Breaking Fake News: For the One Percent Only — Ground Broken for New DAPL Tower In ND at Standing Rock

Prime Real Estate Package Deal Has Green Light.

New Gold Plated DAPL Tower at Standing Rock, ND will offer River Views, breathtaking barricade vistas, hot red clay mud baths with pepper spray on the side, Border Patrol helicopter rides, and 24/7 security by Morton County, ND free of charge. Please do not tip the Police as it breeds bad legal habits.
Never-ending junk food buffet offered 24/7 with Room Service menu offering only the best GMO corn feed beef steaks taxpayer money can buy.

Book your rooms today!

For an extra fee booking of just $250,000 you too can attend the ribbon cutting grand opening with Melania wielding the scissors. We’ve secured her appearance with a fee which will remain undisclosed in respect for her privacy.

Be advised: No Water Protectors, Native or Non-Native, will be allowed to rent rooms. There will be no Prayer Ceremonies except for those performed by the Deluxe Red Apple Band.
Can’t wait to see you in North Dakota after the climate changes and the palm trees have taken root and leafed out.

Myron Dewey ~ Digital Smoke Signals Drones at Work

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History ~~ Ouch–It Hurts! ~~ What’s Columbus Got To Do With Anything In 2014?





~In 1482, Columbus sailed the ocean blue~

He was Bad News for the Taino People ~

But some people don’t want to think about that reality.

~Why not?

Because then they’d  have to learn a new history.

~Ooops–but isn’t history supposed to be true and honest?

Depends on who is using which facts to support which version of what happened.

~Are you saying people manipulate facts to suit their own agendas?

Me? Why would I ever say something like that? It might be politically incorrect, and we can’t have that, can we?

~Hmm, but what’s Politically Correct for one group isn’t necessarily PC for another group. And people do have a tendency to abuse PC everywhere in order to create conflict and sometime even abuse other people who had no intentions of abusing anyone. There’s been some very rough irony involved in demands for PC over the years.

No way! Who would do something like that?

~Who doesn’t? Come on, look at the conservative media, the scared shitless media, the controlled media, the alternative media, the foreign media, the underground media, the social media–everyone spins everything to suit their vision of reality, right?

Do you think that’s what pissed off those high school kids in Colorado so much that they pretested in the streets about changes in what history would be taught?

~What do you think?

I’m not sure yet. But–I do recall what happened in Arizona with the Mexican-American Studies program being shut down because it presented a different viewpoint of history than what the TPTB wanted taught in schools.

~Hey, are you saying there’s a conspiracy to teach lies in American schools?

Look, I don’t go in for conspiracy theories.  But I don’t think this is a coincidence either.  Maybe it’s just like minds acting out in similar ways.  Or not.

~ Like minded people, right. Ah ha.


Lie. Lie. Lie.

Deny lying and lie some more.

Because if the truth is known the people might rebel.

There’s a very good chance they’ll refuse to be cannon fodder.

They might even learn other languages in order to talk to the rest of the world about issues that affect everyone.

Or not.




Howard Zinn on Honesty In History


Humor ~~ Warning! Contains Sarcasm, Irony and Questioning of Authority

If you’re still in the dark about the history curriculum issue in Colorado:

As for the Mexican-American Studies Program in Arizona, check this out from Buzzfeed’s David Noriega:



Am I spinning the facts? Me? No way.  Why would I do something like that?


A few of the many Italian things I really like:

Friendly Italian people


Florence, Italy


Sandro Botticelli, artist ~

~~No, I’m not going to talk about the Pope or the Vatican. One should never discuss religion. It’s very Un-PC. Or it used to be. I’m not sure anymore.




Bread and Puppet Theater + “crisis bread” & “crying cream dreams” = Nourishment

In part to prove I still have a sense of humor, such as it may be, I offer some theatre and refreshments for your enjoyment.  Perhaps some of you will find Amy Goodman’s interview with Peter Schumann, founder of the Bread and Puppet Theater, as delightful as I did. Or not.  Schumann’s references to his own bread baking reminded me of poems I wrote for brulionmann as a result of his complaints about the state of bread–and cream– so it seemed like a great combo read meal deal.


bread poem

Band music for The Shatter

interview in three parts

short puppet clip

long variety show

cream poem

bon appetit!



