The Queen of Katwe ~ The Most Powerful Piece On The Board

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The Queen of Katwe by Tim Crothers was a reading find on a recent expedition to my public library.  It’s one of those books that I’ve opened for some down time reading pleasure then spent the rest of the day reading until reaching the back cover. Tim Crothers traces the roots of several dots that come together to create Phiona Mutesi’s Ugandan world in Katwe. One very important “dot” is the life story of Robert Katende who brought chess to Katwe as part of a sports outreach program. Katende noticed that not every child wants to play soccer and decided to offer an alternative game, chess, for them. It is through Katende’s outreach efforts that Phiona discovers the inner mental and outter physical world of chess.  Tim Crothers presents Katende’s personal history of survival, endurance and talent in a manner that show the incredible impact of one person on the lives of others. One young man’s life decisions reverberate throughout his world in remarkable and unexpected ways. Without Robert Katende there would be no chess for Phiona Mutesi and the other children of Katwe.  In turn Phiona herself is having a positive impact on her personal world and the world of women in Uganda. Her story breaks out of the cycle of poverty and desperate struggle to survive for women and their children in places where living is far from easy. What’s at stake is creating a life based on choices rather than the need to eat and literally keep from drowning when it rains.  When a slum is built on/in a swamp things get dicey for everyone when water falls from the sky.

Crothers’ writing style is quick and engaging as he works with words to bring to life the physical landscape of the Katwe slum and Uganda. He creates a context that the people who can afford to buy his book–and read it with ease–may have some trouble relating to. This is a world of harsh poverty where women do what they must to stay alive and education is a luxury requiring payment.  Via Robert Katende’s story it’s clear that it’s not an easy world for boys and men either.  At first one wonders where Crothers is going –how far back in time–and how will we ever get to the story of the girl who dreams of being a Chess Grandmaster. Well, I assure you that by the time you are learning more about Phiona it will be very clear why Crothers pulls the narrative strings he does. In order to fully appreciate Phiona’s ongoing life story the daily context of her world is required.

Another dot Crothers connects is that of the importance of education–like the Sport’s Outreach program–Tim Crothers’ takes a holistic approach to presenting Phiona’s and Robert Katende’s stories. Education plays a vital role in dealing with people in poverty. Hence, Crothers pulls in the story line dot of Andrew Popp all the way from Santa Barbara, California. How does the suicide of a talented young man have anything to with the life of girl living in the slums of Uganda? The scholarship memorial fund created by Andrew’s parents is what enables Phiona to attend school.  Personally I think that’s a wonderful thing and an incredible part of Phiona’s story because education is essential to breaking the poverty cycle and the people in the slums know this fact.

Andrew Popp Scholarship Fund

So if you’re looking for a great human interest story, one which is far from finished, then get a hold of The Queen of Katwe. Consider the power of one piece on a chess board and the powerful impact one person can have on the life of another. Get some inspirartion. some ideas about teaching from Robert Katende,  and perhaps some motivation. Perhaps most importantly get some HOPE.


Author Tim Crothers’ site >>




Phiona Mutesi–so far– >>



Uploaded on Nov 9, 2011

This is a brief documentary on Fiona, a 15 year old Chess Prodigy from the slums of Kampala, Uganda who discovered Chess as a homeless child in search of food. I traveled to Uganda to cover this story through a non-profit organization called Silent Images. We were serving another non-profit called Sports Outreach, in which the chess coach discovered a special gift in Phiona for the game of Chess. I was accompanied by Tim Crothers of ESPN and David Johnson of Silent Images on the trip. Tim has now written a book on Phiona called “The Queen of Katwe” and Phiona has had recent top news stories on ESPN as well as CNN. Disney is currently planning to produce a movie on Phiona as well and I can’t wait to see Phiona’s dreams come true. She is a true underdog in every sense of the word and no person is more worthy of success in life than this special young woman.

Silent Images –
Sports Outreach Institute –
Buy the Book –…


Indie film site >>

Maya ~ a round about illusions

Maya ->  ~~~ Bear’s subject choice.  🙂

Illusion? Reality? Absolutes? Duality? Plurality?

Explore Interconnectedness

Divide and Conquer What?

Unite and Create the Unknown?

What’s new?

What’s old?

What’s your delusion?

What’s reality?

What is perception?


Perception ~ hearing & seeing ~


VNV Nation ~ Illusion



Imagination ~ Just An Illusion



Symphony of Science ~ “The Quantum World” is the eleventh installment in the ongoing Symphony of Science music video series.



What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole, part 1



The Illusionist ~ Orange Tree ~ souondtrack composer Philip Morris Glass



The Matrix ~ The Pill Scene

 Kundun ~  perceptions, reflections & liberations
Bear’s very different musical exploration of Maya  =>
Johnny has his own most excellent guitar music available for listening on his Maya posting ==>
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Willowdot21’s free running with Illusions >>>

Freedom To Be Free ~ Who Said There Could Be Music?


being free

is a not a package bought in a store

often fought for

mental, physical, political, social, spiritual, emotional . . .

wars in many forms

outworn hearts torn



if everyone wants to be free

why aren’t we?


