Searching for a satisfying love story via dvd? Search no more. Serve some~ Chicken With Plums ~ What More Could Hopeless Romantics Wish For?

Answer to post subject title question— I have no idea regarding what more. Oh that’s a lie. Sure I do. But that’s beside the point here when it comes to Chicken With Plums. Let’s put it this way, I ate the entire film meal and loved it.


Is it possible to write a review and give nothing away about the content? Why would I want to do that if I’m pitching a story to people who are all about ‘what’s going on here’? For my own churlish amusement, I guess. Honestly, I think the film trailer gives away far too much information as it is. That’s not really fair considering this isn’t a film about some devious plot to overthrow the world order. Nope. It’s certainly not a film about that sort of sordid messiness. It’s more of an adventure into a few human hearts., how things are connected, intense smoke and controlling parents. Now does that last qualify as a spoiler or not? Nawww, I don’t think it does. That’s not exactly a breaking news story–though there are a few broken things here.

What makes a great story? What keeps you reading a book? Why do you keep watching a movie? Is it intricate plotting and scheming? Cunning and creepy characters with caustic conversation? Thrill seeking vicarious stunt action? Fast cars and hot women–and men? How about a not so fast train, plane and a boat? Frankly I think we need to redefine the nature of ‘hot’ for both men and women on main streets. But that discussion doesn’t really fit here so I’m going to leave it alone–if I can.  Back to the swing of things:  Stunning images and exotic locations? What is that special bait that gets the hook in your brain box and keeps you reading and watching? What trips your entertainment traps? What feathers tickle you humor bones? By the way, do you enjoy random visits with Death?

What kind of story do you pick for a chilly night with the home-fires? Do your fingers dance to drama, comedy, tragedy or romance? Or some giddy brew of everything? Check out the examples suggested and get back to me asap. Please feel free to suggest other examples.  Hint, that’s what the blank lines are supposed to encourage you to do. If it’s not working, let me know and we’ll revise accordingly. Thanks for your input even though you’ve yet to offer any. Yet.

Tragedy     ______  as in Othello

Comedy    ______  as in Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Romance  ______  as in Moonrise Kingdom

Drama     _______ as in Elizabeth Taylor On A Hot Tin Roof

Action    _______ as in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Me? What do I pick? I do it all as long as it’s got the goods to keep my imagination engaged. I like a full plate of a solid story, no-big-box characters, delicious visuals, and sensual sounds. Yesterday evening’s top film pick was Chicken With Plums.  Yes I indulged in several otheres, but, sigh, as amusing as they were, no other was qualifed for TOP billing except the film with the fruit. I would love to ramble on and on about this delight. But I won’t. It would pull the rug out from the act of discovery and exploration.  Taste it for yourself. Oh, and if you’ve never eaten plums except with your breakfast–you’ve been missing out on some damn fine sweet stuff. Consider yourself DEPRIVED. Hmm…maybe it’s not in my best interests to encourage others to eat plums as that will mean fewer plums for moi. How do I talk about this film without mentioning plums when they’re the last word in the title? Chicken With ____ is not the way to go. That fill in the blank with your favorite fruit just isn’t working for me.  How about you?

Chicken With Plums 

Chicken With Plums Movie Trailer (2012). The french movie, directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud is set in Teheran, in 1958. From the Writers and director of Persepolis anime movie.

Note: The trailer says “Coming Soon” but the film has already come. No, you don’t have to go to France to see it. Silly bunnies.


Why yes, thank you.  I don’t mind if I do.  I’d like Chocolat.

PS, Were you expecting depraved instead of deprived? If so, what’s that tell you about you? No need to share. It’s quite alright to keep some things to ourselves.

Oh and if this is the most unsatisfying review of a film that you’ve ever read, please don’t hold it against Chicken With PlumsDon’t deprive yourself any longer than necessary on my account.

Breakfast Special, #18, “Fore Play”

Fore Play

Coming in from his latest trek up to the roof top where’d he’d ventured for the dual purpose of getting a visual of the snowbound surrounding area and clearing any remaining debris from the chimney top after a large mass of dead leaves and tree bark had landed in the fireplace grate early that morning, Dylan O’Mara listened to Nora talking on the phone while removing his boots and hanging up his coat. Seeing him sit down at the table, Nora hung up the phone and brought him a large mug of hot chocolate. Cupping the mug with chilled hands he tried to read his wife’s expression. “Any word from Sarge yet?”

Nora shook her head after sipping from her own mug. “He hasn’t called. But I did manage to finally get that wing-nut Kozy to answer his phone. Said he talked to Sargent on Saturday and that he’s fine.”