“crisis bread” 

“no money for a bread, we call that  ”crisis” ~ brulionman


world wide tragedy

is bread

state of bread = bitch fest

gimme some goddamn real pita,

hell, some hemp too

a boatload of naan and a frying pan, please!

 a plate of roti

crisp, crunchy Italian

I’ll even take a loaf of stinky sourdough

anything but this damn white mish mash hash gumshoe shit

cornbread? really? wtf are you trying to pull on me?

bring on the challah,brioche, lavash

toss some tortillas and frybread drill team style

I’ll sell my soul for a true French baguette

a full-bodied Polish rye with some style

German pumpernickel with pump not pap

throw a roll at the wall and watch the plaster fall

a crust you peel

soak soup

bathe in butter love

plate scour

gimme some goddamned real bread

Another corporate crime against humanity



sara Lee

nature’s pride

pepperidge farm


holsom and all the rest of the plastic bag labels

guilty as charged

baking loaves with out heart

soul-less seeds

bakery murder in the first degree


Some bread and butter from Yi-Ching


DeeDee Halleck





Bread and Puppet Theatre ~ Blue Sky Puppet + Mask Dance ~ July 2012


First two acts of a Bread and Puppet Friday night show. Recorded July 2012.

First act is the blue sky puppet with clouds.
Second is the elegant masked dance.


Bread and Puppet Circus and Pageant on Sunday, July 14. 2013


“crying cream dreams”

cream? get real, brulionman

  brulionman get a cow.

 tie it to your bicycle

  hand school teats

seriously, get some finger action going

community uprising cream dream

cow eats sun

din din until day done

treat those teats right

milk, cream, butter, cheese

comes one happy cow

squeeze, squirt, squish

 get a Guernsey with a babe

fill a bucket

set set set

cream rises, oh hell, yeah

no, no, no to piggy fat!

real cream needs none of that!

flour? does not compute

send that shit down the garbage chute

just the cream if you please

sweet talk some butter

tease the thick from the top

sip sip sip, can’t resist

drop it in a jar

get some bike dance mojo goin’

thirty tic tocs butter glowin’

pushing creamy envelopes

cheesecloth action play

guess what you got coming days

 cheese, glorious cheese

get a cow, brulionman, no bull

you want real cream

fingers gonna need some teat pull school

No, I don’t know how to get a cow to ride a bike!

You’re on your own with that, brulionman!



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Solidarnosc, Solidarnosc, … / Solidarity, Solidarity… = 13 little flicks about Poland in 1980. Pierogies for everybody!

Solidarity, Solidarity …

Solidarnosc, Solidranosc..



All of the following  information regarding the film is from The Polish Film Festival site:


Polish Film Festival 2005  Solidarity, Solidarity


Thirteen most eminent Polish film directors made their short films in the common effort to answer one question: “What does ‘Solidarity’ mean today?” Their responses differ as much as the directors and films included in the project. However, all of them refer to the great spontaneous social outbreak of 1980. The emergence of “Solidarity” inspired the changes in Europe, the new world for future generations. We have here short features, documentary impressions as well as a musical. Aside from some pathos, there is also irony and bitter reflection over the wasted opportunities. A fascinating, surprising and uncompromising, true and honest film…

Trzynastu wybitnych polskich reżyserów filmowych nakręciło trzynaście odrębnych nowel filmowych, które łączy próba odpowiedzi na pytanie: co dla mnie znaczy dzisiaj “Solidarność”. Odpowiedzi różnią się tak jak różni są twórcy tych krótkich filmów. Dla wszystkich jednak punktem odniesienia jest spontaniczny ruch społeczny 1980 roku. Powstanie “Solidarności” zainicjowało tworzenie nowego porządku w Europie, upadek systemu totalitarnego. Jest to film o wielkim heroicznym triumfie, ale też nie pozbawiony goryczy. Film wieloznaczny, niekiedy zaskakujący, fascynujący swoją szczerością i bezkompromisowością.

