Democracy parades in Madison. No more “Walkers” allowed!

I do believe the working people of Wisconsin are giving  brand new meaning to the old slogan–“Workers of the World Unite!”    

Clearly this  is not the end but the beginning of a new worker movement as is evident from Facebook pages where Wisconsinites and their growing ranks of supporters organize boycotts of banks and Koch products  to recalls of right-wing Republican backstabbing politicians.

Beware the enemy inside the city capital gates.

Our times, “they are a changin'” big time.

14 Democractic State Senators with guts?  Who knew!?!  Super Glue!

Puppets for truth in funding.

One more for just for truth telling fun.

Love cheese? Milk a dairy farmer. Cheese = Wisconsin gold.

Cows outting big pictures.

Koch whore? Who? Walker? Say it ain’t so, Scotty! We dare you.

Dumb drug money.

Who needs a little red wagon when ya got a big red tractor?

Roots digging deeper day by day.

All photographs @ “Concerned Madison Parent” 2011

Much thanks to intrepid “Concerned Madison Parent” for this ground zero visual record of  the united ranks of Wisconsin’s working class people.

Red Alert All “Serfs”: Corporate hostile take-over of America is underway via Republican Governors at large.

 It’s official folks. The corporate take-over of America is well underway around the USA. Oh yeah. No doubts about it. Just survey what every Republican Governor is up to in every state and it’s absolutely clear that this is an organized attack on the working classes en masse. The goal is absolute control, dominance and power over the population. Does that sound paranoid? Yeah, well it’s reality, fellow serfs.  You think Wisconsin has ISSUES? Well, while we’ve all been watching the antics of Republican Dictator Walker and his hench-people, especially the extremely adorably arrogant Senator Fitzgerald, a very nasty power grab has been conducted in Lansing, Michigan. Oh yeah, what’s worse than snidely cutting the feet out from the working class by stripping them of collective bargaining rights? Float this in your boiling brainpan:

In an extreme move to take away power of local governments, the Michigan Senate voted yesterday to allow the appointment of so-called emergency financial managers to take control of cities and school districts that the newly elected Republican governor in the state unilaterally declares to be “financial emergencies.”

The new bill was passed 26-12 by the Republican-controlled Senate in Lansing and allows newly-appointed financial managers a broad range of powers over local governments. Newly elected Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s new budget bill slashes aid to local governments and many towns are expected to fall into the financial emergency zone as a result. Governor Snyder will then appoint financial managers to oversee these towns.

The bill was passed first in Michigan’s Congress and will now await some changes in wording before being sent to Snyder’s desk for his signature. After the bill is put in effect, the financial managers will be allowed to “reject, modify or terminate the terms of an existing contract…or a collective bargaining agreement.”

They will also be able to “suspend or dismiss local officials, “disincorporate of dissolve entire city governments” and “recommend…that a school district be reorganized with one or more contiguous districts.” Jennifer Page, “Corporate Politicians at Helm”,  The Center for Media and Democracy’s PRwatch


Michigan’s Governor is a Republican and by now we all know what that means—right wing Koch Brothers and Cohorts MONEY puppet.  Now that Snyder has established his right to slash and burn cities and school districts all by himself –and then to appoint “new managers”–the door is open for Koch and like-minded right-wing Corporate Cohorts for more “hostile take-overs” of cities and schools. Why bother with purchasing individual energy works when you can bleed an entire city and its population to suit your own agenda?

What are we Serfs going to do?

Whatever happened to self-determination in America?

Is this still “America”–land of the FREE? Is it?

The rules have changed folks. In case you haven’t noticed, these Republicans don’t adhere to laws, fair play or honesty. They don’t give a damn about working class people of any ilk. In Wisconsin they have abandoned all pretense of integrity. They’re not elected officials anymore. They’re arrogant, power hungry, control monsters bent on imposing their way–as the only way in much the same vein as the most repulsive manipulative television evangelists.  The right-wing corporate Republican way is The Only Way. I sense that “loving kindness” will not get us Serfs anywhere with these people because such is out of their ken. They’re proving it with every move they make. If the Republicans in Wisconsin are so proud of their handiwork, why do they run away from the capital escorted by police, through tunnels and unto dark buses to avoid the wrath of the people they’re supposed to REPRESENT? Do they fear a modern form of being tarred and feathered? Why do they keep trying to keep their handiwork from public view?  Because they know it’s “wrong” yet they intend to do as their corporate funders demand any way they can.

