Abraham Bull Head, Eagle Butte, 1922

Abraham Bull Head


Abraham Bull Head photo


Abraham Bull Head p. 2


These documents and photograph are all from Record Group 75, National Archives, Kansas City, Missouri. All materials are in the public domain. They are posted here to make them available to people who would not otherwise have access. They are also posted in order to educate and inform regarding the living conditions on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in 1922, South Dakota. Take note that this post is for Abraham Bull Head of the Eagle Butte District.  There are more Cherry Creek District surveys. I thought it might be good to offer documents from other districts as well.

Got DJ daydreams? A Blues Affliction Perhaps?

Do you have a serious music addiction? Or know and love someone with such an affliction? You know the type–they consume tunes the way yuppies consume a certain brand of chain coffee. Oh and in Kansas City, we’ve got something for that sort of coffee addict–The Broadway Cafe–the ONLY independent coffee shop to shut down the invading coffee chain and send it packing–a chain which we will not name nor even offer the marketing of a ‘tag’. 

Okay back to the music–and the DJ dreamers out there spinning in the world-wide web and beyond.

Yes, folks, only at KKFI Community Radio, located at the corner of 39th and Main in Kansas City, Missouri can you too can be a guest DJ and get a taste of radio-wave action. How? KKFI is entirely community funded and for a donation of one hundred and fifty dollars towards its operating costs, you –or a loved one of your choice– can do a stint on live radio complete with programing the musical selections.  Consider giving such a ‘gift’ of experience to yourself or someone who loves Jazz, Folk, World, Rock, Blues, Reggae and even Native American music et al.  The DJ guest spot must be during a compatible radio program with appropriate music genre. If you click on the blue billboard  you will surf into KKFI’s site and there find a program schedule complete with times  and the regular all volunteer DJ staff listings. There’s also contact, newsletter, and event information available. KKFI 90.1 fm streams LIVE on the world wide web 24/7 , 365 days around the sun and with the moon.  Where else but on totally community radio can a DJ daydream become reality?


we see you



We, as in we humans, constantly perceive our world only from our egocentric perspective–as if we’re the only observers in town. We’re not. Ever get the feeling you’re being watched in the most unlikely places? By unlikely I mean places lacking other humans.  Just because there aren’t others of our own kind in our company does not mean that we don’t have ‘company.’  The entire natural world is watching us. These days I suspect it’s watching done on HIGH ALERT due to all our inconsiderate  actions over the long-term.  Seriously, the next time you are out clicking away with your camera at everything that stays long enough in the viewfinder–take a deep breath, relax and take a good look at the trees, butterflies, birds and bugs in front of you.  Consider what they see as we stare at them for a moment before clicking and running off to the next attraction like manic visual addicts scrambling for another fix.  All living things breath in their own manners. Why wouldn’t they observe us as part of their world? We are biological organisms roaming around a biological habitat.  Yes, we have a LOT of company on this earth. Other living things may not ‘see’ us as we see them–and that’s been good for our survival. We haven’t been so good for the lives of other creatures though. We tend to spread like parasites, perpetually voracious ones consuming every thing in our reach.  Some times I think that all the other living things will turn the tables on us and treat us in kind until we are extinct. Other times I suspect that they’re just waiting for us to finish ourselves off–which we do seem to be doing quite nicely–if not fast enough for the comfort of the likes of the trees in my photograph. Ever wonder if they’re thinking, “Hurry up and be done with your own destruction so the rest of us can have some peace from the likes of you?”  I certainly wouldn’t blame them one whit for such wishes.  Everywhere I venture I take note of the continuing urban sprawling into the habitats of other living creatures.  We destroy the homes of geese, ducks, snakes, deer, foxes, shrews, fish and everyone else while leaving behind our discarded spaces of crumbling concrete and asphalt. Will we not stop until nothing else  has a place to live? Face it, we humans are the most awful invasive species/neighbors ever.  Perhaps our superiority complex will be the death of us. I suspect the trees are hoping it’s sooner rather than later.  Seriously–put yourself in their bark and check  out the view.