Song Of The French Partisan  via Buffy Sainte Marie


Freedom ~~ Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton   frrom Django Unchained soundtrack


“FreeDUMB”  John Trudell



Billy Elliot film images

Lyrics: Billy Elliot the Musical “Electricity” by Elton John

Kundun  music by Philip Glass

“I will liberate those not liberated. I will release those not released. I will relieve those unrelieved. And set living beings in nirvana.”


Cry Freedom  by  Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds


Poland’s Dirge  by Chopin


Chopin left Poland around 1830, just before the uprising of the Polish people against the government… This song, which was never meant to be published, was one of the songs that he composed for friends and private occasions, or just for himself… although it was not dated, I think it was about the tragic end to that uprising, when he was afraid for his family and friends still in Poland, and for the Polish people, and their hopes for freedom… Aleksandra Kurzak sings this patriotic song with a lovely legato line and a heartbreaking and exquisite sensitivity to the text and music…
Nelson Goerner is her excellent accompanist.

The words are important – here they are in English

Tree, so free and noble, fast thy leaves are falling!
From the grave a bird with mournful note is calling:
O! Poland misfortune hate thy home o’ertaken,
thy truehearted children from death shall never waken,
Ev’ ry town and village lonely watch is keeping,
Through the fields deserted wander women weeping,
All the sturdy reapers hath the wartime needed,
And the corn, fully ripened drop the grains unheeded

Warsaw saw the banners which our youths unfolded
Free united Poland shall in glorious form be molded.
And they fought in winter, fought when suns were burning
and the autumn found us still for freedom yearning
All in vain for freedom strove our valiant brothers
None were left to comfort Poland’s mourning mothers.

Did they fall in battle? Captive were they taken?
Did they haply wander homeless and forsaken?
Heaven itself hath left us, left us here to languish:
God and man desert us in our bitter anguish

O! unhappy Poland! unhappy Poland! O! Poland, O! Poland,
Were thy sons restored to us, could the brave that perished
Help once more afford us… All dismay and terror
from our breast would vanish, war no more our dear ones
from our homes would banish.

Though by hands of traitors, Poland’s freedom perish,
Still of Poland’s heroes shall the mem’ry flourish..

For information about when Poland was partitioned and ceased to exist –>

(note: all of this may change w/o notice as I reserve the right to revise freely)

Thanks to Johnny I have learned that we have a new player! Welcome, D.S. Nelson.  I swiped Johnny’s live links for your cyber blogging ease. 🙂  Do not miss the lovely Sea song at Johnny’s blogcasa–what a voice!

D.S. Nelson





Myths, more myths and music everywhere! What’s a meandering mind like mine to make of it all?

Deer Bear, about this myth music theme . . .

Yeah, the places I have been with on this theme journey. Forewarning, some of the unexpected creations I’ve discovered during this fishing expedition will be coming to these blogcasa pages very soon.  Very interesting things are going on in creative minds everywhere. Oh yes indeed. Some are very scary.  Now, on with this show:


Medusa Trailer  — Take note, this is a ‘myth’ of a trailer for a film that does not exist. I learned that from the comments section.   What cheek! Myth = movie myth. How deliciously quaint! Something created out of nothing to serve a purpose. I think in this case to show the trailer making talents of Jee Suk Kim and Jaguar Lee.  Why else?

 JeeSuk Kim

Produced by Jee Suk Kim and Jaguar Lee

Medusa : Alyssa Marquez
Athena : Kelsey Bujacich
Poseidon : Mike Sweet


Something more modern regarding myths–and yet, so appropriate. Where do you ride your bicycle? What myths are you making?

Beach house  “Myth”

Ryan Smith upload


Drifting in and out, see the road you’re on
You came rolling down the cheek
Say just what you need
And in between it’s never as it seems
Help me to make it
Help me to make it
If you build yourself a myth
Know just what to give
What comes after this
Momentarily bliss
Consequence of what you do to me
Help me to make it
Help me to make it
Found yourself in a new direction
Eons far from the sun
Can you come when they come to reach you
Let you know you’re not the only one
Can’t keep hanging on
To all that’s dead and gone
If you build yourself a myth
Know just what to give
Do you lies
We’ll let the ashes fly
Help me to make it
Help me to make it


Beach House performs “Myth” on the Letterman Show May 18th, 2012.  I’ve decided to add this version because I’ve never heard of this group before and some visuals might help other folks too. I wonder why he takes his shoes off? Perhaps because they’re new? Hmm.

darekhimself upload


Polish Myth Dispelled

[I could not resist. Hey, there’s music and drum rolling, what more do you want? Oh, I probably ought not to have posed that question. Comic relief you may need later. Seriously. A joke is a joke, right? ]

Jerry Pizet


The Fisher King from Merlin Series Three, composed by James Gosling.  The king and the land are one and the search for the holy grail to heal them both when the kind is unwell. Hmm. Is there a holy grail for our times?  Perhaps it’s the need to reconnect to the web of life instead of thinking we’re ‘outside’ of it?

