Ambrosio Vilhalva 1960 -2013, Guarani leader murdered

Is there no end to violence?

Why do we not live in harmony with the Earth and each other?

When will this destruction of people and Earth cease? When all Homo sapiens are dead? Is that the answer? Our own self-destruction of one another in order to stop death and destruction? Perhaps that’s what it will take for all of us to realize we and the Earth are one.  There’s more truth in “ashes to ashes” than we like to acknowledge as we play in cyberspace.


Yes, I discovered this news item and dropped it here with some dark questions leaving visitors to create context themselves by following the links and watching the videos.

What we have here is a murder of another Indigenous person fighting for the right to life for his people and the planet.  That’s why this death/murder is of public interest.  There are people grieving for this man. His family. His friends. We talk a great deal about behaving like civilized creatures when there are many among us who are anything but civil to each other.  Not everyone does want a world of peaceful coexistence. Lots of people benefit from the murder and mayhem inflicted on Indigenous and Native people–and those Non-natives who support them. (Oh, everyone has DNA that was once “native” to a particular place on the planet. Yeah, even if you’ve forgotten this point, your genes haven’t.)  Profit is the name of their game. Unfortunately many of us contribute to the Profit by creating a demand for all sorts of nice things we take for granted–like clean drinking water, access to a lot of food, heat on demand, electricity, gas and all the toys that come with this package deal. Our wants often are supplied by others who cannot and do not enjoy the same. What would you do if all the “easy” things disappeared? No grocery stores with shelves full of yum yums. No gas at the pumps. No electricity 24/7. No water for every load of laundry and shower on demand. What would your life be like if someone stole your home? Hm? Oops, is that the nightmare button I’ve pushed?

Have we got context now? Hmm. I’m not sure. But this is what’s here now.


Survival International site
Birdwatchers 2 of 11


we see you



We, as in we humans, constantly perceive our world only from our egocentric perspective–as if we’re the only observers in town. We’re not. Ever get the feeling you’re being watched in the most unlikely places? By unlikely I mean places lacking other humans.  Just because there aren’t others of our own kind in our company does not mean that we don’t have ‘company.’  The entire natural world is watching us. These days I suspect it’s watching done on HIGH ALERT due to all our inconsiderate  actions over the long-term.  Seriously, the next time you are out clicking away with your camera at everything that stays long enough in the viewfinder–take a deep breath, relax and take a good look at the trees, butterflies, birds and bugs in front of you.  Consider what they see as we stare at them for a moment before clicking and running off to the next attraction like manic visual addicts scrambling for another fix.  All living things breath in their own manners. Why wouldn’t they observe us as part of their world? We are biological organisms roaming around a biological habitat.  Yes, we have a LOT of company on this earth. Other living things may not ‘see’ us as we see them–and that’s been good for our survival. We haven’t been so good for the lives of other creatures though. We tend to spread like parasites, perpetually voracious ones consuming every thing in our reach.  Some times I think that all the other living things will turn the tables on us and treat us in kind until we are extinct. Other times I suspect that they’re just waiting for us to finish ourselves off–which we do seem to be doing quite nicely–if not fast enough for the comfort of the likes of the trees in my photograph. Ever wonder if they’re thinking, “Hurry up and be done with your own destruction so the rest of us can have some peace from the likes of you?”  I certainly wouldn’t blame them one whit for such wishes.  Everywhere I venture I take note of the continuing urban sprawling into the habitats of other living creatures.  We destroy the homes of geese, ducks, snakes, deer, foxes, shrews, fish and everyone else while leaving behind our discarded spaces of crumbling concrete and asphalt. Will we not stop until nothing else  has a place to live? Face it, we humans are the most awful invasive species/neighbors ever.  Perhaps our superiority complex will be the death of us. I suspect the trees are hoping it’s sooner rather than later.  Seriously–put yourself in their bark and check  out the view.

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