system that fails to incline children to be invested in their own learning.

As for uniforms–who gives a damn what you’re wearing if you’re not engaged in the act of discovery. Uniforms might ease some social issues in some contexts but they cannot improve a child’s learning experience. Some parents like uniforms because of how easy they make “clothing issues”. Well, if clothing issues are the main concern something is seriously skewed at the core.  Uniforms are just another money-maker for those businesses that produce them.

Discovered a common thread here regarding the involvement of ‘Business’ in education? Business has NO place in education.  It does not foster engagement in the act of discovery. Businesses exist for profit margins and selling products–NOT for fostering the critical thinking skills of human beings.

As for “teachers” in education. It’s a tough job these days to be a teacher anywhere. The pedagogy for classrooms has clearly failed under the current system of operations in the public sector.  Education is not a ‘service’ industry where just punching a time clock is enough.  People’s minds are not like car parts on conveyor belts waiting for assembly. Lecturing to the ‘drones’ does nothing but leave all children behind–far far behind. To teach is to lay aside ego and engage people — not all of whom one ‘likes’– in order to educate their imaginations so that they are active participants in the world rather than factory robots.  This is not easy nor for the faint of heart. “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” No shit.

Information regarding Bill 78

Visit Democracy Now!  for coverage of the student protests. They had a good feature piece today (Friday May 25, 2012).

The Educated Imagination website dedicated to Northrop Frye  O my, Frye was a Canadian?? Hehehe, see this post is ‘connected’ …..

And  Northrop Frye, The Educated Imagination

Nothing is perfect–but there are much better ways to educate than are currently employed en mass in the United States.  I think some Americans have figured out enough to know that closing 60 schools in Philadelphia is not a great idea.

How is your imagination today? Please do share your thoughts if you’re so inclined.  No rulers for knuckle bashing nor ink pens held at the ready for grammar put downs in this blogcasa comment section. Anyone have a positive educational experience to share? Hmm? Horror stories also are ‘welcome’. Is your school under siege? Are you a teacher wondering what the hell has gone so horribly wrong? Are you a lucky teacher  in a great supportive environment with eager students?


Oppose the Huppenthal Mind Control Effort. Read the Books He Fears.

By now you’ve probably heard something about the action by John Huppenthal, the superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona to shut down the Mexican American Studies Program in the Tucson School District.  If not, there’s plenty of coverage online for getting up to speed fast, including a ‘debate’ on Democracy Now! between Huppenthal and Richard Martinez, the lawyer for students and teachers who wish to retain the Mexican Studies Program.  You’ll probably want to supplement this coverage but it is good for seeing and hearing John Huppenthal speak for himself ‘live.’  Make sure whatever you toss at his mug on your computer monitor is easily cleaned off the screen and keyboard. Dry spit balls might be a good choice.  O damn, my bias is showing, isn’t it? Well, I’m not a supposedly neutral reporter so who gives a spit.

Let’s kickoff with a quote by John Huppenthal (source: Democracy Now! link):

“If all you’re teaching these students is one viewpoint, one dimension, we can readily see that it’s not an accurate history, it’s not an education at all. It’s not teaching these kids to think critically,” Huppenthal says, “but instead it’s an indoctrination.”

Well, excuse me, but is this not precisely what has been done in American schools across the country with every corporate produced history textbook imposed upon every teacher and student in America ever since the school textbook industry got its biased fingers into the realm of education? Now the Mexican American Studies Program in Tucson challenges that corporate textbook industry indoctrination and guess what, the oppressors act with more oppression to impose their perspective again. Is that not what this action in Tucson amounts to? It it not more oppression? It this not totalitarianism in action? John Huppenthal wants his brand of indoctrination in full force in Tucson–and he’s not alone. Apparently he’d got buds who write laws to suit his ends. Yeah, a new law is what Huppenthal is using to get rid of the Mexican American Studies Program that has been running for 13 years. Isn’t that nifty? Don’t like something so write a ‘law’ against it. What a way to USE the system, Mr Huppenthanl. Oh and Huppenthal also employed blackmail to get the school district to comply–do what The Huppenthal demands or lose millions.  Wow, what incredible lessons the Mexican American students are learning with every move The Huppenthal makes. Seriously, this is priceless instruction in how oppressors operate.  Who needs a textbook when there’s The Huppenthal making headlines around the world with his assault on the Mexican America Studies Program? As for instruction in Oppression–well, when books are removed from school courses and school libraries because they’re deemed ‘illegal’ what more could you ask for regarding direct instruction in how the oppressors attempt to control information? Guess where I’m going with this next? Yeah, forbidden fruits are the sweetest are they not?