In Arthurian legend, the Fisher King, or the Wounded King, is the latest in a long line charged with keeping the Holy Grail. Versions of his story vary widely, but he is always wounded in the legs or groin and incapable of moving on his own. When he is injured, his kingdom suffers as he does, his impotence affecting the fertility of the land and reducing it to a barren Wasteland. Little is left for him to do but fish in the river near his castle Corbenic. Knights travel from many lands to heal the Fisher King, but only the chosen can accomplish the feat. This is Percival in earlier stories; in later versions, he is joined by Galahad and Bors.


 Merlin Series Three – Original Television Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to the third season of the BBC’s Merlin. All music is composed by Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson, and James Gosling. Music is performed by the Slovak Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia Chorus. Soprano solo by Kim Chandler and violin solo by Janice Graham.


And now a Fisher King musical piece with lyrics.

The Fisher King by Anuna  


The Fisher King appears on Deep Dead Blue. Anuna leader John Mcglynn sings it.


Jethro Tull – Flying Dutchman – Music Video. This was a tough Tull choice. The photographs decided the issue for me.

The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. The myth is likely to have originated from 17th-century nautical folklore. The oldest extant version dates to the late 18th century. Sightings in the 19th and 20th centuries reported the ship to be glowing with ghostly light. If hailed by another ship, the crew of the Flying Dutchman will try to send messages to land, or to people long dead. In ocean lore, the sight of this phantom ship is a portent of doom.

James Padmore

I made this video because I love this song and it always made me think of these kind of images when I first listened to it.  The photographs were taken by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, celebrated photographer from Whitby (Yorkshire, England).  I hope you enjoy the video. Please leave comments.  Thanks.


I selected this because of the song lyrics. If anyone finds a ‘gentler on the ears’ version, please share it.

The Sword – Lament For The Auroch [ Age Of Winters ] 

Laboring in the liquid light of Leviathan
Spectres swarm around the sunken cities of the
Rising up from the void through the blackness of
eternal night
Colossus of the deep comes crashing down with cosmic
mightAnd none may see again the shimmering of Avalon
Or know the fates of all the races man has cursed
Long gone are the ages of the Alchemists
Now there are none who know the secrets of the EarthHarken to the howl of the huntsman’s hounds
Or the clarion of kingdoms doomed and drowned
Lost to these lands is lore of the high ones
Sunless skies await the return of hte ArchonsLament the passing of the Auroch
And the slaying of the ancient wyrm
Would you dare to meet the gaze of the Basilisk
Or face the flames as the Phoenix burns?And none may see again the shimmering up of Avalon
Or know the fates of all the races man has cursed
Long gone are the ages of the alchemists
Blessed are those who keep the secrets of the earth
Lament the passing of the Auroch
And the slaying of the ancient wyrm
Would you dare to meet the gaze of the Basilisk
Or face the flames as the Phoenix burns?.*This is my homage to the standard myth concept.  I enjoyed the presentation of the story with the music overlaying it.  Yep, my picks are based on what tripped my trap along the way.The Legend of Osiris


“A Thousand Years” by Sting


One of my favorite mythological figures is the Green Man. I enjoy finding this pagan person in decidedly non-pagan establishments. I suspect he is having the last laugh.

The Green Man.


Published on Feb 5, 2013

Words and Music by Martin Donnelly, from his CD Stone and Light. Copyright 1995 Please visit


Invention of Love (2010) Animated Short Film  ~  Oh, why is this here? Well, consider the entire concept of ‘love’ and its origins. Origins? Hmmm.  Mythic nuts and bolts for everyone.

Andrey Shushkov

Written & Directed by Andrey Shushkov

Original Music and Sound: Polina Sizova, Anton Melnikov.
Violin perfomed by Anna Gudkova

Not original music part: Chopin

Animation, Design, Compositing, Editing: Andrey Shushkov Подписывайтесь на мою группу


Oh now here we go with some of that OLD OLD OLD time religion indeed. The goddess of war appears in many forms across cultures.  I couldn’t find something I really liked–yet–for a particular ancient Irish hero sooooooo, here’s Omnia’s rendition of the Crone of War.

Omnia ~ The Morrigan ~ Live Religion  —- Perhaps this should be Drone of War? Or perhaps the drones are just our incarnations of the crones?


The Morrígan is a figure from Irish mythology. She is a goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty.

Over hills and over meadows
see the crow fly, feel her shadow
Over woods and over mountains
searching for a war

Her wings embrace each strife and battle
where swords they clash and chariots rattle
seeking out the one whose time
has come to take the blade

Morrigan ancient crone of war
I see your face, I’ll cry no more
Morrigan ancient crone of war
come lift me on your wings

Morrigan ancient crone of war
I hear your voice, I’ll breathe no more
Morrigan ancient crone of war
come set my spirit free

Kill for Morrigan
Maim for Morrigan
Fight for Morrigan
and you will
Slay for Morrigan
Die for Morrigan
Morrigan crone of war



Of course Bear, Willow and Johnny are playing too. I hope so.




