90 Self Immolated Tibetans due to policy “made in China.”

The International Campaign for Tibet –> http://www.savetibet.org/

While the “free” world (Orwellian overtones notwithstanding) goes about its seasonal consumption binge to purchase many goods stamped with “made in China” the indigenous people of Tibet have been setting themselves on fire in protest.  Participants in the Occupy movement have nothing on Tibetans when it comes to legitimate grievances ranging from rampant cultural genocide to environmental destruction. There is no way to “spin” what has happened in Tibet during November 2012. There’s no double talk that puts things to rights.  Native American children may have to relinquish their statistical standing as the group with the highest suicide rate in the world to the Tibetans determined to be “heard” by resorting to suicide by fire.  I don’t write the preceding sentence without serious concern for the harsh realities faced by both groups.

The Holy Days/Holidays taken on a certain smoke tinged hue.

28 Self Immolations in one month.  —>> more at Students for a Free Tibet  https://www.studentsforafreetibet.org/about-tibet/self-immolations


Paragon Radio’s Suicide 160

POST UPDATE–the link seems to be no longer viable as a direct route to the intended material. I’m not sure if this is something at my end or if it is universal. It’s been a long time since this was posted and things may have changed at the other end of the code line. Sorry for this inconvient truth.
Connect to the Suicide by clicking on the “cover” above. Good luck.

No, this is not “MY” plan. Nope, this Suicide/audio collage is online in its entirity at Infowarts.  This is #160 Suicide – CLX Cousins Promise.  Nearly one hour of issue rasing spoken word, news clips, music, archived material. It’s a hell of a potent brew that aired on Paragon Radio in the wee hours this Monday–as in approximatly at 3 am.  Paragon Radio streams online at www.kkfi.org.  Whether he’s of a mind to ‘talk’  or not and  just runs the audio radio board  your host is Benjamin.  If you’re curious, you can listen while you blog.  Get some news, some ‘commentary’, some ideas, some issues, and who knows what might follow in your mind.

On Wednesdays at 6pm CST you can catch the Radio Redux with your “humble host Benjamin” for some talk radio that doesn’t go with the mainstream media status quo flow. Your location on the globe matters not because it streams live online at www.kkfi.org.

Be forewarned, there are NO sacred cows here.

Peace on Earth? Huh? “Joy to the World”? What?

Click on the poster for more information at Stop These Wars.

Hmm, it’s the season that supposedly proclaims love, peace, and goodwill towards all.  What is Christmas? What does it mean these days? Is it just a fun time for all sorts of toys, rich foods, and carte blanche to get all warm and fuzzy via some fine libations? That will be easy for millions of Americans.  Yep, I’m having some tough times observing this season unfold everywhere from grocery stores to internet gibberish while so many others suffer around the world–including every one of the soldiers who have been sucked into the black hole vortex of the military industrial  complex. Apparently there is an average of 18 suicides among vets and other soldiers every day.  It’s the season for Winter Soldier.  It’s the season of resentment for the deception that has produced so much death and destruction for profit agendas.  Is this our winter of discontent? How can anyone play “Joy to the World” and claim sanity? I see no savior in action–just a great deal of denial and hypocrisy from Big Brother.    

Peace Dove by Levy
“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”

Mario Savio, 1964


Why did a child commit suicide by train?

Clicking on the image above will take you to One Spirit and information regarding an ongoing effort to support a safe house for Lakota children.

There does not seem to be any delicate way to broach this topic. So right up front, this attempt to raise some awareness is not intended as an insult or affront to the people most concerned. There is no intention to pick at open wounds. This is reality–it’s not nice, it’s not comfortable, it’s not a feel good topic.  But the only way anyone might get any assistance is by meeting the issues head on. Have to face reality in order to deal with it. So–in spite all my brainstorming writing efforts I’ve yet to come up with an opening besides this:  Native American children have the HIGHEST rates of suicide in the entire USA–and possibly the world.

 Why does a 10 year old commit suicide? Why did a group of Native American children aged 8 to 16 carry out a suicide pact of killing themselves? Why would 20 Indian children at one school attempt suicide in one year? Why did 8 children commit suicide in the last two months on Pine Ridge?

Perhaps the bottom line is a lack of hope due to all the longstanding economic and cultural-social problems that have been rampant in Native American communities/reservations ever since the 1880s. Yes, the 1880s.  The legacy of genocide, forced assimilation–Indian Commissioner T.J. Morgan once wrote that Indians “Must submit or die.” — boarding schools, and cultural destruction has deep historical roots. 

News today from the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana–six children took their lives this year one by gun, four by hanging–one by train.  For more visit the Indianz.com news coverage link->


From Native American Times–>


The following  selection of videos serve only to introduce the topic.  Posting other videos and links to news coverage and other information  is encouraged.   This issue is not the sole provence of the Pine Ridge Reservation–child suicide is rampant across Indian Country and Alaska.



Sept. 11 on your mind?

If the events of September 11, and the ramifications thereof, are of continued concern to you then there’s a Paragon Radio Suicide (audio collage collection including actual news footage, spoken word performance, and interviews) you might want to hear.  Simply surf into infowarts   http://www.infowarts.com/ and click to listen to # 100 – Suicide C – 9-11, Before the Spin Set In

Nothing stands alone. All things are connected. Just because human behavior  has been one way does not mean it must remain such. We  have choices. 








   Change We Can Create

If it’s Wednesday, it’s Radio Redux Day!

Click with care if you dare.  This Suicide is an audio collage running on the edge of the search for truth and survival.

Paragon Radio Suicide #141 Awakening

Oh yeah, folks, it’s Wednesday and at www.kkfi.org that means it’s Radio Redux 6-7pm CST.  Sick of Rush, Savage, Hannity, and the rest of the good old boy’s club? Do you like some edge in your talk radio?  Got a wish for a reality check? Think radio is just for old dudes with attention disorders? Think again. The Radio Redux is definitely not a good old boy.  What is a “constitutional anarchist”? Catch the stream online and Ben will speak for himself on that account. No telling who else might venture into KKFI’s audio stream with a phone call. No guarantees. No tickets required. No promises of roses and easy solutions. Just a view of what’s happening from the streets of Kansas City out to the world of oil spills and our need to “awaken”.  We are indeed walking on the dark side in order to get to the light–if we survive.







Where are there no golden arches?

No, kingly burgers?

No worlds of wally?

No general dollars?

No belling tacos?

No neighborhood associations?

Where is there such want?

In the land where the sun dances.

Where death brings give-aways.

Where triple A breaks down and needs towing.

Where suicide blows everyone off the charts.

Where infants age into hopelessness.

Where it’s a hard choice to survive day to day.


Where there are no malls to impede the grass from growing —


Working toward a planet that doesn’t burn, a future that doesn’t suck


Agitate, Educate, and Organize ~OO~


Adaptation. Mitigation. Justice.

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