Chicano! The History of the Mexican Civil Right Movement  by Arturo Rosales

Critical Race Theory by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic

500 Hundred Years of Chicano History in Pictures   by Elizabeth Martinez

Occupied America: A History of Chicanos  by Dr. Rodolfo Acuna

Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years   ed by Bill Bigelow

Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Read these books and discover what John Huppenthanl fears, besides Karl Marx.  I was a tad baffled by The Tempest at first, but then it came to me–exile, dissent, oppression etc.  Yeah, can’t have that play giving anyone IDEAS now can we? O Will, what sensitive fingers you had on the pulse of the people . . ..   If real freedom of the mind is important then we need to find ways to support the students and teachers of the Tucson School District and their Mexican American Studies Program. One way would be to donate the funds that they’d be penalized by NOT suspending the program. Hence taking the ‘teeth’ out of The Huppenthal’s blackmail. Alas I do not have millions to make such a gift. Nor, I suspect does anyone reading this spit ball counter-attack.  What we can do is READ the books being denied the students of the Tucson School District and thereby educate ourselves about their history. By doing so we stand in solidarity against The Huppenthals everywhere.  Today its Mexican Americans. Yesterday the Japanese were sent to interment camps in the USA.  In 1492 Columbus began the rape of the New World. The perspective of the oppressed is not pleasant to step into–but it’s part of the reality of America and should not be denied.

Some people have a talent for hitting nails on the head like Olbermann on The Bloom

What can I say? Olbermann is just so good at scoring direct hits that it’s downright spooky. Who is occupying whose mind here? Olbermann mine or me Olbermann’s? It doesn’t really matter because the bottom line is that we’re on target when it comes to The Billionaire Bloom of New York City and his handling of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Heck, even NPR said at one point that it wouldn’t cover OWS unless there was violence involved. Gee, that must have been Mayor Bloomberg’s cue card to show his secret support for the people pointing fingers at the folks who destroyed the economy. Nothing else makes sense, does it? Why else would The Bloom march out New York’s finest to deal with peaceful protestors every chance he gets? With every confrontational step he takes, The Bloom aids and abets the very folks certain big banks want to banish into the pits of debt slavery of all ilks. A huge round of applause is due The Bloom for preventing the occupiers from becoming complacent in Liberty Park and encouraging everyone into the streets.  According to one NYPD estimate 32,000 people accepted the mayor’s latest invitation to stomp through the streets and across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Kudus to The Bloom for revealing the very uncomfortable reality of the  world in which we are living.

~ click the image above for more information and images~

Do you get the feeling something serious is going on here?  Just for a moment let  concpets of positive social evolution occupy your mind.  Just one moment at a time is fine. Really, everyone moves at their own pace–even the one percent like The Bloom.


Wild Irish Poet Calling

Greetings, all cyber surfers. The speech video posted here came to my attention while visiting Occupy Dame Street in Dublin, Ireland on its first day of streaming live for a few hours.  If you’ve wandered into the various chatstreams arising for the spreading occupy movement then you’ve probably experienced everything from total madhouse chaos of Occupy Wall Street in New York City to relatively coherent discussion of issues in Los Angeles–at times.  Pure chance led me to Dublin’s livestream debut and its sublimity. Yes, sublimity of experiencing the positive actualization of what the internet can do for bridging the literal physical distance between people and places.  People were watching and listening online the very serious and informed discussions of those occupying Dame Street across from the Central Bank in Dublin, Ireland. We watched, listened and conversed.  There was discussion and communication in English and Gaelic. It was grand. After the livestream went down to cool the computer on the ground and recharge its batteries the conversation continued. It was sweet, heady stuff. Not because of the political exchange, but because of the reaching out and sharing and learning and connecting.  All the things nearly impossible in the now often free for all textual brawling, trolling and raving in the Occupy Wall Street chatstream.  This video shared by the wildirishpoet is a tiny part of that wonderful conscious inter-connecting. It exemplifies something important for Ireland that can be extrapolated to the rest of humanity–to manifest the sublime we’re capable of actualizing.

