bowl [eat the sun]

living suns bowl ~
shy clouds shine ~
blue sky magnifies ~
art lies on bamboo ~
who needs more food porn?  ~ eat the sun

yi-ching lin photography

preparing… a random bit

“握緊拳頭,你的手裡是空的,伸開手掌,你擁有全世界.”  – Gautama Buddha

closed fist,
empty hand.
opened hand,
the world’s
an embrace

weekly photo challenge:  light


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The Incredible Winter Wonderland Coat Project!

from Yi-Ching Lin’s “waking up new” album

Tis the season of snow, wind, rain and cold for those of us without warm sandy beaches under our feet.  Tis the season of shopping too. Many folks use the gift giving holy days to update clothing needs for growing children.  In the Kansas City Metro area there’s a yearly winter clothing drive–“Project Warmth”–where people donate gently used coats at specially designated locations–check it out here –>>>  .  Well, Cheryl Locke’s third graders do not live in the Kansas City Metro area, they live on the Pine Ridge Reservation, and hence will not be receiving any coats or blankets from “Project Warmth.” Having learned that approximately half of Ms. Locke’s students have no winter coats at all –that’s right these children have no coats to wear for a winter in South Dakota–I figured it’s worth putting out a call for a few coats for them.  So if your child is getting a coat upgrade this winter please consider sharing their outgrown winter wear with a coatless child. There’s no donation button. There’s no middleman. There’s just Cheryl Locke’s address, coat sizes and eight children in need of some winterizing like the little one in Yi-Ching Lin’s photograph. Thank you.

1-boy size 14/16
2-boy size 14/16
3-boy size 14/16
4-boy size 14/16
5-boy size small, one size below 14/16

6-girl size 10/12
7-girl size 10/12
8-girl size 10/12

If you can share a gently used winter coat, please mail it directly to:

Cheryl Locke

P.O. Box 264

Porcupine, SD  57772

Link to Yi-Ching Lin’s “width”

POST UPDATE:   This particular Coat Crusade is Complete thanks to the Volunteers at the New American Shakespeare Tavern. See the Huzzahs! post for them. But if you’ve got coats which need children,  please see the One Spirit Needs list via the Okini list link here .


“no mourning dew”



first of July comes and goes

still waiting

searching for you in rain that drops like glitter

from clouds kissing apple orchards

such kisses I daydream of gifting you

even when a disbelieving friend begs a halt

in reply I beg to differ

taint not limitless passion with the bitterish taste of unfaithful fruit

see who comes through dawn’s cooling shadows beneath boughs’ heavy ripening redness



        Click “dew” to see more of Yi-Ching Lin’s waking up new photographs.                                                   

        Poem is in response to  Bluebell Book’s Slam Week 23 prompt. Enjoy more responses via

Wordle: Today's Weather

New addition to ‘the menu’–no fear, those pieorgies are here to stay!

Oh yeah, potato and onion pierogies boiled, then sauteed in real, and I do mean REAL , butter with chunks of white onions gently warmed is the stuff kitchen gods dream about.  Ahh…what could possibly improve upon the  accompanying spread of  Italian tuna, penne with red peppers, and chocolate ice cream? Polish Hamm, of course!!! Oh yes, momma! Dish up some thinly sliced Krakus Polish Ham on wheat bread with some whipped butter, red leaf lettuce, extra sharp cheddar cheese with sweet sweet gerkins on the side and there is my current answer to Yi-Ching Lin’s photos of cakes and dripping sandwhich dressings and hot dog vender carts at night and … oh just surf her blog and you’ll get hungry too!

She’s even got a red table ready and waiting! I kid not–

Ahhh the clear decadance of Chopin Vodka straight up and neat, on the side please. ( Oh yeah that temptress passing herself off as a photographer has a bar scene too.) Speaking of Chopin, hmm is Rubenstein the best with those Nocturnes? Care to cast your vote for who piano-s Chopin best? You vote while I eat!!!

Oh while we’re talking food, let’s break out The Ravenous Muse, A Table of Dark and Comic Contents, a Bacchanal of Books— by Karen Elizabeth Gordon–delicious! Now the menu is set–for the moment at least. All that’s lacking is hungry company–all writers/bloggers are invited!

Mugged by a Squirrel for a plum

Yes, indeed, one hot summer day I was taking a stroll across the U of Cal campus in Berkeley and was held up by one of the most audacious squirrels I have ever met.  I could hear it yelling from a tree as I walked along the sidewalk. Just before I was about to walk past its post  while looking up at the furry screecher and wondering what it  was so worked up about—no cats a hunting anywhere in sighht—it raced down the tree trunk and slamned to a halt right in front of me. There it stood screaming for all it was worth. When I attempted to move right or left to get around, it kept right with me, blocking any advance, sidestep or retreat.  At an impasse I looked at the pit of the plum I had been relishing during my walk then at the squirrel demanding something, anything for a toll payment past its piece of concrete. There was another plum in my little tote bag.  I wondered while the squirrel stood its ground continuing its ear splitting verbal assualt totally not caring that I was like a giant in size.  Very carefully I took the remaining plum out of my bag and held it in front of me for the little gangster to see. Perhaps it was the heat of the day combined with the hot breeze that brought the scent of ripe plum to its nostrils —or something else entirely beyond my limited human comprehension–but yes, indeed, la squirrel with the huge attitude was indeed very interested in that ripe black plum. It quivered as it closed the distance between us when I lowered the plum to within reach of tiny charcoal gray digits. In a flash I was relieved of said plum and the little robber was speeding up the tree trunk back to perch on the branch overhanging the walkway. The abrupt ceasation of screeching kept me there watching as my gray mugger inventoried the loot, turning it round and round, until sinking its teeth deep into the juicey flesh.  Yeah, I knew just how good that plum tasted, I’d been looking forward to devouring it myself.


Much thanks to Yi-Ching Lin’s photo titled “Caught” on her ‘waking up new’ blog for reminding me of this daring little  mugger.

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