Let’s Dance! Create Positive Energy Mojo.

These are just a very few of my favorite dance things. PLEASE! Oh Please, share yours! Seriously, this is the ‘end’ of a long dark week of world events. Get some balance. Get some light. Get some positive energy going. Dance. It’s an art. It’s got power. Make the mojo flow. If your feet ain’t working do the finger dance. O yes, you can.








Native Voice 1 presents a LIVE Broadcast Sept. 16-17. Online stage opens at 9 pm, 9/16. It’s Global and Live radio!

Southwest Stages presents 
2011 ¡Globalquerque!   
Live Broadcast September 16-17, 2011
9:00 pm – 2:00 am ET
Listen Live HERE!  
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Heard on over 30 stations nationwide, and on NV1.org


Dear Eva,

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Buffy Saint Marie
Buffy Sainte-Marie performs on Saturday’s broadcast!    

Southwest Stages, in collaboration with KUNM 89.9 FM, presents two days of music from ¡Globalquerque! live on September 16 & 17, 2011.

Native Voice One will broadcast the ENTIRE event on our webstream at:   


New Mexico’s annual celebration of world music and culture is held at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM. Now in its seventh year, the event is recognized as one of the country’s premier world music festivals.

The festival showcases renowned artists from five continents on three stages over two days, including Native artist, Academy Award winner, Buffy Sainte-Marie. 

Mark your calendars, tell you friends and family, and enjoy a festive world music experience!      

Nola Daves Moses


Visit us at NV1.org


2011 ¡Globalquerque!
A Ce lebration of World Music and Culture 

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Tune In:  

Friday, September 16th  

9pm-2am (ET)

Saturday, September 17th  

9pm-2am (ET)

Join Southwest Stages and KUNM 89.9 FM for live music from ¡Globalquerque! at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, in Albuquerque NM. 

Hosted by KUNM’s  Matthew Finch, and KZMU’s Christy Williams, the broadcasts span both days of the festival, with 5 hours of entertainment each day from all three festival stages.

The broadcasts will feature live performances from this year’s festival and archival sets from Native artist recorded at ¡Globalquerque! over the years, along with candid backstage interviews. 

Artists scheduled to perform at this year’s event include:
Friday:Andrew Thomas
Baraka Moon (USA/Pakistan/UK)
Burkina Electric (Burkina Faso)
Felix y Los Gatos (New Mexico)
Los Amigos Invisibles (Venezuela)
Luísa Maita (Brazil)
Nawal (Comoros)
Esma Redzepova (Macedonia)
Sergent Garcia (France)
Te Vaka (New Zealand/South Pacific)
Andrew Thomas (Diné)


(Andrew Thomas)

Burkina Electric (Burkina Faso)
DePedro (Spain)
Frigg (Finland/Norway)
Frank McCulloch y Sus Amigos (New Mexico)
La Excelencia (New York)
Nawal (Comoros)
Buffy Sainte-Marie (Cree) 
Te Vaka (New Zealand/South Pacific)
Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole(Louisiana)                                                               (Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole) 

NV1 Broadcast Partners 


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KCUK FM 88.1 Chevak


KUYI FM 88.1 Keams Canyon
KGHR FM 91.5 Tuba City
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KPYT FM 100.3 Tucson
KXCI FM 91.3 Tucson
KNNB FM 88.1 Whiteriver
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  FM 105.3 Vernon
KAWC AM 1320 Yuma


KIDE FM 91.3 Hoopa
KGUA   FM 88.3 Gualala


KSJD FM 91.5 Cortez
  FM 91.1 Pleasant View & Dolores
  FM 104.1 Mancos


KAHU FM 91.7 Pahala


KOJB FM 90.1 Cass Lake


KGVA FM 88.1 Fort Belknap


KABU FM 90.7 St. Michael
KEYA FM 88.5 Belcourt


KUNM FM 89.9 Albuquerque/Santa Fe
  FM 91.9 Espanola
  FM 91.9 Taos, Las Vegas


FM 90.9 Arroyo Seco, Cuba


FM 91.1 Cimarron/Eagle Nest


FM 88.7 Socorro, Nageezi
KSFR FM 101.1 Santa Fe
KSHI FM 90.9 Zuni


WUOW FM 104.7 Oneonta


KCNP FM 89.5 Ada
KGOU FM 106.3 Norman
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FM 105.7 Oklahoma City


CFIE   Morley


KCUW FM 104.3 Pendleton


KEOS FM 89.1 College Station


KZMU FM 90.1 Moab
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KSER FM 90.7 Everett
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KWRR FM 89.5 Ethete

INTERNET Radio Stations

NV1 http://nv1.org  
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Native Voice One | Onate Hall, 2nd Floor | P.O. Box 40164 | Albuquerque | NM | 87196


The Warsaw Village Band shares Infinity

 Pack a bag and catch a link to the Warsaw Village Band’s home site for all sorts of adventures in ear candy–and some eye fun too via the videos.  Don’t think polka, think pop–and rock, and reggae and folk and whatever else will fit in the musical sink for melding.  Check and see if the Band is coming to a country near you.  Taste the variety of music offered on the video page. Enjoy the portraits of the Band. Consider what it means to be an international sensation in these times. Oh and don’t miss the fedoras! My grandfather would be sooo jealous!  (Dennis, you’ll have to take up any new headware desire issues with your dancing dada, not moi!) Pierogies on that table? What’s in the bottles? Yes, that’s a baby in the center of the group photo–the reason for, of all things, maternity leave!  Experience a touch of their “Infinity” and expand your universe Warsaw style for The Best World Music of 2009!


Mindfully connecting the world via music.

Got a party? Need a Band? Want a gig?

Community Radio Holy Grail

Okay folks here is another reason why KKFI 90.1 fm www.kkfi.org  is definitely “Radio like you’ve NEVER heard it before”:  the Annual Band Auction is up and coming! Oh yes, you too can listen to bands perform live in the KKFI studio  and nab one for an upcoming birthday, holiday, graduation, or just plain good time backyard bash.  If you’re a ‘local’ musical artist you definitely want to be catching some of KKFI’s live marketing vibes if you’re looking for gigs and sound wave exposure via 100,000 watts of community radio. Yes, folkies and rockabillies and jazzy longhairs and all other independent music giggers–you read that right–100,000 watts broadcasting beyond the limits of 39th &  Main in Kansas City, Missouri AND streaming LIVE 24/7 –365  on the world wide web.  My favorite thing about the band auction is hearing music live that I wouldn’t catch anywhere else or would even know existed. So even if you’re not in the market for booking a band gig, tune in to hear live “radio like you’ve never heard it  before.”

 IF you know of another radio station sending out such LIVE broadcasts, then PLEASE post a link so that we can all discover more  new music that is invisible on the corporate radio radars. Networking the  sounds of music via the invisible internet webs. Oh yeah!


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