If anyone else has decided to theme along with us, please do not hesitate to share your links.

Solidarnosc, Solidarnosc, … / Solidarity, Solidarity… = 13 little flicks about Poland in 1980. Pierogies for everybody!

Solidarity, Solidarity …

Solidarnosc, Solidranosc..



All of the following  information regarding the film is from The Polish Film Festival site:


Polish Film Festival 2005  Solidarity, Solidarity


Thirteen most eminent Polish film directors made their short films in the common effort to answer one question: “What does ‘Solidarity’ mean today?” Their responses differ as much as the directors and films included in the project. However, all of them refer to the great spontaneous social outbreak of 1980. The emergence of “Solidarity” inspired the changes in Europe, the new world for future generations. We have here short features, documentary impressions as well as a musical. Aside from some pathos, there is also irony and bitter reflection over the wasted opportunities. A fascinating, surprising and uncompromising, true and honest film…

Trzynastu wybitnych polskich reżyserów filmowych nakręciło trzynaście odrębnych nowel filmowych, które łączy próba odpowiedzi na pytanie: co dla mnie znaczy dzisiaj “Solidarność”. Odpowiedzi różnią się tak jak różni są twórcy tych krótkich filmów. Dla wszystkich jednak punktem odniesienia jest spontaniczny ruch społeczny 1980 roku. Powstanie “Solidarności” zainicjowało tworzenie nowego porządku w Europie, upadek systemu totalitarnego. Jest to film o wielkim heroicznym triumfie, ale też nie pozbawiony goryczy. Film wieloznaczny, niekiedy zaskakujący, fascynujący swoją szczerością i bezkompromisowością.

SUSHI 7 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Juliusz Machulski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Juliusz Machulski, Jarosław Sokół CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Edward Kłosiński MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc
EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Katarzyna Herman (Majka), Marek Kondrat (Marek), Robert Więckiewicz (Andrzej)

Marek, a film producer, gets an offer to make a short film about “Solidarity”. He hires advertising specialists to help him. They try out to find together what “Solidarity” has given them…

Producent filmowy Marek otrzymuje propozycję zrealizowania krótkiego filmu o “Solidarności”. Do pomocy angażuje przyjaciół, specjalistów działających głównie w reklamie. Wspólnie
zastanawiają się, co im dała “Solidarność”.

9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Andrzej Jakimowski
SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Andrzej Jakimowski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Adam Bajerski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Tomasz Gąsiorowski EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński
CAST / OBSADA: Krzysztof Kiersznowski (Older Żul), Rafał
Guźniczak (Younger Żul), Lesław Żurek (Student)

Two thieves steal a young man’s bag in the train. To their disappointment, there are only underground leaflets printed on the home printer. The thieves’ victim gets arrested at the next train station. One of the thieves shows unexpected nobleness.

Dwaj złodziej kradną w pociągu torbę współpasażerowi. Ku ich rozczarowaniu, w środku są “tylko” ulotki odbite na powielaczu. Pozbawiony torby młody chłopak zostaje mimo to aresztowany na kolejnej stacji przez tajniaków. W jednym ze złodziei budzi się na chwilę szlachetniejszy odruch.

7 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Jerzy Domaradzki SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Jerzy Domaradzki, Zbigniew Wichłacz CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Zbigniew Wichłacz MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Bartek Turzyński (Student Rybicki), Daniel Zawadzki (Student Grzywaczewski)

The story of the writing boards where the striking Gdansk Shipyard workers – with the two students’s help – wrote their demands and hung them on the main shipyard gate. On the first day of the martial law in Poland, the secret police stole the boards from the Maritime Museum. They did not know that they stole fake ones. The real ones were taken and hidden earlier by the museum’s curator.

Opowieść o historii tablic, na których – z pomocą dwóch studentów – strajkujący stoczniowcy z Gdańska spisali swoje postulaty, a następnie wywiesili je na bramie stoczni. Pierwszego dnia stanu wojennego z Muzeum Morskiego zabrali je funkcjonariusze SB. Nie wiedzieli jednak, że to kopie. Oryginały wywiózł wcześniej kustosz.

THE BIG DIPPER WIELKI WÓZ 11 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Jan Jakub Kolski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Jan Jakub Kolski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Michał Pakulski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Zygmun Konieczny EDITING / MONTAŻ: Witold Chomiński PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński CAST / OBSADA: Maciej Zakościelny (Janek), Cezary Łukaszewicz (Rudy), Eryk Lubos (Staszek), Wojciech Solarz (Włodek)

In the summer 1980, the group of three polish cave explorers becomes stranded underground. While waiting for help, they learn about signing the Gdansk Agreement between the workers and the government. It starts the discussuion about economical and political situation in Poland, about their hopes and dreams. Among the cave explorers is student Janek, means Jan Jakub Kolski – the director of this film.

