1 film you must buy to view in the USA–The Only Good Indian


Purchasing a dvd benefits the Haskell Foundation.

Why does the film industry in the USA fear this film?

Oh yeah, truth makes people very, very uncomfortable. Wouldn’t want to do that, now would we?

Go figure

7 Films Worth the Price of Admission

With the exception of A Prophet at the top of my list, the other films are not  in not in any ranking order. But they are all satisfyingly substantial on the levels of story-lines, performances, and visual presentations.  Beat the heat with more of that tattooed girl, a freezing German landscape,  some very serious French humor, stressful Korean mother and son dynamics, the beauty of dealing with death, and what stays the same in families no matter where on earth they are living.  One is just opening (Girl), some are now on DVD (Mother, Still Walking, Departures, North Face) or will be soon (A Prophet), one is still showing in theaters (Micmacs).  Why is A Prophet at the top?  Because it’s a GREAT film with a GREAT actor, Tahar Rahim and a Great script. I advise you to not blink while viewing it or you might miss something crucial. Yes, every frame counts.

A Prophet

North Face



The Girl Who Played With Fire

Still Walking





James Kills Alive, Cherry Creek, 1922

James Kills Alive


James Kills Alive p. 2

These documents are in the public domain and are available from the National Archives Branch in Kansas City, MO. This material is found in Record Group 75. It and others like it are posted in order to make it available to those who otherwise would not have access to it. It is also posted to inform and educate people regarding the living conditions on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in 1922.

Wow, Eric Barr’s Mid-day Medley is blowing me away

KKFI’s Eric Barr is currently sending out amazingly beautiful music from Spain.  Last week’s playlist will give some idea of the breadth and range of the musical tones he’s got in his pocket  http://www.kkfi.org/program.php?id=26&date=07-22-2010

European, Dutch, Reggae, traditional, electronic, fusion and on and on around Europe and anywhere he can go for the universal language of music.

Right now music isn’t more gorgeous! Join me!   http://www.kkfi.org

Quack Eggs Discovered During Food Foraging at Local Farmers’ Market

Yes,  there are places to find food other than huge grocery stores housing tons of packaged processed products. Yesterday I visited one in a nearby parking lot and found something not available in any local corporate operated grocery store–Duck Eggs. Yes, Duck Eggs.  Eggs are one of the foods most taken for granted. People are generally unaware of the horrid boxed living conditions of chickens that produce eggs for many major commerical providers. Say ‘chicken’ and ‘hen’ and images of crowing roosters flustering finicky hens around a quaint barnyardd come to mind. Well, unless you’re buying eggs from a cage free chicken keeper supporting free range egg layers nothing could be further from the truth.  But the hideous lives of corporately raised animals for food consumption is not the issue at hand.  At the moment it’s buying food from local producers.  As for moi, since I can not consume chickens I also avoid consuming their unhatched offspring.  It’s called an allergy–one of many. It’s been a blessing in disguise.  It has forced me to read food labels since long before activists started demanding for informative ingredients lists.  Now view my discovery of Duck Eggs from the vantage point of someone who can not eat chicken eggs and you’ll get some notion of my glee regarding eggs of ducks.  Immediately I purchased a carton of these non-standard sized duck shells. They’re not uniformly sized but they’re huge compared to even jumbo chickie eggies.  I couldn’t wait to fry a couple and taste test them. They did not disappoint with their good strong flavor, lots of yummy yolk for whole wheat toast to soak up, and beautiful orange hued yolks.  Delicious. Yes, absolutely delicious were these Duck Eggs. They were so delicious that in the evening I whipped up a couple more for a dinner omelet complete with spinach, mushrooms, onions, cheddar cheese and ham (sadly, not Krakus ham).  Several Duck Eggs are slated for poaching today. My supply is steadily disappearing down my gullet.  But I know where to get more–as long as Rachel’s freely wandering ducks aren’t vaporized in this broiling pan of midwestern heat.  If you’re foraging for locally produced foodstuffs in the Kansas City Metro area you can taste test her cage free duck, and chicken, eggs for yourself. Just discover Rachel Helman at the Wednesday/Saturday Farmers’ Market in Liberty, MO.  Contact can also be made via www.TalynShears.com  or  816.264.2787

Ducks just wanna swim

@wojcik                                        Me too!