It’s been interesting to watch this “movement” of occupation from its inception in New York City with Occupy Wall Street.  At the start it was impossible to find any coverage of the event and now, well, now even Fox News is covering OWS as best it can–with the usual suspect results of course. Still it’s telling that even right wingers are increasingly aware of  the occupy movement. It’s clear some have no comprehension of the fundamental issues that are bringing people into the streets to voice discontent. The lack of understanding is a sign of what’s gone so very wrong in this culture and others. When one part of the population doesn’t really comprehend what’s got people riled up to civil disobedience then there’s a serious problem with seeing reality.  It’s still easy for many to remain comfortable and cozy in their havens of home and work.  But I sense that comfort will not last much longer. Chris Hedges recently penned a piece titled “Why the elites are in trouble.”  Hedges hits the target right on mark. The occupation will continue until real change occurs.  But what Hedges does not contemplate–at least not yet to my knowledge–is just what bringing about real positive change will entail in the long run.  The One Percent and their minions may be aware and may have passed the stage of ridiculing the movement indeed–but they are nowhere near capitulating to its demands. Why should they–yet? When they have many tools of FORCE at their beck and call via the carrot of money to blow.  I suspect the honeymoon period is about over for the Occupy Movement. The newness and novelty are fast fading.  Roots have dug in and are spreading.  Now real work is beginning–the work of awaking the rest of the population, the work of having to really deal with the power of the One Percent who will NOT “go quietly into that dark night”.  This shifting of consciousness has no clear ending in sight. No one really knows just where it will lead. Oh there is all the hope for a better world for everyone. The thing is how will we get to that promised land of loving compassion for all? There are still the dark dark woods to venture through. And the history of human nature so far shows that’s not an easy journey.  This is about more than just creating jobs that give everyone a living wage and enough disposable income to feed the consumer addiction.  This shift in values, perspective and relating goes far beyond that and what shape(s) may eventually manifest is anyone’s guess.  Oh and for those thinking this will fade and go the way of the peace movement of the 60s, I say think again. This is an awakening that knows no bounds. When the mind is free from illusions then there are no limits, no  boundaries and no constraints. People often cite the Rule of Law. Well The Law is a human construct. It’s clear our current Rule of Law is fatally flawed. It does not serve the people. It serves the interests of the One Percent. Only the Laws of Nature are pure and uncorrupted by human meddling. The Laws of Nature are perfect and complex. Nature’s Law trumps human created Rule of Law because it cannot be corrupted by avarice, ego or blackmail.  For humans there are laws beyond Legal Law. At the risk of sounding offhandedly simplistic I’ll call these the “laws of doing the right things” for the “right reasons.”   We want to protect the Earth because it’s our only home and it’s a Wonderful Home. We don’t have a planet to migrate to so we need to clean this one up if we wish to continue as a species.  We reach out and help others because it’s what caring humans do. Some, like Tim DeChristopher, defy the human construct of Rule of Law to do the right thing–and do it without regret or remorse because they know they’re doing what needs to be done on the most fundamental levels of understanding and awareness.

The Rule of Law serves the One Percent, it’s just one tool they will use in every way they can because they enjoy being the One Percent Feudal Lords  and they don’t want their luxury boats rocked by any uprising serfs.  The One Percent has not yet begun to fight back. They will. It won’t be a pretty sight. They will not cede power and bow out gracefully. That’s not their style as evidenced by how they’ve become the One Percent  This revolution will not be won by millions of keys shaken in the streets per the Czech’s Velvet Revolution. It’s going to be won one heart and mind at a time. And that’s damn hard work.  Get ready for the long haul because once awake no one goes back to sleep.  This street only goes one way–forward. To where? How long? Creating what?

Imagine the possibilities.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

I imagine a world where no one goes without the necessities of life because of someone else’s greed; where quality education is free for everyone; where everyone gets the healthcare they need; where there is no war, where Mother Earth is loved and respected; where everyone can live a live worth living–and that’s just for starters.


Links of possible interest:

Occupy Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland:                  

The Spirit of Ireland Film:          


The occupation is not being televised. Or is it?