Latem 1980 r. we włoskich Alpach trzech młodych polskich grotołazów podczas eksplorowania jaskini zostaje uwięzionych pod ziemią. Oczekując na pomoc, dowiadują się o podpisaniu porozumień sierpniowych. Staje się to pretekstem do rozmowy o sytuacji społeczno-politycznej w Polsce, ich nadziejach i marzeniach. Jeden z nich to student Janek, czyli Jan Jakub Kolski – reżyser tego filmu.

A BALLPEN DŁUGOPIS 8 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Piotr Trzaskalski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Wojciech Lepianka, Piotr Trzaskalski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Piotr Śliskowski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Cezary Kowalczuk PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Waldemar Czyszak (Janusz), Elżbieta Okupska (Wife), Mirosław Neinert (Friend)

Janusz is trying to sell huge plastic ballpens with a picture of Pope JohnPaul II on them, but he is not very succesfull. His business improves significantly when Lech Wałęsa, a Solidarity leader, signs the Gdansk Agreement with such a ballpen.

Janusz chce się dorobić na wielkich, plastikowych długopisach z wizerunkiem papieża, nikt ich jednak nie kupuje. Przełom następuje w chwili, gdy takim długopisem Lech Wałęsa podpisuje porozumienia sierpniowe.

9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Filip Bajon SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Filip Bajon CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Bartosz Prokopowicz MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Michał Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Marcin Dorociński (Filip), Maciej Stuhr (Tomek), Agata Kulesza (Wife)

In August 1980, Filip and Tomek meet in the train going to the Coast. They both read “The Little Apocalypse” by Tadeusz Konwicki. Filip carries a petrol can with him. Tomek suspects that Filip wants to butrn himself alive, so he tries to stop him.

W sierpniu 1980 r. w pociągu jadącym na Wybrzeże spotykają się dwaj młodzi ludzie: Tomek i Filip. Obaj czytają “Małą apokalipsę” Tadeusza Konwickiego. Filip wiezie ze sobą kanister z benzyną. W trakcie rozmowy Tomek nabiera przekonania, że współpasażer chce dokonać samospalenia. W żarliwych słowach próbuje go powstrzymać.

TANKS CZOŁGI 6 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Krzysztof Zanussi SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Krzysztof Zanussi CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Edward Kłosiński MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Krzysztof Zanussi, Grzegorz Pacek (Assistant Director), Piotr Rękawik (Policeman)

In this short quasi-documentary, Krzysztof Zanussi ponders back to the winter of 1981 when he was shooting “From the Far Country”, the biography of John Paul II. In one of the scenes, when the extras were supposed to put on military German or Soviet Uniforms, everybody wanted to get the German one.

W paradokumentalnej etiudzie “Czołgi” Krzysztof Zanussi wraca wspomnieniami do czasów, gdy zimą 1981 r. realizował w Krakowie zdjęcia do biografii Jana Pawła II – “Z dalekiego kraju”. Gdy do jednej ze scen statyści mieli przywdziać mundury radzieckie i niemiec kie, wszystkie ręce wyciągnęły się po niemieckie.

LANDSCAPE KRAJOBRAZ 8 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Robert Gliński SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Robert Gliński CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Bartosz Prokopowicz MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Michał Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński

“Landscape” by Robert Gliński shows the Gdans Shipyard as it is seen today: engine rroms covered with rust, empty docks and garbage flying in the air. This is a sad metaphor of what happen with “Solidarity”. There are only groups of international tourists who fill the space that used to be the place of origin of “Solidarity”. Most of the old workers are unemployed now.

“Krajobraz” Roberta Glińskiego ukazuje dzisiejszy obraz Stoczni Gdańskiej będący przygnębiającą metaforą tego, co stało się z “Solidarnością”. Rdzewiejące hale, puste doki, śmieci unoszone wiatrem. Po historycznej kolebce związku kręcą się tylko zagraniczne wycieczki. Dawni pracownicy są w większości bezrobotni.

WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SOLIDARITY? CO SIĘ STAŁO Z NASZĄ SOLIDARNOŚCIĄ 9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Ryszard Bugajski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Ryszard Bugajski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Piotr Śliskowski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Jarosław Śmietana EDITING / MONTAŻ: Marcin “Kot” Bastkowski PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński CAST / OBSADA: Grzegorz Markowski, Bzyk, Guzik

Ryszard Bugajski made a video clip where Grzegorz Markowski, a rockman from the popular Polish band “Perfect”, along with the young rappers Bzyk and Guzik from Wu-Hae, sing about Polish history in the last 40 years.

Ryszard Bugajski zaproponował teledysk “Co się stało z naszą Solidarnością?”, w którym Grzegorz Markowski, wraz z dwoma młodymi raperami, (Bzyk i Guzik z zespołu Wu-Hae), dramatycznie wyśpiewał historię Polski ostatnich 40 lat.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I WIE PAN, CO? 8 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Jacek Bromski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Jacek Bromski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Marcin Koszałka MUSIC / MUZYKA: Henri Seroka EDITING / MONTAŻ: Agnieszka Glińska PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński
CAST / OBSADA: Janusz Gajos (Bank President), Krzysztof Stroiński (Roman), Anna Romantowska (Teresa), Anna Przybylska (Secretary)

Roman, once a political prisoner and now a businessman, applies for a loan from the bank. He meets with the bank president, a former communist party official and a prosecutor who in the past issued the warrant to arrest Roman. Now again he decides about Roman’s future.