Posted on Wisconsin Resistance Radio, Facebook

Note: For those of you who don’t understand what unions and collective bargaining rights mean for working classes–do some homework–start with the Ludlow Massacre and learn about those and other people who died in order for there to be a 40 hour work week, no child labor, and decent living wages. Yes, people fought and died in order to end ruthless exploitation by the rich elite who took everything and gave nothing for the labor of others.  Corporate created textbooks don’t present much information on the dark side of the labor movement. Explore America’s dark labor history before you decide unions don’t matter.  

Is WI Rep. Gov. Scott Walker a Koch Brothers’ Tool?

Is WI Rep. Gov. Scott Walker a Koch brothers’ political too? Well, if we follow the money trail it’s surely looking that way.

According to Democracy Now!’s Headlines ” information from campaign finance indicates that Koch Industries supplied $43,000 to Scott Walker’s political  campaign. They dumped over another million into  the Republican Governors Association. AND Walker has been keeping  buddy buddy with the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity. The head of this rich elite club, Tim Phillips told the New York Times that they wanted to provoke a conflict with the unions in Wisconsin.”

Um, does this sound like a conspiracy? huh?

Americans for prosperity? Whose prosperity? The Tea Party’s? Sarah Palin’s? Glen Beck’s? Naw, for Wall Street and the military industrial complex.  The Koch brothers and their  devious corporate personhoods. Is  America  is up for auction to  the highest bidder? Do we now have “Democracy by State Dictatorship” as the Kochs pull Rep. Gov. Scott Walker’s strings–and all the other Republican Governors too it seems. Will we soon return to the era of the Ludlow Massacre when workers could be exploited until dead? Hmm? No need to kill people when you can bankrupt them and get away with it scott free.

Information Source  Democracy Now!

Will the rampant greed of the rich elite destroy America? It sure looks that way. 

Perhaps there is a certain sort of “employment” waiting for the unemployed across the country.  Oh, and Gov. Walker is threatening to increase the ranks of the unemployed by laying off workers–though not saying WHO–even as I type.

“We Are Wisconsin”! Are you?

Click the photo to visit We Are Wisconsin & sign solidarity petition.


Want to express your solidarity with the working class people protesting in the truly MAD city of Madison, Wisconsin? Surf the link to sign the petition.

For more News about actions currently being held in Madison, Wisconsin in defiance of Dictator Walker and the Repubican union busting agenda surf the photo to the “We Are Wisconsin” site.  Photos, comments, petition, tweets and more. You can even learn which pizza maker made a priority of sending donated pizzas to the protestors. Yes, even Cheeseheads need body fuel.

When WI Gov. Walker Cracks the Whip Everyone Jumps! Or not.

Click for news updates straight from Mad-City

According to a statement posted on this Saturday online by Democratic State Senator Jon Erpenbach the workers as willing to concede everything BUT are NOT willing to give up their COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Rights.

Now the “ball” is in Rep. Gov. Scott Walker’s court. Previously he has absolutely and publicly REFUSED to negotiate at all with anyone. Erpenbach won’t call Walker a “dictator” but I sure will. What kind of democracy is this when one man cracks the whip and everyone else is supposed to jump his way? Well 40,000 protestors in Wisconsin aren’t jumping. They closed down the Milwaukee school district on Friday. Oh yes, children are getting an education–a lesson in politics and government and news coverage and civil disobedience.  Despite all the “child care” problems this causes the fact remains that this is EDUCATION in American state government that can’t be gotten from any corporate created TEXTBOOK.

Oh if you’re so inclined you too can email Gov. Scott Walker at   According to Scott Walker, 19,000 emails supporting his Bill are more important than 40,000 people protesting in Madison.  This is an example of Walker’s deliberate inability to recognize which number is larger than another. (See “A Concerned Madison Parent Vents” to learn a tad more about Scott Walker.) 

The best Scott Walker has been able to do is send out state troopers and demand that the Democratic State Senators “come home” to work HIS way. For Gov. Scott Walker “HIS” way has been the “ONLY” way so far.

