Hear the Homelessness Marathon Live via KKFI

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Live from Kansas City, Missouri –tune in and catch the people on the streets speaking for themselves.

Stolen Sisters: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

On Tuesday 15 February 2011 Native America Calling will broadcast a radio talk show regarding Missing and Murdered Women in Vancouver.  The third annual Stolen Sisters Memorial March was held on February 13.  Heads up, we’re not talking about 5 or 6 women who have gone MIA. There are nearly 600 Indigenous women on the list compiled by the Native Women’s Association. Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest is just one of several high kill zones for Indigenous women along the Canada/United States border and the Mexico/United States border. Hundreds of unsolved murders and disappearances of Indigenous women go unsolved, seldom reported in the mainstream media, and ignored by the general population.  Amnesty International has investigated this continuing violence against Indigenous  women.  The question arises of what if these women were white and middle class? Would there then be widespread awareness and public outcry for all the crime prevention units to produce some serious results for ending this murder industry? I don’t know. 

At any rate, Native America Calling’s show will include Angela MacDougall (director of Battered Women Support Services) and Marlene George who organized the annual march. The show is broadcast live 1-2 pm Eastern Time–and will be available online afterwards.  The show streams live online. 


For Amnesty International’s report: A Human Rights Response to Discrimination and Violence Against Indigenous Women In Canada:


Click photo to see more images by Adrian Lam, Time Colonist

Got ears? You too can hear Native America Calling.

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Wondering what Native Americans think of Johnny Depp playing Tonto in a new film? Well, surf to Native America Calling’s online former broadcasts and find out. Heads up, make sure you’re wearing your satire hat for the “win Depp” show.  There’s an online archive list and summary of several years of broadcasts covering everything from healthcare to water rights  to “matchmaking.” Oh yes, there is  more talk radio in America than the usual media attention beasts bellowing on the sound waves. The discussions on Native America Calling are lively, smart, informative and enjoyable. Harlan McKosato is the show’s host and producer. Listeners are invited to call in and participate in the conversations.

Native America Calling broadcasts live Monday through Friday, 1-2pm Eastern time. 10 am PST.  You can listen online too.

On Monday, February 7, 2011 the topic will be the “State of Indian Education.”  Having blogged my thoughts about the general state of education in America, I’m very interested in hearing this particular broadcast.  

You can view the subjects of this upcoming week’s shows here– http://www.nativeamericacalling.com/

They’re serving everything from Casino Jack to Adapting to Climate Change. And it all gets archived for listening at later dates.

In the Kansas City Metro area there’s only ONE hour a week of radio programming featuring Native American music, news, issues, and people.  Native Spirit Radio airs on www.kkfi.org  hosted by Rhonda LeValdo (Acoma Pueblo),  on Sundays,  5-6pm CST. NSR streams online.

Escape the radio boxes by expanding your listening horizons to Native America Calling.  Sharing your discoveries here is very welcome.

It’s time for “Constitutional Anarchy”!

Oh yeah, despite the brutalizing heat broiling all of the Kansas City Metro area. In spite of a close encounter with  poison ivy. In spite of our impending DOOM via the rule of CORPORATIONs–Ben is in the KKFI studio at 39th & Main Street running his jaws and taking phone calls.

 Care for some ATTitude?   —>>> www.kkfi.org   streaming online…..

Infowarts, Suicides, Paragon, & Radio Redux?

What’s the haps on the Radio Redux this Wednesday? Dunno, but I’ll tune into find out what’s on the minds of Ben and the rest of KC.

Sick of CNN? Ready to feed ole Rush to some starving seal lions? Want to toss Fox News on your backyard grill? Tired of the insider nature of the trying hard to matter PBS news stations? NPR too tame?  Wondering where the alternatives are hiding? Curious about live radio that isn’t scripted by out of touch corporate executives watching the profit margin? Surf into the Paragon’s online radio playpen at  http://paragonradio.blogspot.com/

or examine the informative warts at http://www.infowarts.com/2010/06/radio-redux-6-02-2010.html  where you can listen to all sorts of live radio programs recorded live on KKFI on Wednesday evenings and those weird early Monday mornings from 12 am to 5 am. 

