More Poop on Plastic. Like we need more? Are we plastic people?

Plastic Planet for your viewing dis-pleasure. Thanks to Pan AfricanMarkets for posting this video on the tubes of you.

Ready for some sublime scenery and some serious information about our plastic addiction? Oh, for your informed viewing–some images may be distressing. So might the information provided.  Consider that plastic pollution could be a new form of population control–yes, I mean the human population.

What can I say? I have no love for plastics. Yet it’s tough to get away from them. We’re surrounded by this material in our current modern world.  It’s in so many things and it’s everywhere: oceans, forests, deserts–and in the air. Probably in space too. Imagine a plastic garbage dump floating up there among the stars between us and the moon. What a sight.

Have you considered giving the children in your world some dirt, sticks, stones and water to play with instead of plastic toys?

If the production of plastic is soooo safe then why do the companies that create it not want to have the process filmed?

Anyone out there ever spent time in chemistry lab in college? Remember the smells? Ever play with plastic polymers and other fun things? Ever get an awful headache while there?  Ever wonder why?

I think we’re going to need a lot more than Stephen Glassman’s bamboo billboards to clean up our habitat.  Anyone have ideas on how to deal with the problem of plastic? Could we all go cold turkey to deal with plastic? What can we do with all the plastic we’ve already got? If you’ve got info on this issue, please post it–or links to it. Thank you.

The Artist at Exit o’ Riverblog features art and images from the Falls of the Ohio River. The Artist creates art from objects found along the riverbanks–and he has inventories of all sorts of plastic items he’s found there over the years. Al has quite a way with styrofoam, words, and photography. Visit his Riverblog for another view of the plastic–and human trash–issue.

Imagine a world with LESS plastic. What materials have been and could be used to replace plastics? There was life before plastic. There was commerce before plastic. There were “containers” for storing food and water before plastic.  We can live without creating more plastic–if we make a choice to do so.

Who Wants Clean “Urban Air”? US! All of US! Glassman’s bamboo billboard can pave the high ways.

Imagine it, an artist leading the way to a sustainable, healthy habitat for urban dwellers everywhere. Where are all the yappers about “change we can breathe in”? Hmm? Where? Never mind them.  This sort of creating is not part of the political playbook for gaining and keeping power.  Gee, what if it was? What if we all demanded clean air around the globe? No exceptions–everywhere. And what if we refused to let politicians play their games as usual? Imagine a better world for ALL living things–not just us humans.  Now. Today. It’s possible.  Just ask Stephen Glassman and his team. Clearly they think it’s possible and doable. If we really want it.

This is not a joke, folks. Stephen Glassman really has the plans for cleaning the air of Los Angeles using BAMBOO! Living, breathing bamboo plant billboards.  Ah the interconnectedness of all things–houseplants for cleaning indoor air and dealing with sick building syndrome, the urban farming revolution gaining ground, greening of urban rooftops and balconies–and now I find that an artist, sculptor Stephen Glassman, wants to  build bamboo air cleaners along LA highways. There’s something in the air. I’m telling you, folks. If Glassman had just a tiny portion of the money spent on the latest round of political bs poured into the last election everyone’s urban air would be CLEAN. Or at least on its way to being much safer for all living things.

Learn more at Urban Air

We can all do our part to share this dream–because we all have the tools right at our fingertips. Yes, I’m talking about that keyboard under your fingertips.  If nothing else please “share” globally. Our future depends on us. Let’s give the artist a shot at improving our reality. Hmm. Why not?

Find Urban Air – Los Angeles on Kickstarter

Whose got bamboo plants already?



Want Cleaner Air Now?