SUSHI 7 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Juliusz Machulski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Juliusz Machulski, Jarosław Sokół CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Edward Kłosiński MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc
EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Katarzyna Herman (Majka), Marek Kondrat (Marek), Robert Więckiewicz (Andrzej)

Marek, a film producer, gets an offer to make a short film about “Solidarity”. He hires advertising specialists to help him. They try out to find together what “Solidarity” has given them…

Producent filmowy Marek otrzymuje propozycję zrealizowania krótkiego filmu o “Solidarności”. Do pomocy angażuje przyjaciół, specjalistów działających głównie w reklamie. Wspólnie
zastanawiają się, co im dała “Solidarność”.

9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Andrzej Jakimowski
SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Andrzej Jakimowski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Adam Bajerski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Tomasz Gąsiorowski EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński
CAST / OBSADA: Krzysztof Kiersznowski (Older Żul), Rafał
Guźniczak (Younger Żul), Lesław Żurek (Student)

Two thieves steal a young man’s bag in the train. To their disappointment, there are only underground leaflets printed on the home printer. The thieves’ victim gets arrested at the next train station. One of the thieves shows unexpected nobleness.

Dwaj złodziej kradną w pociągu torbę współpasażerowi. Ku ich rozczarowaniu, w środku są “tylko” ulotki odbite na powielaczu. Pozbawiony torby młody chłopak zostaje mimo to aresztowany na kolejnej stacji przez tajniaków. W jednym ze złodziei budzi się na chwilę szlachetniejszy odruch.

7 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Jerzy Domaradzki SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Jerzy Domaradzki, Zbigniew Wichłacz CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Zbigniew Wichłacz MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Bartek Turzyński (Student Rybicki), Daniel Zawadzki (Student Grzywaczewski)

The story of the writing boards where the striking Gdansk Shipyard workers – with the two students’s help – wrote their demands and hung them on the main shipyard gate. On the first day of the martial law in Poland, the secret police stole the boards from the Maritime Museum. They did not know that they stole fake ones. The real ones were taken and hidden earlier by the museum’s curator.

Opowieść o historii tablic, na których – z pomocą dwóch studentów – strajkujący stoczniowcy z Gdańska spisali swoje postulaty, a następnie wywiesili je na bramie stoczni. Pierwszego dnia stanu wojennego z Muzeum Morskiego zabrali je funkcjonariusze SB. Nie wiedzieli jednak, że to kopie. Oryginały wywiózł wcześniej kustosz.

THE BIG DIPPER WIELKI WÓZ 11 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Jan Jakub Kolski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Jan Jakub Kolski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Michał Pakulski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Zygmun Konieczny EDITING / MONTAŻ: Witold Chomiński PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński CAST / OBSADA: Maciej Zakościelny (Janek), Cezary Łukaszewicz (Rudy), Eryk Lubos (Staszek), Wojciech Solarz (Włodek)

In the summer 1980, the group of three polish cave explorers becomes stranded underground. While waiting for help, they learn about signing the Gdansk Agreement between the workers and the government. It starts the discussuion about economical and political situation in Poland, about their hopes and dreams. Among the cave explorers is student Janek, means Jan Jakub Kolski – the director of this film.

Latem 1980 r. we włoskich Alpach trzech młodych polskich grotołazów podczas eksplorowania jaskini zostaje uwięzionych pod ziemią. Oczekując na pomoc, dowiadują się o podpisaniu porozumień sierpniowych. Staje się to pretekstem do rozmowy o sytuacji społeczno-politycznej w Polsce, ich nadziejach i marzeniach. Jeden z nich to student Janek, czyli Jan Jakub Kolski – reżyser tego filmu.

A BALLPEN DŁUGOPIS 8 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Piotr Trzaskalski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Wojciech Lepianka, Piotr Trzaskalski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Piotr Śliskowski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Cezary Kowalczuk PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Waldemar Czyszak (Janusz), Elżbieta Okupska (Wife), Mirosław Neinert (Friend)

Janusz is trying to sell huge plastic ballpens with a picture of Pope JohnPaul II on them, but he is not very succesfull. His business improves significantly when Lech Wałęsa, a Solidarity leader, signs the Gdansk Agreement with such a ballpen.

Janusz chce się dorobić na wielkich, plastikowych długopisach z wizerunkiem papieża, nikt ich jednak nie kupuje. Przełom następuje w chwili, gdy takim długopisem Lech Wałęsa podpisuje porozumienia sierpniowe.