care is a capital offence

care came in today’s mail

staring at the logo, her face appears

woman in video angry about the lack of clean water

death to children

amidst all the killings

no one claimed responsibility for hers

odd that

even the overwhelmed iraqis demanded her safe return

language, marriage, caring made her theirs

wondered then–and now again–

who did she threaten most

easy enough answer

who wants to face that truth

who kills an angry woman for caring about water supplies

ugly truth

yes who kills a little woman for her anger and knowledge

we do we do we do we do

is it conscience or cowardice that no one claims this mighty victory?

it is the Margaret Hassans these silent guns fear most

why else disappear a little irish woman in iraq

yes, care came in the mail today pleading

“Please help us keep children alive.”

Margaret’s motivation

warranted a death sentence

clearly care is dangerous to one’s health





to care visit  www.care.org



Hummingbird Kisses

Hummingbird Kisses

@eva wojcik

Care to mosey a little to Mose’s music?

Some times a little irony, or more than a little, is in order in order to get through the seemingly endless stream of insane inanity swirling around us.  So, for some ironic comic relief here’s a healthy helping of Mose Allison for inclined ears’ tickling.

Yeah, there are some things I just can’t resist sharing –  like “Big Brother.”  Apparently Orwell was a prophet. Huh. Go figure. Now  I’m on the lookout for all those “rats” that got my attention long ago on the small screen.

Clicking on Mose’s mug will take you to his very informative website. It’s worth a visit just to learn of all the songs he’s written over his career of 50 years. Not many people survive and thrive creatively so long in  any profession.  We should all look so alive at 80.  Nice photo portrait too–in my opinion.

For your amusement, bemusement, entertainment–and perhaps a tad of inspiration,  more of Mose Allison’s music and mentality:

And just in case you missed it the first  posting round, “Ever Since the World Ended.”

Again, much thanks to KKFI’s Radio Redux for reminding moi of Mose’s existence. Yes, we all need our memory pages  refreshed–and that’s a good thing.  Now about those “breeze” and “knees”  lyrics . . . .

PS. If your fear of the dark needs replenishing there’s always  1984 to oblige. Don’t click to view if you’re in a happy happy, joy joy place.

Now I’m wondering if this post is an example of tragic ironic comedy.  Might be. Hmm. What do you think?

It’s all SAFE, very very SAFE art at the Plaza this year aka art without issues.

Ah it was  a very nice night for investigating what the Plaza Art in Kansas City has to offer–besides lots of libations and stomach temptations.  Unless you’re deep into pretty home decor it’s pretty boring all told. Well there is plenty of decorative art of all sorts: beautiful glass work, technically solid photography, interesting but uncomfortable looking furniture. Plenty of SAFE art  that will get “Oh pretty pretty!” from newcomers to one’s home. Nothing that will spark any conversation about meaning or issues.  The 2010 Plaza Art fair is absolutely devoid of any socially/politically/culturally relevant Art. With one exception–the linocuts and woodcuts of Kreg Yingst. Yep, that’s his work at the top of this post. Click on Monk and you’ll venture into his online galleries. Had a little chat with the artist who apparently was unaware of where to find the only Blues and Jazz on Kansas City’s radio waves. He seemed very unaware that his main target market tunes into the radio station broadcasting at the corner of 39th and Main.  If he had been aware he might have marketed accordingly–or not. Still the Blues and Jazz fans who find their way into his booth will be happy to discover some Art with real connections to something meaningful in their lives. Yingst’s work is visually intriguing and vibrant. I like his 3D collage-like pieces with Scrabble tiles for words/names/titles.  I thoroughly enjoyed his musically themed subject matter– and the music he had playing to accompany his visual work.

Now if you’re in the market for some Art that is “not simply for art’s sake”–get yourself to the Gao Brothers’ Exhibition at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Yes, the Brothers Gao set a high high bar–but it’s one worth reaching for in my opinion. It certainly does  not produce forgettable art.


Art, Oil, and Blood

Here are three things I discovered by listening to KKFI. Last night on the Heartland Labor Forum I learned about an incredible Art book via an interview with the authors. Click on the cover to see seven other examples of American Labor Poster Art–and to read review quotes. Copies of Cushing & Drescher’s work were given as thank you gifts for donations to KKFI’s fall fund drive.