Click cover for more Wolverton

Okay this may be a too quickly pressed blog post but it might be of use to those of you dreading being stuck indoors with your windows shut tight to conserve that very expensive heat keeping your fingers and toes from experiencing some form of frostbite (or not if climate change is being ‘kinder’ to you with the onset of a mild winter season).  In my part of the biosphere it’s a roller-coaster ride of high temperatures dropping to the lows and then rising again.  Some plant bulbs are clearly confused as they’ve sent up green shoots again when they ought to be hibernating.  When the heat first turned itself “on” and the doors shut against the cold that trapped with stale air sensation sent me in search of relief.  I figured there had to be a way to get some green nature indoors even in my very shady indoor habitat. One of the most useful resources, so far, has been Dr. B.C. Wolverton’s book How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants that Purify Your Home or Office (aka Eco Friendly Houseplants).  Part of my delight in this book is its usefulness for those of us who haven’t played much with indoor plants with success.  At this point in time I doubt anyone will dispute the sick building concept that Wolverton relates. Nor is there the much point in arguing about the results of the NASA plant study.  What’s of interest to humans with no plant experience is the book’s presentation of the 50 plants. They’re rated for ability to clean inside air of toxins that have no business in your lungs yet are everywhere indoors.  There are great photographs of each plant.  Common and botanical names are offered. The entries include light, temperature, pest, care and growing media information. Yes, it’s handy to take along when you venture into unfamiliar territory such as a nursery, grocery store, florist, to find what will suit your air cleaning needs–and to show precisely what you want and why to whoever is staffing the unfamiliar grounds.  Also, armed with this textual resource it’s easier to fend off being sold something that will not suit your air cleaning desires. We’re not talking air fresheners that mask odor here. We’re talking real air cleansing via real living plants.  You don’t have to start large either. Little plants that have the potential for growth will grow in the right conditions and with some mindfulness at time of selection. This does not have to be an expensive investment in good healthcare.  Look at your indoor environment, take an inventory of the lighting, do a little online research regarding further information about plants you think will fit your air purification needs according to Wolverton. It’s good to know that some plants are not pet friendly if your felines like to chew things. Unless, of course, you’re looking to send a troublesome pet on its way via natural resources.

There must be other such user-friendly, compact and direct plant information resources. If you know of something really useful–and un-intimidating for beginners– in hard copy, online, or electronically PLEASE share them!!!! Yes, there are many many websites online regarding indoor plants. Some are really useful and others just repeat the same information again and again while pitching expensive items for sale.

FYI–Wolverton also published a book about another vital resource for living well, water:  Growing Clean Water, Nature’s Solution to Water Pollution

So, if anyone has newer and more useful information resources about using plants to clean our filthy indoor air, please share. This is just what came my way on the fly. I also got lucky with the little florist department at my local grocery as it stocks little four-inch starter plants in addition to larger more mature specimens.  It helps that the staff is very friendly and patient. Good luck to any other indoor plant newbies seeking some air relief.

PS.  As Eco Friendly Houseplants this book is available in German, Spanish, Finnish, Korean and other languages. Surf the link for more international publishing information.

Roll some change for “Water is Life” by Paper Rocket Productions

Click image to view film teaser and to contribute.

The Impact
Our documentary explores the sacredness of water and how the industrialization of the Navajo Nation continues to disrupt our traditional way of life. We feel it is important for our audience to visually experience a piece of the Navajo Way Of Life. It is vital to the documentary to include the connection between Navajo Mythology and the importance of the lands that have been desecrated by industrial development.

Many Navajo families do not have access to potable running water and are forced to haul unregulated and untreated water for their daily needs. Many elderly Navajo’s are forced to allow livestock to drink from toxic water sources, thus contributing to numerous health risks among families throughout the Navajo Reservation.

From a youth perspective we’re telling a story of a Navajo Philosophy that is being endangered by an overwhelming change in politics, resource management and modern society. We understand the obligations our ancestors passed onto us and have devoted much of our time to tell this story about our people.

Jake and I have been working on the documentary since Mid-2010. Throughout our travels we have met people who have been exposed to uranium and have since developed cancer. It’s heartbreaking for us to witness how close to home this issue has become. We feel so connected with these issues, that we have dedicated nearly all of our time and personal resources to this story.

Both Jake and I have lost grandparents to uranium, to cancer, and we each feel an obligation to use our skills as filmmakers to capture the stories of our people. So that somewhere down the road, when we ourselves are old, we can tell these stories of the importance of the land, and the water that binds us together.

 Make contact with Paper Rocket Productions at

Water is Life is an inside film job by Deidra Peaches and Jake Hoyungowa. Please consider putting some fresh water in their film tanks.  Change adds up when we share.  Time is short so share however you can now.  Where’s that Tweety-bird?

What’s in your water?

Shemekia Copeland’s “Dirty Water” at the Blue Mountain Blues Festival in Danielsville, PA,  2011.


Would you sponsor a carbon sponge? Brainstorms, funds, working legs and hands welcome to Clegyr Boia.