9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Filip Bajon SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Filip Bajon CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Bartosz Prokopowicz MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Michał Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Marcin Dorociński (Filip), Maciej Stuhr (Tomek), Agata Kulesza (Wife)

In August 1980, Filip and Tomek meet in the train going to the Coast. They both read “The Little Apocalypse” by Tadeusz Konwicki. Filip carries a petrol can with him. Tomek suspects that Filip wants to butrn himself alive, so he tries to stop him.

W sierpniu 1980 r. w pociągu jadącym na Wybrzeże spotykają się dwaj młodzi ludzie: Tomek i Filip. Obaj czytają “Małą apokalipsę” Tadeusza Konwickiego. Filip wiezie ze sobą kanister z benzyną. W trakcie rozmowy Tomek nabiera przekonania, że współpasażer chce dokonać samospalenia. W żarliwych słowach próbuje go powstrzymać.

TANKS CZOŁGI 6 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Krzysztof Zanussi SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Krzysztof Zanussi CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Edward Kłosiński MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Milenia Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Krzysztof Zanussi, Grzegorz Pacek (Assistant Director), Piotr Rękawik (Policeman)

In this short quasi-documentary, Krzysztof Zanussi ponders back to the winter of 1981 when he was shooting “From the Far Country”, the biography of John Paul II. In one of the scenes, when the extras were supposed to put on military German or Soviet Uniforms, everybody wanted to get the German one.

W paradokumentalnej etiudzie “Czołgi” Krzysztof Zanussi wraca wspomnieniami do czasów, gdy zimą 1981 r. realizował w Krakowie zdjęcia do biografii Jana Pawła II – “Z dalekiego kraju”. Gdy do jednej ze scen statyści mieli przywdziać mundury radzieckie i niemiec kie, wszystkie ręce wyciągnęły się po niemieckie.

LANDSCAPE KRAJOBRAZ 8 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Robert Gliński SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Robert Gliński CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Bartosz Prokopowicz MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Michał Fiedler PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński

“Landscape” by Robert Gliński shows the Gdans Shipyard as it is seen today: engine rroms covered with rust, empty docks and garbage flying in the air. This is a sad metaphor of what happen with “Solidarity”. There are only groups of international tourists who fill the space that used to be the place of origin of “Solidarity”. Most of the old workers are unemployed now.

“Krajobraz” Roberta Glińskiego ukazuje dzisiejszy obraz Stoczni Gdańskiej będący przygnębiającą metaforą tego, co stało się z “Solidarnością”. Rdzewiejące hale, puste doki, śmieci unoszone wiatrem. Po historycznej kolebce związku kręcą się tylko zagraniczne wycieczki. Dawni pracownicy są w większości bezrobotni.

WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SOLIDARITY? CO SIĘ STAŁO Z NASZĄ SOLIDARNOŚCIĄ 9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Ryszard Bugajski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Ryszard Bugajski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Piotr Śliskowski MUSIC / MUZYKA: Jarosław Śmietana EDITING / MONTAŻ: Marcin “Kot” Bastkowski PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński CAST / OBSADA: Grzegorz Markowski, Bzyk, Guzik

Ryszard Bugajski made a video clip where Grzegorz Markowski, a rockman from the popular Polish band “Perfect”, along with the young rappers Bzyk and Guzik from Wu-Hae, sing about Polish history in the last 40 years.

Ryszard Bugajski zaproponował teledysk “Co się stało z naszą Solidarnością?”, w którym Grzegorz Markowski, wraz z dwoma młodymi raperami, (Bzyk i Guzik z zespołu Wu-Hae), dramatycznie wyśpiewał historię Polski ostatnich 40 lat.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I WIE PAN, CO? 8 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Jacek Bromski SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Jacek Bromski CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Marcin Koszałka MUSIC / MUZYKA: Henri Seroka EDITING / MONTAŻ: Agnieszka Glińska PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński
CAST / OBSADA: Janusz Gajos (Bank President), Krzysztof Stroiński (Roman), Anna Romantowska (Teresa), Anna Przybylska (Secretary)

Roman, once a political prisoner and now a businessman, applies for a loan from the bank. He meets with the bank president, a former communist party official and a prosecutor who in the past issued the warrant to arrest Roman. Now again he decides about Roman’s future.