Roman, przedsiębiorca i dawny więzień polityczny, udaje się do banku z podaniem o kredyt. Przyjmuje go prezes banku, dawny dygnitarz partyjny i prokurator, który kiedys wydał nakaz aresztowania Romana. Teraz znów ma zadecydować o jego przyszłości.


This is an animated short film collage telling the story about the white board with the characteristic red sign “Solidarity” on it. After times of fight and euphoria of victory, the old symbols get forgotten. The white board with “Solidarity” sign is put for sale, but finally it lands in the prop room.

Etiuda animowana zrealizowana techniką kolażu opowiada historię białej tablicy z wypisaną charakterystycznymi, czerwonymi literami nazwą “Solidarność”. Po okresie walki i euforii zwycięstwa, mity i symbole stopniowo odchodzą w niepamięć. Wystawiona na sprzedaż tablica ląduje ostatecznie w rekwizytorni.

THE MAN OF HOPE CZŁOWIEK Z NADZIEI 10 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Andrzej Wajda SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Andrzej Wajda CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Edward Kłosiński MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Grażyna Gradoń PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński CAST / OBSADA: Lech Wałęsa , Andrzej Wajda , Krystyna Janda , Jerzy Radziwiłowicz

This film is a video recorded meeting between the director of “The Man of Iron”, Andrzej Wajda, and actors Krystyna Janda and Jerzy Radziwiłłowicz, who played main characters in “The Man of Iron”, with Lech Wałęsa, the Solidarity leader. The meeting took place in the huge, empty screening room of the “Neptun” theatre in Gdansk. In August 1980, when Wałęsa congratulated Wajda for making a great film about the August Events, he encouraged the famous director to shoot another film titled “The Man of Hope”, but it never happened. What would it be such film today?

“Człowiek z nadziei” Andrzeja Wajdy to zapis spotkania twórcy “Człowieka z żelaza” i pary odtwórców głównych ról – Krystyny Jandy i Jerzego Radziwiłowicza – z Lechem Wałęsą w wielkiej, pustej sali gdańskiego kina Neptun. W 1980 r., gratulując Wajdzie dzieła o sierpniowym zrywie, Wałęsa zachęcał go jednocześnie do nakręcenia kolejnego – “Człowieka z nadziei”. Film jednak do tej pory nie powstał. O czym byłby dziś?

THE FATHER OJCIEC 9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Małgorzata Szumowska SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Małgorzata Szumowska CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Michał Englert MUSIC / MUZYKA: Paweł Mykietyn EDITING / MONTAŻ: Jacek Drosio PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Kazimierz Borowiec (Father), Maja Ostaszewska (Maja), Zosia Fuglewicz (Maja as a Girl), Klaudia Krupa (Maja 15 years old)

In this dramatized short documentary, the director Małgorzata Szumowska utilized the archival films shot by her father, a well-known documentary filmmaker. A 30-year-old woman tells the story how “Solidarity” influenced her family’s life, particularly her idealistic father’s one. He never benefited directly from the political changes. His only reward is that his daughter lives in a free country.

Cykl solidarnościowych etiud zamyka fabularyzowany dokument “Ojciec” Małgorzaty Szumowskiej, która wykorzystała materiały archiwalne nakręcone przez swego ojca, znanego dokumentalistę. Trzydziestoletnia kobieta opowiada o tym, jak “Solidarność” zmieniła życie jej rodziny, a zwłaszcza ojca – idealisty, któremu przemiany polityczne nie przyniosły żadnych bezpośrednich korzyści. Jedyną nagrodą jest życie jego córki w wolnym kraju.




‘Red Cry (Documentary) Today’s Genocide In America’

Lakota Elders Take Back Their Strength ~  Lakota Grandmothers action:

Thanks to  for posting Red Cry on YouTube.

Beat the heat this week with Super Cool Radio ‘Like You’ve Never Heard It Before’ aka KKFI 90.1 fm, 24/7, Streaming Live Online for your pleasure. Oh hell, yeah!

The heat is upon us, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not cool.  We’ve got some way-cool programs this week, including:

