Music Theme for 25 December ~ Joyeux Noel ?

It’s THAT time of year:  The holy time for many in many different places and languages. It’s a time of year I personally find very troubling and unsettling in many ways. It is perhaps the time of year of the most discordance between reality and what may simply be a willing suspension of disbelief of reality. I’m not sure what to make of it even after all my time spent on this planet in this life.  This is not a new state of questioning mental affairs for moi. It’s like  a very well-worn pair of dress shoes that still are very uncomfortable. Much is done in love and caring in this time of year. Much is also done in violence and uncaring at this time and the rest of the year.  There does not seem to be a balance as far as I can tell. Hence. I will not claim or praise that some things like peace, goodwill and love towards others exists when it clearly does not at large. A state of global affairs which is possibly due to lack of will. Or perhaps its lack is due to flawed human nature. I’m not sure.  I do know there is not peace on earth, nor is there enough good will among men and women to make it so.  I wish there was.  Perhaps one day there will be. I wish it was already. Peace to you and yours.






  • “Ave Maria”, performed by Natalie Dessay, The London Symphony Orchestra.





qian shi·

A story inspired by a shoe-doll displayed in Childhood Museum, Edinburgh. This short film shows a touching story about a young girl and her father in a poverty, London, 1910s. Qian Shi’s BA Animation graduation film. The Best Student Film of BAF08. MX Award at TAF2010 (Tokyo Anime Fair 2010).

“The Museum of Childhood Edinburgh has plentiful collections of dolls, toys, and other remnants of youth. On a visit there 2005, I found an old doll made from a shoe. It was not very remarkable compared with the other beautiful dolls on display, but it is still very eye-catching. The introduction reads: Doll made from an old shoe that belonged to a poor child from the London slums in 1905.

I couldn’t help imagining the little girl who could barely afford a pair of shoes taking comfort in this lovely shoe-doll friend who accompanies her sweetest dreams. The shoe-doll became a symbol to me of beloved and colourful childhood.

I decided I wanted to tell a story of this little shoe-doll.”

Wikipedia regarding Joyeux Noel/ Merry Christmas



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Peace One Day ~ Today 21 September 2013

It’s Sept. 21, 2013. Please imagine  Peace One Day expanding to Peace Every Day.






Kevin Spacey sings Darin

Would you blog for peace?

Bloggers blog, right? Duh. We write short and long posts about everything from sex and drugs to forest slugs and oil spill slime.  There are over 300,000 bloggers just in WordPress land.  Lots more in the cyber-space beyond.  Blogging goes on around the globe.  In WordPress we find each other via tags and networking. We can connect with people in different time zones all day long.  We work the world-wide web like cyber demons sharing our humor,  poems, paintings, photographs, pains, joys, news, opinions, and everything else under the sun.  I wonder how many bloggers would blog a plea for world peace.  Just one blog post in the manner of one’s choice–poem, art, music, just a simple few words to signify that you desire peace around the world. How many bloggers would blog for peace? I don’t know.  I am  curious.  Shall we find out?

If you blog a plea for peace in the world please leave a link to your peace post.

 Shanti Om                                   Visualize       PEACE

Creating Peace Through Music


won’t be found in a box

can’t buy it on a street corner

is not won with bullets out of  guns

it’s a heart thing

it’s a spirit thing

it’s a mind thing



Here are several PBS videos of music produced by Playing for Change: Connecting the World Through Music.   

To learn more about Playing for Change click the logo to get going.

News that did not “Break”–Peace Now!

Peace on Earth–do we really desire it?

Did you view news coverage of the arrest of 131 proclaimers for peace on December 16, 2010 in front of the White House? If this is the season of “holy days” extolling “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to men” then why is there so scant news coverage of real people demanding real peace on Earth? About 1% of the American population is actively engaged in daily warfare. Another 1% of the American population economically benefits from the business of conducting warfare.  What are the other 98% of the American population doing? At least 10% are struggling to survive unemployment. That leaves about 88% of us going about the business of everyday life.  During these “holy days”  some of us will  endure physical intrusions upon our persons when we chose to travel by airplane because of the fear doctrine employed by those waging their lucrative war on terror. What do we Americans fear most? Apparently we fear being blown apart. However would we cope with daily life if our homes, hospitals, schools, and streets were indeed being carpet bombed? It’s tough to imagine what daily life in a war zone is really like when there is virtually no substantial media coverage of the reality of war.  But if the 88% of us going about our daily lives in relative safety were paying attention to our wars, what would we be doing? Fleeing to remote wilderness areas? Stocking up on guns and ammo for self-defence survival scenarios? Or??? Seriously what would we do?