PS. Beyond Meds has a great post on the connection between nutrition and mental health —>http://bipolarblast.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/adhd-diagnosis-linked-to-western-diet-implications-for-childhood-bipolar-too/

Science Meets Art and Aboating Ye Go


If you’re an artist with a penchant for paddling kayaks or a scientist swimming in watercolors, you may find this Galveston, Texas based group’s educational and awareness efforts of interest.  Artist Boat is a non-profit that educates children about the environment using art and science.  Oh yeah watercolors and water-testing in the same boat.

Imagine, Dream, Create ~ She Creates

She Creates

 @wojcik  energy-scape

Everything man-made was once in someone’s imagination, a dream that was the basis of creation. Look around at every thing you have and know that it all came from some one’s mind. This is proof of our power to create. We create all sorts of ‘things’ from art to nuclear weapons. We can create a sustainable way of living on Earth — we can live in ways that are benefical and positive for everyone. We can if we want to. If we have the will. No one else can do it for us. We must do it for ourselves. We must recognize that we are living organisms on a planet where everything is interconnected with such complexity that is more than the mapping of DNA. We can make life better for every living creature–human and non-human on Earth. Why don’t we? What’s stopping us? We can imagine. We can dream. We can create.

  Do we want more than war, self-destruction, pollution and extinction? The choice is ours.

So do we create to serve our egos? Do we create to serve the abstract concept of ART? Do we create to satisfy the abyss of the appetite of the marketplace? Why do we create ART in all its strange and wonderful styles and forms? Why do we compose music? Why are poems written to lovers far away? Why are songs sent out across time and place to woe women—and men? What end is served by the creative process? Is this an indulgence in the fantasy of being ‘god-like’? Are we conveying the creative energy of the infinite universe? Why do we create?

Is it all Art for Art’s sake when all is said and done? Or is it just another way to go insane while  trying to survive in a world that simultaneously touts great art while telling emerging artists they’re quite mad for thinking of living for creating art because there’s no profit in it? 

If art has no real place or power  or worth in mainstream cultures then why have artists of all genres been imprisoned and executed around the world and throughout history? How terrifying can a poet like Osip Mandelstam possibly be? What is the threat embodied in the Russian masterpiece of social and political satire, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakow? What is the power of Picasso’s La Gurenica?  And what does the audience learn from Timberlake Wertenbaker’s play, “Our Country’s Good”? Many people read the diary of a young girl, a girl who probably gave not a fig for who might read her words in regard to ‘art’ or anything else. Yet, Anne Frank’s ‘words’ –written without intention of informing or influencing anyone–express a need to create as evidenced by their existence.

Why do we write?

Why do we blog?

Why do we paint, draw, photograph?

Why do we create?

Indigenous Peoples Know the Stakes for Survival. Do you?

Latin American Herald: Brazilian Indians Release Five Remaining Hostages At Damn Site.    http://laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=361190&CategoryId=14090

The Achuar have been fighthing big oil in Peru for 14 years –now that’s an ATTENTION span to envy–http://www.amazonwatch.org/amazon/PE/

Navajos Protest Uranium Mines  http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2010/05/navajos-protest-uranium-mining-plans.html

Amazon Indian Leaders meet Houma Nation in Louisiana    http://news.mongabay.com/2010/0727-kozloff_oil_indigenous.html

What’s happening? It’s the struggle to survive. And it’s coming to your home whether you believe it or not. This isn’t an “if”, it’s a “when”. Think the issues in Avatar were just a figment of a scriptwriter’s active imagination? LOL.  Indigenous people are not big and blue. They’re red, black, and brown people and they’ve got more than a few clues based on direct experience.  

Indian Country Today’s Headline: Venezuelan Indigenous Newspaper Wins Journalism Award http://www.indiancountrytoday.com/home/content/Venezuelan-history-first-99100324.html

Yes, there’s more news in the world than CNN, Fox, ABC and the BBC might lead one to think. Discover our world.

Bad Indians and The Only Good Indian

Thought of this poem/video while wondering about the path of the film “The Only Good Indian.”

The Only Good Indian

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