The BPU/Sierra Club Settlement EcoRadio KC | July 8, 2013 | 6:00 pm  Host Richard Mabion looks at the recent settlement between The Sierra Club and the Board of Public Utilities over the burning of coal in Wyandotte County. Read More
White-washing Human Rights Abuses and Suppressing a Popular Revolution Law and Disorder | July 9, 2013 | 9:00 am  Two years since the Arab-Spring demonstrations erupted in Bahrain, human rights abuses continue to this day. In 2011, an independent report exposes these abuses that compelled the Kingdom of Bahrain to hire former NYPD police chief John Timoney to white was acts of political repression. Who is John Timoney and why was he outsourced to Bahrain? We ask legal worker and journalist Kris Hermes who recently penned the article John Timoney and Kingdom of Bahrain: White-washing Human Rights Abuses and Suppressing a Popular Revolution. Read More
The Pastor Who Became an Atheist, Modern Mystics, and More Interfaith Voices | July 9, 2013 | 12:00 pm  A reverse-conversion story: How ex-pastor Jerry DeWitt quietly lost his faith while preaching from the pulpit. Read More
Ella Baker Pacifica Radio Archives’ “From the Vault” | July 10, 2013 | 5:00 am This week on From the Vault we salute one of the great understated contributors of the Civil Rights Movement, Ella Baker. In 1968, several important Civil Rights leaders and activists decided to honor this tireless activist, and the resulting recording, A Salute to Ella Baker, became an instant Pacifica classic. Read More
There’s Something Happening Here Your Morning Buzz: Wednesday | July 10, 2013 | 6:00 am Brazil! Egypt! Turkey!.  Uprisings are flaring up all over the globe.  On Your Morning Buzz this Wednesday, Mike Murphy weaves the music of these cultures with other songs of uprising. Read More
Incarceration Nation Alternative Radio | July 10, 2013 | 9:00 am  Michelle Alexander is a professor of law at Ohio State University and holds a joint appointment at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. Formerly the director of the ACLU’s Racial Justice Project in Northern California, she served as a law clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. She is the author of the bestseller “The New Jim Crow.” Read More
Wednesday MidDay Medley presents: Madisen Ward Wednesday MidDay Medley | July 10, 2013 | 10:00 am  Mark plays New & Local Releases from: The Bad Ideas, The Architects, Schwervon!, Sneaky Creeps, Root & Stem, Madisen Ward, Gentleman Savage, David Byrne & St. Vincent, Mavis Staples, Sonny & The Sunsets, and California Wives. At 10:15, Mark talks with singer/songwriter, Madisen Ward who grew up in the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri. Madisen recorded his debut EP, “We Burned The Cane Field” with his Mother, “Mama Bear”, (Ruth Whitlock-Ward). At 11:00 Mark welcomes one of KKFI’s incredible volunteers, Philip Bauer, who will play some of his favorite recordings from: Rush, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Santana, No Doubt, Ugly Kid Joe, Red Elvises, and Prodigy. Read More
“Freedom for the Thought that We Hate’ Bookwaves | July 10, 2013 | 12:00 pm In honor of recent Supreme Court decisions, a 2008 interview with the late legal scholar and journalist Anthony Lewis (1927-2013) about his book, “Freedom for the Thought that We Hate’ and First Amendment Rights. Read More
Big, Scary UFO From Ark to Microchip | July 10, 2013 | 12:30 pm  This week on From Ark to Microchip, we discuss curious acausal time links Read More
The Left Forum Continues All Souls Forum | July 10, 2013 | 6pm More from NYC’s Left Forum held last month Read More
The Real Thing L.A. Theatre Works | July 10, 2013 | 7:00 pm  Tonight on L.A. Theatre Works, a 2009 performance of The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard is featured, starring Simon Templeman and Carolyn Seymour. Read More
A New Way of Life and the New Underground Railroad Sprouts | July 11, 2013 | 12:00 pm Making a Break for Freedom During the Era of Mass Incarceration Read More
Survivors of Solitary Confinement Making Contact | July 11, 2013 | 12:30 pm  Tens of thousands are in solitary confinement in American prisons which according to the United Nations is torture. Producer Claire Schoen met nine former prisoners who describe in detail what it’s like to be in solitary confinement. Read More

