Maybe they were just following the cue cards? Methinks not.



From Alan Grayson's email information effort. Photographer unknown at present time.

If you’re clueless then you haven’t caught the video of the Republican / Tea Party debate on CNN which is making its way everywhere. Now if the audience doesn’t give a damn about human beings then they probably don’t care about Earth either.  I wonder if they cheer at photos of animals dying in oil spills? Afterall, according to THEIR reasoning it would be the animal’s own fault for being in that oil. Hmm. Scary thoughts. Hey, is this domestic terrorism? Is it? Surely not. But, but, could it be?  Hey if musicians can get grabbed by police in Massachusetts while travelling to the airport via public transportation and reported by some big NO ONE–then shouldn’t that audience have been arrested for expression of questionable ethical comments? Someone text Homeland Security and get those people in for questioning now. They’re all on video. Find them and haul them in for questioning. Were they vetted before the debate? Hmm…. Okay, enough of the nightmare.  For the moment anyway. So much for the ONLY industrialized country which has a FOR PROFIT Medical Industry–doctors, insurance companies, suppliers et. al. Only in America will your medical bills kill you–if the insurance company doesn’t first by denying care–and they have a long history of doing so. Just ask Wendell Potter who worked for the industry.
Oh damn. The greater of two evils just became greater.


Walker Repairs WI Budget: Old Fitzgerald gets $105,000 + $90,000 pension while Gov. threatens layoff of WI teachers.

Stephen Fitzgerald has been appointed head of Wisconsin’s State Police to the salary tune of $105,000 complete with a pension of $90,000. Stephen Fitzgerald is no spring chicken. He  is near retirement age so he will be drawing that pension SOON.  Take note that Stephen Fitzgerald has two sons in the state capital: Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald AND Republican Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.  Looks like good old pop Fitzgerald will be well off in his golden years thanks to his political connections. One Fitzgerald, two Fitzgerald, three Fitzgeralds all telling public workers to bite the dust regarding their pensions. Are there more Fitzgeralds soon to grace Wisconsin’s power players? Hmm? Any more Fitzgeralds catching golden rising stars soon?

One Fitz, two Fitz, three Fitz..more?! Is this an example of Republican family planning? Oh my, now there’s a dirty phrase for such guys–“family planning”–perish the thought!!! This is more like family values, right?

I have more to say on the scenario involving the situation in WI involving the Koch puppet Republican Gov. Walker, but I think I’ll let this political money bag play sink into your busy brainpans first. Got it? Walker has no money for public workers but pension funds aplenty for Fitzgerald Senior.  Perhaps this just shows how much Walker wants the protestors to go away and be SILENT. He’s not going to budge, but they damn  well ought to and he wants the WI State Police to “MAKE IT SO” for Scotty, Jeff and Scott.  

More  DN! coverage of WI Saturday protests at    I thought I was just having a tough “Google” day on Saturday, but no, it wasn’t me. There was NO mainstream media coverage of over 100,000 people protesting in Madison. Reuters had coverage. But that doesn’t count because they’re not AMERICAN media.  Btw, NO TEA PARTY counter protestors put in an appearance on Saturday. Actually, according to my sources, the Tea Party seems to have evaporated since answering Walker’s first kettle whistle.  

Oh IF it was me having a bad “Google” day, please do leave links to the news coverage of Saturday’s good times in Mad-City. Thank you!

Billionaires = “Budget” Busting Buds with Benefits: Beast Bait Banter Beams: Walker Is Koch Cozy

For those of us following developments in Mad-city the Beast Prank is “old” news.  But if you’re trying to catch up on all the fuss, I’m doing my tiny part to help out.  I think we’ve all got Dictator Scott Walker under our belts by now. Walker’s  Koch connection might need a little of that transparency which is the current media byword that seems to have replaced truth, honesty and integrity.  Every time I hear the word all I can think of are see-through dresses–huh? Yeah, go figure how my brainpan spills regarding word associations. Enough of my egocentric language allusions. 

Let’s start with getting some visuals on the Koch Bros courtesy of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! headline:

If you’re wandering around capitol square in Mad-city, be sure to pay a visit to the Kochs’ lobbyists’ office there. I’m sure it’s clearly marked for tea party tourists and progressives liberals alike.  Shh! Don’t let on if you support Greenpeace environmental actions.

Still scratching your scalp and thinking hard to  place these fellows? Koch who? Wanting more info? No problem, Greenpeace has the goods on the environmental blues billionaire brothers.

Desiring something less esoteric than Greenpeace satire? Perhaps the Turks are more to your brainpan’s liking. The Young Turks clarify the Koch agenda via the Kochs’ own letters:

Oh my, where are the teabaggers when Kochs need them? These folks sure are NOT buying what the Kochs are selling. Some coverage of a recent rally to protest secret meeting of Kochs with other big wig movers and shakers, including Clarence Thomas and Antoine Scalia. Yes, those supreme court justices are Koch cozies.  OMG–is this what corporate personhood is all about???  

Audio Beast: 

 In case the Beast link FAILS, you can read a transcript of WI Rep. Gov. Scott Walker’s  fun and games with faux Koch at –>

Ian Murphy of Buffalo Beast poses as David Koch and gets more ear respect  from Gov. Walker than he gives to the people camped in the capital building. Being a Billionaire has benefits, right? The Beast site is back up and running. You can read and hear yourself  Ian Murphy’s prank foreplay and Walker’s shamelessness:

Craving some floor sight human interest news? Views of the occupying force camping at the capital charm:

Another quick kick at the Kochs and their billionaire cronies:

So, now is everyone “good” on the elusive Koch Bros? If you’re not a conservative billionaire Republican or a Supreme Court Justice willing to play corporate personhood ball, they could be a tough click capture for your camera safari on the mean streets of Wichita, Kansas. 

BIG picture parting shot.  Does your child have a dark side? Mine sure do. I don’t wonder why. I think they’re in cahoots with this kid. –>

Ode to the Oil Gods

Which circle of Dante’s Hell are we living in?

Will the Tea Party make a Citizen’s Arrest?

Can  the  “Drill Baby Drill Lady” do a Mr. Clean job in the Gulf?

Al Gore will surely help her with the chore.

Hey Hollywood—got an oil flow disaster script on the fast track yet?

Oh and all the stories/image the Coast Guard is preventing from being shown.

No journalists allowed within 65 feet.

Where is that First Amendment hiding?

Perhaps in George Orwell’s grave.

Got kicked off the Deep Horizon.

 BP brings oil to you and me.

BP drills holes in the seas.

All for money.

Everything  is expendable.

Ode to the Oil Gods.

Enquiring Minds want to know how oil rain will make their grass grow.

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