Here’s the best news video I’ve discovered so  far regarding the war protestors demanding peace outside our increasingly infamous White House on December 16, 2010.  Links/references to other news coverage is welcomed

Thanks to Dr. Margaret Flowers, Ron Kovic, Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges, Ray McGovern,  Codepink, the old and young veterans, and supporters.  For more information visit  Stop These Wars

Shanti Om   —  Peace

The Dove copyright Ed Braverman


Everything is connected. We are all of the community of Earth.

An interesting collection of spliced videos by MadRazorRay in 2007 that combine Elders speaking with a wide variety of images.  This is group of a video collages sharing an important part of Native American heritage. I’ve attempted to highlight the concepts of each talk so that if you’re pressed for time you can select what might be of most interest.  Enjoy.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman on “time”, human lack of connection to Earth, Columbus, genocide, everything has a spirit, reality of the “spirit world,” corruption of the Earth, evolution.

Looking after and caring for ALL LIFE. “All my relations.” Balance. Human nature in regard to taking without giving back.

Oren R.  Lyons’ thoughts on leaders, community, common sense and thinking for yourself.

More on Natural Law, the end of us, the regeneration of the Earth without us.

Elders on purpose, peace, fierce men, not dying natural deaths but killing each other, the peacemaker, council of the good minds, the fundamental importance of women as carriers of life. 

More of MadRazorRay’s videos at

Peace on Earth? Huh? “Joy to the World”? What?

Click on the poster for more information at Stop These Wars.

Hmm, it’s the season that supposedly proclaims love, peace, and goodwill towards all.  What is Christmas? What does it mean these days? Is it just a fun time for all sorts of toys, rich foods, and carte blanche to get all warm and fuzzy via some fine libations? That will be easy for millions of Americans.  Yep, I’m having some tough times observing this season unfold everywhere from grocery stores to internet gibberish while so many others suffer around the world–including every one of the soldiers who have been sucked into the black hole vortex of the military industrial  complex. Apparently there is an average of 18 suicides among vets and other soldiers every day.  It’s the season for Winter Soldier.  It’s the season of resentment for the deception that has produced so much death and destruction for profit agendas.  Is this our winter of discontent? How can anyone play “Joy to the World” and claim sanity? I see no savior in action–just a great deal of denial and hypocrisy from Big Brother.    

Peace Dove by Levy
“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”

Mario Savio, 1964


Salute to the Velvet Revolution!

The November 1989 Czech Velvet Revolution shows that the human history of violence to bring about change need not be repeated. Change is possible without guns, bombs and grenades.  We are capable of breaking our own cycle of mayhem, death and wholesale destruction.  There is an alternative — Peace. 

What have your keys been saying lately?

“Artie Does Woodstock” — Are you down for it?

Get your Woodstock music fix with Artie on Blended–Thursday nights 10pm to the Witching Hour on KKFI 90.1 fm and streaming online at  Oh yeah, Artie is going to devote several upcoming radio shows to featuring the music from that incredible musical event known as Woodstock. For those of you thinking Woodstock  is some little yellow cartoon birdie–THINK again and commence googling this piece of music  history in the USA. Get this straight or there will never be a Krakus Ham or Tanka Bar in your happy meal deal future.

Three days of peace, love and music = August 15 to 18, 1969 made history.

Give that some thought. Nothing is ”perfect” but think about the scope and nature of the concept.  “Imagine all the people…” John Lennon.

During his two hour gig on Blended, Artie spins music across genres and time –and it’s all GOOOOOOD for your ears, heart and mind.  “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic”, “Nile Song” and “My Generation” are just a few of last week’s offerings. Check out what’s in Artie’s musical blender at

Are you up for some tie-dye and peace signs?

When Woodstock? I do believe this Thursday night–surf into to verify this music history announcement.

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