Tab Benoit Beale Street Caravan | July 11, 2013 | 3:00 pm Tab Benoit on The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise Barbara Ching: Country Music and The Blues – Read More
The Peabody/Patriot Shuffle Heartland Labor Forum | July 11, 2013 | 6:00 pm Underwritten by: Carpenters Local 1127 and Bricklayers Local 15. Read More
Radioactive Magazine Thursday Night Special | July 11, 2013 | 7:00 pm Audio theatre by the Move To Amend Players, creationism and more! Read More
The Lucky return! Under the Radar | July 11, 2013 | 10:00 pm KC band The Lucky are in the building! Read More
The Peabody/Patriot Shuffle Heartland Labor Forum (Repeat) | July 12, 2013 | 5:00 am Underwritten by: Carpenters Local 1127 and Bricklayers Local 15. Read More
Swimming Our Talk: Blue Mind, Ocean Heart Bioneers | July 12, 2013 | 9:30 am Illuminating the magical underwater world, Jacques Cousteau’s 1960s films and TV show caused a sea change by moving the hearts and minds of tens of millions. Read More
Marshall Chapman, The G2 Bluegrass Band, and much more Music City Roots – Live From the Loveless Cafe | July 13, 2013 | 7:00 am  Marshall Chapman, The G2 Bluegrass Band, Old Man Luedecke, Songs Of The Fall, and The Amigos Band play direct from The Loveless Cafe stage. Read More
Everything Possible This Way Out (LGBT) | July 13, 2013 | 2:00 pm  Discovering everything possible about Fred Small’s “Everything Possible” (JD Doyle talks with the songwriter about his inspiration for the iconic song, and Michael Callen and The Flirtations render Small’s favorite rendition of it)… U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay has her say about Nigeria’s “Jail the Gays” bill (in conversation with Nigerian LGBT activist Davis Mac-Iyalla on the “BBC World Have Your Say” program)… LGBT Pride deploys to Kandahar (as reported by the U.S. Defense Department), and “Everyone Is Gay” (according to A Great Big World, anyway) … and in “NewsWrap” (produced this week by Steve Pride & Angela Brooks and reported by Jenn Mahoney & Charlie Bauer), a bouquet of lawsuits bloom from the U.S. Supreme Court DOMA decision, marriage equality slips past Costa Rican lawmakers, Pink Dot takes aim at Singapore’s penal code, and a Brazilian “cure” prescription fizzles. Read More
The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, Part II WINGS | July 13, 2013 | 2:30 pm Today is the second installment of playwright Carolyn Gage’s The Second Coming of Joan of Arc. Read More
Pastors for Peace Every Woman | July 13, 2013 | 3:00 pm Gail Walker of Pastors for Peace is the featured guest. Read More
Jay Farrar Art of the Song | July 14, 2013 | 6:00 am Today on Art of the Song, musician Jay Farrar is featured. Read More
Werner von Braun and Fritz Haber Exploration | July 15, 2013 | 5:00 am It’s German scientists week here on Exploration. Read More
The Barn Players & Summit Theatre Arts Magazine | July 15, 2013 | 12:00 pm Summer offerings from The Barn Players and Summit Theatre Group are highlighted. Read More
Stay tuned,
Mike Murphy
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Eat for Tibet–momos galore!


Fort Defiance, AZ — What elected officials fear = opposition to SB 2109. Gee, I wonder why. Not.

Click image designed by Donovan Pete to use as cover on facebook.
Regarding Fort Defiance meeting to discuss SB 2109:
Posted on Navajo Truth SB 2109 facebook page along with the photos, links, observations and thoughts of many other people.!/navajotruth

via Bonnie Jean Canyon:
The police presence at the Fort Defiance meeting was intense and intimidating. This was mentioned by more than one person when the public was allowed to address the NNVP and other officials. I feel it was uncalled for and excessive. Im still trying to figure out why they also needed 2 or 3 fire trucks and also 3-4 ambulances? They must know already just how strongly the people are opposed to this? All the emergency response vehicals took up so much space it was very difficult to find parking. There was a pretty good turn out but it was after 5 that people started showing up even though the meeting started at 4 and Im assuming its because most work until 5. They ran out of chairs and many remained standing for most of the meeting. I feel the power point slide show they presented was meant to sell the bill more than it was to educate and inform. The people present strongly opposed the bill and many who wished to voice their concerns and ask questions were not allowed to speak. I was very happy to see young people in attendence including 2 that came all the way from Phoenix to speak and also a student from Dine College. At least 3 people spoke up towards the end and called out to the NNVP that they had not been allowed to speak. Once again proof that more forums are needed and also that more time should have been given to the public to speak and ask questions. It seems that most feel, that despite the claims of all the uncertainties of letigation, most would rather continue the fight for water claims in court than to waive them and settle.


Photo from Renaldo Chapman–on Navajo Truth SB 2109 facebook–Security at Fort Defiance meeting.


For some insight into the land, people, history and political economics involved in this issue consider this article at — Izilwane –Connecting the human animal to theglobal ecosystem

“Belonging to the Land,  Part One: The Elders of Black Mesa” by Zoe Kransey

“Part Two: Big Mountain”

“Part Three: We’re Still Here.”


Our Water Rights has a hard copy letter writing campaign underway. For information on SB 2109 and HR 4067,  and the addresses for snail mail visit petition to Stop SB 2109



note: This  information, quotes, photos, etc has been posted with prior permission-agreement with Navajo Truth in order to share information.




Protect Mother Earth, Stop SB 2109, Protect Sacred Sites, No Racism, No Foreclosures, et. al. March Rally Flagstaff, AZ April 28, 2012, 3 pm

Click poster for more images at Navajo Truth SB 2109 on facebook.

Now this is what an alliance looks like. Take note of all the interconnected issues and groups involved in this event. Some people are getting together for mutual support. Something tells me this sort of bridge building is not taught in The Huppenthal Mind Control School Plan. But taking an axe to the Ethnic Studies programs in the state of Arizona sure might have thrown some serious fuel on this bonfire. Protecting Mother Earth is everyone’s common ground. Unless, of course, you’re McCain, Kyl, a Bush, BP, Shell, Chevron, Trans-Canada, Canadian PM Harper, Kinder-Morgan, Enbridge, Palin — whatever will it take to wake these folks up? Oil spills inside their homes? Mandatory gas masks for everyone? Water rationing?
Not in Arizona? Then spread the news cause I don’t think this rally will be aired on CNN, ABC, NBC or Fox news unless it’s a 5 second soundbite IF the police crack open some pepper spray.

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