And my rant continues:

Why do Republicans apparently have no regard for the working classes?  Hey, for that matter neither do many Democrats in Washington either it seems. Actually it appears most polticians abhor the working class people. Does anyone care about people freezing to death–literally–by having fuel assistance cut off? apparently NOT as this is “shared suffering” according to Washington D.C. Oh yeah? Let’s turn off the heat in EVERY government building in our nation’s capitals and see how much money that saves everyone. Don’t like that notion? Consider this–cease waging war everywhere. Close down the Green Zone in Iraq where THE LARGEST Embassy in the entire world has been built by the USA. How much will that save  the budget? Cease all covert operations and let’s see how much that balances the budget. Quit sending billions of dollars in military funds to everywhere in the world in order to assist in killing people. No more tanks. No more guns. No more drones. No more tear gas. No more exporting or importing any of these items. Alternative—green our economy, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, create a public education system that provides quality learning environments for EVERYONE–and I do mean EVERYONE. Clean up all our toxic waste dumps and waterways. Oh I’m sure there’s work for everyone to deal with America’s needs. It just requires a redirecting of focus, will power and funding.

Gee–what would Headstart do with all that money spent just on tanks?  

Oh yesterday I received an invitation from Nancy Pelosi in my email box–an invitation to CONTRIBUTE $5 for a chance  to “win” an evening dinner with our President and revel in his vision for a grassroots revitalization of America.  Why would I give any politician any money at this point in time? Would you?

Effort to RECALL WI Gov. Scott Walker Underway on Facebook


By golly,  Ms. Molly! Looks like the cheesehead public working class in Wisconsin has already had enough of their Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to sell them out to private business interests, his outright false reporting of a non-existent budget crisis in Wisconsin and his effort to push through a bill while refusing to hear from the people he is supposed to represent.  Want in-depth details? Visit for a complete breakdown of Walker and his fellow Republicans’ misrepresentation of dollar facts to suit their own purposes and to utterly destroy the collective bargaining rights of the working class.  Plus, there’s  information about some very shady dealings with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The photos are not to be missed-especially the “goats” sign and the guy wearing only candy necklaces and signs.

Also–Democracy Now! had extensive coverage of what’s afoot in Madison on this morning’s show– 

 You can also catch up on Egypt, Bahrin, the intense crackdown on university  students protesting in Puerto Rico, and the ironic arrest of Ray McGovern while silently protesting as Her Majesty Clinton publically yapped about freedom of expression on the internet. She didn’t even bat an eye as the old man was physically assaulted by security without cause during her speech in the aisle in front of her. Is that oil or iron in her veins? 

14 WI State Senators On the Lam! Democrats Show Some Creative Backbone? Who knew?!

Whenever has American politics ever been so much deadly serious FUN?  The most recent news out of Madison, Wisconsin is that the 14 Democratic State Senators have split up and are now in 14 different locations out of the state in order to put some brakes on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s Repair the Budget Bill. Finally someone in the Democratic Party is showing some backbone and in the most creative way. The Republican majority is one warm body shy of a quorum and the Democratic minority is forcing them to a standstill by not offering a human sacrifice that would enable them to do exactly what Dictator Walker desires. With at least 25,000 working people protesting at the Capital the Democratic State Senators have taken the only avenue available to slow down the Walker regime–they’ve gone on the lam! Now even the Mayor of Madison is working with unions to extend their contracts in order to protect public workers from Walker’s “Repair Bill”–a bill to fix what was not broken and to serve “private sector business interests”–read as rich corporate profit agendas.

I hope someone gives a heads up to  Mr. Hope and Change aka President Obama to find out exactly what’s going on in Wisconsin prior to his next chat with the press about the protests.  He did not come off as well informed this afternoon.  Wakey, wakey, it’s time to think about DOMESTIC issues and the working class instead of all the military industrial complex’s shady dealings around the globe going haywire because of what the CIA can’t control: People who have had enough despair, domination and war.  Unless of course, the working class in America is really none of his presidential concern despite all his fancy lip speak about sharing the pain. What a joke coming from any politician in DC.  Politicians share no pain with the working people except in advertising schemes.  Perhaps our president will just keep right on playing the world domination imperialistic war-mongering gig until working class America decides it has had enough austerity imposed upon it by the elite rich who so love the word “austerity” as it means nothing to them but profit.

Agitate, Educate, and Organize ~OO~


Adaptation. Mitigation. Justice.

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