“On Saturday?  That’s nearly a week ago. You mean to tell me that those two charley horses living in the same building haven’t talked to each other even once since? Did that Russkie say why Sarge hasn’t picked up at his end?” Dylan leaned back in his chair and looked at the phone on the kitchen wall. “Dammit, Nora, if Kozy’s phone is working then so is Sarge’s. What’s the deal?”

Not appreciating his tone, Nora glared at Dylan and pointed a warning finger at him.  “Hey, don’t dump your frustration on me, Dyl. I don’t like this silent treatment from Sargent any more than you do. ”

“Sorry, Nora. I swear he does this no call shit because he knows it bugs the hell out of me. And you too, I know. Christ, look at my hands.” Dylan held out his hands flat over the table to show Nora how he was trembling.

Nora reached over and took his large right hand in hers for few moments. “You’re letting him get to you, Dyl. Don’t let him.” She let go of his hand and shook her head. “Don’t let him beat you up this way.”

“You’re right. But it’s easier said than done, Nora. Why can’t Sarge just fall in line with the rest of the boys? Forget I said that. I’m not up for that discussion.” Dylan twirled his mug carefully between his hands then looked up at Nora. “Wait a minute. Did Kozy talk to him at home or on the phone? I bet that wise-ass isn’t picking up his phone because he isn’t there.”

“Where is he then? Where would he call Kozy from? Or Kozy call him at? Hmm? ”

“What else did Kozy say? Anything, Nora?”

She thought hard about what Kozy had said to her earlier. “There was something he went on about.  I couldn’t quite make it out because of all the static on the line. I kept asking him to repeat what he was saying.”

When she didn’t say anything more, Dylan gently knocked his mug against hers. “So? You gonna wait for a month of Sundays to tell me or what?”

“I’m trying to get it straight. Hold on. Let me think.” Nora looked at the window and saw only the snow that had drifted outside to cover three-quarters of it. “I can’t get the words in the right order. You know how it is talking with Kozy. He mixes things up in weird ways.”

“Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. He does that just to mess with your mind. I can play with words too. What were they, Nora?”

His wife looked at him and raised her left eyebrow. “Squealing, girl, pigs, slaughterhouse, indoors, little.  How’s that work for you, Dyl?”

Dylan scratched his head. “Pigs squeal in slaughterhouses. Girl, could be little girl. Like a little girl indoors, maybe inside a slaughterhouse with squealing pigs.”

“Oh, you don’t say. Now tell me, Mr. Smart Guy I-Can-Play-with-Words-Too, just what the hell any of that has to do with our Sargent?”

“It’s obvious, Nora. What’s your problem? He’s indoors in a slaughterhouse with squealing little pigs and a girl. Or squealing pigs and a little girl. Or in a little slaughterhouse with pigs and a girl. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that he’s ‘indoors’.”

“How do you figure that, Dyl?”

Dylan smiled. “Easy. That’s the only word that’s normal. You can’t play around with it.”

“Oh yeah? Huh. What about ‘girl’? How is that not a normal word, as you put it? Hmm?”

“I am not going there with you, Nora. No way.”


Breakfast Special, #19, “One Two Handed to Another”

Concerned Madison Parent SNAPS at Saturday Protest

 Now that Wisconsin Rep. Gov. Scott Walker has publicly stated that he will not take any “calls” from Wisconsin residents,  ONLY from David Koch–and impersonators thereof–it is clear what he represents and that is The Corporate Big Brotherhood–and its energy investment interests.  In case you’ve missed it in the mainstream news–the Budget Repair Bill would allow UNCONSTESTED bids for selling off public energy works.  What do the Koch Brothers invest in? Oh yeah, ENERGY–for example, oil.  Yeah, I don’t think FOX News is going to be chatting about those connecting dots any time soon–unless that falls under FOX’s idea of a “communist plot”.

All these photographs were shot Saturday 26 February 2011 by that “Concerned Madison Parent” whose vent I recently posted.   

The Serfs are  Marching!

Mad-City Serfs

and they’re tripod armed!

Don't Rush Home

and it’s hard-working out-of-state but 14 Democratic Senators are doing just that.

Wild Rumpus & GOP SALE

and KOCH sales anyone?

International Brotherhood

and this ain’t local anymore.

Orwell's New Animal Farm

and what happened to George’s “piggies”?


and how the DEAD outshine the living. Hey, folks in Wisconsin know their state’s political history! Who taught them that?

She Jokes

and jests–or not–and very seriously too!

Just say NO to KOCH

and NO!

Hold Fast

and –yeah, follow Walker’s lead?

For Sale

and what else can we say?

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

and despite what Dictator Walker believes.


and but not today.


and Wisconsin knows snow and cold and now Walker’s true colors.

Standing Room Only

and ain’t not tea at this party. Huh? Yep, no sightings reported. 
Much thanks to “Concerned Madison Parent” for sharing your Cheesehead views!

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