Love Letters to Earth

On February 14 people everywhere express their love with actions, flowers, cards, gifts and more.  Some people express their love for Earth by protesting its ongoing destruction by our continuing dependence on oil for meeting our energy needs.  Some write these lovers off as foolish hippies and idealistic tree huggers but they are neither foolish nor idealists. These are the hardcore realists of our world.  Today there is another effort underway to stop the Keystone XL pipeline development yet again in spite of the public outcry.  If you’ve signed any petition for this effort previously I’m sure your email box is currently awash in urgent requests for your signature again because big oil and its supporters don’t give up. Their intention is to wear everyone down until big oil gets its way AGAIN. Apparently the American government has learned nothing from the BP oil spill and its continuing consequences in the Gulf of Mexico.  There is an upside to all this lobbying for more pipelines and greater development of an oil project that is already the size of Great Britain–more people are learning about the Tar Sands. And more people are saying NO to it and to big oil.  Change makes many uncomfortable but change we must–or kill the only planet that supports us with air to breathe, water to drink, and soil for food.  Nature is not dependent upon us. We are dependent upon nature for our survival. As you drive along in your car fueled by oil you may feel far removed from the heartbeat of the world. Everything except your next chore of the day may be far from your mind. But consider how different your daily life would be if there was no clean air to breath, no clean water to drink, and no fresh food in your grocery store. Shall we all live on little purple pills popped into our mouths while we breathe through gas masks? Shall we? Isn’t it time to write your own “love letter” to Earth? Folks–big oil has to “go.” It’s literally killing people and the Earth.  It will kill you and your loved ones–make no mistake about it. And the people who own and operate big oil will also die by their own actions. Denial will not prevent their demise.  So, take some time and figure how you can show some love.  

Indigenous protest at Durban. Climate  Conference

Prince Rupert, B.C.



The People of Erris —  Ireland

Tar Sands Oil for Everyone!? Oops, there spills another pipeline….

Democracy Now! coverage of the July 7, 2011 Exxon Yellowstone Pipeline.

Keystone 1 has spilled 12 times already. Shall we add  another Keystone Pipeline and double the spills?

Oh and I have yet to learn any more about that conflict of interest issue running amok in an earlier post about TransCanada and who is running the public hearings on the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Having attended the public hearing in Topeka it seems that people who support the pipeline there just want one thing–JOBS. Considering the fact that pipeline has already been laid in Kansas I fail to comprehend the logic of those claiming the construction of  XL will bring thousands of  long-term jobs into Toto-land. But, after all, Kansas is Kansas.   





522 people arrested at White House for protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Yes, you read that right: 522 people, so far, have been arrested at the White House for protesting the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline. 140 were arrested on Monday, August 29, 2011.

Where is the “hope”? Where is the “change”? In US and only US. How much longer are we going to wallow in our addiction to gasoline?

To view the PBS video about the Tar Sands please visit the Tar Sands Action site

Not ready to become extinct? Save Earth, Demand Oceans Without Oil and Clean Energy ASAP.

Earth Day approaches. What does that mean in the United States? Nothing as far as I can tell at this point in time. We are doing absolutely nothing to deal with climate change.  We’re doing almost nothing to protect the natural world we live in. Many are still in denial thanks to the misinformation efforts of the likes of the nefarious Koch Brothers—and their more invisible cohorts.  Think confronting climate change is overwhelming? Then consider the extinction of humans as a result of our own actions.

"Holy Water" @ eva wojcik


It’s been one year since BP’s destruction of the Gulf of Mexico environment commenced.  Dolphins, fish, turtles and people continue to sicken and die.  The oil and chemicals used to make it invisible continue to destroy the viability of the water environment. BP continues to do as it pleases and spins its image as best it can. Oil companies posted record PROFITS. Who gave them this profit money? We did. We do every time we purchase gasoline. 

What can each of us do? We can demand clean energy. We can change our own individual lifestyles regarding our energy. Use less oil. Use less gasoline. Conserve, use public transportation, walk, ride bikes instead of buying more SUVs. Oh yes, I see gas guzzlers every time I venture outside. A lot of people clearly don’t give a damn as long as they’ve got the money for gas at the pump. Get informed, get educated about the need for a healthy Earth for every living thing.   

Our government clearly does not give a damn about the Earth. Corporations clearly do not take any responsibility for their polluting actions that destroy the environment.

Do we care? Do we?  

I do not want any offshore drilling here.

"touching" @ eva wojcik

It’s time to think of doing things other than “Drill, baby, drill.” It’s time to CHANGE—and we’ve got to do it. No one else will. Follow Tim DeChristopher’s example and don’t wait for someone else to appear and lead. No one is coming. It’s up to us. Every single one of us, because we all live on the same Earth.  It’s time to take responsibility any and every way we each  can. It’s time to confront the reality of the destruction of our environment no matter how much it “hurts.” Adapt, change, transform or die.  Earth’s day is every day.
For extensive coverage of BP, the Gulf of Mexico, and offshore drilling visit

Plastic Pollutes Perpetually


Ohio River Plastic Catch @ artistatexitO
Think Beyond Plastic
Plastic Pollution Coalition

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