Lincoln Cushing & Timothy W. Drescher


I had heard of Fatima Bhutto prior to Democracy Now!’s interview with her this morning regarding the state of affairs in Pakistan. She also answered questions regarding her memoir, Songs of Blood and Sword which apparently presents a very dark portrait of the ruling ‘elite’ and, by association, its supporters–“US”.  I don’t often read memoirs, but this one has piqued my interest.

Songs of Blood and Sword  by Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto on Democracy Now!



Thanks to Bioneers’ connection to Mother Jones’ continuing work on the BP oil disaster–well–here’s more reasons to condemn BP. Like we need more after learning about the 90 + MILLIONS they’re spending on image spin, commercials, public relations efforts to brighten up public perception of their oil drilling mania.  Here’s my FREE advice to BP—Shut up! Clean it up RIGHT! Pay up! Doing the RIGHT things will do more than all the ads on YouTube, television and everywhere else.  I still will not purchase BP gas–but I do see others doing so, so just quit the spin effort and do what’s right by every living thing. By the way, BP, your operation in Sugar Creek, Missouri surrounded by fences topped with barbed wire and with the new Police Department as an immediate neighbor looks safe, secure and very very unfriendly.

Click on Tim O’Brien’s art to venture into Mother Jones’ latest reporting on BP.  Thanks Bioneers!


It’s time to cough it up for KKFI, Kansas City

Most of the regular visitors to my blogcasa, commentors and silent folks alike, already know about KKFI–my–yes “my” community radio station because I am one of the many many listeners who support Radio Like It’s Seldom Heard with our own  $$$.  Yep, KKFI is totally listener  funded.  Wrap your head around that concept the next time you want something besides audio advertising galore.   

What is heard at KKFI? Local arts and music showcases, live talk radio shows like the Radio Redux, Labor Radio, the All Souls Unitarian Forum, the Tenth Voice, and EcoRadio. All this and more.  Music: Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Native American, World, techno,  Latin, Persian, Chamber…. There are even “guest djs” on KKFI–and they usually heat things up real sweet and spicy. 

The program schedule is stuffed 24/7  365–and staffed by volunteers. Yes, those local voices you hear are indeed LOCAL Kansas City People–not some high dollar corporate primed personality divas. 


Democracy Now!   http://www.democracynow.org/

Counter Spin  http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=5

Bioneers-Revolution from the Heart of Nature http://www.bioneers.org/

Grit Radio  http://www.lauraflanders.com/pages/radionation.html

Alternative Radio   http://www.alternativeradio.org/

For days and times check out the program schedule at www.kkfi.org

Some KKFI via YoTtube–Val interviews the Gift and beyond.  This is Community Radio–not corporate cuteness.

Just a small taste of  “Radio Like You’ve Never Heard It Before” -IF you haven’t streamed it yet.

IF everyone just  in Kansas City who listens to KKFI would  cough up  one buck for the station’s operating bills asap–this fundraiser would be DONE NOW!  Yes, Kansas City–and beyond–it is time to COUGH for the delight of your ears.  Call in your pledge, stamp and toss it in one of those blue metal postal boxes,  walk it in to the corner of 39th and Main, or just cyber-space it online at www.kkfi.org.  No amount is too small nor too grande.

On the edge shooting

way down there


The former Tart of the Arts aka Richard North and his assorted “personalities” recently posted about not having a fancy camera and having to save for one in order to get better photographs. Well, in an effort to encourage the Tart and everyone else thinking they’re stuck in a bog because they can’t afford high dollar digital camera toys I offer you the mentality of one photographer–Ken Rockwell. According to Rockwell the camera is not the most important part of the equation–it’s US and what  we do with whatever camera tool/toy we’ve got.  Rockwell says this better than moi so check out his absolutely no-nonsense thinking —> http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/notcamera.htm

Yes, ENCOURAGE your own creativity!

 Oh and as usual, I shot “way down there” with a Minolta x 700–yeah, that’s film. If you’re interested, Rockwell has a few words to say about my tool/toy of choice that might be of some interest.

Yep, this is from Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

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