Rain – Drops

clouds sigh

~ ~ ~ ~

sky cries

* * * * * *

water falls


rain –  drops





Whimsy ~

The Song for Rain (2012), created by Zheng Yawen, his graduation work at the Communication University of China.”



Angst ~

It’s Raining In Baltimore ~ The Counting Crows ~ album August and Everything After



Compassion ~

Slumdog Millionaire ~ rain scene


Loss ~

“like tears in rain” ~ Vangelis ~ Blade Runner



On a lighter note ~

It’s Raining Men on Baker Street ~ The Weather Girls



Please do not hesitate to shower our ears with your  choice rain songs.


Bear selected this Rain song theme.

For May 22, I select —  Night.


Bear http://bearspawprint.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/rain-music-theme/



Rain + Poetry = Navajo Water Songs

Dine’ poet Luci Tapahonso’s “Dust Precedes the Rain” seems appropriate for both a tip of the cyber hat to April as National Poetry Month –and to focus on the joys of water, especially rain–water that falls from the sky.

“The water from the sink is no good for making pottery.

It just ruins it,” my children’s Acoma grandmother would say.

Thereafter she sent the kids to replace the full bowls of rainwater

that had filled since it began to rain.

Her son said that when he was a child, the rain smelled

and tasted so good–he and other kids played outside,

laughing and running around–and they stopped once in a while to lick

the cool adobe walls . The sides of the smooth houses were

fragrant and nurturing. From atop the mesa at Acoma Pueblo,

it is possible to see almost seventy miles in each direction.


It is the same on the reservations surrounding Phoenix.

Long before the rains come, the gentle desert wind

carries the scent of rain, wild plants flutter anxiously,

and pets frolic, acting silly. To the west, the thunderheads

loom dark and full. Thin waves of dust precede the rain,

rolling tumbleweeds and bits of paper, and the children run and skip,

allowing the wind to push them along. They yell and laugh.

The lilting sounds ae carried eastward by the blowing slants

of rain–their laughs and shouts  caught in the leaves of sturdy trees.

They linger in the crevices of small hills and arroyos

and finally swirl into the slopes of the purple mountains nearby.


It must have been the same when the Hohokamiki lived here

where the expressway crosses over. The children played

in the dust- charged breezes, shouting and running in circles,

and when the rains began, they paused, their faces turned upward

to taste the cool clean rain.


Their quiet gratitude for brimming pots of water remains

now in the crumbling re-buried walls fo their small homes.

The still concentration with which they painted pottery

remains in the small toys and tiny woven sandals that are unearthed:

their spirits remain in the dry grains of dirt

that were dug up by shovels, backhoes, and bulldozers.


This is evident in the persistence of the bright wild plants

that push their way out of the dry ground.

This is evident in the new growth that springs up

along the arroyos and streams following sudden rains.

This is evident in the island of peaceful silence

that the museum cradles amid the city’s frenzy.

This is evident in the restless energy of the busloads

of children who visit the old homes of the Hohokamiki today.

They recognize the old history that is theirs.

They recognize the old history that is ours.

@Luci Tapahonso, “Dust Precedes the Rain” from Blue Horses Rush In, University of Arizona Press

Link for Luci Tapahonso at University of Arizona:


Child of Water  video uploaded by outtayourbackpack, Camille Manybeads sings.

Don’t you dare get wet in Louisiana!

While listening to the Homelessness Marathon live on KKFI during the 5 am to 6 am hour Joannie Hughes, a representative of the all volunteer Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana called in to raise awareness of the increasing homelessness situation in Louisiana due to the BP oil spill’s devastating consequences on the environment upon which the people depend for making a living. Guess what folks–the rainwater is so toxic that gardens die.  And guess what else–NO one from the USA government EPA is willing to even test the water samples collected by the Coastal Heritage Society. Nor is  any mainstream corporate run news agency willing to report extensively on any of the BP spill issues ranging from the water quality to the lack of medical assistance and nonpayment of claims.  Joannie also raised the issue that there is no relief money is coming forth to the people.  The Coastal Society  is even conducting a Food Drive to help people survive. 

Click the Trees to visit the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana

There are several more informative videos posted online at the Coastal Heritage Society’s site. 

What little power the EPA has is about to be stripped away. BP continues to run its damage control advertising campaign. Mainstream News Media has declined to report the issues presented on the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana’s excellent site.  So take the time to get informed because this spill is not done spreading its toxic consequences. Water flows and flows and flows…….

spring rains haiku

“spring rain”

cloud drops free falling

desiring green leaves playing

rays washing painting


soaking deep soil sigh

co-mingling moist haze flows

water blurs all hours


“endless journey”

see over lands flows

stars gazing oceans blue way

worn weaving foot path



grasses drinking up

flashing poppies splash dancing

embracing rains merge


water charged heat

reaching roots ripple red

sun kiss unfurls leaf


“cloud cover”

kisses cloud cozy

salt sweetly stinging mountain

exciting flushes


“hazy bliss”

hazy lets all go

languid sky flushing rolls over

gasping land smiles


ease be-ing opens

above reigns serenity

careful fire below


“over heated”

blooming sun spreading

boiling alive lobster meets

heating land cracking


@evawojcik  2011

Water cycling for everyone!!!

This is my effort today to remind us of a basic Earth Science concept or two in defiance of the dumbing down efforts of the media at large. Information is so easy to find via the internet. No corporate produced textbooks required for learning.  Even an oil executive can do the google search trick.  Though I do have my doubts about certain talking heads with bright white smiles.  Yep, guilty until proven otherwise—hey, that is the current American way, is it not?  Okay, onto what is really important.  After taking a good look at the water cycle illustration (btw, clicking on the image will take you to a written definition of “water cycle”) what do you suppose will happen with all those invisible toxic chemicals of that oh-so-top-secret-dispersant competing with spilled oil for the top kill score of all things living in the watery habitats of the Gulf of Mexico?  What will happen when billions of birds migrate to, through and into the area? Is there no end to this scenario? Apparently not. Our environmental system is all connected–water, clouds, rain, wind. What a beautifully complex system it is. Who will you thank when toxic rain waters your garden?  Oh please do post your choice of culprit(s) for a real list here–if you’re so inclined.  “Somewhere over the rainbow” has taken on a whole new meaning for me since the BP spill and destroy events.

Leslie has ‘responded’ with a wonderful piece of art titled “For Water”. Please take a gander at it http://lesliepaints.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/for-water/

Oh and do note the photograph of the child being bathed in the plastic container outside in my post, What Will Winter Bring to Pine Ridge. Yes, running water is an ISSUE on Pine Ridge and other reservations.

Land Artist Magda has posted how to create a “moonpond’ over at clegyrboia.  Instructions  are in English and Dutch. There are snail photos too. Yes, little water creatures enjoying water.  http://clegyrboia.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/moonpond/

It’s all about that water thing……oh yeah…

And for the young at heart–the one and only Banana Slug String Band–you do NOT want to miss this!


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