Roman, przedsiębiorca i dawny więzień polityczny, udaje się do banku z podaniem o kredyt. Przyjmuje go prezes banku, dawny dygnitarz partyjny i prokurator, który kiedys wydał nakaz aresztowania Romana. Teraz znów ma zadecydować o jego przyszłości.


This is an animated short film collage telling the story about the white board with the characteristic red sign “Solidarity” on it. After times of fight and euphoria of victory, the old symbols get forgotten. The white board with “Solidarity” sign is put for sale, but finally it lands in the prop room.

Etiuda animowana zrealizowana techniką kolażu opowiada historię białej tablicy z wypisaną charakterystycznymi, czerwonymi literami nazwą “Solidarność”. Po okresie walki i euforii zwycięstwa, mity i symbole stopniowo odchodzą w niepamięć. Wystawiona na sprzedaż tablica ląduje ostatecznie w rekwizytorni.

THE MAN OF HOPE CZŁOWIEK Z NADZIEI 10 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Andrzej Wajda SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Andrzej Wajda CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Edward Kłosiński MUSIC / MUZYKA: Michał Lorenc EDITING / MONTAŻ: Grażyna Gradoń PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Michał Kwieciński CAST / OBSADA: Lech Wałęsa , Andrzej Wajda , Krystyna Janda , Jerzy Radziwiłowicz

This film is a video recorded meeting between the director of “The Man of Iron”, Andrzej Wajda, and actors Krystyna Janda and Jerzy Radziwiłłowicz, who played main characters in “The Man of Iron”, with Lech Wałęsa, the Solidarity leader. The meeting took place in the huge, empty screening room of the “Neptun” theatre in Gdansk. In August 1980, when Wałęsa congratulated Wajda for making a great film about the August Events, he encouraged the famous director to shoot another film titled “The Man of Hope”, but it never happened. What would it be such film today?

“Człowiek z nadziei” Andrzeja Wajdy to zapis spotkania twórcy “Człowieka z żelaza” i pary odtwórców głównych ról – Krystyny Jandy i Jerzego Radziwiłowicza – z Lechem Wałęsą w wielkiej, pustej sali gdańskiego kina Neptun. W 1980 r., gratulując Wajdzie dzieła o sierpniowym zrywie, Wałęsa zachęcał go jednocześnie do nakręcenia kolejnego – “Człowieka z nadziei”. Film jednak do tej pory nie powstał. O czym byłby dziś?

THE FATHER OJCIEC 9 min. DIRECTION / REŻYSERIA: Małgorzata Szumowska SCRIPT / SCENARIUSZ: Małgorzata Szumowska CINEMATOGRAPHY / ZDJĘCIA: Michał Englert MUSIC / MUZYKA: Paweł Mykietyn EDITING / MONTAŻ: Jacek Drosio PRODUCED BY / PRODUKCJA: TVP S.A., Apple Film Production PRODUCER / PRODUCENT: Dariusz Jabłoński CAST / OBSADA: Kazimierz Borowiec (Father), Maja Ostaszewska (Maja), Zosia Fuglewicz (Maja as a Girl), Klaudia Krupa (Maja 15 years old)

In this dramatized short documentary, the director Małgorzata Szumowska utilized the archival films shot by her father, a well-known documentary filmmaker. A 30-year-old woman tells the story how “Solidarity” influenced her family’s life, particularly her idealistic father’s one. He never benefited directly from the political changes. His only reward is that his daughter lives in a free country.

Cykl solidarnościowych etiud zamyka fabularyzowany dokument “Ojciec” Małgorzaty Szumowskiej, która wykorzystała materiały archiwalne nakręcone przez swego ojca, znanego dokumentalistę. Trzydziestoletnia kobieta opowiada o tym, jak “Solidarność” zmieniła życie jej rodziny, a zwłaszcza ojca – idealisty, któremu przemiany polityczne nie przyniosły żadnych bezpośrednich korzyści. Jedyną nagrodą jest życie jego córki w wolnym kraju.