Check out the audio Suicides that mix everything and anything from spoken word to news sound bites to historical newscasts. Discover just what a Paragon and Redux program is all about–a different perspective on our world and all things in it. Where else would a radio personality describe a  dolphin as beaten and raped when it appears on shore after engaging the BP oil spill? On KKFI aka 90.1 fm radio in Kansas City. You don’t have to agree. You don’t have to cheer. Just think about the ideas you hear. Or read.  

And if that doesn’t trip your trap then check out Democracy Now! http://www.democracynow.org/ for some news on what’s not so new in Haiti and in the military suicide department and all sorts of other news that corporate media wishes didn’ t exist.

Yes, it’s Wednesday and of course, Ben will host the Radio Redux at 6pm CST from steaming KCMO.

LA Theatre Works reveals what’s in J. Edgar’s pocket.

And at 7pm KKFI will air the second half of LA Theatre Works’ show about J. Edgar Hoover. First half was surprisingly great fun. The side of Hoover I never had a clue about. LOL! Curious? Tune in and discover what’s hiding in J.Edgar’s closet.  More about LA Theatre Works at http://www.latw.org/

Oh and Thursday will be Artie’s second installment of his special on Woodstock. OH yeah, Artie has got music out the wazzo for Blended–10pm to Midnighht www.kkfi.org.

If it’s Wednesday, it’s Radio Redux Day!

Click with care if you dare.  This Suicide is an audio collage running on the edge of the search for truth and survival.

Paragon Radio Suicide #141 Awakening

Oh yeah, folks, it’s Wednesday and at www.kkfi.org that means it’s Radio Redux 6-7pm CST.  Sick of Rush, Savage, Hannity, and the rest of the good old boy’s club? Do you like some edge in your talk radio?  Got a wish for a reality check? Think radio is just for old dudes with attention disorders? Think again. The Radio Redux is definitely not a good old boy.  What is a “constitutional anarchist”? Catch the stream online and Ben will speak for himself on that account. No telling who else might venture into KKFI’s audio stream with a phone call. No guarantees. No tickets required. No promises of roses and easy solutions. Just a view of what’s happening from the streets of Kansas City out to the world of oil spills and our need to “awaken”.  We are indeed walking on the dark side in order to get to the light–if we survive.






Paragon Radio live for five hours now–yes, NOW


Blogging in the wee hours in silence? Doesn’t have to be. Surf in to KKFI’s five hour long talk radio show hosted by the one and only Ben Johnson–no, he’s not that Ben Johnson of Shakey Will’s time. But he could be a reincarnation…right there’s some weird tunes  aplaying–an early suicide? Dunno, just tunned in meself…Care to join us later nighters in Kansas City? Ohhh here’s Neil Young and the vampire song….join in…

www.kkfi.org   streaming live

community radio like you’ve never heard it before–definitely without a plan…

At Monday at 5 am in the middle of muddled america this program will conclude until next week. But there are others for your listening pleasure –and amazement–and displeasure– always streaming online 24/7   365 for FREE—yes, FREE.

–all about FREEdom-yours, mine, ours–

Okay, it’s KKFI all night long for moi as Ben Johnson takes on the assualt against OUR freedom–if you care, blog and listen, and call in if you wish,  to www.kkfi.org    community radio  streaming live around the globe… 12:29 am in the great midwest of america…it’s cool tonight, the dudes are hyped, and maybe there will be a suicide audio at some point..here be me ears …”all about that freedom thing”


disclaimer: the suicide audio mentioned above involves a collection of divererse audio materials connected thematically and mixed at will–like something a kid would do with soft drinks, ice cream, fruit and ice… just making sure we’re all on the same ‘page’.


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