At this point in time the lack of mainstream news coverage of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street event is becoming news in itself. As more people become aware of the now week-long effort to raise awareness of the 99% of the population who are NOT reaping the benefits of Wall Street shenanigans–the more glaring the lack of coverage becomes.  Yet this lack is not really surprising. It is most predictable considering the present nature of the media that flows nightly into the homes of millions of Americans.  Ironically, many of these same Americans unknowingly have a vested interest in the efforts of the occupiers who are from their non-Wall Street ranks.  Yet, showing Americans other Americans engaged in protests like the recent Tar Sands Keystone XL arrests in front the White House for two solid weeks during which over 1,253 were arrested, seems to make the Americans who own and run news broadcasts in America very uncomfortable. Why is that? Have they forgotten that the goal of their occasionally respectable profession is to inform people?  Naw….they haven’t forgotten.  They’ve been co-opted, sold out, and/or taken over by certain interest groups who are distinctly uncomfortable with anyone/anything that rocks the boat of the status quo–no matter how badly that boat is taking on water. Like climate change deniers, news media deniers cannot make the reality go away. Climate change is not invisible nor is the Occupy Wall Street protest.  Tuning into the livestream video at Peaceful Uprising and elsewhere online may not bring stunning images of dramatic nonstop action into your brainpan. But it will provide a sense of what is involved in such activism. Yes, there are scenes of Police presence and arrests when the occupiers are on the move. There are interesting arenas of group communication and consensus reaching efforts during the General Assemblies. There’s a great deal of dealing with the practical issues of everything from keeping the video operating to information on where/how to donate food supplies. Occupations require the necessities of daily life. Who knew? In many ways this is a practical primer for such activist efforts. Is it any wonder the mainstream media is avoiding it like the plague?

Lively streaming from Liberty Park and NYC —

Call Mayor Bloomberg and talk nice to the very nice Lady who answers his phones. No bullhorns required.

"One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy..."

Oh the joy of telephones of all ilk. Use a minute of your time and give Mayor Bloomberg a call to let him know you’re “watching” how his fair city is treating the peaceful protest of Wall Street Greed that has made life miserable for so many Americans and people around the world. It’s very easy and there’s a very nice Lady answering the phone.  Be nice and polite as she patiently listens to your concerns about police actions against the people giving Wall Street a piece of everyone’s minds about their rampant unabashed greed. 

212-341-2009   or  212-772-1081 x 12006

It’s an “easy” way to show support and speak your mind too. And the RICH just might be paying a little attention. They must be considering all those police officers doing their duty in and around “Liberty Park” confiscating gas and tarps and cardboard signs.  Are they being paid overtime? Who is paying for that overtime?  Wall Street?

Who really occupies Wall Street?

The protestors? The police? The suits? The squirrels?

Can’t get to Toto-Land? Exercise your right to write! Take a stand against Dirty Oil from the Tar Sands. Write Now.





"we see you" @ eva


Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline!


Save 740,000 Acres of Boreal Forest!


Say NO! to Dirty Oil from the Canadian TAR SANDS!


Public Hearing Sept. 26, 2011:


Kansas Expo Center, I Expocenter Drive, Topeka, Kansas


Noon – 3:30, 4- 8 pm.


Written comments due by Midnight of October 9, 2011.


Email: keystonexl-nid @

FAX: 206-269-0098

Snail Mail:

Alex Yuan, Keystone XL EIS Project, P.O. Box 96503-98500, Washington, D.C. 20090-6503

This pipeline will destroy 740,000 acres of irreplaceable Boreal Forest.


This dirty oil is intended for Export not domestic use in America.

This dirty oil will not create long term job opportunities.

This dirty oil has damaged the health, water, soil and air of Indigenous communities downstream of the Tar Sands.

The Keystone 1 Pipeline has already leaked 12 times.

Imagine the BP Oil Disaster in the Middle of America.



For more information visit online The Indigenous Environmental Network, Tar Sands Action,, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Peaceful Uprising


Kick our oil addiction!



The time is NOW, not later. Take a stand–Keep out of the Tar Sands

Currently being in no position to travel to Washington, D.C. for the ongoing protests in front of the White House which faces a park the homeless are NOT allowed to sleep in (a very noticeable thing if you’ve been to the nation’s capital and rubbed elbows with its massive homeless population visible everywhere except within sight of the WHITE HOUSE)–I risk droning on like an insane bee to online friends while conducting my own protest to the Keystone XL Pipeline here in blogland. Well, folks, I make no apologies. This is my tiny space and it’s all I’ve got to work with, so I’ve got to make it count NOW. We have had an incredible, perfect place to live and thrive on Earth–but it’s not that way anymore because of US. Either we face the reality of living in a delicately balanced “closed system” and take responsibility for the messes that humans have made or we sign our own death warrants via execution by pollution. The choice is ours. This pipeline is just one more battle in the war for more than survival on Earth. But it’s an important battle for Americans who are dealing with a government that willingly has put its heads in the sands. We need clean water and air MORE than we need oil. Or have I got that wrong? Test: Just try drinking gasoline when you’re thirsty. Better yet, try watering a garden with gas and see how that grows.
I wish I could adopt a lighter tone but I’m all out of “light” at the moment.

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