Why? Because My ID is Running Amok, So, Without Further Ado: The Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris

Sometimes the oddest things strike us as those which demand doing even when the why seems foggy and perhaps we’re just gleefully taking delight in the dark side of life. But, wait, I doubt I can conjure anything darker than what is already running amok in the world of humankind. So, let’s have a bit of comic fun while we’re waiting for all the skeletons to descend from the global political attics. Comedy, music, animation, do we detect irony here? mayhap–but just a dash and splash in with the vodka–pass the pierogies and the blood sausage. Let’s eat, drink and be very merry.
Guilty pleasures for one and all.
Chocolate ice cream too.
I make no apologies. My ID made me do it. Or d-id it?

disclaimer: never never never pay attention to what one’s spawn is viewing on the tubes of you

Now, where is the The Complete History of the United States of America Arranged to the Melody of Tetris? Hmmm? If you find it, please post it.

Info from YouTube:

Music by Pig With the Face of a Boy———-yes, really.
Directed, animated, and edited by CHRIS LINCÉ

WINNER – BEST ANIMATION – Super Shorts International Film Festival 2010
WINNER – LOW BUDGET AWARD – Super Shorts International Film Festival 2010

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A Very Wicked New Year to One and All

Hello everyone to whom I’ve been AWOL for so long.  Just have been pre-occupied with streams of Occupy online and other things offline. Hope everyone is well and is surviving whatever winter is throwing your way weatherwise. It’s COLD here but nothing to complain about.  Looking forward to visiting many blogcasas very soon. Something that came up in a recent occupy livestream chat was the lack of comprehension of word ‘play’ on the part of many Americans. Apparently our educational system offers NO appreciation of the finer points of the English language and hence our sense of humor is stunted by our lack of appreciation for clever turns of phrases.  Some of you poets will probably beg to differ on this account. But–believe me it is a valid a concern time and time again in many occupy chats where random segments of the global population consort daily.  Some humor simply does not come across well in text. Others fail to comprehend multiple meanings of words. And there are many forms of self-expression from individual communities that take time and patience to decipher.  This goes beyond the texting genre. Though that also comes into play in the chat stream in various incarnations.  Best thing to do when at a loss is to ask for definitions–some are obvious, some bewildering and others very enlightening and useful.  It’s an ongoing exercise in communication on a global level.  So–when I use the word “wicked” to herald the new year –I have a variety of meanings and associations with “wicked” that vary from slang to formal dictionary traditional meanings–very cool and wonderful to downright evil.  While hoping 2012 is indeed a wonderful and exciting new year for everyone in all the possible positive ways this is tempered with the awareness of the president signing the National Defence Authorization Act on New Years Eve when many people were paying NO attention to this potentially evil little legislative ‘delight’.  So–while every ‘new’ year brims with creative positive potential it also brims with all sorts of  new negative hatchings as well.   And so it goes…..

For the moment–Chocolate truffles for everyone! But don’t you dare fall asleep under the table this new year or there may be hell to pay……. Mic Check!

Links regarding NDAA:

A piece by Mother Jones

Montanans launch recall of senators who approved NDAA

Democracy Now!

Doing an internet search of NDAA ought to bring you up to speed fairly quickly.  You might want to have your favorite libations or comfort foods handy while discovering what’s happened.

Maybe they were just following the cue cards? Methinks not.



From Alan Grayson's email information effort. Photographer unknown at present time.

If you’re clueless then you haven’t caught the video of the Republican / Tea Party debate on CNN which is making its way everywhere. Now if the audience doesn’t give a damn about human beings then they probably don’t care about Earth either.  I wonder if they cheer at photos of animals dying in oil spills? Afterall, according to THEIR reasoning it would be the animal’s own fault for being in that oil. Hmm. Scary thoughts. Hey, is this domestic terrorism? Is it? Surely not. But, but, could it be?  Hey if musicians can get grabbed by police in Massachusetts while travelling to the airport via public transportation and reported by some big NO ONE–then shouldn’t that audience have been arrested for expression of questionable ethical comments? Someone text Homeland Security and get those people in for questioning now. They’re all on video. Find them and haul them in for questioning. Were they vetted before the debate? Hmm…. Okay, enough of the nightmare.  For the moment anyway. So much for the ONLY industrialized country which has a FOR PROFIT Medical Industry–doctors, insurance companies, suppliers et. al. Only in America will your medical bills kill you–if the insurance company doesn’t first by denying care–and they have a long history of doing so. Just ask Wendell Potter who worked for the industry.
Oh damn. The greater of two evils just became greater.


Want some WI Energy? Contact Gov. Scott Walker to make a deal.

Consider this a public service announcement. According to the Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s website “Wisconsin is Open for Business.”  Now it’s not clear exactly whose business or what sort of business, but judging from the information in Walker’s Budget Bill there will be an opportunity to purchase Wisconsin Energy operations via Uncontested Bids. Now if you’re interested  in getting your hands on some gas and electric providers in Wisconsin you’re going to have to run fast to beat the Koch Lobbyists to this governor’s sale. 

Walker’s site proclaims–>

“Feel free to contact us at any time.” 


phone: 608-266-1212

address:  Office  of Gov. Scott Walker, 115 East Capitol, Madison, WI 53702

Ready to place your “bid” for energy in Wisconsin?

Stellar Remnants~~Alien News Reports on Humans Gone Wild

Wow, Charles, very cool satire bakes in your brain-oven! This  is rockin’ poetic Alien news coverage of planet Earth’s residents.  If you venture to slpmartin’s Read Between the Minds: Poetry, Photography and Random Thoughts of Life–you can catch his very alluring audio renditions of his poetry.  I so hope there’s more from where Stellar Remnants emerged. Thank you, slpmartin, for sharing this delightful entertainment.

                                              Read Between the Minds


Now for our delicious main course, Stellar Remnants:

Billionaires = “Budget” Busting Buds with Benefits: Beast Bait Banter Beams: Walker Is Koch Cozy

For those of us following developments in Mad-city the Beast Prank is “old” news.  But if you’re trying to catch up on all the fuss, I’m doing my tiny part to help out.  I think we’ve all got Dictator Scott Walker under our belts by now. Walker’s  Koch connection might need a little of that transparency which is the current media byword that seems to have replaced truth, honesty and integrity.  Every time I hear the word all I can think of are see-through dresses–huh? Yeah, go figure how my brainpan spills regarding word associations. Enough of my egocentric language allusions. 

Let’s start with getting some visuals on the Koch Bros courtesy of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! headline:

If you’re wandering around capitol square in Mad-city, be sure to pay a visit to the Kochs’ lobbyists’ office there. I’m sure it’s clearly marked for tea party tourists and progressives liberals alike.  Shh! Don’t let on if you support Greenpeace environmental actions.

Still scratching your scalp and thinking hard to  place these fellows? Koch who? Wanting more info? No problem, Greenpeace has the goods on the environmental blues billionaire brothers.

Desiring something less esoteric than Greenpeace satire? Perhaps the Turks are more to your brainpan’s liking. The Young Turks clarify the Koch agenda via the Kochs’ own letters:

Oh my, where are the teabaggers when Kochs need them? These folks sure are NOT buying what the Kochs are selling. Some coverage of a recent rally to protest secret meeting of Kochs with other big wig movers and shakers, including Clarence Thomas and Antoine Scalia. Yes, those supreme court justices are Koch cozies.  OMG–is this what corporate personhood is all about???  

Audio Beast: 

 In case the Beast link FAILS, you can read a transcript of WI Rep. Gov. Scott Walker’s  fun and games with faux Koch at –>

Ian Murphy of Buffalo Beast poses as David Koch and gets more ear respect  from Gov. Walker than he gives to the people camped in the capital building. Being a Billionaire has benefits, right? The Beast site is back up and running. You can read and hear yourself  Ian Murphy’s prank foreplay and Walker’s shamelessness:

Craving some floor sight human interest news? Views of the occupying force camping at the capital charm:

Another quick kick at the Kochs and their billionaire cronies:

So, now is everyone “good” on the elusive Koch Bros? If you’re not a conservative billionaire Republican or a Supreme Court Justice willing to play corporate personhood ball, they could be a tough click capture for your camera safari on the mean streets of Wichita, Kansas. 

BIG picture parting shot.  Does your child have a dark side? Mine sure do. I don’t wonder why. I think they’re in cahoots with this kid. –>

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